Social Disintegration Eats Away At Japan and the US As Hatred For Fellow Citizens Rise


I spent yesterday with my grandson who is happy, sweet and lovely and learned how to put his toes in his mouth this week.  In the news even more this week is the ongoing butchery of American citizens as lunatics assail schools, homes and other assorted places.  What interests me most is how the ‘Law and Order’ right wing Republicans are screaming for more guns, more Wild West Bonanza shoot outs while chaos engulfs not just the inner cities but the outer suburbs.  Also, the rulers of Japan openly say the elderly should die as fast as possible, a thought that all the elites share but dare not openly sneer quite so nastily as the new LDP gang.  Which also doesn’t care if Japan becomes a nuclear wasteland or worse, be blown up by the angry Chinese.


Death wishing is very much a powerful human sentiment and unlike animals which all strive to the bitter end to survive and have children, humans have a very strong death wish and suicide flourishes more in some countries than others with the top three being the former Soviet Baltic States, South (and North) Korea and of course, Japan.


Even so, the Japanese suicide rate is no where near what the elites really want:  Aso, the FINANCE minister, says elderly should be allowed to ‘hurry up and die’instead of costing the government money for life-prolonging medical care. ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


He is the grandson of Shigeru Yoshida, one of Japan’s most influential prime ministers who helped rebuild the country from the ashes of World War II, and he is married to the daughter of another former premier.


This is the most salient point of the article, the elites of Japan, just like the US and the UK royals, is heavily inbred.  They were allowed to skip out of being punished for causing WWII (yes, they and their insane imperialist demands were the cause of this war just as Germany’s responsibility in Europe for launching this war).  They still rule Japan and are still quite suicidal-minded, that is, are happy to push their own people into the grave if this expands their perception of being powerful.


Here is how Aso’s relative and buddy has to say about Japan’s open defiance of diplomatic protocols and seizure of lands:  Japan, China need ‘rules of game’ to avoid clash: Abe adviser ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


“We need some rules of the game. We have to discuss preventative measures,” Shotaro Yachi, a former senior diplomat now advising Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on foreign policy told Reuters in an interview.

Yachi said he was very concerned about a possible unintended clash.

“During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union had such ‘rules of the game’ to avoid a possible conflict. We can learn a lesson from their experience,” he said.


The dummy knows perfectly well, ‘rules’ are called ‘treaties’ and you negotiate for these.  If you unilaterally declare sovereignty, you have to then fight off all other claimants.  This means war.  If Japan wants to avoid wars, they must negotiate with China.  Since they refuse to do this, they will get war and war is coming on iron-shod horse hooves and if Japan thinks the US can contend with a billion angry Chinese wielding nuclear bombs, well, history is clear: this is suicidal.


Like Fukushima:  Editorial: Inappropriate decontamination work betrays disaster victims- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


Such large-scale decontamination is unprecedented worldwide. In nine municipalities for which decontamination plans have been worked out, more than 20,000 hectares of land are subject to decontamination. The cost will be staggering; in just four municipalities including Tamura, for which the Environment Ministry has already commissioned decontamination work for the current fiscal year, the cost comes out to approximately 34 billion yen….


One decontamination worker previously told the Mainichi Shimbun, “In reality, decontamination hasn’t been very effective. From our point of view, it’s a waste of tax funds.” Residents have been ordered to evacuate from areas where decontamination work is being conducted, which means they cannot keep an eye on what’s taking place. It’s likely there have been more than five cases of inappropriate decontamination.


The clearing of the nuclear waste is a waste of time.  It is a PR stunt to make things look like they are being fixed when this is not the case.  And Fukushima is far from ‘fixed’ at any level, near or far. The people of Japan should recognize, they are a tiny island and can’t afford a nuclear war nor nuclear disasters of any sort.  The country is dying and it isn’t the fault of the elderly.


The US and EU media all said the all-powerful ruler of Congress was going to win Israel’s ‘election’ in a landslide.  But he didn’t:  Netanyahu in coalition talks after narrow win.  No where near the majority of voters unlike Obama.  Obama definitely has the upper hand with this warmonger but why isn’t Obama slapping down the LDP warmonger in Japan?  Sheesh.  The victories of the left are growing, not shrinking, in many proto-fascist places.  Which is why the far right is yelling about how we need guns.


