Mayan GOP Budget Apocalypse: The Gods Wreck Boehner’s Power

Boehner Budget Failure Followed Pressure From Conservative Groups: Plan B from Planet X failed in Congress.  Aliens, which run Congress, were ordered to wreck America by December 21 and they failed in their mission to cut social services and cut taxes to fellow aliens from outer space who run Wall Street in a reptilian manner.  Even multiple human sacrifices in America and China didn’t stop the collapse of the Tea Party.  The Mad Hatter and March Hare leaders in the House and Senate GOP are now hopping mad with their own party.  Obama, playing rope a dope, won in the end.

Wall Street continues to morph as the New York Stock Exchange is sold to derivatives company in $8bn takeover.  A southern exchange board which, like the Chicago exchange, all about derivatives, has put up the loot—probably all borrowed, of course–to buy this dying dinosaur of an exchange.  They trade stocks in the NYSE, not phantom leveraged deals that are insane, stupid and destructive.


Stock Exchange’s Sale Reflects New Realities of Trading

The takeover of the New York Stock Exchange’s owner illustrates starkly how trading in commodities and derivatives has become much more lucrative than trading in corporate shares.


The minuscule CMB was all about corn and wheat harvests and betting on the size and value of future crop levels.  It depended on weather reports and since farmers sold their farm futures so they could buy seeds for the next harvest, the game of futures was a big, fun house for traders.  The concept of derivative contracts, hatched at the same time the infamous floating fiat currency regime was launched has now grown to a gigantic scam that is bigger than the entire planet’s GDP.


The scam is still spreading like wildfire thanks to the central banks in Europe and the US bailing out this Derivatives Monster.  They even boasted that the CO2 cap and trade pollution sales would dwarf the entire value of the energy market, for example.  The nearest thing to infinity is the Derivatives Beast.  It is, of course, impossible to have.  It makes bankers ridiculously rich and traders richer still and both evade taxes while playing this game and it is all quite delusional and psychotic.


Now on to the other entity that the derivative traders control: Congress.  True, one of their own was slapped down by voters and slunk off to his offshore domain to plot more destruction of our financial systems.  Here is a delusional article from a British paper that shows how naive reporters are about the very rich:  The art of the deal: CEOs frustrated at pace of fiscal cliff negotiations | World news |


Among all the people disappointed with how the fiscal cliff negotiations are playing out are those who actually negotiate for a living: corporate chieftains. They have been wooed by Republicans and courted by Obama. But neither side is delivering the only thing the CEOs really want: a deal. Now….


So far, the CEOs I have talked to have responded with well-coded equanimity, expressing fervent hope that cooler heads will prevail and that an agreement is within sight.


HAHAHA…they pulled the wool over someone’s eyes!  The reporter doesn’t know when he is being lied to?  HAHAHA.  I bet the guys were pulling their ears while saying all this garbage.  I wonder how the CEOs kept a straight face while telling blatant lies.  Oh, we do forget, HAHAHA, they are all psychopaths.  Their ‘well-coded equanimity’ is another way of saying, ‘bald faced liars’.


These gnomes poured billions into the recent election most of which was aimed at getting one of their own into office.  They bribe Congress to do what Congress does: cut taxes, cut regulations, assist in offshoring manufacturing and jobs and allowing offshore banks to hide wealth.  Not to mention, the Zionist aims at controlling all Muslims very violently and at great expense.


They are the cause of this mess.  They went along with the joke of the GOP of pretending to balance the budget knowing as well as I, the GOP always, always doubles the debt when they control the White House.  They saw yet another opportunity to destroy social services here so they can be responsible for nothing here, neither paying for their beloved wars nor paying for keeping workers alive.  They far rather import new workers from the teeming third world who they can easily exploit.


Virtually none of these crooks face prison time for all the insane things they did to the once-conservative banking system:  As Unit Pleads Guilty, UBS Pays $1.5 Billion Over Rate Rigging –


In a series of colorful e-mails and phone calls, traders tried to influence the rate-setting process. “I need you to keep it as low as possible,” one UBS trader said to an employee at another brokerage firm in September 2008, according to the complaint filed by the Financial Services Authority. “If you do that,” the trader promised to pay “whatever you want. I’m a man of my word.”


They drooled about buying more jets, yachts and islands as well as expensive whores.  They all dream of being gods on earth while in actuality, they are becoming demons.  And demons destroy, not build and everything they touch turns ugly but they don’t understand this.   Like with Croesus turning everything to gold and then crying when he turned his own child into gold, they are turning their brats into murderous monsters a la Caligula.  The Romans had the same problem when they took over everything and looted everyone.


The fiscal cliff was made by crazy right wing Republicans knowing that no one forces a GOP President off such a cliff.  They thought this would destroy Obama.  Instead, it is making him stronger and them weaker which is probably the funniest outcome possible.

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7 responses to “Mayan GOP Budget Apocalypse: The Gods Wreck Boehner’s Power

  1. The New York Times article you posted a link to makes the company that bought the stock exchange sound eerily like Enron.

  2. kenogami

    not Croesus, rather Midas.

  3. DK

    I was watching a TV program on the first hybrid car. It was developed by someone from the Bronx after the first oil crisis in the early 1970’s. It used half the fuel of a regular car of the time and produced 1/30 of the pollution.
    When Regan became president and the price of gasoline had returned to previous low levels the American government ( and the oil barons ) were not interested in hybrid cars and they left this develoment to others.
    Can you imagine the oil we would have left in the ground if hybrid cars were the norm by 1980.
    And how much cleaner the air would be in our cities. All that would have been needed was to pass a law in 1975 that by 1985 only hybrid cars would be allowed within city limits. A provision of say a $25.00 a day fee up to 1995 for non hybrid cars could also have been included.

    Perhaps the epitaph on the tombstone for the human race will read:

  4. Being There

    Beautifully said. I was listening to the radio about this at work the other day and they were saying your average stock investor doesn’t count anymore. Imagine these idiots forcing everyone into the maaahket with their super low interest rates at the banks and then saying that the small investor doesn’t even blip on the radar screen for them.

    In the meantime, laundering drug money, pushing the derivatives beast to quadrillions is all ok with the leaders of the world.

    They’ll slap their wrists with a few billion here and there. Play money as far as these freaks are concerned. It’s all sanctioned in the global class war they’re waging against the middle class everywhere, and indeed they can’t wait to sink their teeth into social security. That they’ll gobble up asap and then what?

    All’s fair in love and war…..Oh, but they’re doing god’s work. (who shall live and who shall die.)

  5. emsnews

    Yes, the small investors are no longer needed since no capital is required for the Great Bankers to play stocks and bonds. The derivative scam has wrecked nearly our entire financial system and continues to wreck it.

  6. Being There

    You can be assured that the SHTF will happen and when it does we are in big trouble. Let’s see will they take us to the mother of all wars?

  7. Reptilian aliens who run Congress? I didn’t know you were a fan of David Icke!

    As for the Fiscal Cliff stalemate, it’s holding hostage the Farm Bill. Without a Farm Bill, the price of milk and other dairy products will double on January 1st. Happy New Year!

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