Wall Street Writes The Laws And Virtually None Go To Prison


Video: The Untouchables | Watch FRONTLINE Online | PBS Video is interesting to watch because it only faintly touches on the true source of power on Wall Street: control of the media stories, collusion within family and tribal groups to keep the cards close to the chest and how these people use money to write our tax laws, write regulations of all systems and mainly, to turn the US into a machine for printing money for them all and to militarily enforce this Wild West banking on the rest of the world.

And the FBI can’t stop them because no one can prosecute them since the letter of the law is written by them and is backed by our media owners all of whom want credit bubbles to grow and not taxes on wealth accumulation and so on:  FBI responds to ACLU with blank pages – Salon.com is the story how the Freedom of Information Act continues to be defied and mocked by our government, both the Democrats and the Republicans do this because neither party wants us to know the details of what is going on.  Here is a brief look at an ACLU demanded document:


freedom of information release all blacked out


Except for two and a half public information pages talking about published Supreme Court decisions, the entire file is deleted.  Page after black page, nothing and all of this is about our government spying on Americans without a court order.  Not that it matters so much anymore.


Prying open our own government isn’t done with guns.  Once guns begin shooting, no matter who wins, they become vicious despots.  Fascist or communist, the violent overthrow model is the same: tyranny.  Even in the US revolution, the tyrants who owned many slaves or who were merchant/marine owners didn’t want the Crown to run things due to taxes and other impositions.  But it was not a revolution that brought much in the way of any ‘freedoms’ for anyone outside of the higher elites.  Women gained nothing.  Slaves remained slaves with zero civil rights and no right to arm to protect themselves from being enslaved.


The lower working class continued to be ruthlessly exploited.  The only door to freedom of any sort was the sheer size of the frontier, the Wild West which began a few miles offshore the seaboard and which moved, bit by bit, across the Continent.


Our government was designed by elitists who wanted to retain power and for the most part, it has done this.  One of the funniest things to happen this last two years is the Tea Party screwing up the GOP/Wall Street relationship which used the frightened southern whites to form a political base which worked not for the southerners except for guiding Northeastern tax collections to the South.  It allowed the politicians to work for Wall Street while giving a crust of bread to voters.


But the Tea Party’s genesis was anti-Wall Street and a little of this has eked into Washington:  Senate fails to advance bill extending banks’ transaction account …U.S. Bank Deposits Drop Most Since 9/11 Terror Attacks – Bloomberg


Customers may be moving money no longer insured by the U.S., drawing down year-end balances and investing in advancing equity markets. A Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. backstop, the Transaction Account Guarantee program, ended last month, prompting some analysts, investors and trade organizations to predict it could drive funds from the banking system….“The bigger banks have to pay FDIC insurance on these deposits plus some of their capital and leverage ratios are adversely impacted,” Rajappa said. “Many of the banks don’t want these.”


Oh, the poor dears! Having to pay for savings, for capital, via giving interest charges to savers!  HAHAHA.  And their ‘leverage ratios’ which they drove to near-zero with the assistance of the Federal Reserve, is going up!  They can’t simply loan money they never had!  Of course, what created the bubbles was exactly that: lending money with no backing of capital.


They needed the capital inherent in the entire US to capitalize their loans. The Treasury, not the Federal Reserve, had to ‘insure’ these deals so that the bankers would never have to pay, themselves, for money they lost by giving it to deadbeats.

The temporary liquidity guarantee program was easy money for Wall Street who wants this to go on forever:


(a) Participating entities are subject to the FDIC’s oversight regarding compliance with the terms of the temporary liquidity guarantee program.
(b) A participating entity’s default in the payment of any debt may be considered an unsafe or unsound practice and may result in enforcement action as described in § 370.11.
(c) In general, with respect to a participating entity that is an insured depository institution, the FDIC shall consider the existence of conditions which rise to an obligation to pay on its guarantee as providing grounds for the appointment of the FDIC as conservator or receiver under Section 11(c)(5)(C) and (F) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, 12 U.S.C 1821(c)(5)(C) and (F).
(d) By issuing guaranteed debt, all participating entities agree, for the duration of the temporary liquidity guarantee program, to be subject to the FDIC’s authority to determine compliance with the provisions and requirements of the program.