Married at the hip since Reagan is the NRA and the GOP:  How the NRA exerts influence over Congress – The Washington Post

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 10.21.34 AM



Almost all of NRA money goes to GOP candidates who also want to control women’s access to birth control and many of these creeps also talk openly about how rape isn’t really rape, etc.  This harnessing of guns to the anti-women’s right wagon is a very big issue.  Very big.  When gun nuts go insane and butcher children in school, churches, malls and homes, this freaks out women a great deal.  In general, most gun violence is done by men but not all.  But the vast majority of cases.


Here, when people are suicidal, the temptation is to use these guns to mow down lots of innocent people with the family being the main target.  This suicidal behavior comes from mental illness, paranoia, delusional beliefs, an ‘End of Time’ hysteria and the worst of all things: threats of spouses to leave, has littered our graveyards with victims.  Then there is rape: made easier with the help of a gun.


Here is how right wingers in places like Texas are dealing with this problem:  Conservatives at Texas A&M University blast ‘leftist bias’ after Danny Glover ties Second Amendment to slavery at a school event – NY Daily News


Student group Texas Aggie Conservatives, the first to post a video of the award-winning actor’s remarks, said that Texas A&M is at fault for inviting Glover.


The organization has launched a petition demanding that the school stop inviting “radical leftist speakers” who further a “leftist bias.”


Eric Schroeder, chairman of TAC, slammed the event as “outrageous.”


“It should be a time for real reflection and respect,” he told the conservative online activist group Campus Reform of the King event. “Instead, the university pushes a political agenda.”


And Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by a racist assassin using a rifle with a scope.  And this issue can’t be swept under a rug.  Guns are also used to stop political change, not just ‘protect liberties’.  It is a two-edged sword and no society on earth has unbridled access to mass-murder weapons outside of the US and some third world nations with full fledged revolts or disintegrating governments.


Texas right wingers want no other opinions.  Here, at my own blog, we debate things and readers don’t always agree with me but at right wing sites, there are no debates, in right wing states, the desire is to eliminate the first amendment and have draconian enforcement of only right wing ideology:  [WATCH] Actor Danny Glover tells students 2nd Amendment was created to protect slavery is the web page of the campus fascists who are screaming about a famous actor mentioning one of the reasons for the 2nd Amendment are not so noble.


They want him eliminated so he can’t dispute with their cock-eyed ‘history’ lessons.  They want to ignore reality which is a mixed-issue situation with many facets, not a black/white issue except in this case, it is very much a black/white issue whereby kidnapped Africans forced to work for free here were forbidden to have even one gun much less, be armed to the teeth.  While whites could shoot guns whenever they wished, within small limitations.


Here are some headlines from the Texas conservative students:  PROFESSOR PROMISES TO VIOLATE COLORADO STATE LAW WITH PERSONAL FIREARM BAN IN CLASSROOM.  Colorado thinks having guns in school will encourage debate and learning.  It won’t, of course.  I have debated in school in the past and often, people get quite emotional and would threaten me with their fists which was OK with me because I know how to fight physical combat battles.  If they insist we do this with guns, I would demand a palisade and moat, first and then set up a machine gun nest and then begin the disputes.  We can then see who wins the fire fight…which is stupid.  The schools should be sanctuaries.


But not in Texas!  Texas University Shooting – News Update: ‘A guy walked up the stairs and opened fire’ Says Victim’s Sister; Campus on Lockdown : US : Latinos Post.  Yes, even the same week the right wingers in Texas are screaming for more guns, there is a library shoot out and according to pictures from there, the other students in the chambers cowered in corners when this happened.  What if they were brave Texan shoot-em-up heroes?


They all pull guns and shoot all over the place, shooting at whoever is shooting!  Duh.  No one knows who the ‘good guys’ are in shoot outs.  Not even the cops.  Shooting shooters often leads to others being shot, too.  The more shooters in more directions, the more dead bodies.


Still, the lunatics in Texas, thinking that liberals want minor controls over these gun slingers, decide to go one further so LAWMAKERS IN TEXAS, ARKANSAS, MOVE TO PERMIT CONCEALED CARRY AT PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES because how hard is it to go to the library and shoot someone than if you re invited to carry concealed guns?  Easy as pie.


This news got the Texan Republican students pissed off: PROF: ‘WHITE PRIVILEGE’ BEHIND MANY MASS SHOOTINGS, PARTS OF THE TEA PARTY.  The actual matter is, black on black shootings are mainly business (drugs) or sex (fighting over it).  White mass killings are all about being some suicidal superior person who is wiping out lesser humans, treating them like animals, targets or bugs.  Similar to Naziism which viewed the mass murder of whole peoples as perfectly fine since, like the Souther slave owners, the people being enslaved, beaten, robbed and butchered were sub-humans which incidentally, is how Zionists think about Palestinian Christians and Muslims.  Not to mention Shiska wives they might marry.


