Death Stalks Us All: Assassins Are Assassinated

1944 French movie about a Devil's Hand.  The artist is being tempted by the Devil to make a bad deal so he can be rich and famous.

1944 French movie about a Devil’s Hand. The artist is being tempted by the Devil to make a bad deal so he can be rich and famous.

The US is in a spasm of bizarre killings due to a boomerang effect of our assassination wars.  Proof of this is obvious to even denialists today:  Chris Kyle, Author Of ‘American Sniper,’ Shot And Killed At Gun Range is a classic story, it makes one almost believe there is some sort of Libra-type running the Afterlife.


This man, Kyle, was a ‘hero’ whose heroics was to assassinate people inside of cities in Iraq.  He would hide somewhere and then gun down people who were ‘civilians’.  This is just one facet of our ‘Assassination Nation’ policies which are quite evil in every possible way.


So…this assassin was assisting a PSTD soldier who went insane during his stay in our anti-Muslim wars by taking him to a shooting range.  Now, we saw with the stories about the Sandy Hook assassin how his worried mother decided taking him to a shooting range would be healthy for his troubled mind.  And here it is again!  The idea that someone who is freaking out should go shooting has to be one of the more insane mental health programs, ever.


The soldier Kyle was helping turned his gun on the assassin and another soldier and shot both in the back.  This is essentially our military policy today.  To hide, shoot in the back and then run.  The assassination program in Iraq brought nothing but more hell and assassinations flourish there today with society there in chaos which the US doesn’t care about this so long as the oil flows to Europe.


Recently, a ‘gun expert’ who posted videos of his many skills and who was very vocal about how his guns protect him was also assassinated by being shot in the back.  When the assassination program was launched first by the CIA and then the Pentagon, I warned about how it degrades warfare, how it wrecks one’s sense of honor, how it is a coward’s war and this would demoralize our soldiers and cause social rot here at home.


The sense of pride is very important.  The Kyle assassin was touted as a ‘hero’ when he was really a coward.  No one was fighting him when he killed them.  They were often with their families or walking down the street or some such and bang!  Dead.  This was no OK Corral, this is the Not OK Corral.


True, sneaky jerks who shoot people in the back can ‘win’.  But they remain sneaky jerks, not heroes.  In the Ring Der Nibelungen (see this wonderful Famous Wagner Documentary: “In the Eye of the Ring” – YouTube) Siegfried is speared in the back because Brünhilde put a magic spell to protect his entire body except the back due to her belief, ‘You will never turn your back on someone you are fighting.’  She then tells Hagen, once she was pissed off at Siegfried, his weak point, it was for revenge.


Since she did a very bad thing, she committed suicide on Siegfried’s funeral pyre.  Our assassins are not committing suicide except the suicide rate of our soldiers is huge, much, much higher a rate then most of society.  The shame of fighting dirty eats at their minds.  People tell them, ‘You are a hero’ but they know deep inside, they are no heroes at all.


And this just breaks my heart for them all.  They are told, this sneaky fighting is cool, they won’t get hurt at all while the ‘bad guys’ would be killed while the sneaky Americans hide.  The Taliban show their contempt for our soldiers quite clearly and any fighting man who meets them and is regarded as vermin, can feel this contempt.


The Taliban don’t do hidden assassinations, they do kamikaze death attacks.  That is, they die in a blaze of glory.  And they believe that the Death Gods admire this and they go to Valhalla while the US soldiers are ‘women’ who are denied entry.


All our flag waving and boastful speeches turn to dust and tatters when we try to pretend we are somehow heroic and moral.  We are neither.  And the rash of non-military assassinations that assail our nation is proof that this cowardly business is quite attractive to psychotic minds.  And then there are all the nut cases attacking small children trying to go to school…good lord.


