Dick Armey Steals Several Million From Tea Party Chumps

From day one, the Tea Party movement was sucked into the GOP machine only it didn’t simply turn into the obedient slave of the elitists running the GOP for their own profit, it caused the right wing gears to grind badly.  One problem the Tea Party caused was to make it nearly impossible for GOP national candidates to turn on a dime and lie to the voters on the right.  Now, their promises and statements have to be honored which pisses off the top 1% who consider the average GOP voter to be an easy fool to use for their own ends.  The recent coup of the misnamed ‘Freedom Works’  by Dick the Prick Armey shows how hard the GOP elites want to control the Tea Party.


The coup did work, incidentally.  The Prick got millions in ‘protection money’ to stay away so the organization is being drained of funds by a very rich man who doesn’t need the money.  This is hilarious on many, many levels.  This isn’t the Freedom Works working, it is Financial Slavery For Tea Party Chumps.  War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery.  Every penny raised by this group will go to line the pockets of a rich Republican jerk.  HAHAHA.


FreedomWorks tea party group nearly falls apart in fight between old and new guard – The Washington Post

Richard K. Armey, the group’s chairman and a former House majority leader, walked into the group’s Capitol Hill offices with his wife, Susan, and an aide holstering a handgun at his waist. The aim was to seize control of the group and expel Armey’s enemies: The gun-wielding assistant escorted FreedomWorks’ top two employees off the premises, while Armey suspended several others who broke down in sobs at the news.


According to the brats who work for this organization, after whining and crying, some of them retained their jobs after kissing Armey’s boots.  I love it how a gun carrying guard went in with Armey when he decided to take over.  HAHAHA, again.  The right wing loves military coups and the US government has a long, long, ugly history of supporting military coups.


On the left, we had a continuous problem with the CIA and FBI taking over organizations, bribing leaders of leftists to betray them, planting false materials on people who were innocent, infiltrating organizations and then egging everyone into breaking the law, the list is long.  Leftists can be fooled just like the rightists.  People are lured into doing stupid things by clever people who want to preserve the power of the very rich.  This is true in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, everywhere.


It is the human condition to be easily corralled and fooled by people who have money to throw around in the form of bribes and hiring thugs.  The Freedom Works operation was saved by a rich recluse who decided to pay the GOP Armey bribe for them.  So Dick the Dick gets his pension padded by a scared multimillionaire who wants to change the government but instead, is now seeing his beloved wealth used to support the golf games of a rich Republican!  Irony indeed.


Dick Armey Brought Armed Guard Into FreedomWorks In Coup Attempt: Report [UPDATE]

Armey, in exchange for resigning, will receive $8 million from the group — paid out in annual $400,000 installments — for consulting fees. Mother Jones obtained his departure memo, in which he specified that he wanted his name removed from all of the group’s materials and asked them not to use his booklet.


Kibbe accused Armey of backing traditional Republicans over Tea Party candidates, according to a Mother Jones report. Though the group endorsed Rep. David Schweikert over Rep. Dan Quayle in a GOP member-vs.-member primary in Arizona, C. Boyden Gray, an Armey ally, sent donations to Quayle.


Political inbreeding is proliferating.  As the US population grows, representation drops like a rock.  Back almost 100 years ago, the ratio of voter was three times lower than today.  In national elections, it is roughly 600,000 per representative, Senator and Presidential votes.  When the population was at 100,000,000, the voters were 200,000 per R, S and P.


Each decade, our singular power is diminished by population rising.  Instead of expanding Congress to cope with expanding populations, the number at the top grows more and more detached from the voters below who rely mainly on TV commercials to know who is doing what.  Privately financed commercials, that is.  The voting system has turned into a bribery system.  The Tea Party wanted more bottom-up power which is why the GOP leadership moved rapidly to bite that snake at the head.


FreedomWorks Feud: War Inside Tea Party Group Gets Nastier | Mother Jones

And on June 16, when FreedomWorks announced its “Retire Hatch” campaign against Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Gray endorsed Hatch. A month later, Gray held a fundraiser for Wisconsin senatorial candidate Tommy Thompson—two days before FreedomWorks endorsed tea party favorite Eric Hovde, who was challenging Thompson in the GOP primary.


All of these conflicts, Kibbe maintained in the memo, led to that September meeting when he was booted off the board. Referring to himself in the third person, Kibbe described that confrontation: “It is eight weeks out from the most important election in our lifetime. ‘Do you have any idea,’ Kibbe asks, ‘how much your actions will damage FreedomWorks efforts?’ No answer is given.”…


And Armey scoffs at the charge that he, Gray, and Burnley tried to subvert FreedomWorks and its devotion to the tea party cause to please the GOP mainstream in Washington. “There’s nobody at FreedomWorks or on the board who suffered more criticism and abusive complaining and expressions of disappointment from establishment Republicans for the actions of this organization than C. Boyden Gray, Jim Burnley, or Dick Armey,” Armey insists.


The top lawyers of the GOP were sent in along with Armey, men who are also Bilderberg members incidentally.  Both the Democratic powers and the Republican power brokers hate their own parties, hate their  own voters and wish them ill.  Both want left and right to be stupid foot soldiers while letting the rich run things their own way.  AIPAC runs Congress and both parties vote 99% for AIPAC things, for example, even if this is in conflict with voter’s desires.


