Lunatic, Raging Gun Nuts Make Gun Control Laws Necessary

I own and use guns.  For hunting and yes, self-protection because I live in the country.  But when I lived in NYC and ran street patrols in a fairly high crime neighborhood, I didn’t use guns and frankly, didn’t need guns.  I made certain via confrontations with the mayor and working with the police in my precinct, that we had police patrol reforms such as getting them out of the cars and into the streets and by making civilian arrests using mainly our neighborhood muscle.  Crime fell and we were much safer.  The recent flood of high-power guns falling into the hands of mentally disturbed people or drug crime syndicates is causing mayhem and distress.  I would never run a civilian street patrol today, it is far too dangerous.  And we see in Mexico what happens when everyone is armed with high-speed firing guns: both the US and Mexico have more than 30,000 people a year dying because of firearms used to commit crimes or suicide.


Once again, we have the political debate raging about firearm controls:  White House responds to pro-gun rights petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan, defending free speech.  The gun lobby, as usual, goes way out on the limb by trying to silence critics.  As a gun owner, I am ashamed of the NRA and associated groups.  They think, by acting like thugs and threatening people, they will win their argument.  This is stupid.  They are, instead, forcing people to think that maybe the unhinged people, the insane people who aren’t supposed to have guns are…NRA members and other gun lobbyists.


Responsible gun owners remain mainly silent while these mentally ill paranoid lunatics yell about the need to have no control over guns.  This is, to be blunt, insane.  We have many controls over cars and trucks due to their capacity to kill and maim and these laws and regulations such as drunk driving laws are still not good enough because drunks still drive and kill.  In an ideal world cars would have devices that can discover if someone is drunk or stoned and then turn off the car’s ignition.  Just because drunk drivers still manage to drive doesn’t mean we cease having drunk driving penalty laws.


As per usual, the media hosts lunatics who like to act up in public:  Alex Jones, creator of ‘Deport Piers Morgan’ petition, blows up on CNN.  Alex Jones is a person who has gone out on the limb to expose the Bilderberg conspirators and the other secret elite organizations.  This activity is sane.  He is 100% correct about these organizations needing daylight and exposure.  He also is correct that the news media owners are members of these various secret organizations like the Bohemian Grove participants and the Skull and Bones, etc.  Because they are part of these elitist conspiracies, and because they are protected by armed government paid thugs, he has put himself into danger to cover the convocations of these conspirators.


This seems to have unhinged him.  I am a child of these Elitists.  For the last thousand years, my family collective has been elites first in Europe then in the US.  Many of today’s elites are not the old Norman ruling class though many Normans still are quite involved in being elites.  Today’s elites are global and they have been sucked into the older Norman elite system and operate under the aegis of these ancient Regime elites.  This is why I do not run around with guns yelling about killing people due to elitist controls.


I do understand how outsiders get  crazy about all this.  Only, gunning down innocent school children isn’t the solution, it is a severe problem.  Alex Jones doesn’t understand how his often justified paranoia is becoming pathological.  Just like on the left, when the struggle to end the Vietnam War failed and we had to wait for the US to go bankrupt (hint: we did go bankrupt when Nixon was finally forced to suddenly terminate the gold standard) leftists went violent and talked about killing everyone.  The movement disintegrated and the fringe members went for guns and bombs and assassinations.


Now, the right is doing the exact same things:  Unhinged Tactical Response CEO threatens to ‘start killing people’ over Obama’s gun control | The Raw Story


 The Raw StoryIn a video posted to YouTube and Facebook on Wednesday, Tactical Response CEO James Yeager went ballistic over reports that the president could take executive action with minor gun control measures after the mass shooting of 20 school children in Connecticut last month.


After the Drudge Report likened Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin on Wednesday, pro-gun conservatives expressed outrage over the idea that the White House could act without Congress.


There are a lot of tattooed, scary, skinhead males out there waving guns and screaming they will kill us if we disarm them.  Too stupid to understand they make the case of people wanting to disarm them.  These angry males are terrorizing the rest of us, whether it be gun gangsta thugs in the poor minority communities, Hispanic teens pretending to be cartel members and then shooting each other for fun at parties, the army of mental zombies running around America bombing and shooting people in mass numbers is due to the unhinged rhetoric on the right about the right to bear arms.


