The Pope Goes To Hell In A Hankie: Male Secret Sex And Uppity Nuns Destroy Catholic Church

As the Pontiff hikes up his gold embroidered lace lined silk skirts and scuttles off to a nunnery seized by the priesthood to hide, the various ugly scandals and sex messes come broiling out of the Vatican thanks mainly to the butler who did this great deed, lifting the cover of lies, crimes, wild living in the Vatican.  And does this surprise me?  Why, the entire history of all religions is all about controlling sex and money while living like Nero fiddling while Rome burns!  And the fires eating the Vatican are vast indeed, fueled by deadwood 2,000 years old, never cleaned up.  It will rage until the Church dies.


Here is one news story not in the US all that much despite our media being all sex-crazed all the time:  UK’s top cardinal accused of ‘inappropriate acts’ by priests | World news | The Observer


“It tends to cover up and protect the system at all costs,” said one of the complainants. “The church is beautiful, but it has a dark side and that has to do with accountability. If the system is to be improved, maybe it needs to be dismantled a bit.”…One of the complainants, it is understood, alleges that the cardinal developed an inappropriate relationship with him, resulting in a need for long-term psychological counselling…
The Observer understands that the statement claims O’Brien made an inappropriate approach after night prayers.


Geeze, 1,000 years of torture, ethnic cleansing, religious violence, rape, wars, slavery?  There is something wrong?  HAHAHA.  The ‘Dark Side’ is the reality.  The ‘Light Side’ is the front, the illusion.  The Dark Side rules while the Light Side is used to blind people to reality.  There is nothing nice here.  Humans tend to not be nice.  And when given religious powers, the Dark Forces rule.  Everywhere and all the time, the history of religion shows this clearly.  Power=crushing force against all others.


A reader here claimed that I would go to hell because I am not delusional.  This is common.  Throwing the fear of the Afterlife at someone is fun stuff. If one disagrees on a topic, throwing that person into perpetual torture is a cool repost.  People fear death for obvious reasons.  Death is finality.  Death doesn’t fool around, everyone and everything everywhere eventually ceases to ‘exist’.  Most living things are simply content to survive as long as possible.


But humans can think about the future and knowledge about this impending doom destroys our pleasure so it has been a common human tool to control this fate by making up various tools that hand over power of life and death to an entity that will protect us or not as the whim may be.  It is obvious this entity, whatever it is, is doing a lousy job of protecting anyone from death since all humans die.  All.  To fix this, the Christians made up a thing about a human not dying.  Having zero proof of this, they claim you have to believe the impossible and believers will then get a little bit of eternal life even if they are really dead.


So, by deliberately believing something that is patently false, we get rewarded by a god that can’t prevent our deaths and shows little desire to do this anyways.  What is this all about?  We want to be saved and won’t be saved so we get this secondary promise with no proof but only if we play certain ritual games and do not have  the wrong sex.  That is, sex is evil and sends one to a bad place whereas the right sex is rewarded in some sort of hetro-sexual/asexual paradise?


With all the closet sex, both hetro-and-gay hitting the news, the Vatican hits out at claims Pope quit over explosive dossier on gay sex scandal | The Sun |News


The paper is quoted as saying: “The cardinals were said to have uncovered an underground gay network, whose members organise sexual meetings in several venues in Rome and Vatican City, leaving them prone to blackmail.


“They included a villa outside the Italian capital, a sauna in a Rome suburb, a beauty parlour in the centre, and a former university residence that was in use by a provincial Italian archbishop.”


Since the beginning, sex of all sorts has plagued the Popes.  They fixed this problem by killing or torturing anyone who tried to talk about Papal sex.  They went to great lengths to prevent anyone from knowing what was going on in this gigantic sexual orgy residence.  They would happily assail the rest of us for doing what they did all the time.  This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy which is this Tower of Sex Babel in Rome.  The Puritans howled about sex, too, while practicing various ugly perversions in the dark.  This would also motivate them to torture, harass and murder women who were ‘dirty’.


The Vatican is the world headquarters for European and US Wars on Women.  In the last election, the war raged here in the US with the Vatican backing the GOP’s efforts to destroy my civil rights.  The Pope himself wanted me to have far fewer human rights all in the name of saving humanity while he had sex with whomever he wanted and then his War on Gays is, of course, infamous and ugly in the extreme and the GOP played that game to the hilt, too.  From last year:  Vatican reprimands U.S. nuns over “radical feminist themes” – CBS News


The Vatican specifically criticizes the nuns’ leadership conference for public statements that disagree with positions taken by U.S. bishops.”

Most notably, the conference did clash with the bishops on health care reform. The nuns were strongly in favor, the bishops opposed.


This war is against modern medicine, modern care systems, the Church needs helpless poor people to ‘save’ even if this means enslaving and raping them.  Many of the children raped by pedophile priests were tribal children who were poor and were removed from their parents in say, Canada and the US.  Catholic Church Fills Growing Void in Africa because there is no socialism in most of Africa.  They depend on charity.  They have little in the way of public schools.  All the systems that socialism provides, the Catholic Church needs terminated so people have to depend on the Vatican to stay alive.