For example, funds for wars and for Israel sail through Congress with no hitches at all.  This comes in the face of the right screaming about government spending and ‘big government’ ruining things.  This is a false front designed to fool US voters worried about debts being piled on us all.  The entire GOP and DNC leadership is 100% for more foreign spending that benefits Zionist goals.  Money and debt isn’t an issue.


The GOP power elites who are either worshippers of the Devil that is Death at Yale or are simply cynics or Zionists who want imperialism, but they use the ignorant fears of gays and women as a tool to get mostly Southern and Midwestern voters to vote for things that damage themselves.  Here is another example of the Pope’s war against gays (and women, of course, these men living together in the Vatican hate women especially women who are nuns):  Archbishop of Westminster attacks gay marriage plan Leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England said there was no mandate to enforce same-sex marriage laws- 




Does this Archbishop realize, we are not mandating he marry his lover?  Sheesh.  They can live on in sin for all I care!  The idea that all of us have to obey their phobic rules is bizarre.  No one is demanding that any of the priests nor the Pope get married though I might suggest they dignify their relationships in exactly this way!


Of course, we don’t know who or what or when they have sex, if any.  According to the phobics running this church, even if you have an erection in your sleep, you have violated the God who gets virginal women pregnant via magical sperm!  The twisted sex rules of all religions and taboo belief systems covers all things of all types.  Humans have an huge number of magical sex choices forbidden or forced on us.  Very meddlesome indeed.  And peculiar since no other animals do this.


The religious fanatics are particularly annoyed if you tell them we are all mammals, too.  Well, sorry to break the news but yes, we are lactating mammals who began evolving from reptilian ancestors over the last 100 million years.   And all of this via sex which evolved a billion years ago!  Imagine that!  Is a billion years of unbridled sex unhinging the Creator?  HAHAHA.

Chinese toy container ship

Last of all, the Newtown shooting continues to roil the US public:  Newtown asks for an end to donated school supplies, gifts after Sandy Hook tragedy, says town is overwhelmed.  Pictures of the town hall shows it drowning in cheap, often crappy and ridiculous toys.  It looks like a hoarder’s version of Walmart.  The above picture is of a Chinese toy container ship.  Maybe I should buy one for my office.


Newtown is one of the wealthier communities on earth.  The children there are overwhelmed with toys and things.  As is the entire US.  Hatred of vacant space is causing millions and millions of people to drown in things.  And Asia enables this by cheerfully shipping over tons and tons of stuff we shouldn’t have.  And this, in turn, is causing our economy to tip nose downwards and sink like a rock which is why our political system as turned so rancid lately.


And the Tea Party has no solution to this anymore than anyone else because they ignore the cause of our trade deficit.  That is, the floating fiat currency system itself and international derivative banking scams that require no capital.

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8 responses to “Dick Armey Steals Several Million From Tea Party Chumps

  1. nclaughlin

    As Michael Link points out (reference below), the current size of congress was fixed via legislation in 1929 at 435. It could easily be doubled. Here is the link: http://www.theatlantic.com/past/politics/congress/lindf.htm


    ELAINE: True. I should have said my figures were comparing the US in 1918 to today. Back in 1786, the representative ratio with male voters was several hundred to one, not hundreds of thousands to one, of course.

  2. nclaughlin

    I meant Michael Lind, sorry.

  3. “The right wing loves military coups”

    Mm yes. That’s a real danger. Especially if/when the economy gets worse. The two-party system locks the Tea Party out just like it’s always locked out serious leftists (anti-war, anti-globalization types). But these guys appear to be mor organized, and they have guns and money, and probably enough righteous zeal to use them. They just need an economic crash to discredit the mainstream parties.

  4. Eso

    First of all, Dick Armey and his ilk will not be defeated by standing up to them directly. They must be made fall by digging a hole under the ground rhey stand on. Nature, hopefully, will do a better job than we can. At least we will not have to find for ourselves another dictator to blame for the solution. This is why, I continue to call for the demise-implosion for most cities, and a return to the wood.

    Which brings me to a question about the USCG chart. When I look at it, the Pacific ocean resembles (by way of pareidolic vision) a clinched right hand fist bent at the wrist. It seems that the fist, knuckles first, is slowly turning to the left, which appears to explain many of the earthquake locations. The knuckles seem to be driving into Alaska, whereas the fingertips and nails are pushing against Indonesia and area. Does anyone know for sure?

  5. emsnews

    The funny thing here is, the right wing was empowered by gerrymandering which means less than half the voters have more than half the power in the House.

    But this gerrymandering has backfired. The GOP now has to fear internal primaries with far right attacking the right inside the party. They thought, all they had to do was expel the Ron Paul faction and bankrupt the Tea Party by sucking up all the money with Palin and Armey and other leeches.

    THIS IS WORKING FINE…but it is also destroying the GOP internally as enraged voters get very, very sour.

  6. Jim R

    They tried out the name “Slaveryworks” but it didn’t pass the focus group.

    Seriously, back in the ’80s Armey was my congressvarmint. Though I can’t say I ever had any interaction with him on a personal level. Saw him in the crowd at a July fireworks display at the UNT stadium. He was wearing a suit while everybody else was in t shirts. Had a big angular bulge under the left breast pocket.

  7. Jim R

    In other news, Poppy Bush is in a Houston hospital.
    Do you suppose they’ll file his bones when he dies, in that bone museum at Yale? Along with Geronimo and Bin Laden?

  8. “War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery.” All you needed was “Ignorance is Strength” to complete the three slogans of IngSoc from “1984.” That’s OK. Your quoting them shows that the Right has learned all the wrong lessons from “1984.”


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