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The ‘New York’ Virus Spreads And I Got Pneumonia From It

I haven’t been posting here the last several days to being very ill.  Just came back from the hospital.  These viruses are quite dangerous due to weakening the body and thus letting in very dangerous diseases.  I thought I just had a touch of bronchitis but in the last 24 hours, my condition deteriorated rapidly and this is why I had to rush to the emergency room.


I am running a fever and after sucking oxygen at the hospital and getting emergency medications including something to make me a bit dizzy, tizzy, I am now able to finally sleep again (in the last 48 hours I have had less than 5 hours of sleep!) so it is too hard to write much here.  Will, I hope, be better off tomorrow.  Take care, everyone, this flu season!  Good luck!


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Circuit Court Forbids Presidential Appointments During Recess

For many years, GOP Presidents have put into courts many ‘conservative’ judges who in turn, have worked as activists to overrun the Presidential and Congressional processes.  This is how the right wingers on the Supreme Court suddenly and flippantly overturned all campaign finance reforms.  Now, they are gleefully preventing the President from assigning people to positions when the Congress refuses to OK his choices.

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California Shakes Like Jello As San Andreas Stress Shoots Upwards



January 25, 2013 california shakes like jello


Fortunately for us, the map the USGS runs, California-Nevada Fault Maps, is still functional.  Not for long but maybe when the San Andreas blows, the government will reconsider the foolish plan to save money by terminating this very important feature.  Look at that map today!  California is a bowl of jello being shaken rather harshly!  And the quiet middle section of the San Andreas has the least activity but warning quakes are appearing even right on the San Andreas especially where it is crossed by another major fault line in the Tejon Pass.  This is where the previous major quake happened nearly 200 years ago and is the focal point of major, 7.5+ quakes.   Continue reading


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Wall Street Writes The Laws And Virtually None Go To Prison


Video: The Untouchables | Watch FRONTLINE Online | PBS Video is interesting to watch because it only faintly touches on the true source of power on Wall Street: control of the media stories, collusion within family and tribal groups to keep the cards close to the chest and how these people use money to write our tax laws, write regulations of all systems and mainly, to turn the US into a machine for printing money for them all and to militarily enforce this Wild West banking on the rest of the world. Continue reading


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Social Disintegration Eats Away At Japan and the US As Hatred For Fellow Citizens Rise


I spent yesterday with my grandson who is happy, sweet and lovely and learned how to put his toes in his mouth this week.  In the news even more this week is the ongoing butchery of American citizens as lunatics assail schools, homes and other assorted places.  What interests me most is how the ‘Law and Order’ right wing Republicans are screaming for more guns, more Wild West Bonanza shoot outs while chaos engulfs not just the inner cities but the outer suburbs.  Also, the rulers of Japan openly say the elderly should die as fast as possible, a thought that all the elites share but dare not openly sneer quite so nastily as the new LDP gang.  Which also doesn’t care if Japan becomes a nuclear wasteland or worse, be blown up by the angry Chinese. Continue reading


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Washington Post Jewish Editorial About Tithing Is Hilarious

Since most of the editorial staff at the Washington Post are either Jewish or Zionist non-Jews, this paper has endless stories about matters that interest them very much while ignoring lots of other important things.  So a big editorial story today there is about the need to charge money to pray in synagogues.  Oh, my goodness, gracious!  The story isn’t about how all religions work hard to suck up money from believers.  That would mean examining the tithing system of say, the Mormons or the history of the Catholic Church and its oppressive taxes.   Continue reading


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Slowly The New Gold Standard Grows While Elites Flee Reality Of Worker Unrest

Toyota builds bomb proof £100,000 car to withstand GRENADES | Mail Online

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 10.12.44 PM


Behold the world of the super rich!  This Toyota is built to withstand social unrest but not nuclear bombs.  Note how the vehicle is driven by a worker but the elites lie in luxury inside the back with curtains cutting out the dangerous world outside and alternative reality worlds appear on computer screens and videos for pleasure and of course, booze to numb the mind.  The cocoon that envelopes the elites is going to be their doom, of course.  The world which they rule can easily overturn this vehicle and it can be pried open by people to gain access to whoever it tries to protect. Continue reading


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