Butler Release Of Information Leads To Pope Resigning

Ratzinger and I have a distant mutual history.  When I was a student at Tübingen, Germany in 1968, he and I had a fateful confrontation.  He was arguing with me about the Vietnam War and NATO’s role in the Cold War at a public session on the campus in the Old Auditorium (which was really old, a medieval hall) when I suddenly pointed to him and said, ‘Where were you in April, 1945?’  He got very flustered and I said, ‘I know where you where!’  That is, he was guarding the perimeter of Dachau.


How did I know this?  I had my own information due to my father being there that  month back in 1945.  It was all rather strange, how I sensed that Ratzinger was at that place back then.  He freaked out on me and this led the opposing students to dig deeper into his own history which drove him crazy because he wanted to hide his own past.


Years later, he told the press in an interview that he changed his persona suddenly one day in Germany after this raucous meeting and he even pointed out that I was responsible for him becoming an anti-woman radical right wing lunatic.  This made me laugh.  As if he wasn’t a Kinder Kuchen Kirche Nazi from day one!  To please his professors in Tübingen, he pretended to be much more liberal but that was a mask.  All I did was tear it away from his face.


Well, after running the office in charge of patrolling the priests, he became Pope.  And after seeing first hand my own skills at exorcism, he desperately wanted to prove he could do this, too.  Of course, being evil, all he has done over the years is make things worse, not fix anything.  He and his strange buddies in the Vatican went to great lengths to prove they can use magic water and chants to drive out demons while demons cheerfully occupied the soul containers of these bizarre, power hunger men.


The sad truth about any exorcism is, you have to face Death and if one’s hands are stained with blood, guess what?  You are a demon!  And Ratzinger has plenty of blood on his own hands.  The exorcism business for these jerks is all about sex.  They do these goofy games with women who have severely repressed their sexuality so it gives the females an excuse to act sexy while the men pretend they are suppressing this rampant sex due to it being some alien demon.  This bizarre business isn’t covered much by the media for some odd reason.


We know that the core of the Church is all about raping women, children, boys, torture and killing people for being ‘witches’ or rebelling against church dogma, the suppression of science and the control of finances.  Which goes to the core of this criminal operation: the Butler release papers that showed Ratzinger to be a gangster!  He was imprisoned and the papers were not fully published due to the media snoozing away like it did for centuries as priests raped everyone in their vicinity.


Recently, a priest was caught running a sex operation that had all sorts of dirty S&M stuff, another priest had to have the police save him from his S&M sex masturbation, the list of crazy sex-fiend priests continues onwards.  Why are they all sex fiends?


Well, for one thing, they hate women’s rights.  They have this magical female named Mary who had illicit sex with their ‘god’ and yet was a ‘virgin’ (hahaha) but gave birth to a half human child which his daddy, this rampant god, had to make someone kill so that our ‘sins’ would be cleaned by human sacrifice…holy tamales!  No wonder this bizarre religion spread so far and wide.  Just stating the facts makes one wonder about the sanity of the entire operation which is crazy from the start.


They hate women.  The Church made this crystal clear from day one.  Women who never had sex were sort of OK but not as good as a priest and the pope was the best of the lot even though any review of the history of popes show the exact opposite: corrupt, brutal, evil, vi0lent, repressive, intolerant, at war with all humanity, endorsing and enabling slavery, looting, murder.  Not a good picture.


This pope is as bad as ever.  He had no excuse of ignorance as to what is going on and why his army of male priests are such creepy guys.  This man interferes with our elections, our laws, trying to impose his goofy, anti-women’s rights views on the rest of us and he wants to force women even if raped, to bear babies because his gang rapes women and children and need a continuous supply of victims.


This pope was at odds with many of his own nuns and has ridden hard on them trying to take away their independence, rights and powers and turn them into ‘children’ who have to beg daddy for a crust of bread.  He tried his hardest to break the nuns.  Far from being a good pope, he was pure evil.  And then there is the banking business at the Vatican:  HAHAHA.  Mirror image of the City of London and Wall Street.  Lots of dirt there and all of this is kept ‘in camera’.  That is, no cameras allowed.  Right?


Auf Wiedersehen, Ratzinger!  Nicht!  Zu Hölle mit dir!  Now we can wonder, what will replace this jerk?  Perhaps the Vatican can finally pick a nun.  It might even fix what ails the Catholic Church in general!

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36 responses to “Butler Release Of Information Leads To Pope Resigning

  1. JSmith

    “Perhaps the Vatican can finally pick a nun.”

