GOP State Government Heavily Gerrymandered Ohio

OOhio Gerrymandering by GOP 1

District | Congressman Bill Johnson, Proudly Serving Eastern and Southeastern Ohio

Yesterday, I was attacked by one commenter here for not understanding Ohio politics.  I was so angry about this, I spent 5 minutes confirming what I said was true and yes, I was right.  The GOP has gerrymandered Ohio, a key power state, so that rural voters and GOP neighborhoods have much, much more power in the House of Representatives than minority and urban communities.  Worse, the US public doesn’t understand basic gerrymandering politics nor can they understand with misinformation being put out in the media which buries or openly lies about these matters.

And here is an example from a complete jerk who is very smug and very ill-informed but gets published in international papers because he is a lying bastard:  Why ‘gerrymandering’ doesn’t polarise Congress the way we’re told | Harry J Enten | Comment is free |

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 8.26.09 AM

So, with at least 50% of the Ohio voters voting for a Democrat for President in the last 6 elections—Ohio has gone Democratic several times in these elections!—why are there only 4 Democrats in the House while all the others are GOP?  16-4 isn’t a 50/50 split!  Why are these districts more ‘polarized’?   Well, how do you Polarize light?

Polarization (also polarisation) is a property of waves that can oscillate with more than one orientation. Electromagnetic waves, such as light, andgravitational waves exhibit polarization; sound waves in a gas or liquid do not have polarization because the medium vibrates only along the direction in which the waves are travelling.

By cherry picking voting blocks, a state can rapidly become very polarized with the DNC votes concentrated in very specific districts so the Congress person there gets 90% of the minority city vote while the white voters have NO minorities to disturb election there.  One quick look at the map below shows the extreme polarization produced by the GOP party leaders, some of whom come from out of state like the Southerner representing the 6th district.

Ohio Congressional District Map for 113th United States Congress

Ohio Gerrymandering by GOP 2

File:Ohio Congressional Districts with party colors, 2003-2007, labeled.svg – Wikimedia Commons

Note at the top of Lake Erie the very, very thin green district: these are middle and upper class whites.  Then suddenly there is this fractured, tiny, concentrated 11th District which is overwhelmingly black.  Note how bizarre the shape is!  The corridors connecting the three parts are one block wide in places!  Then there is the 13th District which has a sudden strange splatter at the western edges.  The 3rd District is totally bizarre and looks like a bug squashed on a windshield.


All except for the 5th rural District are of the most bizarre shapes possible.  This was done to concentrate the Democratic vote centers while cutting them off from Democrats voting outside of the black DNC ghettoes created by gross gerrymandering map making.  Gerrymandering is easy to spot: it creeps and crawls all over the landscape and compare the above map with the first Gerrymandering cartoon:

first gerrymandering map 100 years ago


The shape of the 6th district is a reverse image of the above cartoon.  Here is the map for Ohio from the last census which was still very gerrymandered but not as insanely chopped up as the most recent map:

Ohio Gerrrymandering by GOP 3


Here is a sane proposed map created by political scientists wanting to see if there could be better representation of Ohio voters:

Races and Redistricting: Ohio Fair Redistricting Map

Ohio Gerrymandering by GOP 4

As you may know, Ohio recently passed its new redistricting map for the 2010’s decade. Ohio has a reputation for being the biggest swing state, deciding the election of 2004 and voting near the national average in 2000, 2004, and 2008. One might expect the legislature to draw a map designed to elect an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, so all political parties are fairly represented.

The Republican legislature decided not to do that, instead, they drew a map designed to elect 12 Republicans and four Democrats. To create the large number of Republican districts, they split communities of interest by combining Toledo with Cleveland instead of creating a district representing Toledo and nearby counties.

Also, instead of combining Cincinnati with nearby suburbs, they combine Cincinnati with a string to Warren County, an extremely conservative exurban county. They should have created a district representing as much of Hamilton County as possible because Hamilton County is where Cincinnati and its close suburbs are located. They should then create a district that represents the outer suburbs in Clermont, Warren and Butler Counties. Also, they placed Springfield and Lucas County (Toledo) in the same district.

Another example of their splitting of communities of interest is when they combine suburbs close to Cleveland with not more Cleveland suburbs or Cleveland, they combine it Canton which is south of Akron and should not share a representative with voters who live in the Cleveland area. Canton and Cleveland are two distinct cities with two distinct metropolitan areas. The Ohio legislature should learn the intended purpose of congressional districts.