The bankers had to agree to some rules in order to palm off the potential losses onto the voters and taxpayers.  Now, it is ending and they have to resume traditional banking which they hate.  They hated the FDR reforms and pretended there would be no bubbles if only these reforms were eliminated.  When eliminated, suddenly we had the same stupid bubbles like the one leading to the Great Depression.


As always, banking is a symptom and not a true cause.  The real loss of US sovereign wealth is twofold and both international: insane wars which gain us little to no loot but cost a fortune plus a continuous and dangerous trade deficit.  Japan reports record Y6.93 tril trade deficit in 2012 ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


But trade with North America, mainly the U.S., rebounded, with exports climbing 12% and imports about 2%, for a surplus of 4.9 trillion yen ($55.4 billion).


How  long can the US run this stupid deficit with Japan?  Half a trillion every decade is insane!  Japan is running in the red but not with its main dupe nation, the US.  In return, we get to protect Japan as they initiate a shooting war with China.


The US Wall Street elites have applauded Japan’s rank manipulation of the currency for trade war purposes while the German Bundesbank Warns Japan on Currency War


Japan’s new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pushed his nation’s central bank to boost the moribund economy by easing more aggressively.


But Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann warned Japan against politicization of monetary policy that would lead to a weaker yen in a speech Monday, even before the BOJ announced its quantitative easing strategy Tuesday.


Japan is “intervening heavily in the duties of the central banks, pressuring for a more aggressive monetary policy” that endangers the BOJ’s independence, Weidmann said, The Wall Street Journal reports.


“A consequence, whether intended or not, could lead to an increasingly politicized exchange rate. Until now, the international monetary system has come through the crisis without a race to devaluation, and I really hope that it stays that way.”


It is simple to understand: Japan runs a trade deficit due to its war against the Chinese, waged mainly in the economic realm plus the cost of oil which is paid in US trade dollars gained by Japanese traders who have virtual one way trade with the very stupid US whose elites love this while it decimates our own economic situation here.  So, Japan has plenty of non-yen money to spend on oil but…this means dollars flow around the world, weakening the dollar which makes the yen stronger!


Also, China has demanded Japan do trade in yen and China is still the #1 trade partner with Japan and they hold these yen making it stronger which irritates the Japanese no end.  The Germans are  mad because this all makes the euro stronger so they are up in arms over this rank manipulation of currencies by everyone.


And the EU turns into a looting expedition:  Greece puts itself up for sale – Salon.com


Even buildings housing Greece’s most important public services — such as the police and new offices for the health, education and information and communication ministries — are up for sale.

But no official has yet clarified where their bureaucrats will move. Many believe some of the ministries will lease back the buildings from their new private owners…

Meanwhile, the blowout sale is bringing in much-needed euros to Greek government coffers. OPAP, the gambling company that runs Greece’s 13 lotteries, is a big earner. But although it generated more than $700 million in 2011 alone, its sale is expected to pull in only $2 billion.


Throughout history, when countries can’t tax the middle class and wealthy to sustain something, they go for lotteries and selling Crown goodies like the right to run say, the tariff offices.  Selling lotteries which were supposed to be a ‘necessary evil’ to fund things means NONE of the money flows to public good and ALL of it is sucked up by gambling bosses!  And so it is useless and a menace to society.  I have been 100% against lotteries since day one.  It is an evil that brings no good.


Once the lotteries were launched, immediately, the private gambling houses began to pop up like mushrooms and all these do is suck the economic lifeblood out of societies.  They are a menace.  The banks can’t be run like casinos, either.  This is not their function.  When Wall Street becomes a wild west gambling operation with little oversight, it blows up, too.  Regulating systems so they don’t erupt with fountains of money is life and death.

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20 responses to “Wall Street Writes The Laws And Virtually None Go To Prison

  1. HAHAHAH……………………
    Recently the Biz section, page 1 of LA Times had an article on
    how ‘Martha Stewart and Madoff prove SEC is cracking down’.

  2. Martha Stewart’s conviction was obviously nothing more than someone’s personal vendetta, and Madoff made off with billions before basically turning himself in. HAHAHA is right!

