Mass Murder Kindergarden Killer Was 2% Rich Child

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As more information develops, we learn that Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza, 20, ‘deeply disturbed kid’ whose mother was divorced and living on a $235,000 a year settlement from her banker husband.  This put her, after divorce, firmly in the top 2% of the nation.  Her children had the best care, a huge, very expensive home and the best schooling on earth.  No one was deprived of anything.  And it also turns out, mom collected firearms and had a good number of ammo available, too.


It also turns out, due to her high income from the ex-husband, she didn’t work in the school or anywhere.  The kid who killed her and then went on a rampage didn’t simply snap.  This was planned.  Exactly like the young man in Norway who looked for neo-Nazi excuses for mass murder, and he killed dozens more than Adam, he planned out his rampage and deliberately picked the most peaceful place possible to have the greatest effect.


To find, buy and then arrange to wear a bullet proof vest, black clothing and a mask takes planning.  And it also requires a model, this isn’t the typical deranged soldier going postal, this is an untrained young man who…trained himself very well indeed since his shoot/kill rate was very high.  He worked at this, relentlessly, probably for several years.


Video training is quite common.  It is used to train the reflexes.  Driving trucks in snow or flying planes or whatever, using reflex/reaction training via videos works.  And training murderers works great this same way.  Practicing shooting to kill is training the reflexes so they respond automatically and there is no thinking involved.  Recent police shoot-outs have the same effect: bullets flying everywhere as they unload as fast as possible.


Street shootings are increasingly like this, too.  The handguns that act like street sprayers are quite popular in the gang culture, for example. Adam belonged to no gang, he was a classic psychopathic isolated, antisocial killer.  Look at the Glock ad above:  ‘It seems everyone has a story about their Glock’ is darkly amusing.  The title of the opening page for these guns is also darkly horrible:  ‘Confidence to live your life.’


The vast majority using this sort of handgun is to fend of armed robbers who also have these guns or to take revenge or to fix business deals gone bad like the recent assassination of a rich young man whose mom is a banker in LA while he was visiting Manhattan, an assassin jumped out of a car and executed him due to a bad drug deal money laundering mess.


I have done more than a dozen citizen’s arrests, ran street patrols and taken down armed criminals including three times, men shooting guns.  Not once did I use a gun.  I used a trash can once, a broom, a paint brush (yes, with red paint on it!  I told the man, it was a knife with blood and he nearly fainted!).  A harmonica in one case, a screwdriver.  Never, a gun.  Most people, in a crime situation, are so fearful, they can’t handle a gun in the first place.


Then we have the police: they get in trouble because they end up shooting their family members over trivial matters.  Or football players who, after cheating on their fiancees, go off and murder them and then commit suicide.  There are many ways to go insane and taking a pile of ammo and guns and then dressing up like a video game assassin is to be deplored.


Except…the USA is the Assassination Nation.  I harp on this dangerous situation because it is bad for us here and far from making our Homeland Secure, it makes it very hazardous for us all.  Now, the debate is going to resume, what are we going to do?  We can’t blame these murders on being poor, rich children can grow up to be hideous criminals just like poor kids!  We can point to Congress.  Last time I was there, I saw cops all over the place.  It was total lockdown, you had a through search before going into the hollow Hallowed Halls.


In today’s Halloween world, Congress and the Pentagon are fully protected while we run around screaming while mindless, pathological assassins seek to see if they can best each other’s kill numbers.  The Columbine mass murder is not even half the size of this week’s edition.


Cheaper than dirt Glock gun for sale

Go to Google to buy your own CHEAPER THAN DIRT Glock handgun with a laser so you can  nail your assassination victims more accurately!  Dude!  Way to go.  Responsible gun owners have an obligation to assist us all in doing something about this.  First step I would suggest for the Assassination Nation is to stop that!  No more glorification of assassinations.  No more celebrating the murder of entire families of people we have political reasons to say, arrest.  Some of Bin Laden’s family was butchered when he was gunned down by assassins, for example.


This addiction to assassination is backfiring and it is time to renounce it.  We did this with the Church Commission and Jimmy Carter, just this week, begged us to stop the assassinations.  We must listen to him!  Please.  Then, there is this news this week:  Suicide numbers likely to top 2011, Army says – Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Army Times.  17 killed themselves last month.  165 did this last year.  These are the official numbers but the actual count is probably higher.  Over 300 killed themselves this year and the year isn’t done yet.  This is so sad, so predictable and so stupid.  The Pentagon has sat on top of suicidal soldiers for years.  Many drink themselves to death, for example, and thus, are not counted.