    Why not? Women can screw things up just as well as the guys can.

  2. Eso

    …………We know that the core of the Church is all about raping women, children, boys, torture and killing people for being ‘witches’ or rebelling against church dogma, the suppression of science and the control of finances…………..

    I did not know about Ratzinger being at Dachau. However, I do know, inferentially, that the story of Jesus Christ is the second version of what actually happened to Basil the Bogomil at Constantinople in 1118. [He was incinerated, not crucified.] It is this first, unknown known (no doubt hid in the Vatican archives) story, that is the false flag that flies over the Western world since its founding time, and the core story of the New Testament that yet awaits discovery, demystification, and publication.

  3. Jim

    You seem to be an expert on the Pope and the Catholic church and that is O.K. BUT your understanding of Jesus the Christ is as flawed as the Catholic church

  4. Lucky13

    Butler Release Of Information Leads To Pope Resigning…

    OK, I will go search and find what you are alluding to.

  5. Lucky13

    OK, Elaine what is in the book?

    This did not tell me:

  6. Eso

    The Vatican link http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/biography/documents/hf_ben-xvi_bio_20050419_short-biography_en.html to Ratzinger’s biography states that during the last months of the war he joined the auxilliary antiaircraft corps. At that time (early 1945), Ratzinger was just turning 18 years old. The auxilliary antiaircraft corps was, at the war’s end. a catch all, for youths of a desperate Nazi Germany. While Ratzinger apparently volunteered for this service, many young men of Eastern Europe (Baltic countries for example) ended in this pool involuntarily and as a consequence ruined their careers in post-war Soviet Union. On second thought, lacking some concrete proof, I am hesitant to call Ratzinger a nazi on the basis of his enlistment, even if he did end up being sent to guard the periphery of Dachau. Indeed, it may explain why subsequently he pursued religious studies.

    My allusion in an earlier post to there being a second story about what happened to Jesus (Basil), concerns one of the earliest ‘false flag’ stories fabricated by the West, the rulers of France particularly involved. Most of the West and most Catholics do not suspect such a story, just as most Americans today believe that the 9/11 event was for ‘real’. Over the centuries the Vatican ‘false flag’ has been so integrated by ‘evangelizing’ into the cultural web of the West that for most of the West, it is an “unknown known”. I suspect though that the archives of the Vatican do have the event recorded, which when discovered will make it a “known”. My own efforts at unraveling the story can be read at my url.

  7. Christian W

    Oooh I think I see a job opportunity for you, Elaine! 🙂

  8. charlottemom

    What information was released by the pope’s butler? I have not heard what is was.please provide a source.
    i dont think resignation was due to sex scandal (although deserved) but perhaps a banking scandal..banca di monte paschi or maybe cyprus bank money laundering. (Remember where knights of malta are based)
    is this what you mean by gangster ratzinger?. Vatican insolvent?

  9. JT

    Betting agencies are saying the next pope is black.


  10. wendy

    Pope is a war criminal. Is that the reason?

  11. Ed Hoarse

    The Vatican is playing with dark magic. They believe the time for Peter the Roman to complete the apocalyptic cycle of the church as predicted by Malachy. Guessing they saw something setting off the end game.

    Popes don’t resign even if they are Nazis, you serve till death or a critical juncture in the timeline. Something must have really spooked them recently from one of the Vatican observatories and NASA telescopes, one of the big comets meeting the Nostradamus two suns quatrain II.41.

    The next Pope gets the honor of seeing Rome in ruins and getting killed by bullets and arrows, according to the Third Fatima Prophecy.

  12. I gave Pope Palpatine a sendoff on my own blog with help from Star Wars and Monty Python.

  13. Dana & Jason Hegna


    In The Antichrist, Nietzsche wrote, “Parasitism as the only practice of the church; with its anæmic and ‘holy’ ideals, sucking all the blood, all the love, all the hope out of life; the beyond as the will to deny all reality; the cross as the distinguishing mark of the most subterranean conspiracy ever heard of – against health, beauty, well-being, intellect, kindness of soul – against life itself. …I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous enough, or secret, subterranean and small enough, I call it the one immortal blemish upon the human race.”


  14. Seraphim

    It is a while since I saw such a concentration of laughable nonsense in one place. Maybe I should have waited for more comments. I feel sorry for Elaine, but it is somewhat understandable, one can hardly wash out Jewish memes, when they are both genetic and culturally reinforced. But the story about Basil the Bogomil belongs squarely to the bedlam.