It was not to help one’s political party while stifling the voice of communities; it was to increase the voice of a community, not a political party. For example, in the 9th district which was drawn to absorb Democratic areas along the Lake Erie shoreline, if Marcy Kaptur (D) from Toledo retired and the district elected a Cleveland politician, the Toledo area will have no representative to go to Washington and fight for Toledo’s interests because a Cleveland politician will not understand Toledo’s interests as well as a Toledo politician would. Toledo has enough people for a district that can be drawn centered around it that would elect a representative who is familiar with Toledo’s needs. Anyway, here is my map that combines communities of interest and creates competitive districts so incumbents will have to tailor to the needs of both parties in order to win reelection.


As we see in the map above, District 6 would be cut in half and twice as wide which means the local voters have much more access to their representatives.  And this is a sane way of finding out who represents who.


This is IMPORTANT.  Congress is like an out of control car with a drunkard driving.  Congress critters represent lobbyists and power brokers not their own voters.  This map was drawn up by cynical racists who took advantage of a non-presidential election which always has fewer voters to get out the anti-black in the White House voters.  Now, they run things and spent the last several years trying to derail the black dude in the White Guy’s House.


The Senate had more filibusters in four years than in the previous 100 years.  The voters who didn’t want American Taliban Christians destroying our civil rights are increasingly angry and frustrated.  The fact that Ohio went for Obama shows how severely  they have been disenfranchised by GOP map making power brokers.  They can’t call their right wing, fundamentalist, gun toting ‘representatives’ because these guys have zero intention of representing Democratic neighborhoods, they intend to RULE these neighborhoods ruthlessly.


All the talk by Romney and his gang about the 47% is GOP talk about the Democratic base and how it doesn’t deserve any political attention or power or control just like in the Good Old Days before the Civil Rights Act.  When that law passed, the very first thing I did was sue people for discrimination against me for being female.  This Act is of highest importance to me and seeing a bunch of yahoos wreck it maliciously angers me greatly.  It is a very important issue along with the representatives being so detached from the voters, they get to sell their souls to lobbies like AIPAC…this is destroying our nation, wrecking our foreign policies and bankrupting everyone.


We will go over many cliffs with this sort of undemocratic system and the worst cliff is the dissolution of our nation as it falls apart along polarized, sectarian lines!sunset borger

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28 responses to “GOP State Government Heavily Gerrymandered Ohio

  1. N00b

    Ha! Fortuitous that you are looking into Ohio politics.

    You are exactly right. Anymore, I call this state “The Northern-most State of the Confederacy.” In central Ohio, people even speak with southern accents! Last I heard, it is also one of the biggest NRA strongholds, and the Bible beaters are big.

    It is a shame and a tragedy, because this state is a powerhouse in the National Science Olympics, and probably has more colleges and universities than any other state.

    Politics here are an enormous worry–State politics now is ENTIRELY republican: Governor, State Senate, and State House.

    Despite the horrific picture of Steubenville, and the slum called “Cincinnati,” what was the State leg busy with end of last year? The “Fetal Heartbeat Bill.” This, had it been passed, would have been the most stringent anti-abortion bill in the US.

    The entire State is rusting, the bridges and overpasses are crumbling, we have payday loanmakers and pawnshops on every block, and the public colleges are ranked as some of the most expensive in the United States.

    Therefore, following the male republican logic in force here, we must outlaw abortions.

  2. N00b

    I forgot to mention that the Ohio ballot had an issue for having citizens draw up the districts. It was defeated, of course. You should have seen the political ads against it on TV. Even the newspapers came out against it.

  3. Being There

    Getting back to your original assertion re: Republican attitudes toward women, I noticed in Nation Mag. a reference to an anti violence act against women not passed by the 112th congress these last few days.:

    Over the nearly two decades of its existence, the Violence Against Women Act has been renewed without controversy every five years, each time adding new protections to keep it up-to-date. That is until now. Republicans of the 112th congress refused to reauthorize VAWA, in an unprecedented move that leaves rape victims with few options.

    If the shoe fits wear it.
    The Republicans aren’t learning that women are 51% of the vote yet. What will it take for them to realize that their hate wars against big blocks of voters isn’t going to get them into office?

    Outside of the cheat called gerrymandering I don’t think they would be a force in congress either. This party is deadly and will cause untold misery on the middle class.

    It’s time for them to rethink their values!

  4. Dtro

    He didn’t say you didn’t understand Ohio politics. He said you didn’t understand Jefferson County politics, which you don’t, or at least didn’t. You claimed that Steubenville was run by Republicans, and it’s about as heavily Democratic as they come. He wasn’t talking about gerrymandering at all.

