Broken Snow Plow And Broken Congress: Winter Disasters!

snowy Xmas on Taconic mountainside


We finally had a real snow storm yesterday for the first time in two years.  I haven’t used my snowplow since 20010 and when I fired it up the other day to see if it worked, it worked fine.  But when I went to snowplow yesterday, the hydraulic hoses broke and it seized up on the driveway.  I managed to drag it back inside for repairs.  Here in the icy cold north, we have to battle winter and equipment failures can make life rather hellish.  This is partly why the latest population figures show people leaving the Northeast and moving generally to hot, dry places.  Global warming is the desired option for most humans who prefer to be warm, not cold.  

On the other hand, cold focuses the mind to think clearly  especially if you have to do everything, oneself.  When my snowplow broke, I had to fix it due to the fact that no one will come up the mountain in deep snow to do this for me.  I have to think, have tools and be vigilant.  I was foolish in that I didn’t do a total rebuild of the old plow.  Maintenance is key to keeping operations going.  One of the bad things about the general movement of our population centers from the cold, relentless north to the air conditioned, easy weather south is our ability to project into the future and to prepare systems is collapsing.


That is, the ‘grasshopper’ values of eternal summer fun is eclipsing the ‘ant’ values of preparing for winter.  All plants and animals in the cold regions work very hard in one way or another to prepare for winter whereas the hot climate animals don’t do this, they hunker down when there are hot summer droughts.  Congressional power has moved from the cold, mainly liberal north to be dominated by states like Texas.  This is why we have this DONE NOTHING: MOST UNPRODUCTIVE CONGRESS ON RECORD

snow plow broken

My snow plow sitting in snow in the garage I built to deal with the huge amount of snow we have up here.


The US snowplow is broken.  The mainly southern GOP doesn’t give a damn.  Indeed, they, themselves, are the main reasons the snow plow broke.  They consistently ran up huge government deficits while embracing free trade and the floating fiat currency.  Few people understand this but it is an old fight going way back in time.  The Northeast was the ‘gold standard, protectionist’ culture and the deep South and the West were ‘silver inflation, sell commodities to Europe and Asia’ sector.


When the Californian President Nixon suddenly cut the gold standard, this caused chaos and rage in Northern banking circles but only temporary.  When Californian President Reagan allowed banks to lend with virtually no capital, the Northern former gold bankers embraced this joyously even though it would guarantee repeated vapid lending bubbles with crashes.  Summer fun and winter hell in finances.


So, our government is dysfunctional, our finances are a  mess and we roll onwards blissfully only because our trade partners prop up the dollar for us.  Here is an example that is hilarious:  Japan Aso Says US Should Seek Strong Dollar.


Aso is not new to Japan’s misrule.  I have written about him in the past.  Once upon a time, Japan kept the dollar artificially strong via buying our government debt and holding trade profits in a FOREX account.  They run a trade deficit now and can’t do this so he is reduced to yelling at the US to make the dollar strong so he and his ilk can flood the US with Japanese manufactured goods.


The Japanese imperialists are being raw and pugnacious with their two biggest trade partners, China and the US.  The US foolishly refuses to understand the Japanese rage or to demand Japan cut it out.  But then, we are aping the worst aspects of Japanese government problems.


Summoned Back to Work, Senators Chafe at Inaction because when it comes to issues important to Americans, our government is paralyzed.  Obama summons congressional leaders for ‘fiscal cliff’ talks while the US media owners yelled about him taking a vacation.  So he cut it short and demanded all our other rulers do the same.  This caused resentment because Congress is very divided when it comes to Americans needing something.

But when it comes to international affairs, Congress and the President are all united.  Here is a recent example of US action:  Putin Signs Bill That Bars U.S. Adoptions, Upending Families after the US hypocritically passed a rule that any country with war crimes or human rights violations should be hammered hard.  Of course, this exempts two major violators of human rights and warmongering like mad: the US and its NATO allies and of course, Israel.


Don’t Let Pro-Israel Extremists Sink Chuck Hagel begs a NYT editorial.  True, Hagel didn’t vote 100% for AIPAC all the time like the rest of Congress.  AIPAC won’t forgive him this violation of their total rule of our nation.  It did take balls for Obama to nominate him knowing AIPAC would be enraged.


And the ethnic cleansing of Israeli held territories continues.  Terror in a Christmas Tree » tells about how the religious board that decides who is kosher has quietly instituted dictatorial rule by outlawing many hotels from having any Xmas trees, Xmas ornaments or hosting New Year parties!


You see, the Jewish new year is near the Autumn Equinox, not near the Winter Solstice.  So no one in Israel will be allowed to publicly celebrate the Roman Calendar event, only the Jewish event!  If anyone dares to do this they lose their kosher listing and then would be boycotted by religious Jews.


The US protects and funds all of this religious bigotry.  And the right wing wants similar bigotry here at home in the US, too.  I am against this, of course.  sunset borger

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6 responses to “Broken Snow Plow And Broken Congress: Winter Disasters!

  1. nclaughlin

    I believe the nomination of Hagel is not a done deal. I expect that Obama will, as he has done in the past, back down to bullying.

  2. DeVaul

    It appears that someone from Hollywood has teamed up with an historian to write a book and movie series that pretty much encapsulates what Elaine has been saying for 7 years now (minus the trade issues). I am not surprised that it is Oliver Stone. I do not know the historian. The media is ignoring them as best they can, but RT interviewed them. It is well worth reading and I would imagine their book would be too.


    ELAINE: Thanks for the link and the information!

  3. Jim R

    Japan is walking dead, anyway.
    Just because the various leukemias, tumors, and birth defects have not yet shown up, does not mean that they will not.
    The present ongoing calamity is 1000 times worse than Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

  4. Maybe the snow will all melt and you won’t need the plow.

  5. emsnews

    Hard to melt snow when it is zero degrees outside. Heh.

  6. It’s snowing in southern AZ today (and Mexico). But it will melt 🙂

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