The mental health of Americans is deteriorating.  And we can’t stop it by some easy trick because it is fundamental.  The cost of glory, the painful price of empire is unhinging us.  As we party harder and harder and listen to rockstar heroes wail, we wave our arms and dance around while blood flows in the streets, both in the ghettoes and in the homes and schools of the uppermost income families.  A reminder of this is the billionaire founder of Norton antivirus corporation: wanted for shooting his neighbors over the issue of his barking dogs!  Good lord!

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21 responses to “Mass Murder Kindergarden Killer Was 2% Rich Child

  1. cedricward

    It’s NOT the head of Norton…
    It’s the head of McAfee
    I thought you checked your facts more carefully.

  2. Being There

    I just got home to hear that the mother had all those guns because she was a survivalist who believed that there was going to be an economic collapse and she wanted to be prepared.
    Very ironic!

  3. At $235,000 a year she could have bought a nice off grid farm if she was a real survivalist but then she wouldn’t of been able to show off all her stuff and SUV’s to the neighbours.
    Maybe her kid would have done better out on a farm in nature not hooked up to his playstation .

  4. MikeM

    Coincidence or irony or…? Susan Collins, author of “Hunger Games” lives in Sandy Hook CT.

    Elaine, the last paragraph sums it up well IMO. Society is deteriorating rapidly, especially so in high-density population areas.

    One thing I find particularly disturbing is that “gun-free zones” (for law-abiding concealed-carry citizens) are becoming known as:

    Shooting fish in a barrel zone.

    Shoot at will zone.

    No protection zone.

    Denninger sums it up well in this piece “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”

    Unfortunately, the gooberment wants to yet again outlaw guns, which will work about as well as outlawing heroin, crack, and meth has worked. For those that may have missed it, S&W’s sales jumped 47% in just the last month (reported before this massacre). Hunger Games indeed!

    And who are these notoriously anti-gun legislators? Here’s one of them from earlier this week. Note that corporate news outlets conveniently omitted the fact that he adamantly supports the overturn of the 2nd amendment.

  5. MikeM

    Elaine, I knew I forgot something…if you missed this yesterday, it’s an interview with John McAfee from Miami which was live on CNBC. A forum I’ve been frequently for many years included several people who tried to set up business (mining) in Belize. McAfee’s statements echo what I’ve already read from first-hand accounts from Belize. This is the direction the US of A is headed, if people don’t wake up and realize WE need to take action.

  6. 911

    ‘ the mother had all those guns because she was a survivalist who believed that there was going to be an economic collapse and she wanted to be prepared.
    Very ironic!’

    She was Faux Survival. Lived in the burbs.

  7. 911

    MikeM, what is Belize said to be like?

  8. Christian W

    Another note on the Glock add at the top. Notice that at the bottom left hand corner there is a pic of ‘Gunny’. This is the actor that played the insane drill sergeant in Stanley Kubrick’s movie Full Metal Jacket. Apparently ‘Gunny’ based that character on his own life as a Marine Drill Sergeant. ‘Gunny’ has since become something of an American icon and makes a living out of being basically that character making TV shows and adds like this one for Glock etc.

  9. anonymous

    I wonder was this guy on ‘medication’ for an extended period. It does appear to me that certain prescription drugs may be having a negative effect on brain function, particularly that part of the brain that handles empathy or conscience. What we maybe seeing surface now is one of the side effects of a decade of widespread overuse of certain ‘prescription’ drug, that may be producing and effect similar to psychopathy. We know conscience never develops in psychopaths and they do appear to have differences in brain structure.

    This case also appears to have similarities with the Norwegian case of Anders Behring-Breivik, who actually is a psychopath.

  10. MikeM

    911, the word I got from those who had capital investments in the project was that the entire bureaucracy was permeated with corruption, political and banking malfeasance, necessary bribery to accomplish projects, and uncooperative labor from the natives who viewed themselves as underprivileged and entitled, in a nutshell.

    On the flip-side, I was not invested in the project, I have never been to Belize, and can not personally attest if such behavior is systematic or isolated, but I would offer my personal opinion that a trend seems to be coming into focus, as far as my own opinion is concerned.

    Also my opinion would be biased, as I have had a lengthy experience with visiting “poorer countries,” where we “rich Americans” are viewed as nothing more than fruit to be picked through any means available.