  15. Eso

    Each one of us has his-her own bedlam.
    The bankster sees bedlam last, because he controls the whip on behalf of the ruling class longest. Nevertheless, he-she, too, come to bedlam, and what a wonderful bedlam it is. It goes all the way back to the first time a prince decided to get wealthy at someone elses expense and persuaded a shaman to tell that “,,, every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God,…” (Romans 13) http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/august2007/160807_quell_dissent.htm IMO, this is the first false flag ever flown, and was sent forth as a spectacular story that never happened the way we’ve been told it happened.

  16. JSmith

    “Most of the West and most Catholics do not suspect such a story, just as most Americans today believe that the 9/11 event was for ‘real’. ”

    Truther alert!!!

  17. emsnews

    This is a huge historical moment. No pope ever lets go of power except for one. They all hang on until the Gates of Death yawn wide open to receive these people who rule with draconian powers. Very draconian, vicious, hideous power, the power to murder, maim and torture.

    And there is a hell…it is peopled by popes.

    The Church still refuses to understand how corrupt the institution is. The popes, representing Jesus who was poor, live in vast palaces and catacombs, Jesus was killed by the state while the popes use the State to kill people who defy the popes or call them on their crimes.

    Instead of being investigated for crimes, the popes hold themselves above the laws and the Vatican has its own rules it is NOT ruled by Italian laws, the laws are made by the popes.

    The butler who was imprisoned for leaking information of Papal criminality was put in prison and THIS raised a big row in Italy forcing the German pope to retreat and release the man. After forcing him to beg to be forgiven by the creep on the throne.

    THIS is the scandal. I was shocked when the pope put the butler in prison. In the US, this is being basically ignored. But it remains a core issue internationally.

    The papacy has zero to do with Jesus and a lot to do with black magic, money creation and earthly power. The popes have zero power in the spiritual world, they are thoroughly corrupt.

  18. tfoth

    I wonder how Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) would reflect on the idea of the word “truther” entering the lexicon as a pejorative.

    Here is a link to his famous essay, Politics and the English Language:


  19. Paul S

    As an aside, according to certain interpretations of biblical prohecy, the next Pope will be the Anti-Christ described in the Bible. Look out End Timers! Here it comes, the moment you’ve been waiting for lol.

  20. DeVaul

    Um… I find Mr. Ratzinger’s biography hard to believe. Historians have documented that most, if not all, German children were first drafted into the fire brigades at the age of 7 or 8. They went out during the bombing raids and put out fires in the cities. When they turned 12 or 13, they were promoted to anti-aircraft duty around the cities and other areas, where they remained until the age of 16 or 17, at which point they were sent to an army unit for full combat duty. By this time, they had enough combat experience that no further training was necessary.

    I just don’t believe Ratzinger slipped under the radar throughout the entire war and then was drafted into the anti-aircraft corp at an age far too old for that type of unit, expecially at the very end of the war. At the age of 18, he would have been the commander of an entire anti-aircraft battery guarding a city or handed a panzerfaust and told to ambush a Russian tank.

    Of course, he could also have been a concentration camp guard, since this was a top priority for Hitler.

    (Glad to see you back, JSmith!)

  21. Lucky13

    The butler who was imprisoned for leaking information of Papal criminality was put in prison and THIS raised a big row in Italy forcing the German pope to retreat and release the man. After forcing him to beg to be forgiven by the creep on the throne.

    THIS is the scandal. I was shocked when the pope put the butler in prison. In the US, this is being basically ignored. But it remains a core issue internationally.

    OK..what does the Butler know?

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  23. Christian W

    I’m positive that nice lad Jesus would have been flabbergasted at the concoction put together, in his name, by the so called Church Fathers and assorted power seekers hundreds of years after his death.

  24. Scytale

    Edward Gibbon, at the end of his book, discusses Rome, after the fall of Constantinople, There have been criminals much worse than the present Pope,

  25. Seraphim

    Nietzsche believed of himself to be the Antichrist. But Nietzsche was furiously insane. And he had a “distinct appeal for many Zionist thinkers around the start of the 20th century”. Here you are.

  26. JSmith

    “In the US, this is being basically ignored.”

    Yeah, well, what’re ya gonna do? He’s there, and we’re here.

    (Glad to see you back, JSmith!)

    THanks, DeVaul!