  3. Being There

    Frontline is a must-see. I have been describing these banksters as the Untuouchables since the Corzine MF Global debacle. (BTW I think he’s quietly starting up a new fund.) And the collusion of govt and special interest groups and privatized military as Murder Inc.
    This system we’re living under is inverted totalitarianism.
    No democracy operates like this and no sovereign state would stand back and allow global interests to destroy the livelihood and well being of its people. When we were a real country Reagan put banks into receivership and heads rolled and banksters were frog marched to jail.

    Oh, now we’re neoliberal global! Madoff was a small fry next to these people.

  4. Richard

    The Frontline piece on Wall Street and government corruption show that the media hasn’t been completely bought off by these criminals. As a side issue, it seen that the corrupt Zionist bankster lackey: Lanny Breuer (Assistant Attorney General) has been forced the resign. His performance in the documentary showed his complete incompetence and corruption for all to see. Good riddance to this scum!


  5. John

    “Prying open our own government isn’t done with guns. Once guns begin shooting, no matter who wins, they become vicious despots. Fascist or communist, the violent overthrow model is the same: tyranny.”

    Again, the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to insure that, at last, despite all machinations, the corrupt goverment cronies must submit to the rule of law, because the public is too well armed to allow for the rounding up and exterminating of those who tell the secrets of the powerful – like you do…

    The pro-gun people want to keep the heartland so well armed that ultimately, the banksters have no choice but to Go To Jail.


    ELAINE: I am assuming you are talking about the armed gangs that are black and Hispanic.

    If you are talking about the NRA right wing gun nuts, NOPE. They love funny money and they ran our government deep into debt and enabled these very same bankers.

  6. John

    “As always, banking is a symptom and not a true cause. The real loss of US sovereign wealth is twofold and both international: insane wars which gain us little to no loot but cost a fortune plus a continuous and dangerous trade deficit.”

    No – banksters are the true cause. They purposefully create both of the situations you describe.

  7. John

    “Once the lotteries were launched, immediately, the private gambling houses began to pop up like mushrooms and all these do is suck the economic lifeblood out of societies. They are a menace. The banks can’t be run like casinos, either. This is not their function. When Wall Street becomes a wild west gambling operation with little oversight, it blows up, too. Regulating systems so they don’t erupt with fountains of money is life and death.”

    Absolutely spot-on.

    But seriously – how do you write this paragraph, and yet say that banking in merely a “symptom”?! The nationless moneychangers are the keystone of this oligarchic Arch of Destruction. I know you understand that.

    What do we do about it?!

  8. hans

    @4 in the article

    A New York Times editorial called the decision a “dark day for the rule of law.”

    The only reason they are saying it because no Tribe members were involved.

  9. You write, the EU turns into a looting expedition.

    I reply, yes indeed, and this is only the beginning.

    Bible prophecy communicates that the Sovereign Lord God, Psalms 2:4-5, is effecting a global coup d etat, Revelation 6:1-2, through the destruction of fiat money, which traditionally has been based upon the sovereignty of nation states.

    The death of fiat money commenced in 2007 and 2008 with Major World Currencies, DBV, and Emerging Market currencies, CEW, tumbling lower. But through the world central banks’ monetary policies, specifically the US Federal Reserve’s QE1 through QE4, the ECB’s OMT, and the BoJ’s Unlimited Easing, the currencies have recovered as is seen in their ongoing Yahoo Finance Chart. The world central banks‘ monetary policies have caused the investment, economic and political tectonic plates to shift, with the result that a Eurozone authoritarian economic and political structure is rising, to govern those nations that use the Euro currency.

    In May 2010 Greece lost its monetary sovereignty, and since that time Portugal, Italy and Spain have as well. National monetary sovereignty has been usurped by the regional monetary sovereignty of The ECB, which has led to increasing oversight by the EU ECB IMF Troika, as it provides seigniorage aid to Greece, and is now plundering Greek wealth by demanding that state assets, such as state owned office buildings, as Salon reports Greece puts itself up for sale. With the monetization of debt by the ECB’s LTROs and OMT, new political capital of regional governance is rising to replace traditional political capital of national governments.