We cannot have irresponsible, angry, crazy people running around shooting everything in sight.  Even people who imagine they are responsible and sane are dangerous when there is something happening that is disturbing which is why police overshoot with guns, too.  They spray things because it is easy to spray bullets with modern firearms.  The ‘one shot/one kill’ business has been dead since Vietnam.  It is all about peppering everything with firearm power.


Watch: Vice magazine profiles ‘Oath Keepers’ movement | The Raw Story

We need a citizen militia to defend us from the government,” ex-Marine Sgt. Charles A. Dyer said in the mini-documentary. “That is the only reason we have the Second Amendment, is to defend the American people and our country from a tyrannical government, which is what we are heading toward right now.”


“We are definitely the guardians of the Republic and the last stand if something comes down,” he added, saying the U.S. invaded Iraq to feed the military-industrial complex. “So, join the military? Depends on what you want to do with it. Me, I’m going to use my training from the military and become one of those ‘domestic terrorists’ that the DHS is so afraid of.”


Dyer was sentenced to 30 years in prison last year after a jury found him guilty of raping his girlfriend’s 7-year-old daughter. Dyer said his arrest was part of a government conspiracy.


The government does use sex to control people.  We have sex laws all over the place and amending these or expanding these laws is a long, drawn out process.  The last election, due to lobbyists preventing anyone from dissenting positions on Israel, the war against Muslims or the banking system, ended up being all about sex laws and civil rights of women.  The general impetus of the present right is anti-women’s rights and unfettered rules for guns.  This is a dangerous mix that alarm most women and rightfully so.  Allowing angry men to have complete access to a cornucopia of guns while destroying rape laws and making it illegal for a woman to get an abortion even if raped is a toxic mix which infuriates me greatly.


The flaking man in the above story is typical of the far right: the left tried to stop the military industrial complex back when it was still energetic and we failed totally.  I figured back then that the bankruptcy of our government would do the job but this was fixed by the floating fiat currency which encouraged both Germany and Japan to bankroll US government debt created by the Reagan tax cuts to fund our military expansionism.  So the military rolled relentlessly onwards based on trade deficit debt deals.  Which systematically destroyed jobs here in the US leaving mainly military industrial jobs as the only manufacturing jobs for Americans.


Which is why we have so much support for this wasteful system.  Fixing it means being politically active.  Of course, Congress is thoroughly corrupted by lobbyist bribes today, both the Democratic and Republican parties so we see rising tensions, in this case, on the right with the pro-gun/anti-women’s rights efforts and on the left with the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Both are being radicalized by the elite’s efforts at control which has attempted to freeze things in place so they can continue to get richer at our expense.


The far right is very dangerous due to being sexually repressed as well as incapable of imagining that elitist politics is stupid:  Anger as Norway police drop Breivik response probe.  It isn’t just the US, Europe has the same problem.  Here is another story showing how pro-gun, anti-women’s rights people think:   Wisconsin clergyman: Homosexuality like school shootings because both ‘violate nature’.  These people are homophobic on top of hating women being free to choose sexual solutions or to act as free agents.  Keeping gays in closets and women in the kitchen is the agenda of the far right.


What is ‘nature’, anyways?  In nearly all mammalian communities, females choose their mates not the other way around.  Ditto with birds and reptiles not to mention fish.  Spiders, too.  Wasps.  Bees.  Whatever.  The males fight each other and then petition the females for sex.  Yes, Mallard duck males can mob and rape a female.  But they are typical exceptions.    No male can run a harem such as lions or gorillas without the consent of the females.  When the females dislike a winner in a fight for dominance, they leave the male behind after snarling at him and go off to seek a better candidate.


The male desire in human communities to control female choice via harsh laws like in some Muslim societies is increasingly condemned like in this story: Marriage of elderly Saudi man with teen girl sparks public outcry.  Several Saudi very young girls have managed to stop being sold to very old men after going public with their distress.  The US claims we are killing people in Afghanistan to free the women there even though this is also a thuggish response to women’s rights.  Namely, we don’t earn these rights out of the barrel of a gun, we win these in the ‘hearts and minds’ arena.