The lunatic survivalist who wants to spread his paranoid message is a character, no?  He fought in the Vietnam war, and is demanding attention so the Sheriff thanks suspect for taking care of boy held hostage, as Alabama standoff continues.  This man watched the news and the new mindset, that assassinations and kidnappings are heroic and noble, has sunk into his cesspool of a mind so he feels justified in murdering a bus driver and kidnapping a disabled boy.


These disgusting actions are no worse than the news that Israel forcibly injected black Jews from Africa with birth control in a secret project to annihilate them by preventing them from having children…just writing that sentence makes me quite ill.  This was a Nazi program designed to secretly, without alarming anyone, insuring that the genetic material carried by these women would not spread within the Jewish community which is extremely racist.


Of course, this story barely made the news in the US.  And this is part of our collective shame, too.


Dear Readers, I want to thank everyone for the kind remarks here.  If it weren’t for Big Pharma, I probably would have died by Saturday night.  My lungs really began to collapse.  But now, I feel a thousand times better. I had the pneumonia vaccination but I had pneumonia when I nearly died of the Hong Kong flu and this flu seemed to have triggered something rather odd, it followed exactly the same path but at a somewhat less dangerous level (but still very dangerous) as in 1969.


When I was in the hospital, I even told the technician which part of my lung would require a close up X-ray and sure enough, it was the part that was badly damaged so many years ago.  The aspiration of medication via an oxygen tube as well as the antibacterial regime restored me greatly.  Vaccinations are wonderful but don’t work 100%. So I had to deal with the dire problems of a secondary disease anyways.


But 75% is better than 0%.  Some people are never sick but then, most people don’t understand the true ruler of the Universe, Random Chance.  Aka, Lady Luck.  I have been hit three times by lightning which means Random Chance is way out of whack for me, but then, I have had good luck in many things, too.  For example, when a crazy dude wanted to assassinate me in LA, he shot six times and each bullet missed me.  See?


Those who are not sick this year or any other year are the beneficiaries of Good Luck.  And I am happy for anyone who enjoys this sort of luck.  And I hope NO ONE gets sick, do stay well, eat healthy and enjoy life and avoid assassins.


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29 responses to “Death Stalks Us All: Assassins Are Assassinated

  1. JT

    I’ve been lucky the past 6-7 years.

    Vitamin D in wintertime, 30 milligrams per day
    Raw garlic once a week
    Vitamin c

    Blueberries and pomegranetes once a week.

    Does not protect you from the influenza but I feel it heals faster and I haven’t had a normal cold in years.

    And for the grandchild, I would recommend…
    -5 degrees celsius is optimal for the 3 hour nap outside.

    Click to access isbn9789514296673.pdf

  2. melponeme_k

    I’m glad you are better. I had whatever was going around this year as well. The first time I was sick in more than a few years. However I believe it was an opportunistic secondary reaction due to my stomach issues. Several years ago, I had food poisoning and my stomach (which was always cast iron) never recovered. I started to get heartburn that got progressively worse. Once it was so bad, I lost almost 25 pounds in a two month period.

    I have to watch everything I eat. But during the holiday I slipped and caused myself a stomach attack. During the attack I caught whatever flu was going around. For days I felt as if I was going to faint. Truthfully it wasn’t the worst of what was out there but if I imagine that but worse for you, I am thankful you pulled through.

    We are collapsing socially. Just the other day I really paid attention to advertising posted around NYC. I realized it was all fascist. What Sontag called fascist aestheticism. Everything was young, healthy people staring moodily into the distance with darkened backgrounds. It disgusted me because we are all steeped in this imagery, it is influencing us in all the wrong ways. And on purpose.

  3. vengeur

    All war is about shooting people in the back. That’s just the dirty business of war. Of course the old Geneva Convention rules say the person you shoot in the back is a uniformed soldier, which makes the whole thing of reciprocating murder ‘civilized’. Irak was a crime commited by a people and a nation that should have known better. Any remaining moral superiority of the U.S. was squandered in Irak.


    ELAINE: Eh? Your claim flies in the face of all human history.