    The paradigm of choice provided by the Milton Friedman Free To Choose Script, that governed for the last forty years is history. Now, the paradigm of diktat, implied in the 1974 Clarion Call by the Club of Rome for regional governance, is rising to govern human economic and political activities.

    Fate is the order of the day, Destructionism is terminating Liberalism and producing Authoritarianism. There is no human action, there is only Destiny destroying choice and democracy, as Liberalism’s credit and money fails. Libertarianism will not see the light of day; there will not be any Freedom, Free Enterprise and a Free Monetary System, as envisioned by Hayek, Rothbard and Mises; such things are simply mirages on the Authoritarian Desert of the Real.

    Those who taken the Red Pill, know that the debt economy of Capitalism is coming to an end, as the dynamos of global growth and corporate profit are failing. The recent driver of investment reality has been the US Fed’s QE4, and European Central Bank’s LTROs as well as its OMT, which in turn is now fueling stock and debt purchases of all types including Spain’s Sovereign Debt. The effect of the last injection of liberal credit will be fleeting as fears of banking insolvency arise, and as competitive currency devaluation commences, causing investors to derisk out of stocks and bonds, and delever out of commodities.

    Fiat money is now finally and utterly dying, as the weekly charts of Major World Currencies, DBV, and CEW, show a topping out of value. Liberalism’s Milton Friedman Free To Choose Floating Currency Regime, which provided the US Dollar as a reserve currency is being replaced by Authoritarianism’s Regionalism And Totalitarian Collectivism Regime, where Diktat serves as credit, money, power and sovereign wealth.

    The Third Greek Bailout is the nail in the coffin for both Capitalism and European Socialism which was based on global growth and corporate profit. Through Regionalism, Capitalism is being replaced by Regional Governance. A ten toed kingdom of regional global governance, where diktat is de rigueur, is coming to govern mankind’s economic and political activities, as is seen in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, which presents the statue of the progressions of kingdoms, Daniel 2:31-45. Kings have ruled mankind throughout history; these have included Nebuchadnezzar ruling Babylon; Cyrus and Cyrus and Darius ruling Merdo Persia; Charlemagne ruling Rome; Tony Blair ruling Great Britain, and George Bush, The Decider, ruling America. The two iron kingdoms, the UK and the US, that is British Hegemony and US Hegemony, have governed the world; their power is now flowing into a ten toed kingdom of regional global governance, as foretold in bible prophecy of Daniel 2:31-33.

    God’s Sovereign Will, Ephesians 1:1-11, not any human action, will bring forth a revived Roman Empire, that is a German led Europe. In the supranational New Europe, national sovereignty will be seen as a relic of a bygone era. Martin Luther wrote in On the Bondage of the Will, there is no free will for humanity because any will they might have is overwhelmed by the influence of sin. God is effecting His sovereign will, and bringing forth Authoritarianism’s Beast Regime of Regionalism and Totalitarian Collectivism, Revelation 13:1-4. This monster is coming like a terminator that can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until mankind is totally dominated and subdued.

    At the appropriate time, God will open the curtains, and onto the Europe’s stage will step the most credible of political leaders, the Sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10. He will be accompanied by Europe’s banker, the Seignior, Revelation 13:11-18. These two will have have EU wide sovereign authority. The Little Authority, Daniel 7:24-25, will work behind the scenes in regional framework agreements to change our times and laws. The people will be amazed by this, and place their faith and trust in the Sovereign; they will give their allegiance to his diktat, Revelation 13:3-4.

    Life in Europe will be characterized as a totalitarian collective. Totalitarian collectivism is the EU’s future. European Socialism will die in 2013. Diktat will provide seigniorage, that is moneyness, to replace the seigniorage of national treasury bonds. Diktat will become a currency, that is a payment used in the exchange of goods or services.

  10. floridasandy

    liberal stupidity is being in favor of big government, which just centralizes the power- and the abuse of power.

    feel free to complain, but don’t expect regulation.

  11. floridasandy

    oh, and here’s a little well-written food for thought:


  12. Ed-M

    @theyenguy: You forget, the Soviet Union tried something similar, and the whole scheme collapsed, thanks to a certain nuclear power station in (the) Ukraine that went Fukushima, and Reagan and Poppy Bush starting Al-Qaeda up in Afghanistan to bankrupt their half-global empire.