That is, we must persuade men to grant us and then honor our civil rights.  We see the right refusing to do this over and over again.  The difference between the Taliban and the US right wing preachers is vanishingly small.  Both want to lock women and gays into perpetual slavery.  Both want to deny us our basic human rights.  The Norway assassin wanted to destroy the civil rights of many people, too.  So did the Oklahoma City bomber:  Timothy McVeigh – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


While in high school, McVeigh became interested in computers and hacked into government computer systems on his Commodore 64, under a handle – “The Wanderer” – borrowed from the song by Dion DiMucci. In his senior year, McVeigh was named Starpoint Central High School’s “most promising computer programmer,”[9] but maintained relatively poor grades up until his 1986 graduation.[1]


McVeigh was introduced to firearms by his grandfather, and told people he wanted to be a gun shop owner and sometimes took firearms to school to impress his classmates. McVeigh became intensely interested in gun rights after he graduated from high school, as well as the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and read magazines such as Soldier of Fortune. He briefly attended Bryant & Stratton College before dropping out.[10][11]


His bio reads like so many bios of mass murderers.  The cyber world appeals to them mainly because there are no pesky real females to defy or teach them how to behave.  They can masturbate to male fantasies just like the Pope and his gang in the Vatican who play ‘Exorcist’ games.  This closet sex is death sex.  The McVeigh mass murderer was angry because a crazy Texas neo-Christian End of Times sect decided to get in an armed confrontation with the police and shot some of them dead which led to the siege that so enraged McVeigh.


This siege was infuriating because it was used to practice Black Magic arts when the government used an agency used to enforce US rule over Muslims was activated one night.  That was the night they played tapes of rabbits being tortured, black magic rock band music and timed it to be with the full moon, using magic numbers and other things.  I was furious when they did this and called the BATF about it and told them this was unacceptable.  Then the fire was started when a tank was sent to storm the building.  The entire Waco business was full of nasty things, both on the embattled right wing group and the government in Texas and DC.


Even as the right wing yells about guns, the real battle over power is here:  Bradley Manning granted 112-day reduction in possible sentence which is cruel since they are talking about giving him a sentence of life in prison.  And insulting since the reduction (sic) was for days he was tortured.  Of course, the entire issue of torturing prisoners was evaded by our corrupt courts as we see here, too:  U.S. Lawyers Divided Over Prosecuting Terrorism Cases and they are ‘divided’ because of the torture issue.  The crazy gun nuts don’t want to end torture which is why the far right and most of the GOP wants to force women who are physically attacked even at gun point and then raped, to carry the rapist’s baby.


The people who want to stop torture, who want to stop the military/industrial complex, who want to stop the CIA from running riot across the planet, assassinating peasants, are the leftists who are NOT armed with guns but who try desperately to convince people, to win hearts and minds.

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27 responses to “Lunatic, Raging Gun Nuts Make Gun Control Laws Necessary

  1. CK

    And yet when you look at the FBI and the State crime stats, it is not the “tattooed skin heads” who are doing the killing or who are the victims of killers. It is indeed a criminal element, 500 dead in Chicago last year. In NYC the police profile and stop and frisk without probable cause, and NYC is not longer a deadly dangerous diversity city. Detroit is a very non-diverse city; also on a per capita basis the most dangerous city in the USA. Once considered the Paris of the USA, today Detroit is more like the Port-Au-Prince of the USA.
    Lots of gun crimes but when “certain unmentionable factors” are included in the analysis, the gun crime rates in various sectors of the populace are markedly dissimilar.
    As for you last line, those leftists are the same folks who are so supportive of the President who is ordering all those things you claim they want to stop.
    Sadly there was no cyber world in 1986. No MMORPGs. There was barely a functioning civil internet until 1995.

  2. emsnews

    OK: the shooters in the inner city ghettos are mentioned here as ‘gangtas’ along with mention of ‘drugs’ etc. See?

    Then there are the skin head tattooed men screaming about their guns who are tremendously scary people and then there are the mentally ill who go off and murder many people at once.

    Hint: none of these are inner city drug dealers. They fight over territory and paying debts, etc.

    The skin head screamers are talking about killing people not living in the ghettos. See? Simple. No?