  27. Seraphim

    And a more little nuance. Pope Benny was walking the same path like his “blessed” predecessor, humble obeisance the Talmudic religion, and doing penance for Christianity. He pushed it even further, to the point that he was called a crypto-rabbi. For this is apostasy. The pope cannot be called a Christian any more. As well as the roman-catholic congregation cannot be called Christian any more. In fact the Spirit departed this congregation long time ago.

  28. From lucky13’s CNN link:
    ‘”It seems to me,” Lombardi said, “that there is a line of desire for truth and clarity, a desire for transparency that, although it will take time, continues forward. I thus honestly believe that we are trying to handle this new situation: We are seeking the truth and trying to objectively understand what may have happened.”

  29. Grr, my comment on the quote didn’t come through. WordPress could hardly be less accessible to blind users if the designers tried for that.

    Lombardi’s rhetoric is something else. A “Line of desire?” What’s that? And he “honestly believes that [they]’re trying to handle this new situation.” Of course they’re trying to ‘handle’ it. 😛 Why does he want to “objectively understand what may have happened,” as opposed to just what happened?

  30. JSmith

    Elaine: “THIS is the scandal. I was shocked when the pope put the butler in prison.”

    Really? Why? Any of the medieval or Reanissance Popes would have had him strangled and thrown into the Tiber. Times have really changed!

  31. DeVaul


    Yeah, I can just hear poor Benedict now:

    “What do you mean you cannot put him in the Iron Maiden? What about the rack? Have I not given you all enough little boys to play with? Are your toilets not encrusted with diamonds? What the hell’s going on here?”

    We should pity him I suppose. He had to leave behind his gold-plated bathtub while the butler only sits in jail.

  32. JT

    Lightning strikes St Peter’s Basilica as Pope resigns

    Elaine should like that story….

  33. rps

    I’m surprised that you had missed Janet Tavakoli’s article, “Vatican City: True Financial Crime and Murder.”

    A Murder, a “Suicide” and Bank Collapses

    Roberto Calvi, chairman of Milan-based Banco Ambrosiano, was found hanging by the neck under Blackfriars Bridge in London in June of 1982. Banco Ambrosiano had just collapsed, and London authorities deemed his suspicious death a suicide.

    The “suicide” wasn’t a surprise to those who paid attention to investigations into the 1974 collapse of Franklin National Bank — at the time the largest crash in the history of the United States, in which the Vatican Bank lost $55 million……..

    The ultimate men’s club who’s soul — 😉 purpose is world power and wealth. The premier magician (pope) of the magic show promises life ever after and the simpletons worldwide will kneel, pray, believe and thirstily drink the sands of the desert with the promise of life after death rather than living life fully here and now. The gift of life is tossed aside for the belief of life after death? How bat shit crazy is that…..

  34. @rps Well, they worship a death god who used to be one of the sex gods of the Levant (Israeli archaeologists dug up the evidence).

    Worse was when they decided to follow the Roman Imperial Cult of the Caesars and decided to make the man Yeshua into the God Man Jesus.

    Worst still was when they decided to make the Romans’ perverted method of executing unwanted criminals into the essential act of humanity’s salvation.

    Even Josephus knew it was a scam. (See Antiquities 18.3.3, note what follows!)

  35. Eso

    There are two basic sources for the basis of the story about Basil (the King, the physician), which later was turned into the ‘false flag’ story about Jesus Christ. The history by Josephus is nothing much more than fog of disinformation to obfuscate the fact of a ‘conspiracy’.

    The first source, a description of the actual sacrificial event, is that of Anna Comnena’s “The Alexiad” (Penguin Classics paperback), pg 496-505. “Later in the… (a lacuna in the text here) year of Alexius’ reign there arose an extraordinary ‘cloud of heretics’, a new, hostile group, hitherto unknown to the Church….”

    The other source concerns the story of Polycarp of Smyrna in Asia Minor, who rode into town on a donkey (see Bart Ehrman, “Lost Christianities”, Oxford, p 183). While riding on a donkey was nothing unusual in its day, the fact that Polycarp did so, informs us that the event was likely transferred from the story of Basil The Bogomil to the “new” story of Jesus The Christ.

    Short of raiding the Vatican archives, the rewritten version is not likely to become a ‘proven’ fact. Still, there is enough other information that makes the event, the conversation at the bonfire that warmed Peter at the high priest’s house, a reflection of the firepit at the Hippodrome of Constantinople in 1118 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basil_(name).

  36. Seraphim

    One can barely believe that there are people who believe this bullshit. But reality is stranger than fantasy.

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