Religious purity and home schooling is also creating these monsters:  The angelic pastor’s son, 15, who turned into a video-game obsessed loner who killed his parents and three siblings before failed WalMart shooting spree.  Home schooling has been used by brutal child abusers to hide abuse like the Texan boy forced to stand in one place in the hot sun for three days after wetting his bed and then dying.  And home schooling means little socialization for children who are told they are special by their parents even as the child crashes and burns socially.


Like some of the other recent mass murderers, the one in New Mexico played violent first person shooting games all the time with little input from parents.  This is also a problem, training people to think shooting is a good way to entertain is dangerous.  This has to be recognized socially and parents should censor these games and not allow them into their homes.


Then there is the political factor at work in all this:  Virginia Redistricting 2013: State GOP Rams Bill Through Senate In Absence Of Democratic Sen. Henry Marsh.  The right wing pro-NRA GOP had made a sneak vote on the gerrymandering bill when a key voter on the Democratic side which is exactly half of the government there, was out.  This will be disputed in court.  But the disreputable attempts at end runs around laws, around the rules of the political game, are played by everyone and this is NOT solved by shooting each other.  Otherwise, Senator Henry Marsh has the right to gun down all the GOP/NRA gerrymandering crew, no?  Why not?

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26 responses to “Social Disintegration Eats Away At Japan and the US As Hatred For Fellow Citizens Rise

  1. John

    Danny Glover is a liar who doesn’t know history. Shame on you, Elaine:

  2. vengeur

    The guy who shot Gabby Giffords and killed seven other people was the son of liberal jewish parents. He killed seven people and was not given the death penalty. The whole thing was made to go away very quickly and the killer got NO Media scutiny. Hmmm. Oh ok, wrong political persuasion. He was not a right wing wacko, so lets forget about him.

  3. vengeur

    You have to love wealthy black one trick ponies like Danny Glover who hate white america. But nobody ever asks them, in such a racist , unjust america, how the hell did a black man like you get so wealthy?


    ELAINE: thank the Civil Rights Act! It also gave ME more rights, too! You don’t like this? How about volunteering to become a slave and to be marked for life as a sub human.

  4. CK

    He appeared in several successful movies with Mel Gibson. One man’s lethal weapon is another man’s meal ticket to hypocrisy. Some ironies just keep on giving.


    ELAINE: He is an actor. Just like women who play prostitutes are NOT prostitutes.

  5. Dr. Paul Anderson

    Speaking of Social Disintegration, firearms have little if anything to do with violent crimes,but Moral Disintegration has everything to do with violent crimes. Currently, the Federal Government has some 2,200 gun laws on the books,and violent crime continues to rise.

    This Administrations gun policies originate with the: “United Nations General and Complete Disarmament :Small Arms”. The U.N. seems to think, by removing guns from the hands of private citizens,gun violence will decline or cease to exist.

    Some 5,500 years of human history is littered with crime and violence. Violence is the product of a depraved heart. The title mentions: Hatred for fellow citizens. Outpouring of violence is brought on by hatred,envy and pride and not a weapon.It’s time that we take responsibility for our behavior and stop blaming something or someone else.

  6. Richard

    This business about concealed carry laws is a little disconcerting. When I was a young guy I sometimes found myself in a bar a closing time. There was a lot of drunken guys and there was the inevitable fistfights. A few black eyes or bloody noses was the result. But what happens if all those drunks are “packing heat”. There are going to be a lot of dead bodies. Unrestricted concealed carry laws are not a good idea.

  7. John


    That’s why you can’t carry concealed in a bar in most states. In TN you can – but only if you do *not* become inebriated. And of course, that’s an after-the-fact judgement call the cops will make if you shoot somebody, so the burden of proper behaviour is where it rightly belongs: on the individual.