  3. vengeur

    All of Elaine’s sterotypes about skin-headed tatooted right wing gun nuts causing all the problems with guns is totally ridiculous. But we all have to pretend we don’t know that Blacks make up a disproprtionate part of the prison population and commit a disproprtionate part of the violent crime in America, even though they make up only 13% of the population. And the progressive solution to gun crime in America? Disarm the law abidng people!
    I lived in Alaska for many years, and NEVER carried a weapon, except when in the bush (brown bear). Since I moved to Tucson, I carry whenever I go out walking. Why? A few months ago a man was shot dead at a bus stop (black on white crime again) at Broadway and Alvernon. And not long after I got here, a man was brutally and repeatedly stabbed at a bustop Broadway and Wilmot area (amazingly he lived) by an unknown atttacker.


    ELAINE: I never hid that fact. I am quite open about it and constantly mention these facts you claim I hide.

    As for Tucson: cheap taxes mean few cops! In NYC, I organized a street patrol and also forced the police to change tactics to stop these sorts of crimes. I did this in Tucson, too! Once upon a time, I forced the city to patrol the domrs near my U of A home. When a neighbor was kidnapped, raped and shot, we went on the war path and began patrols and I did several spectacular citizen arrest there…while unarmed!

    What are the tools I used?

    A camera! A pen and pad to write down data! I nailed all the criminals doing proper investigative work. But I don’t live there anymore and most people prefer to live at home and hide and not go wander daily on the streets collecting information. Too much work in the hot sun!

    Try organizing a group to be the eyes and ears of the Law. It isn’t that hard to do.

  4. “Responsible gun owners remain mainly silent while these mentally ill paranoid lunatics yell about the need to have no control over guns. ”

    Um. Funny you should mention “mentally ill paranoid lunatics”. We alreadyhave a great deal of gun control in the US; what we lack entirely is homicidal loon control.

  5. vengeur

    My spelling is so bad i look up words on google. So i look up the word ‘assassin’, and what pops up on google? A dictionary site for the spelling of the word? Hell no. A bunch of video games titled “Assassin”! i have to wade through them to find the dictionary definition site. We now have a culture where murder is PRACTISED by our young people.

  6. Just Ice

    When government officials of all three branches (and the billionaires) believe that the Constitution says whatever they want it to say, then it means nothing and offers no individual rights or social legitimacy, ultimately opening the door to the real “nut jobs” to tell us all what they think it really says. The Second Amendment is clear and any debate to the contrary should be about whether we need a Constitutional Amendment, not unconstitutional legislation based on fuzzy thinking. Anything less means that the other nine of the first ten amendments mean just as little.

    As a practical matter, I’m not sure that laws would have been helpful in averting this incident. Recall that about half the big mass killings over the last few decades have been carried out in European Countries with very, very strict gun laws, such as the 2011 “lone wolf” mass killing of over 77 people in Norway, for example. Also, consider that the current killer in Connecticut used weapons purchased by a family member and so would not have been flagged for any mental illness (as he arguably might have been under current law as the putative purchaser). Beyond that, any athletic grown man could have done what he did to 6-year-old, first-graders with much less, perhaps not as much harm as with a knife (as in the near simultaneous attack in China), but certainly with a golf club, baseball bat, etc.

    Lastly, keeping the next election about even is the magic way for someone funding both sides to get the biggest bang for their buck. And, a close race makes both sides afraid to refrain from accepting the support for fear that the loss of those (few) dollars will spell defeat. All non “hot button” special interests share this same (special) interest in keeping every election as close as possible. Of course, the gun issue like all “hot button” issues effectively distracts the voters from the near unanimity of both parties when it comes to the other special interests, notably foreign policy, economic policy, and monetary policy. But, let me suggest that this gun issue is also an artifice to give gun owners a Hobson’s choice between guns and,say, an elite agenda. For example, suppose some conservative, libertarian, far-right gun owners and even centrist gun owners voted for Obama because, after 2008, they couldn’t stomach rumors of the GOP candidate’s corporate-raider, hedge-fund, private-equity, offshore-tax-dodging agenda. Now, if Obama and the Democrats bite on the bait and try to restrict guns, all those gun owners will come back into the GOP fold to keep their guns in 2016, even if it means voting for another Romney look-alike running on a platform that includes, say, reducing capital gains and non-taxing offshore income and wealth, etc. To have their cake and eat it too, those same elites funding both sides then force feed the left a slightly less regressive agenda and make the Democrats appear appropriately more egalitarian while still getting basically everything they want, whichever side wins.

  7. job

    just ice. nice. where from?

  8. emsnews

    The death toll from guns in the US per capita over the last 20 years dwarfs the 77 dead in Norway.