  4. Lucky13

    ‘this assassin was assisting a PSTD soldier who went insane during his stay in our anti-Muslim wars by taking him to a shooting range’

    Kyle had gunz n ammo but lacked common sense.

  5. Elaine,
    I know you are recovering from a serious bout of pneumonia and your wits are on edge right now. I have noticed that your postings over the years are becoming tinged with exasperation and anger over what the psychopaths and sociopaths have accomplished in the ongoing destruction of our Republic, so I am commenting here taking that into consideration.

    Your statement:
    “The lunatic survivalist who wants to spread his paranoid message is a character, no? He fought in the Vietnam war, and is demanding attention so the Sheriff thanks suspect for taking care of boy held hostage, as Alabama standoff continues.” indicates that you aren’t seeing the underlying message of the Sheriff.

    He is not praising this murderer/kidnapper, he is telling him what he wants to hear in order to prevent any further danger to the child.

    Authorities can’t afford to speak truth over the airwaves. They have to calm the perpetrators and the public so as to not ‘inflame’ the situation and PREVENT the kidnapper OR the public from making any drastic moves that can’t be taken back.
    You described your writing style to me on a phone conversation we had many years ago as being rather rapid fire and flow of consciousness (my terms).
    It would be very helpful if you read your postings back very carefully to look for mis-spellings, poor grammar and convoluted sentences.
    I know I often find glaring errors in some of my writings that convey a much different message than intended and would reflect poorly on my intelligence if left un-corrected.
    It seems that you many times fail to provide a source for many of your statements, or re-state the original statement on which you are commenting in such a way that the original meaning is lost or is different from what was the author’s intention.
    I grow weary from posting on my blog some days. And I don’t do half the work you do. But it is your choice to do it and I understand why you do it even if it seems more and more like we’re all pissing into the wind in our attempt to dethrone the murdering treasonous bastards who will eventually destroy us all and the planet too.

    Get healthy with some minced garlic in water and some ginger tea with lemon.


  6. Bill


    You have to stay healthy and keep of those posts coming. We need you.


  7. JimmyJ

    I’m really glad you are on the mend now Elaine. As a lifelong asthmatic I know how fragile lung health can be and how demoralizing breathing problems can be. Good thing you live in a rural area with good air quality (not counting the wood smoke issues). Humid cold winters can really take their toll on scarred lungs. Please be careful!

  8. emsnews

    The business of people going crazy during and after amoral wars is a huge, huge problem and this afflicts our nation due to the natural male tendency to not feel pride when reduced to being a sneak.

    Look, men thrive when they display their prowess. Wearing suits that look like mud walls while sneaking around, tagging people when they are doing normal things like walking around their own neighborhoods is cowardice and even the right wing white males waving their guns here at home know this deep inside their own hearts.

    I used to fight in the SCA and was a fully clad steel armor female fighter. I loved to stride on the battlefield challenging people to combat. That was fun. Why?

    It makes one’s heart swell. This is why Medieval warfare had colorful banners, shiny armor, etc. Even Vikings when raiding, carried colorful shields which they displayed while ravaging communities and when fighting each other, they had all sorts of rituals and displays of masculine courage.

    The American Indians would do ‘sneak attacks’ but then would back these up with colorful displays of courage and male accouterments, etc. The Scots did this with their kilts and bright ribbons on spears.

    Balancing this natural male urge to be on display with some cunning in war is a delicate thing. The US has opted nearly entirely with being cowardly, looking like mud or trash and slinking around, snarling at people we are trying desperately to impress (and failing, totally).

  9. Glad to see you back. Yes, death stalks us all, as the Four Horseman finally come into view and all that was prophesied is now reality appearing.

  10. Hi Elaine! Glad you are posting again!
    Don’t overdo things, stay warm, rest.

  11. melponeme_k

    I still hope your recovery is going well.

    What do you think about the return of King Richard the 3rd?