  8. Eso

    Since I am from one of he Baltic countries, where the suicide rate is among the highest in the world, it is practically inevitable that I knew some of the suicides. If I count, there are a half a dozen. There is another than number, whom I would describe as total alcoholics, another form of suicide.
    Contrary to all the good and persuaded capitalists in Western Europe, America, Japan, now China and Russia, my observation is that the despair that leads to suicide is founded on the neocon religion where God is Money. You hoist such a God on a people who until not so many centuries ago were forest dwellers (agriculture is but a myth hoisted by the barons on a people practicing thousands of years of natural economy–all the better to exact taxes and drive people mad by overworking them), you necessarily create a dictatorial government. When the greater number of nomadic people in what formerly was known as Tartary were forced to kill off their raindeer herds to pay the tsar’s taxes in furs, suicide became a way of expressing protest.
    Because in America capitalism is presumed to be a God-given order, the would be suicide ends up hating all of God’s creation, instead of just the mob of a few hundred leaders, thus male semen gets magically metamorphosed into bullets, he sprays around to fertilize with death as much space as possible. Strange to say, the American way of death is IMO the result of ‘an excess of life’, which will not tolerate further compression.
    From where I stand, the proposal to restrict guns serves only the dimwitted leadership of America. I completely disagree with ‘John’ who insists (above) that “…the burden of proper behaviour is where it rightly belongs: on the individual”. That is pure escapism and irresponsible support for an irresponsible government clique misusing the term ‘democracy’.

  9. DK

    Interesting post Eso. I remember reading that when the British conquered certain countries in Africa they would kill the cattle herds so that the local people would have no choice but to work on their plantations. It’s amusing how many right wing individualists love working for the man.

  10. melponeme_k

    In regards to Japan, check out this strange advice column entry in Salon

    Nothing in the “advice” about the dangers of radiation to small children which was the main worry. Just a lot of empty talk about PSD. How can this WORLD catastrophe continually be hidden and ignored?

  11. @ Dr. Paul Anderson:

    “Currently, the Federal Government has some 2,200 gun laws on the books,and violent crime continues to rise.”

    No. Violent crime has been declining substantially since 1991. A simple google search will provide this for you. Violent crime consists of murder, forcible rape, robbery, and agg assault. As you can see, violent crime is down by over 15% from 10 years ago.

    Years “Violent crime”
    2011/2010 -3.8
    2011/2007 -15.4
    2011/2002 -15.5

    Putting more controls on assault weapons will bring it down even more.

    If people think that “having guns will protect them from an over-arching government,” they are deluded. The only thing people can do with guns is kill each other.

  12. emsnews

    Violent crime is WAY down in some ways. Once upon a time, within my own lifetime, before the Civil Rights Act and the right to control one’s pregnancies, men brutally abused women with impunity.

    Now, it is a ‘violent crime’. Ditto with child abuse: I fought hard, as an abused child, to pass anti-child abuse laws. Now, children are more protected than when I was child!

    So that ‘crime statistic’ has gone up but this is due to reporting of crimes, not a rise in crimes.

  13. emsnews

    AND…when I was a child in the Deep South, virtually all crimes against black people and other minorities was ALLOWED. Wink*wink. No black person could go to the sheriff to complain about whites doing criminal things to them.

    And lynchings, beatings, rapes and murders done by whites were not reported nor prosecuted. This has changed, too.

  14. DeVaul

    I live in Kentucky — gun capital of the world, if a true and accurate count of all firearms both official and unofficial were taken — and I have yet to see a police report of anyone defending their homes from burglars using an assault rifle or grenade launcher.

    It is always some little old lady armed with a shotgun shooting into the dark and thankfully missing the neighbors. The burglars? They run like hell because everyone knows an old lady with a gun is dangerous.

    These instances are very rare, since most criminals intent on violent crimes usually plan them out so that they cannot be harmed. To protect yourself from these type criminals, you would have to be holding a loaded pistol with the safety off in your hands at all times. Not much of a real life, huh?

    I discount all violence associated with the drug trade because this is sponsored by the government for political reasons. You could substitute liquor, slaves, prostitutes, or any other banned commodity and the same pattern of violence would erupt between economic warlords.

    To use a firearm safely, you must be forewarned of impending violence. Otherwise, you are more likely to kill someone by accident, as happens here quite often — far and away more often than burglars or rapists being shot and killed while in the act of committing a crime.

    It is a moral issue. Old west sheriffs and lawmen tried to stop the violence by banning guns inside city limits, but it did not change anything since they did not close the saloons also. Most of the shooting was caused by drunk men wandering around with loaded guns. Then the hatchet wielding woman appeared on the scene and we got prohibition, which immediately produced the liquor trade and introduced tommy guns into everyday life.

