US Due To Sail Off Fiscal Cliff Into Radioactive Economic Plume

USS Reagan staff jokes about radioactive poisoning

Click her to see You Tube video of USS Reagan staff laughing as radiation alarms wail:  The USS Reagan sailors sailed directly into the most deadly plume of nuclear poisons during the worst of the Fukushima explosions and fires.  They thought this was funny!  A joke.  A laugh riot.  Now, a year later, they are scared, understandably.  The economic/financial mess we are in is the same.  We don’t take much of this very seriously and strange going ons cover up what is needed to save us from economic doom.  Everyone has a game plan and few have any basic knowledge as to how systems work, we just sail in circles in and out of poisonous radioactive economic forces that are invisible to us.


The Fiscal cliff deal in peril as Senate talks stall and we plunge off this invisible, artificial thing we created ourselves.  This fiscal cliff business is due directly to two bad things: the Bush tax cuts and the conservative movement which unleashed the banks so they could lend with no capital limits.  The ‘we hate taxes and regulations’ mantra is destructive as the ‘commie share everything and own nothing’ mantra.  Extremism is fatal.  Left or right.  The happy medium is best.


The Fiscal Cliff business will have real impacts.  The US suffers from a massive, multi-generational trade deficit which has destroyed our economy, big time.  Everything else is vanishingly small compared to this fact.  The US paid for this multi-generational trade deficit by degrading the floating fiat currency which was launched by Nixon in order to allow the government to print money with impunity.  Which it did, the dollar losing 90% or more of its value ever since the gold standard was dropped.


I remember Nixon, being an old coot.  I recall how we were told, this would make US exports cheaper.  It did only our trade rivals did us one better and they held US dollars in national accounts while keeping huge trade surpluses with the US.  So, inflation seemed to vanish as the US consumer bought foreign goods and in return for this boon, we lost most of our middle class unionized jobs here in the US.  This, in turn, made our society much, much weaker.


Workers living in cheap trailers unable to marry due to having incomes too small, make for easy peasants to rule but make for poor societies to live in.  The vast US middle class is being shoved downwards relentlessly by the elites who simultaneously lied to the middle class telling them, taxes were the naughty thing, not the loss of income as the elites took more and more off the top and cut wages at the middle and lower end.


So today, we have a weaker and weaker middle class with less and less in savings praying for more and more government money printing so they can make ends meet and food that cost $1 twelve years ago now costs $5.  The top Luxury Real Estate regions are now  The Sport of Tycoons as billionaires all over the globe bid up the value of high end real estate while in the hinterlands, the houses owned by the middle class drops in value.  The entire mortgage bubble wealth effect has become a burden of unremovable debt for the middle class while the rich bid up the price of all luxury goods.


IT was a year of record-high sales for luxury real estate. But 2012 will also enter the books for its chart-topping listings, as sellers sought to ride the wave of irrational exuberance for trophy properties.


This sort of culture causes rampant inflation!  One reader chided me, demanding to know why second rate countries not at war still have hyperinflation.  This is due mainly to these countries having a rich elite and a peasant mass below with a slender, small middle class in between.  When you are a billionaire, inflation doesn’t matter when it comes to a government currency.


Why is that?  Simple!  They park their wealth elsewhere.  Out of the country, into other currencies, they buy gold in bulk, they buy property all over the planet earth, they use offshore banks and evade taxes like Romney openly does.  They don’t care if their home base governments go bankrupt.


The middle class cares.  The middle class voters who ran after the Bush Jr. tax cuts phantom voted to slit their own throats.  They enabled the elites to loot the nation leaving us a mountain of debt.  Now, the desperate middle class wants to have this fixed but doesn’t want to pay taxes and the rich never want to pay taxes so…we go off this cliff.  The poor can’t pay taxes.  So what does our nation do?  Print endless dollars?


That has an end point which is very ugly, much, much worse than where we are at now.  But the issue of taxing rich people must be addressed.  When they pay virtually no taxes, wealth accumulates in the wrong places.  Namely, it leaves the society and travels elsewhere including being locked into deep, dark caves where gold and other precious metals and jewels all end up eventually, deep into graveyard-type conditions.  That is, out of circulation.


The US is going bankrupt because of our stupid wars:  Afghans angry at US soldiers who drove away in the night leaving rent unpaid | World news |


The only clue that a base that dominated Pashengar village for years had been abandoned for good was the midnight rumble of a convoy of trucks. In the morning, locals found guards gone, buildings blown up and, scattered around what had been a forbidding military encampment, piles of detritus from years of western living in a remote, mountainous valley.


Rows of air conditioning units stuck out of a damaged wall, a giant, dilapidated generator was marooned near shipping containers and twisted, dented vehicles remained. But there was no sign of a cheque for a landlord who said years of rent, running to hundreds of thousands of dollars, was owing to him.


The other day, I read about an entire fleet of aircraft from Italy that was also abandoned and all of that was paid for by the US taxpayers.  The US still plans to attack Iran but has fallen quiet about that issue knowing that all war discussions will cause US voters to blow their stacks seeing that the fiscal cliff doesn’t stop the war spending or money to keep Israel socialist.


Meanwhile, the war with al Qaeda is a total fraud:  Al Qaeda In Mali: Islamist Fighters Carve Out New Country as that organization takes over a country bigger than Afghanistan and has even crazier warrior castes who love fighting.  The camel fighters that the British and French fought over a century ago never gave up, really and they are out in force today.  This is Timbuktu land.  There is the old British saying, ‘From here to Timbuktu’ to describe a hopeless, long, pointless journey. Syria rebels ‘beheaded a Christian and fed him to the dogs’ as fears grow over Islamist atrocities as the Islamic radicals do their thing in Syria.   UN envoy: Syria ‘will be the new Somalia’ is no joke.