  11. 911

    we “rich Americans” are viewed as nothing more than fruit to be picked through any means available.

    Gotcha….and the US will be more corrupt as it collapses?

  12. Christian W

    Here’s a short video with the Child Murderer in Chief’s Newton assassination speech extrapolated on to his own victims.

  13. Being There

    Inside the mind of a killer

    As I was waking up, it occurred to me that according to a profiler I heard on MSNBC Adam Lanza was the kind of personality who would blame others for why his life went so wrong. He may have seen his mother as the root of all his troubles and shot her in the face with her own gun as the military term FUBAR (F’d up beyond all recognition) suggests.

    Then he went on to massacre very young schoolchildren.

    So consider this as a motive. If he sees his own life as FUBAR, then who’s fault is it and when did everything go wrong?

    If, in fact he could trace his social problems to early years, the killing of young school children could be an expression of erasing the moment of his life where he thinks he veered off.

    I don’t pretend to know what goes on in anyone’s head, but it seems as good an explanation as any.

  14. emsnews

    It is easier to understand than that. Our entertainment is all about massacres, assassinations and revenge stories that are extremely bloody. We ape the Roman Empire in this way.

    The Romans were caught out by barbarians who found a helpless population entertaining themselves with gladiator bloody games. The barbarians then slaughtered many of the ‘civilized’ Romans and took over everything.

    The US goes into onesided slaughter-fests while screaming about the need for revenge. Killing barely armed civilians is like ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ and our assassin drone business is very much a ‘shooting fish in a barrel’.

    Civilization based on revenge fantasies, bloody entertainments with lots of graphic torture scenes and a willful violation of the course of lawful activity stopping criminal violence=a collapse of society.

    Detective movies of the 1940’s was all about using intellect to solve crimes. Today’s movies are about robotic killing monster men and assassin women eliminating evil by ex-judicial murder that is as bloody and messy as possible.

  15. Being There

    I take your point, but you have to also look at the individual at the tipping point, cuz many more people would be doing this, if it were only about society. I guess you have to see the empire as petri dish for the culture to form.

  16. 911

    ‘Today’s movies ‘….and yesterdays…the ‘Action Genre’ is 31? years
    old. Think Stallone, Arnold, Van Damme!
    Think Rambo. I have seen none of these films so I can not say which was first. Also Games are now a bigger market than films.


    ELAINE: Rambo began it all. A totally racist film, it was all about how an overmuscled he-man who was dumb could outwit the brown, slanty eyed peasants of Vietnam who beat our asses in the Vietnam War! The waving of ‘prisoners of war’ flags began with that fantasy movie to my intense disgust back then. To this day, that insane black flag waves in more and more official places. It is disgusting, ridiculous and dangerously delusional.

  17. Jim R

    It would be interesting to know if there is a higher proportion of sociopaths in the populations of Connecticut. The hypothesis goes something like this:
    * Natural selection has been favoring individuals with an abnormal sense of entitlement for more than a century.
    * Top level management at the biggest corporations favor these monsters. Just increase profits no matter what.
    * Therefore these affluent neighborhoods have a lot of people with no sense that other people matter.
    … more details as they come to my attention.

  18. emsnews

    Correct, I talk about that in today’s editorial. Protecting their children from reality is, just like with the lowest classes where children have zero protection, the rich children are turning into psychopaths.

  19. Maddie's Mom

    Yes, most of our entertainment = garbage.

    Garbage in…garbage out.

    And we are surprised by this?

  20. 911

    Elaine, blame the tribe!

    Avi Lerner is an Israeli-American film producer who has a net worth of $150 million dollars. Born in Haifa, Israel, Avi Lerner, also known as Avinoam Lerner, served in the Israeli Army in the 60s, and fought in the Six Day War.

    He worked in various movie theaters in Israel, and then moved to South Africa, where he launched his career as a producer. In addition to making movies, he also opened a string of movie theaters. He moved to Los Angeles in the early 90s, and earned a reputation for making solid “B” movies, primarily in the action genre. His two production companies, Nu Image and Millennium Films, primarily produce straight-to-video projects featuring such late 80s/early 90s action stars as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Seagal, and Chuck Norris. He also produced more high-profile projects, such as “Rambo”, “Righteous Kill”, “The Black Dahlia”, “The Wicker Man”, and most recently, “The Expendables”

  21. “The mental health of Americans is deteriorating”

    I know, just look at some of the insane rants you see on the blogs these days.

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