  12. John

    Glad you’re doing better, Elaine. Funny thing, Friday I left work feeling more tired than usual. I woke up Saturday achy and tired. Took my temperature – 100. Not awful, but enough to show something was wrong. I drank a lot of water, ate some chicken soup, took about 1ml of oil of oregano and about 2 oz of apple cider vinegar (either mix it or chase it – that stuff is AWFUL). Woke up Sunday – fever was gone. AC vinegar is a good simple way to tip your blood back toward alkalinity, and neither virus not bacteria can thrive in an alkaline bloodstream.

    Also, I’m encouraged by the commenters I’ve seen here lately, referring to the psychopaths and sociopaths who’ve overrun the top levels of all the major systems of society. I feel very strongly that the best hope we have of reversing the disasterous course we’re on is for enough people to truly understand what a psychopath is (clinically bereft of conscience) and to learn to recognize it in leaders and also media people like all the talking heads on the TV news. That realization may just be enough to keep the globalists from succeeding in their quest to turn the whole Earth in to a giant feudal plantation for their selfish sole benefit.

  13. larry, dfh

    Elaine, this could only have been written by someone who has seen the sociatal ruination brought on by the Viet Nam war, and who is witnessing her predictions concerning the fuckery of the last 13 years come true.

  14. elaine, may you and all your readers be well, happy, and at peace

  15. Jim R

    SCA … that explains a lot. And I thought you were such a cool hippie chick
    Glad to hear you are on the mend. I see someone already suggested vitamin C and Zinc and whatnot.
    Stay well,

  16. Bones

    “He’s dead, Jim”

  17. melponeme_k

    Bacterial bugs that make gold.

    If this is true what havoc will this cause?

  18. tfoth

    Consciousness has altered the evolutionary landscape. If humans continue to behave like animals, they go extinct. End of story.

  19. Harold

    For gods same Elaine… After all the bullsht you spread about the wonders of your precious vaccinations you nearly die after taking them. And you presumably have been dong it for years. Where is the beneficial immunity? Even after the vaccines well documented failure you still praise big pharmA. You must be mentally ill or just plain stupid

  20. tfoth

    Here is the “Justice Department”’s analysis on why it is legal under the Constitution of the United States of America for the government to assassinate citizens of the United States:

    Click to access 020413_DOJ_White_Paper.pdf

    Well, I can only think of about a hundred arguments as to why this is wrong but researching all the cites would be a lot of work and take a long time. And who want a mere fool such as me to argue their case anyway?

    If anyone wants to give it a try, I recommend including New York Trust Co. v. Eisner: “[A] page of history is worth a volume of logic” and go from there.

  21. tfoth

    Alberich didn’t renounce love. Love renounced him. What did those stupid Rhine-maidens expect?

  22. tfoth

    And for anyone who might not want to sit through 15 hours of Wagner’s music and is confused but interested about how the Ring cycle works, some nice stagehand has gone to significant effort to clear it up for us:

    A Synopsis Of Das Ring Der Niebelung

  23. Lucky13

    Hope you are feeling well, Elaine.

  24. Ziff house

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Glad to see the nut bars return , things getting back to normal.

  25. emsnews

    There is MORE THAN ONE flu this season and the shots were for only one flu, not all.

    The flu shot did not make me sick. A germ made me sick. Some viruses have no vaccinations possible at all. Anyone who can’t figure this out is just…demented.

  26. emsnews

    About Alberich: the hippie Rhine Maidens made fun of him so he decided to become a banker and screw up everything. End of opera.

  27. tfoth

    Yep. And we could conduct a causation analysis to determine if a portion of fault can be allocated based on that. After all, according to Socrates, the unexamined life isn’t worth living.

    Well, he was just a stupid, annoying philosopher after all. I say kill him! Wait, they did.

  28. g2-67008713bbd0a439e9e75a05cccf263e

    Reblogged this on Retrofitting Oaktown and commented:

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