  5. Lucky13

    ‘ I was attacked by one commenter’
    Lighten up.

    When have you shown an interest in Ideas [capital I] that
    run contrary to your own?

    The real news about Ohio is the Somalis.
    25,000? non citizen Muslims [soo dear to many] were bussed in to vote
    by the demoncrats.

    Then they rioted when they couldnt get enough freebees.

    The clips can be seen at Youtube and Angry White Dude.

    The truth is w/o the addition of 100 million new Democrats [post 1965]
    the Democrat party would have died a well deserved death.

    How about this?
    Michigan town near Ohio could become ‘China City’

    The real news is the ‘Race replacement project’.

  6. Christian W

    You are being expertly divided, in more ways than one, by wedge issue politics and politicians. These politicians, in turn, and their wedge issue politics, are being fueled by money men in the background.

    Attack politics on emotionally charged issues is exactly the ticket to keep the population ignorant and running around in circles and at each others throat.

    With tunnel vision from rage and fear, eyes transfixed on the red flags of wedge issues, the voters are easy to herd into approved channels.

    All of this is old hat, but this trick is amazingly effective.

  7. vengeur

    On the subject of Violence against Women: A few years ago while I was in Switzerlansd, a swiss radio station was airing a program about WOMEN who abuse their spouses/partners. They interviewed various women who physically abused their men. One woman talked about how she would routinely smack around her spouse. She admitted that it was pretty bad before they finnaly split up. The interviewer asked if she physically abused her present spouse? “Oh no, never”, she replied. The interviewer asked why not, what had changed? “He hit back” she replied.

  8. N00b

    Oh, please. Photos of people with dark skin wearing “funny” clothes, just like the Italians and the Irish wore “funny” clothes 100 years ago.

    Ohio has strict voter id laws. You need to have a picture ID in order to vote. You have to be in the voter rollbook in order to vote. And you have to add your signature to your name in the book in order to vote. And they check your signature against your ID. And in Ohio, in many of the large cities with minority precincts, you have to stand in line for 3 and 4 hours in order to vote in this past election. And not only that, but you had to deal with white folks who were there to nanny-state the white folks’ interests by “overseeing” the process. But god forbid a big black dude should stand in front of a voting precinct frequented by white folks, as happened this year in Chicago. Why, that was huge news on Fox “news!”

    And who was the traitor, billionaire owner of casinos, who threatened his employees with “if you vote for Obama, there may not be a job for you!” I guess that action is perfectly peachy with you, since he is a “job creator,” huh?

    The Ohio Secretary of State is John Husted, a republican if there ever was one. Take your proof to him–he’ll be happy to jump on it, since the entire State is a republican stronghold that is being run into the ground by the republican Statehouse.

    Otherwise, shove your wild conspiracy theories into a dark place and stay the hell out of Ohio politics.

    Furthermore, you America-hater, it is the Democratic party, NOT the “demonrats” nor the “demoncrats” nor even the “Democrat Party.” The United States’s Democratic Party is THE OLDEST DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN THE WORLD. Why don’t you have some respect for your country, you Limpball-vomiting Repulikkkaaner?

  9. N00b

    @ Vengeur,

    I don’t know where you’re heading with this. My daughter is 5’4″ tall and a black belt who was taught her skills by a real live Ninja. If a man ever lays a hand on her, he’ll be dead before she even thinks about her reaction to the strike.

    And she’ll be in jail, because “she hurt that poor white boy.” The average man in the US is at least 5 inches taller and a good 60 lbs heavier. Doesn’t matter. “That poor man!” Fox Mews will howl. “Oh, my baby!” his mother will wail.

    The majority of men in this country don’t know how to be men. They only know how to be a) bullies; b) cry babies. I include black men in this generality, too.

    When the much vaunted “free enterprise” and “competition” comes in the form of a little woman like my daughter with the near-genius IQ, all they do is whine about how unfair life is.


  10. N00b

    @ Christian W

    Yes, this is old hat. Yes, this is amazingly effective.

    This is old news.

    The question is “How do you fight this.” URL, link, phone number, anything is appreciated. Apparently I have to hie my ass to Columbus, Ohio to straighten things out up there.

  11. Christian W


    If you would be so kind, that would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  12. @Lucky13:

    Yep. Race Replacement Project, right out in the open in Michigan. And who is in the lead welcoming this??? Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, the Republican Governor of Michigan. The USA will eventually become all-Chinese and whatever Americans are left will become the new Untouchables.

  13. Lucky13

    Ed, yes the repubs have ‘joined the party’. Open borders, Dream act.

    Africa will probably ‘fall to China’ before the USA does.