    We have the equivalent of Norway massacres, in total, every year. Ten times over.

    I discovered many years ago, having accurate information is far, far, far more useful than guns when fighting crime. When there are criminals terrorizing a community, discovering who they are and then going after them is far more useful.

    I did this in NYC. I made a point knowing exactly who the petty crime, the big crime and the domestic abusers were and then kept strict track of them until I could detail them in the act of a crime and then we went after them, legally.

    NOT ONE of these people ever plead not guilty in court because their lawyers warned them, the case was tight! Information is everything.

    This is why ‘using one’s brains’ is what is important, not blustering, angry males threatening to kill everyone if their guns are restricted even slightly.

    Either that, our our society collapses due to hyper violence. We have to have rules, laws and taxes. Anarchy is terrible and try protecting babies in an anarchistic neighborhood.

    I lived in such places due to being poor long ago and know very well, a bullet can go through the walls and kill you while you sit watching TV. The only defense from this is neighborhood vigilance and intolerance towards violent, out of control, armed lunatics. And drug dealers are definitely that.

  9. emsnews

    Oh, and about gun owners who are ‘centralist’ who voted for Obama: if they were white males, they were very few and far between. The big push for Obama in white communities was women who were outraged over the GOP/right wing fascist Christians trying to eliminate many of our civil rights.

    NOTE how the gun nuts are all over the 2nd amendment while hating the Civil Rights Act and other civil liberty positions vis a vis women. Not to mention, minorities in general.

  10. I’m sorry Elaine, but I find a lot of exaggerated rhetoric in this post.

    Three paragraphs down you write: “In an ideal world cars would have devices that can discover if someone is drunk or stoned and then turn off the car’s ignition.” But that would not be an ideal world; that would be a police state. Once such technology exists, anyone’s ignition can be turned off. It can be used for political retaliation. There are fantasy futures being mulled in California where cars will be run by mass computers, with overrides, to take control of vehicles from the drivers.

    And what’s more, driving a car is a privilege not a right; and unlike the right to bear arms, the unimpeded right of citizens to be tooling around on the highway is not mentioned in the Bill of Rights.

    And there is one other thing: it was an outwardly shy, dweeb of a kid, with Asperger’s Syndrome and quite serious mother issues, who did the massacre at Sandy Hook; not some cartoon cutout of a boogeyman as you describe,…”tattooed, scary, skinhead males out there waving guns and screaming they will kill us if we disarm them.”

    Finding one looney tune who is raving in the backwoods of Tennessee, and therefore extrapolating a whole argument from his unhinged video is just not reasonable. He is not representative of the argument Alex Jones has been making.

    The arguments I’ve heard on the internet are not about any threats of violence, in response to politicians threats to take guns. The issue has come down to the response to actual gun confiscation, if it ever comes; and what the response to that will be.

    And for crying out loud, Elaine, it’s the US government, and the Obama administration that is the gangster, the real gangster, which you well know. They are the ones who were caught funneling assault weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. They are the ones droning small children to death in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan. They are even the ones helping to destroy Syria, and giving weapons and money to al-Qaeda crazies and salafist brigands to get the job done.

    You cannot lay the blame for crimes like Colorado theater shooting, or the Sandy Hook outrage, on the testosterone poisoning of over macho yahoos from Tennessee or elsewhere in the hinterland, nor on any of their whole skinheaded band. It comes down to the standoff with an authoritarian, if not totalitarian-minded government; and that is in play now. And consequently, the profiling of rural rednecks, and used up stereotypes for the purpose of this political argument is a diversion.

  11. CK

    I trust that you recognize the difference between blowhards gassing off about shit and killers offing people. Words have yet to kill anyone, ( although Django Unchained might change that ) but thugs killing folks is real action not posturing bullshit.

  12. Just Ice

    EMS Lots of trolls on your blog. . .

    Are you so sure about your view of “centralist” gun owners being insignificant in this debate? Consider that their ranks have been deliberately bloated prior to this incident with the mainstream-ization of the “Zombie” phenomena.