The Israelis love the fact that Syria is collapsing but this simply means armed insurrectionists who hate Jews will be running wild from that place.  The Israelis may think they can bomb their way to victory over Syria but they are increasingly surrounded by hostile radical Muslims itching for wars.  I predicted the US couldn’t stop the radical Muslims and bombing them and assassinating them would badly backfire.  Every time Presidents Bush or Obama announced the death of al Qaeda ‘leaders’ I laughed.


There is this ancient story, more than one, about how killing a monster simply makes it multiply.  We see this in action today. Every ‘victory’ has been a tactical defeat for the US.  We cannot afford more victories.  The people of Gaza fought Israel recently and showed the Jews that they can hit even Tel Aviv and what happened?


Israel backed down, of course.  Today, they are letting in building material and loosening the noose around Gaza.  The US is busy attacking poor Abba on the West Bank for daring to go to the UN.  So he is going to be removed or killed.  But this simply makes the radical Muslims stronger, of course.  What on earth is the point of our endless, futile wars with endless Muslim radicals?  They proliferate while we go under.  And Congress won’t stop because AIPAC wants us to continue this destructive, pointless course.


Meanwhile, in the US, the surge of born again Christians is beginning to finally recede.  I suppose now that we have gay marriages popping up, they have nothing left to attack here at home.  New Churches Focus on Building a Community Life –


Building Congregations Around Art Galleries and Cafes as Spirituality Wanes…For new leaders coming out of seminary, “the cool thing is church planting,” Mr. Bird said. “The uncool thing is to go into the established church. Why that has taken over may speak to the entrepreneurialism and innovation that today’s generation represents.”


HAHAHA…entrepreneurs who milk the superstitious.  This is all about getting money from someone while pretending one has access to the gods.  As if the gods give a hoot about any of us.  The various natural forces like gravity, time, space, whatever, evolution, life and death…these operate without any interventions from magical forces.  Stopping these is impossible.  We can’t turn back time nor can we live forever.  Nor should we, the chaos this would cause would be immense, no?


I remember the sixties when churches opened coffee houses.  I used to go to these.  And I can’t drink coffee.

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8 responses to “US Due To Sail Off Fiscal Cliff Into Radioactive Economic Plume

  1. Lucky13

    Elaine, you know more about economics than I do.
    Is TARP ‘one more robbery’?
    Q3 is 80 billion a month?

    I have an ex friend, MIT trained who agreed with [idiot] Krugman..
    who wrote ‘TARP should have been more’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ELAINE: The TARP was thrown over the wreckage of international banking to stop the toxic rain they caused from falling on bankers. HAHAHA. It protected their scams and the scams continue. It was devised to PROTECT THE DERIVATIVES BEAST! Which still lives and waits patiently to devour us all.

  2. Lucky13

    ‘ When you are a billionaire, inflation doesn’t matter when it comes to a government currency.’

    Soros does what he can to ‘make and break’ currencies.

  3. Jim R

    Those church-run coffee houses were good places to meet cool hippie chicks.

  4. CK

    “They don’t care if their home base governments go bankrupt.” Nor should they nor should you nor should anyone else. That one gang of thugs runs out of willing victims is a cause for joy and dancing (“… because a revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.” V.)
    Another gang of thugs in the same geography will be invited in by the perpetually victimizable .

    The departure from Kabul will mimic the departure from Viet Nam but with spiffier helicopters and dumber milspin.
    The shame of it is that Afghanistan has been the curtain call for too many empires. Let them be to copulate with their boytoys and treat their wimmin poorly. It’s a small triage to pay for not pissing all the wealth of the USA up an Afghan rope.
    The many world straddling empires of central and Saharan Africa.
    Another place where the profit comes from being disinterested in the players and uninterested in the outcome.
    The sub-Saharan and Saharan peoples never produced anything of value before; maybe AQ in Mali can change the game and produce something worth a shekel.

  5. I like how the ” International forces” always have to sneak out in the middle of the night.
    The British left Basra in Iraq at midnight.So much for pacifying the countryside.
    Leaving at night gives them some tech advantage with the night vision gear,otherwise during the day the Taliban would be all over them when they try to pull out.

  6. Being There

    Excellent post. The crux of the matter is the Anglo-American hegemony is to tear down the nation state through globalism and secession.

    We are seeing it today all over the world including here and this whole fiscal cliff is a sham to smash FDR for good and smash the US as a nation. This is what is appealing to the power elite who want absolute power to live above the law and not be hampered in any way by sovereign control.

    This has been a long time coming and as we run out of capital and energy to keep this going, we will see a convergence of sovereign dissolution along with the destruction of populations. This deal on the table with Obama paving the way to the destruction of social security is the first main step of a withering nation state.

    It’s not about the deficit. If it was both parties would have gone back to the taxes before W.

    If you compare $20.00 per paycheck to a hospital bill of $300,000.00 which would you want “The Liberty” to be on your own to pay?

  7. CK

    Owe a hospital $100 and they have you by the balls,
    Owe a hospital $300,000 and they have a partner.
    When there is no competition allowed, the price charged will be ridiculous, and there is no competition allowed in healthcare.

  8. Lucky13

    Owe a hospital $100 and they have you by the balls,

    I agree that 2000$ to remove a mole is outrageous.
    It take a few minutes.
    Or 2000$ to ‘evaluate’ when that takes 5 minutes.

    A friend worked for some big ‘orthopedic injury’ firm. Run by an MD or 3.
    The place grossed 100,000,000$ a year.

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