  14. vengeur

    The two parties agree on the things destroying the Country (and don’t give a shit what ANYONE thinks about it):
    1. Both think that MERGING our economy with China’s is terrific
    2) Both think that having military bases in every corner of the earth is just fine
    3) both think having lost control of our borders (MOST illegals come in on visas and forget to go home)
    4) Both think bankster crimminals should not only NOT go to jail, they should be bailed out and sent back to wall st. to do more of “god’s work”.

  15. emsnews

    Both parties are corrupt but this is no excuse for ignoring how they run. I believe in third parties generally and I always vote locally third party.

    The US system is NOT the best on earth or even the second best. Why?

    It was designed to protect landlords in the North and Slave plantations in th South. It was NOT set up to reflect the wishes of the majority of humans living here.

  16. The GOP did what they had to get rid of Dennis Kucinich. A single man with a conscience is a very dangerous thing on C-Span.

  17. emsnews

    Yes, they destroyed his own district which happily voted for him in the past.

  18. Jim R

    Same deal here in Texas. Remember when our SCOTUS-selected president and his pack of baboons redistricted in 2004? This district (I’m not sure if I am in it or not, it requires a house-to-house examination of the map by now) stretches from Austin to Houston, including a little corner of each city and a big swath of the countryside in between. 81% of the vote swung from Democratic to Republican in that year, not because 81% of the voters were mad at Clinton and Doggett, but because the makers of the maps figured out how to do this. They really wanted to get rid of Doggett (and failed).

    The Republicans are in fact a minority party these days, and represents an ever shrinking minority of the voters (but don’t go thinking that all the Hispanic voters go for the Democrat, that isn’t true either). Both parties are rotten to the core, and I don’t think that will change until the whole system disintegrates.

    Mostly it’s about class warfare, and about urban vs. rural. The Republicants are slightly more likely to favor the upper classes (except for a few of the .01%) and the Democraps are more likely to favor the hoi-polloi. I don’t fully understand the rural bias toward Repubs, perhaps it’s the silly notion that Repubs are “conservative”. Both are simply radical kleptocrats by now.

  19. Jim R

    And, as Elaine keeps pointing out, the Repubs these days are increasingly a white-males-only (and decreasingly an upper-class) exclusive club. Because they hate women and minorities of all kinds, they have ironically consigned themselves to minority status, since the real world is made up mostly of not-necessarily-white-not-necessarily-males of various persuasions.

  20. Lucky13

    ‘ Republicans are in fact a minority party these days, and represents an ever shrinking minority of the voters (but don’t go thinking that all the Hispanic voters go for the Democrat, that isn’t true either).’

    Yes, 1 to 5? million new democrats imported each year!
    Since 1965.

  21. vengeur

    “Because they hate women and minorities of all kinds” – what an absolute load of shit you spout.

  22. emsnews

    They don’t hate ‘women’ just women’s RIGHTS. Severely. They do vote for women only because they want these women they vote for to destroy the collective civil rights of all women and then poof: off they go to nothingness again.

    The white males in general do NOT vote 100% for GOP. Not at all which is why the GOP is losing power. If a man wants to keep his woman like in the ‘good old days’ this means he has to vote against her interests which leads to divorce. Not smart.

  23. Jim R

    They’re definitely headed for nothingness right now.
    Will we see a new party break off to challenge the Democrats from the green side (or the ‘left’ if you will), or will the whole charade just collapse under its enormous incompetent and corrupt mass?

  24. N00b

    @ Christian W

  25. larry, dfh

    I used to live in Texas, with a fer-real Texas woman (member of the SPJST) who blamed the election of Bill Clements, ‘the first Republican governor since Reconstruction’ on the goddamn yankees who migrated to Texas. She had a point, even John Connally started out as a Democrat.


    ELAINE: For your information (I grew up in Arizona and Texas) the entire racist KKK types of the Deep South were…DEMOCRATS until LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act. Then they all trooped over the GOP when Nixon started his ‘lure the KKK into the GOP’ Southern Strategy plan.

  26. Being There

    I would also say that conservative men don’t want to work for women so if they can keep them from breaking the glass ceiling, that is all the better.

    I have always seen the denial of women’s reproductive rights as a way of keeping the ladies marginal, tied to their biology and give all the advantages to even very untalented white males.

  27. Christian W



    Sorry if I come across as preachy at times when I climb up on my soap box, I’m just frustrated with all the nonsense.

  28. emsnews

    Everyone is frustrated. Now that the government cuts are coming in, we will all be terrorized, too. Just look at today’s story here.

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