    To reiterate: In my opinion this issue has been framed as part of a run of the mill Hegelian dialectic where, as always, the end-state synthesis is the objective. Consider the thesis: the “Zombie” phenomena, previously vaunted by the media and as yet curiously unmentioned and unblamed by it. “Zombie” was a term originally plucked from the pages of white supremacist and survivalist blogs in order for their members to discuss killing humans without running afoul of various (and perhaps overreaching from a 1st amendment perspective) federal laws. The term “Zombie” has come to mean the universal backup in case the plan to blame the jews doesn’t work. Despite the fact that the british have been setting up the yiddish forever (to paraphrase the old Czars of Russia) as the whipping boys to scapegoat their depradations, given the diverse nature of modern America, it has now become unclear to the elites whether that blame game will work. “Zombies” essentially create the ultimate subjective bogeyman. “Zombie” defined as anyone from another geographic, racial, socioeconomic group who might not have prepared what they need to survive ahead of time, and thus should be treated as an enemy? Zombie means different things to people from different places, groups and ethnicities, all of it being variations of hate towards fellow Americans. This was glorified by the media, the movie industry, and the gun manufacturers, to include “Zombie” runs and athletic events, “Zombie” ammunition and “Zombie” weapons that were all quite identical to the normal guns and ammo, not to mention freakish “Zombie” target for the shooting range.

    Now, according to the Hegelian Dialectic, the media has done its 180 degree amnesiatic reversal on the gun issue in the aftermath of the Connecticut shooting, dangling poison pill bait for the foolish democrats to bite on by trying to disarm all those centrists who were told to stock up on guns for the Zombie apocalypse (everyone else on the right already had them) and now will have the Hobson’s choice to swing to the GOP’s elite agenda they (perhaps) rejected in 2012 in order to keep them. The Synthesis is that the billionaires, fascists etc. can keep things even, maintain control of both parties, and enforce their agenda in near unanimity on all non “hot button” issues and special interests. And, they keep their straw men, and whipping boys.

    P.S. EMS, I’m not really disputing your observations or conclusions about violence. But, it’s not OK for us to waive our hands around and disregard the second amendment with unconstitutional legislation in the absence of a constitutional amendment. The same can be done with civil rights, including women’s rights, not to mention our first amendment rights to have this discourse. . .

    P.S.S. The problem with the automobile analogy is that there is no constitutional “right to drive” in the text of the constitution and there is no “right to drive” imputed by the “emanations” or “penumbras” of the “right to travel” according to current (somewhat convoluted) supreme court precedent. Thus, from a constitutional standpoint, there is no analogy. It is an interesting question, however, whether, had something as individually powerful and actualizing as the automobile existed in the 18th century, would the founders have included such a right?

  13. Just Ice

    So no, I’m not just referring to republican white males. I’m referring to that ethnic mix of independent or centrist republicans or democrats who recently stocked up for the Zombie Apocalypse, further enlarged by all those currently stripping gun stores bare due to the cynically synthetic media hype. Folks who already have their guns aren’t willing to pay the current profiteering prices and so many of the purchasers in the current run on guns are just enlarging the “gun owner” constituency and heating up the hot button even as it gets pressed.

    Certainly, longtime liberal gun owners, such as yourself, have already come to terms with their position and will not be swinging to vote for a banker who wants to piss on them over the issue. The others however. . . I see this issue as political self-immolation for the democrats.

    As an aside, I do find some inconsistency with what you seem to be saying about gun regulation: that guns should be regulated and aren’t needed by poor city dwellers in apartments but some are needed and proper for self defense for gentile landowners with country estates. (Not that it matters much to the double standard but frankly, my guess is that the response time for the State Police in most rural communities, although perhaps not ideal, is faster and more enthusiastic than the response time for overworked and sometimes jaded city police in inner city ghettos, despite the differing distances involved.)

  14. emsnews

    You do not need guns in cities. There are no bears. I need a gun out here, I work in the woods and there are dangers in the woods. In the cities, I went about unarmed.

    I also worked day and night to make the city safer. When I, coming from Tucson, went to my first Precinct Council meeting at the police station, I thought there would be hundreds of people there.

    It was just myself and three friends!

    So…we took over the place! We became the Precinct Council itself and we immediately (we were all non-NYC people) began reforming how the police operated and voila: Park Slope became a lot safer thanks to our involvement and efforts.

    We even tackled and cleaned up 5th and 4th Avenues which were literal shooting galleries with violent gangs and illegal aliens. We put people in prison, we hounded muggers, we did all sorts of social things and never once used a gun of any sort.

