Wall Street Wizard Lew Next Secretary Of Treasury (sic)

The US gets yet another ‘Treasury Secretary’ but this is virtually a non-existent office, eaten away since 1912 until it is a mere ghost of itself.  It controls virtually nothing anymore and more often than not it has become the parking place for Wall Street offshore bankers who have systematically destroyed this once-important office.  Our own Founding Fathers considered the power of the Treasurer to be but just one step below the President.  Now, it is a ceremonial office for the people it was once designed to control, the Big Foreign Bankers.


Obama has no choice, due to Congressional approval, but to continue the tradition:  Jack Lew’s investment in Cayman Islands flagged by Senate Finance Committee – Business on NBCNews.com


Lew’s financial disclosure forms, filed in 2008 and 2010, showed that Lew had invested between $50,000 and $100,000 in a fund called Citigroup Venture Capital International Growth Partnership (Employee) II, L.P. — the very type of fund President Obama has repeatedly criticized.

The fund is an international venture capital fund for employees of Citigroup.


Lew, of course, will not rock this boat even if it is up to the gunwales with water.  United States Secretary of the Treasury – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Secretary of the Treasury of the United States is the head of the United States Department of the Treasury, which is concerned with financial and monetary matters, and, until 2003, also with some issues of national security and defense. This position in the Federal Government of the United States is analogous to the Minister of Finance in many other countries. Most of the Department’s law enforcement agencies such as the U.S. Customs Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the U.S. Secret Service were reassigned to other Departments in 2003 in conjunction with the creation of theDepartment of Homeland Security. The Secretary of the Treasury is a member of the President’s Cabinet, and since the Clinton Administration, has been a member of the U.S. National Security Council. The Secretary is fifth in the United States presidential line of succession.


911 was used for cover for many nefarious things.  The final destruction of the powers of the Treasury were deeply embedded within the Homeland Security bill which was drawn up long before 911 and then sprung on Congress after the attacks.  Now, we are at perpetual war with one country after another as well as in general with most Muslims and with our cat’s paw in Asia, Japan, poking Russia and China into military confrontations.


The real problem, of course, is what our Treasury is supposed to do: PROTECT OUR SOVEREIGN WEALTH.  Yes, that pesky ‘sovereign wealth’ thing that no one at the top in the US bothers to mention.  China and Germany have lots and lots of this.  We have a huge mountain of sovereign debt.  Our Founding Fathers were very aware of the dangers of going into debt to foreign powers and bent heaven and earth to avoid this.  Now, we are the exact opposite.


The Treasury used to control foreign import goods and supervise how this worked and guess what?  This was done to protect the sovereign wealth.  Since Americans have been told, we don’t need to worry about sovereign wealth issues, it has vanished from view even as our wealth turned into an ocean of red ink thanks to foreign imports.  There is the news today that gosh, golly, our trade deficit went down due to selling oil mainly to Japan!  Lucky us.  Of course, it is still gigantic but hey, it went down, didn’t it?


Well, another Wall Street Treasury Secretary and another day at the bottom of the wealth well.  Even though our trade deficit is slightly better than before, still, China Passes U.S. to Become the World’s Biggest Trading Nation.  Even this week, I have seen articles artfully written about how wonderful the US economy is and how China can never really catch up.  Well, here is an iron rule from History: ‘The biggest trading nation in the world rules the world.’  We used to be that and now aren’t that anymore.


NYC is run by a big offshore foreign banking bastard:  Bloomberg Builds an Empire in London.  He is building his Palace To Greed in the City which is not London but rather, an ‘offshore’ entity parked on the Thames river thanks to the Crown.  Parliament has zero say in what goes on in the City of London.  Naturally, Bloomberg is moving there because he fears regulations here.


And the superrich who pretend they need more money have way too much:  Moet 1911 Champagne May Sell for $63,200 at Christie’s.  And then there is this totally stupid story:  Best Beckham picture of the week… Posh Spice with a bag over her head Victoria Beckham seems to have come over a little camera shy.  This silly woman puts a yellow bag over her head.  It, the bag, cost ‘$3,000’.  It is a simple, silly, stupid yellow bag.  There is no way in hell it is worth even $30.  But the rich buy junk for themselves including undrinkable champagne so they can party like there is no tomorrow.


By the way, champagne ages very, very badly.  Yuck.  And the minute the collector drinks it, it turns to piss water inside his or her body, if they can stomach the vinegar.  I hope they drink it.  Heh.sunset borger

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6 responses to “Wall Street Wizard Lew Next Secretary Of Treasury (sic)

  1. Being There

    Yes, it is pathetic to watch the emptiness of these appointees in a govt. that has gone so far off the cliff, that laws need not be applied. It’s all just more of the same and the Oligarchy wins because people believe there’s a substantive difference between the 2 parties.
    Although there are cultural differences the real issues of freedom, democracy and economic determinism have been shunted aside for the ongoing war is peace, peace is war. There is where our wealth has gone.

  2. Kadenz

    It’s a mistake to tip off the 1 percenters about the vinegary champagne and the cheap shopping bag. On the contrary they should be encouraged to buy more of such stuff – it’s one way to redistribute wealth. Like I have a pair of sandals which is in mint condition and was once worn lightly by Pontius Pilate. Now, I’d like a horde of 1 percenters to beat a path to my door and beg me to sell it to them … for, say, 1 billion dollars. 😉

  3. Jim R

    Don’t be silly, Kadenz, Pontius Pilate didn’t wear foam rubber flip flops.

  4. melponeme_k

    China looking to kill Natives for their gold ala 16th Century Spain style. History is a circle, indeed.


  5. emsnews

    And the hunt for gold resumes! And this means killing natives who live where gold hides. This is an old story.

  6. Lucky13

    I never liked wine and bubbly.
    What got to me is the hedge guys pushing the price of art up…
    good art and junk like Basquait[?].

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