California Shakes Like Jello As San Andreas Stress Shoots Upwards



January 25, 2013 california shakes like jello


Fortunately for us, the map the USGS runs, California-Nevada Fault Maps, is still functional.  Not for long but maybe when the San Andreas blows, the government will reconsider the foolish plan to save money by terminating this very important feature.  Look at that map today!  California is a bowl of jello being shaken rather harshly!  And the quiet middle section of the San Andreas has the least activity but warning quakes are appearing even right on the San Andreas especially where it is crossed by another major fault line in the Tejon Pass.  This is where the previous major quake happened nearly 200 years ago and is the focal point of major, 7.5+ quakes.  

1/25/13 quake on intersection of san andreas



I periodically warn about this major impending disaster.  It can’t be pinned down to this day or that day but its approach is obvious, harshly outlined by minor quakes proliferating and the fact that at the top of the San Andreas and the bottom, there have been very major quakes recently and this means the middle must be readjusted quite soon, not 100 years from now.  It is very soon.  California has had drills and preparations for this inevitable event. Even so, due to lax building code restrictions, a huge number of dwellings are right on top of this shuddering, wakening dragon’s back and nearly all the main service lines connecting the coast to electricity and water as well as rail service and truck deliveries will all be cut instantly and disastrously the minute the San Andreas resets itself by moving the coast northwards 33 feet or so.


And the quakes continue in the Mississippi drain system, this time it is a Texas Earthquake which shook Today 2013 Erupts Near Shreveport, Louisiana

texas earthquake

The Mississippi valley is a weak part of the continent.  The North American continent is being shoved into the plates that run northwards along the Pacific coast and this caused the West to be a mass of heaving mountain ranges.  But the middle of the continent is weak as it is in South America in the Amazon basin or Africa’s Congo basin as well as the Yellow River basin in China or the Volga basin in Russia.  All continents tend towards weak centers with mountain building wherever they collide with other plates.


We may get another 7.5+ quake in the Mississippi region, too.  Here is the data for today’s two 4.0 quakes south of Lake Tahoe:

1/25/13 quakes south of Lake Tahoe


1/25/13 quakes south of Lake Tahoe

As we look at the above maps, we see that these two moderate quakes were preceded by one quake the day before at Markleeville, CA, with the surrounding region having a number of small quakes.  Then Markleeville had many, many aftershocks and an even bigger quake than the one at midnight.  The San Andreas is the same, it will have a warning shake or two but the time differential between the first small 1.7 shake and the much bigger one was just 2 hours or so.


Unlike the Markleeville shakes, the San Andreas’s warning shot won’t be the entire length but rather, a key point such as the site where today’s quake happened.  And this also is a cry for help from those of us who want a sane government that actually does things: we need the present USGS maps!  Terminating them for a crummier, crappier system will cost lives.  Not that our government is being run to function well.

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6 responses to “California Shakes Like Jello As San Andreas Stress Shoots Upwards

  1. Paul

    An example of the geologic activity around Markleeville is Grover Hot Springs State Park a fe miles away. This park has a very large swimming pool with a very large flow of hot water entering one end passing through the pool at 105 gallons/min at 147 F.
    This is on the east side of the Sierras and not far off Highway 395. there are cinder cones along 395, a Hot Creek near Mammoth where you can feel the ground under the creek shake as the hot water rises and there is even a frozen lava waterfall. Death valley is not a valley but a sink (a graben according to geologists). 395 runs along the east side of the high sierras at ~ 3000 ft and this sink is why there are no foothills between 395 and Sierra mountains over 13,000 ft. Highway 395 is not to be missed if you ever have a chance to drive it from Lone Pine (Whitney Portal) to Bishop and beyond.
    The San Andreas fault goes through the Cajon Pass on Interstate 15 and on the way up the pass one can see a syncline, young folded rock. On the Cajon Pass the syncline is sedimentary rock on an angle far off horizontal. Not far way is the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a double syncline. Just imagine the earthquakes needed to shift the rocks to these angles far off the horizontal.
    Above are just a few examples of how blind people must be not to see how geologically active California is.

  2. DeVaul

    Well, if it does blow, here is 32 million that will not be available for rescue operations:

    US Requests 32 Million for Mali Training

    This is in addition to us “loaning” our air transport force to France (what happened to their’s?) along with a lot of covert, unreported support.

    Do we have money or do we not have money? It is hard to say when you see headlines like this.

  3. emsnews

    Yes, we have an open pocketbook when it comes to the War on Muslims.

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