    On the other hand, one of the gangsters tried to assassinate us with guns!

    Yes, disarming people living in cities is a must. Patrolling the streets ON FOOT is required and I fought furiously for that.

    Guess what?

    Our Precinct Council got the foot patrols! NO ONE ELSE except the rich part of Manhattan which got very excited when I got that for us in Brooklyn and demanded more foot patrols, too! 🙂

  15. Just Ice

    As far as foot patrols go, they are a great idea.

    But in the interim since your experience, police unions followed the lead of the only other real union left in America, the longshoremen, and traded their partners for lots of extra overtime. There’s not the same amount of manpower any longer. At this point, the first priority for big city police is keeping the peace and keeping a lid on things, and public safety does not necessarily mean individual safety.

    Besides wolves and bears, I was referring to protecting oneself in one’s home, whether an apartment or homestead, from, say, a burglary turned home invasion, etc.

    Yes, modern bullet spraying and thin walls in big cities are a big concern, just as much so for and from the police as private citizens. What I mean is that a 1911 .45 ACP can spray rounds faster than a Glock (albeit with less capacity). One thing that has changed since 1911 is that the police began training with very rapid, often inaccurate pistol fire as a way to insure that bad guys go down quickly due to exsanguination, rather than waiting for them to bleed out over the course of minutes and perhaps make other decisions to fight or run, etc. It is a luxury tactic used by big city cops as opposed to rural cops because they know backup is close by and coming with extra arms, so the individual patrolmen have the luxury of firing off all their ammo quickly. The problem is it’s not accurate. If you’ve ever watched police train to do these “mag dumps” with a pistol, for many officers half the rounds tear into the paper target as ricochets off the ground. Unfortunately, the bad guys think this tactic is cool too, and they couldn’t shoot straight with slow fire to begin with. In a city, all those ricochets and misses are going somewhere else. . . I guess, mandating frangible ammo in cities solves the flimsy walls issue.

    Saying we don’t need guns in cities sounds good. When the mayor of NYC can convince fifty thousand police officers (and the police union) that those police officers don’t need and shouldn’t have guns in their homes, I’ll believe it. But it won’t happen, he wouldn’t dare try, and those officers know that they are very glad to have that privilege/right, particularly in the city. And that’s all about personal protection; it has nothing to do with work or convenience (at the risk of sounding ridiculous, we don’t let mortarmen take their mortars home with them just so they can go straight to the range in the morning instead of going to the armory). Seems to me properly trained and qualified private citizens should have the opportunity for the same privilege.

  16. Lucky13

    vengeur, look at violent video game titles.

    Postal 2 The most violent video game ever – YouTube


  17. tfoth

    The Wikipedia article on the Second Amendment is pretty thorough

    One prominent motivation was the fear of standing armies, a valid concern in hindsight considering the advent of the Pentagon and CIA MIC .

    But guess what, after 9/11, virtually all of the “second amendment freedom fighters” were cheerleaders for the Skull and Bones/PNAC satanic agenda. And continue to be so to this day.

  18. tfoth

    I would probably fight the government one way or another if it tried to prevent me from keeping firearms in my home for self defense. City or country. You might have bears out in the country, but I bet you don’t get that many home invasions.

    I prefer to be able to carry as well, if I choose. Life is risky all the way around. I guess I would rather take my chances armed, if it came down to that.

  19. tfoth

    If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.

    OK it is a trite cliché, but it seems to possess an inexorable logic.

    I invite attempts to prove otherwise.

    The only counter argument I can think of is, “it is OK for only police and outlaws to have guns”.

    I am not sure about that. Not at all.

    Again if I’m wrong, please let me know why.

    Not that it matters. The Second Amendment is the law and that is not likely to change as long as there is a USA.

  20. Lucky13

    The death toll from guns in the US per capita over the last 20 years dwarfs the 77 dead in Norway………yes, like 600.000 to 200 in Norway.

    Often Blacks killing Blacks here.

    3% of USA population does most of the killings. That % is young Black males.

    If Norway had [and it may soon] lotsa Africans and Muslims, their
    crime rates would show it.
    Nothing to do with guns.