  13. DeVaul


    I think you may have overlooked something. In Euripidies 7:45;1A, it clearly states that Greece will become the Tongue of the Beast and not a toe, at least that is how I translate it.

    Now, when you combine that passage with Jacobite 42;29-9, it seems pretty clear what is coming down in the Mediteranean world, and Greece is going to be licking the bones like Fenrir and still hungry for more.

    Fortunately, Aphrodisiac 22:09.(A)(c) shows us the way out of this mess, if only we would just listen.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  14. John

    PS: Elaine, you referred to the “GOP/Wall Street relationship” being “screwed up” by the Tea Party. There’s no doubt that BushCo. (Carlyle Group, anyone?) is heavily involved in banksterism. But have you taken notice of the self-professed affiliation of most Wall Streeters? The hedgehogs are overwhelmingly Democrat. This is due to the democrat push for socialism, which was created by the banksters to concentrate power in the hands of the government and the elites, by saddling the middle class with an unavoidable burden of paying the living expenses of an ever-expanding dependent class. The easy availability of welfare, food stamps, etc. has caused poverty to remain fairly constant, while the military/industrial/government/media complex continues to eat up a bigger chunk of GDP every year. The result is, as we see, a destruction of the middle and upper-middle classes, which has been the banksters’ endgame for centuries.

  15. Lucky13

    ‘ The result is, as we see, a destruction of the middle and upper-middle classes, which has been the banksters’ endgame for centuries.’

    Do you mean the Rothschilds?
    ‘a destruction of the middle and upper-middle classes’

    I thought it was the 1800s, 1900s industrial revolution that created
    the MC?

  16. John

    It allowed the middle classes to greatly expand, for sure. But it didn’t create it.

    A lot of people think the best thing about America is freedom of speech, religion, etc. Those are great things, don’t get me wrong, but the ability to own property without having to belong to certain bloodlines is what the real gift of America is. It broke the iron grip of feudalism; serfs could arrange passage out of the hands of the bloodsucking landed nobility. Indentured servitude was a common way to do this. After a period of service, usually 7 years, the serf was free and could work for themselves, instead of the selfish nobles.

    From the beginning, banksters (most notably the Rothschilds), through their parasitic private central banks, have sought to re-enslave the American citizenry, and put an end to the freedom of the “commoners.” Now, the globalist industrialists and nationless financeers are putting the finishing touches on a new feudal order – and this time, there’s no “New World” to which the average person can flee it.

    Stop them, thwart them in their aims, and we reclaim our free world. Fail to do so, and we plunge back into another thousand years of slavery, tyranny and desperation.

  17. emsnews

    Bingo. Ownership of land is important! And not putting it in hock!

    I own my land. I worked very hard for this over the years and swore I would do this many years ago when I didn’t own anything. Yes, we pay JOINT TAXES for services like schools (you property is worth a lot more if the schools are good!) and civic services like roads, snow plowing in winter in the north, healthcare systems, etc.

    And police protection.

    But letting banks own you is stupid. Always was and always will. I wrote during the housing bubble, warning people to not run up debts on their properties so they could spend money on vacations, buying stuff, etc. Few listened to me back then.

    Well, this put people in hock to the banks which was stupid. The place they lived in became someone else’s property. How stupid is that?

  18. Lucky13

    John..tell me more about the Rothschilds. I read so many rumors.

  19. emsnews

    I wrote about them in the past. Most of today’s members of the clan are NOT bankers but work in BANKRUPTCY law. Heh. They know where the action is.

  20. Hi Elaine,

    How can you “own land”?

    You are living on some land you claim but the land owns you. I suppose the influences of a Lakota elder shaman are present when I say this. I will compromise and say that you appear to own the land and you are a good steward of the land you are living on.

    Beyond that particularity, right on as usual. Still, as I’ve said in the past, as the late W.S. Burroughs said, “This is a penal colony that is now a death camp.” It has been that way if you were a black person, especially living in the ghetto and an indigenous person attempting to survive the White Man’s continued cruelty of violence, slavery and fine words.

    Now with this drone business, it’s only a matter of time before the words of Burroughs really hit home, pardon the pun. Anyway…


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