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Scientists Prove Some People Have Little Ability To Learn From Mistakes



Scientists have proven that people who refuse to learn have a brain deficiency whereby their brains literally do not light up when they learn they made a mistake.  One way these low level learners cope with this problem is to think they don’t make mistakes!  So nothing is learned.  This is true of hierarchies of humans who refuse to learn lessons and the Pentagon seems filled to the brim with low level learners.  Lessons go unlearned on a daily basis. Continue reading


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55 Days In Peking And The US Hawaiian Coup: Movies Celebrate US Imperialism

Hawaii imperialism

The British, Canadian and Iranian diplomats have been upset by the recent Argos Oscar win.  Coming out of nowhere, this bizarre piece of US propaganda lies took the world by surprise.  On top of this, the host of the Oscars, Family Guy and American Dad cartoon creator, Seth MacFarlane joked about Jewish control of Hollywood during the ceremonies.  He then loudly said he would never host the Oscars again but the real reason he won’t is obvious: he openly said what all the Zionists boast about in private.  The pretense they don’t control Hollywood is a CIA-level type secret to be kept from outsiders. Continue reading


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Too Few Lifeboats For Passengers And Crew Of USS Ship of State

The US alliances are like a huge cruise ship that has too few lifeboats and it suddenly has engine trouble.  That is, this is a floating disaster.  The US floats on a fiat currency sea of red ink.  A trade war is raging right now as it always does with the clueless US ship the sitting duck target of hostile foreign take overs.  The allies of the US are stirring war with other US allies while China, the other giant ship on the Seven Seas has the biggest trade navy as well as the biggest sovereign wealth fund.  In today’s news, we see Japan, desperate and obnoxious, picking fights not just with China but with North and South Korea and Russia.  Anyone left out?  Letting our ‘friends’ start wars is insanity. Continue reading


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“Argos” (Religious Warfare) Wins And “Lincoln” (Civil Rights) Loses

When the Cold War ended the excuse for more wars shifted in a ‘time of peace’ to the ugliest and nastiest sort of warmongering: religious warfare.  This began not in Afghanistan or Yugoslavia, it began in Israel.  The moral justifications for religious warfare to eradicate or remove rival religious tribal groups was justified by the Zionists as ‘God’s Will’.  This, in turn, ignited the Muslim religious warfare efforts and now this fire burns across the entire planet with the chief enabler, armaments user and military muscleman, the US, orchestrating all sorts of wars against or for Muslim despots. Continue reading


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The Pope Goes To Hell In A Hankie: Male Secret Sex And Uppity Nuns Destroy Catholic Church

As the Pontiff hikes up his gold embroidered lace lined silk skirts and scuttles off to a nunnery seized by the priesthood to hide, the various ugly scandals and sex messes come broiling out of the Vatican thanks mainly to the butler who did this great deed, lifting the cover of lies, crimes, wild living in the Vatican.  And does this surprise me?  Why, the entire history of all religions is all about controlling sex and money while living like Nero fiddling while Rome burns!  And the fires eating the Vatican are vast indeed, fueled by deadwood 2,000 years old, never cleaned up.  It will rage until the Church dies. Continue reading


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US Imitates Evil Empire Darth Vader War Tactics: The US Clone Wars Begin

Way back when Lucas, who I knew when I was a student in Arizona at the same time he was going to school, first released his great movie, Star Wars, I said, ‘The US is the Evil Empire.’  That is, Lucas was responding to the antiwar movement back then by glorifying the guerilla fighters who were fighting our empire back then.  He hoped that courage, big hearts and love would overcome the machinery of a greedy, hostile, hungry empire.  He went on further on this topic in later movies which are very popular but guess who is the most dramatic and popular character in these movies?

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Japan’s Abe Thinks Fukushima Safe And China Is Aggressor Nation

Nearly totally unnoticed by the average American, the Unleashed Rulers of Japan continue to push for WWIII.  The biggest mistake on earth was when Hillary gave the LDP a green light to do anything they wished in exchange for expansion of US military bases around China using Japanese territory.  She also wrongly claimed Abe would pass the international child custody laws that Japan has defied for the last 60 years.  He didn’t pass the bill, by the way and still talks about doing it but in classic Japanese stall tactics, won’t actually do anything.  Also, Abe is whitewashing Fukushima as fast as possible.  No surprise here. Continue reading


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