    And now we are back at square one. No gun laws, no liquor laws of any consequence, and yet the violence continues. It is a moral issue, which means there will be no political answer to the problem. Other countries have access to weapons too, but their morals, their culture, their society forbids them from acting like Americans.

    You don’t read about accidental shootings much in Afghanistan. That’s because Afghans only bring out their firearms, load them, and turn off the safety switch when Americans are nearby.

  15. Just like women who play prostitutes are NOT prostitutes.

    In that comment Elaine showed her ignorance of Hollywood.
    Those women [stars] were hookers.
    In this town its ‘who you go to bed with’. Tjose that ‘put out’ get the work.
    Same with the male stars…they slept their way to the top [with male casting directors etc].

    I could tell you stories but I dont tattle!

  16. violent crime continues to rise…the population is exploding as well.

  17. THANKS MEL….

    a marriage relationship. Your husband has needs. He misses his country.

    It would be cruel for him to insist you return before you are ready. On the other hand, it would be stubborn of you to refuse to look at the science.

    The respected scientific journal Nature says that health risks are minimal.

    That does not mean that you should not feel what you feel. You were traumatized. That trauma continues to affect you today. Nor does it mean that these scientists know everything, or that there is no risk. There is a risk. There are unknowns.

    Furthermore, the psychological damage from post-traumatic stress disorder, especially for mothers of small children, is clear.

    “One of the highest-risk groups,” says Evelyn Bromet, a psychiatric epidemiologist at New York’s Stony Brook University, “are women with little kids.”

    I suggest you contact the National Center for PTSD for help in finding treatment in your area.

  18. Noob-If people think that “having guns will protect them from an over-arching government,” they are deluded.

    Oh, so is that why this over-arching government is so keen to disarm us? Because they know we are so powerless with guns in our possession? Liberalism is a mental disorder, and our entire country could be diagnosed as criminally, homicidally, and suicidally insane!

  19. N00b

    Shockuhzulu–LOL. The 2nd says, “…well-regulated militia.” So every State should properly set up a militia, and EVERY citizen who wants to own guns would be REQUIRED to attend militia drills. That way, the nutbag Conservatives could be assured of protecting their State against the UN. A Conservative Texas judge was particularly concerned.

    And if people do not attend militia drills, then they have to give up their weapons for one month. And each drill they miss, it would be an additional month of No Weaponry.

    Yeah, I’ve heard that line “liberalism is a mental disorder.” Conservatives, though, are plain evil.

  20. tfoth

    The vast, vast, majority of people with concealed carry permits are very careful not to do anything stupid with their guns. Why? Because they don’t want to lose their carry privileges, which can be taken away in a heartbeat.

  21. Ed-M

    @De Vaul,

    “It is a moral issue, which means there will be no political answer to the problem. Other countries have access to weapons too, but their morals, their culture, their society forbids them from acting like Americans.”

    And yet it is the most Christian of all the developed countries, including Russia. And this kid came from a HUGE Christian family (and I’m not talking about the number of family members, either).

    America’s unique sense of ‘morality’ probably comes from its two original sins: theft of people from their lands for free labor, and theft of land from its people for free real estate and natural resources. All for God and profit.

  22. Ed-M

    @Elaine, have you ever read John Taylor Gatto’s An Underground History of American Education? It’s a good read, showing how public schools have become factories of busywork and mind-crushing boredom, thanks to interested business elites in the 19th century who wanted education ‘reform’. And he demonstrates that the masses have been dumbed down and socialised for corporate rule and a lif of being employees going to work their whole lives by these ‘reform’ schools. To what end?

    Just because home-schooling doesn’t socialise kids the way public schools do, doesn’t mean all the homeschool kids turn out like this 15-year old. Remember, Dylan and Klebold of the Columbine Massacre fame were NOT homeschooled, they were public schooled. In an immense high school. Probably elementary and junior high, too.

  23. emsnews

    But increasingly many children who have been homeschooled are turning out to be psychopaths. And many child abusers are ‘homeschooling’ their children so they can torture them physically and emotionally.


    The most important role of a parent is socializing their children, who are basically born feral like any other animal. Since we have to live in a civilization, some kind of socialization is necessary, like it or not. Home-schooling does not accomplish this in any way that I have ever seen. Home-schooled children are frequently withdrawn and uncommunicative, the result of overprotective dominating parents, or worse.

  25. DeVaul

    “And yet it is the most Christian of all the developed countries, including Russia.”

    Like I said, it is a moral issue. I see no morality in Jewish religion.

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