  21. Christian W

    It’s not the Africans and Muslims, it’s that the Blacks in the US are still not fully integrated into society. That is why they have the ‘gangsta’ culture, no jobs and a high crime rate. That is why one in three young black male is in prison. It’s not their so called ‘race’, it’s the US system. The US system even harvests them for prison labor. All the while the ‘too big to fail or jail’ crowd, mainly white/Jewish, merrily sails on doing crimes that dwarf those petty crimes of the poor population that are punished with extreme measures. Three strikes and you’re out (read in, permanently in), right Mr. Wall Street banker?

    The problem is racism, plain and simple. The Jim Crow laws never really got eliminated, because the attitudes live on in the US system.

  22. emsnews

    The odious legacy of slavery is a lack of respect for authority. This goes ditto for peasants, by the way. The Irish, after living under the whip in Ireland, when they came here, were quite out of control for a long time.

    The Italians who came here went for crime in a big way, too. People forget this fact thinking Italians and Irish are all for law and order. For 100+ years they were not, overall. Thanks to living under the rule of royalty in Europe.

  23. tfoth

    Respect for authority is undermined when the lawgivers don’t follow the law or the law is obviously unjust either facially or as applied. Examples abound:

    Just yesterday I heard from lawyer about an airtight case involving over 20 constitutional infringements on the rights of her client. She lost in the Court of Appeals. OK, maybe her client was a “bad guy”, but there are consequences when power is exercised arbitrarily.

    A while back I talked to a lawyer who, citing several examples of prosecutorial misconduct told me “there is no constitution out here”.

    A 5 justice Catholic block on the Supreme Court overturned 2 federal courts awarding damages against Harry Connick Sr. for corruption and misconduct as DA in New Orleans. Yes, that’s Harry Connick Jr.’s dad and he is, you guessed it, Catholic.

    A 5 justice Catholic block on the Supreme Court used a procedural basis to prevent Muslims from getting relief on torture claims in U.S. courts overturning over 60 years of established federal pleading practice.

  24. MikeM

    “You do not need guns in cities.” What an idiotic statement. If anywhere, that’s where law-abiding citizens need them.

    First and foremost, if many carried loaded firearms in public, these types of crimes would not be committed. Go ahead and try to protect yourself with a camera or a pad and paper. It’s a damn good way to get your name in the obituaries. Being lucky and being right are not equivalent.

    Elaine, you have not experienced all that there is out there to experience, so don’t bring in your personal experiences into the equation and say “I’m right.” You’re not.

    Also Elaine, if you continue on your anti-gun nonsense, you can count me as another on a long list of former readers. I’ve read a little bit about history, and know what happens to a civilian population when a tyrannical gooberment declares their guns illegal.

    Maybe you need a history lesson or two.

  25. Just Ice

    “The Irish, after living under the whip in Ireland, when they came here, were quite out of control for a long time.

    The Italians who came here went for crime in a big way, too. People forget this fact thinking Italians and Irish are all for law and order. For 100+ years they were not, overall. Thanks to living under the rule of royalty in Europe.”

    Isn’t that how our Country got started? Does it count that independence was fought by revolting English peasants?

    There are many wealthy who say the “civil rights” movement was just a bone thrown to some minorities to keep the rich in power by blunting the anguish of certain poor and misdirecting the resentment of those groups left out from both the giveaway and the rich feeding frenzy, groups to inclue the Irish, the Italian, as well as poor Anglos. In other words, divide and rule.

    Perhaps, it’s time to get rid of all the “mafias” preying on their respective communities and society at large, whatever their ethnicity or tribal affiliation, to include Anglo?

  26. emsnews

    I have never seen any groups using guns getting rid of crime. It just does not work. Will write more about this failure. We see it in the War on Drugs which is USELESS and has INCREASED the dangerousness of drug dealers.

  27. This long essay lost credibility with me when you stated your experience with firearms was “for hunting” which is common phrase with anti-gun people. The hope to persuade “fellow hunters” to adapt to their way of thinking pretending to be “one of the boys”. Then to need a firearm for protection because “I live in the country” is just plain absurd thinking but the fatal flaw was the phrase “high-speed firing guns”! I have 50 plus years experience with firearms and have never heard such a disjointed description. I gather you meant semi-automatic or full automatic weapons of which there are many types and they all have different rates of fire none of which has been, to my knowledge, described as “high-speed”. Using the term “gun” is another earmark of a charlatan or beginner.
    Much of your time and mine was wasted by your rantings and meanderings.

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