Then, they are trapped in the net.  They will be exploited, taxed, raped and enslaved.  What a great deal this is…for the Vatican!  And this insane Vatican crew has tried their mightiest to stop any social programs that might help the US public because then how will they get more power here if no one needs them?  Quite!  That is the entire issue here.  Europe is technically half-Catholic but anyone going there can see the empty cathedrals and empty religious outlets.  The message isn’t getting through due to people not needing the Church to stay alive.


The Pope hopes to flee all this without being indicted.  He probably will succeed.  Thanks to his fellow criminals covering for him.  But will Africa save the Church?  That is an open question.

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20 responses to “The Pope Goes To Hell In A Hankie: Male Secret Sex And Uppity Nuns Destroy Catholic Church

  1. lucky13

    But will Africa save the Church? That is an open question.
    I get the sense you are NOT joking with yr question, which shocks me.
    Africa has a Billion people and the population may soon double!

    Remember 1985s ‘We R The World’? Or ‘Save Ethiopia’?
    Ethiopias population has more than T-R-I-P-L-E-D in less than 30 years…
    thanks to Bono and friends.

  2. lucky13

    Elaine, yr link was to a trashbloid called ‘The Sun’…
    They didnt even proof the article…see;

    Britain’s top Cathoilic, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has called on the Church to overturn ceturies of tradition by allowing priests to wed.

    Read more:


    My comment…now Catholics are for gay marriage? of priests?

  3. Eso

    “Why, the entire history of all religions is all about controlling sex and money while living like Nero fiddling while Rome burns!”……………………..

    Why, I am of the belief that the entire history of capitalism is all about controlling sex (capitalists cannot sell a car without a pinup girl sitting on its hood) and money flows off the Federal Reserve money factory presses as if there is no tomorrow and an entire orchestra of Neros has applied for the job of first violinist. How many orchestras will sit around the Washington Mall? How many more jobs will be created by boatloads of tourists floating up and down the Potomac fishing for the invasive snakeheads?

    All those blanket condemnations in this blog of all religions do nothing but encourage an obviously failed and limpid secularism to turn smelly, and make one think the blogger is an agent of the CIA flying (with six wings) interference for the throne of God as Money.

  4. Being There


    I would have to agree with you here and can’t understand why anyone would argue that an ideology or belief system that works against human nature has to have this side to it. Simply psychology: It’s important to understand how reaction-formations works.

  5. Christian W

    American soldiers are in agony because of the neglected spiritual dimension, this world is more than simply a material world. I think it was Devaul that commented once on here that the US is in a gigantic spiritual crisis and I agree with him.

    “I’m A Monster.” – ”I Can’t Forgive Myself”

    “Killing in war is the issue for some troops who believe they have a moral injury, but Ritchie says it also can come from a range of experiences, such as guarding prisoners or watching Iraqis kill Iraqis as they did during the sectarian violence in 2006-07.

    “You may not have actually done something wrong by the law of war, but by your own humanity you feel that it’s wrong,” says Ritchie, now chief clinical officer at the District of Columbia’s Department of Mental Health.” etc.

    Another article that caught my eye was how the Department of (In)justice cleared Blackwater executives of felony charges in a case against them. Hardly surprising that the government of the Assassination Nation ‘takes care’ of the company that they outsource assassinations to…

    “DOJ Gives Blackwater a Whitewash On Felony Charges”

    Something funny happened in the Eastern District of North Carolina today. Out of the blue in an extremely significant case, and without particular notice to interested observers, much less the public, the criminal case against former Blackwater executives for weapons trafficking, and a myriad of other weapons violations, ended. Poof! Gone with an undeserved and inexplicable sweetheart misdemeanor plea. etc.

  6. I got a nasty shock when I checked out the Wikipedia article “Resignation of pope Benedict XVI”. The only mention of any scandal, which possibly might have something to do with the pope’s resignation, is in the “see also” section. Basically Wikipedia makes him sound like a lovely, well-respected older guy who decided to “retire”.

    But the talk page about the article is really fascinating. Lots of debate over whether the threat of criminal prosecution would be “off topic” in an article about his resignation. Lots of interesting links people throw in to back up their claims. And so on.

    The censors haven’t quite got it in the bag yet, but they’re certainly working at it.

  7. emsnews

    We don’t know everything about the Vatican because it is very, very secretive. End of story.

    There is a huge whale of a scandal out there swimming around Italy and it is connected to Italian corruption politics as well as rancid sex stuff which we won’t learn about unless someone steals all the paperwork stored there and releases it to the public, all, going back to the beginning!

    Who will do this for us?

    Heh. Look at the rage our ratty State Department had when some semi-classified documents were released!

  8. emsnews

    And the reason I am angry with the Catholic leadership is due to their naked attempt at removing nearly all of my personal civil rights. Maybe men don’t care about this but I care tremendously about this. Their attempt at taking over things really irritates me.

    There is real hatred here. They stepped on my personal toes here at home and I wish to slug back.

  9. Being There

    The point is that if you study world history you understand that the Catholic church was very involved with political and monetary power.
    There is indeed a lack of spirituality, but the problem is that humans have a very difficult time with creating institutions and the power that accompanies it. It always corrupts, even those things that are supposed to be spiritual.

  10. lucky13

    If it isnt the Christians / Catholics its the polis:

    Joe Salazar Apologizes Over Controversial ‘Rape’ Comment

    After this went viral, he did.

    “It’s why we have call boxes. It’s why we have safe zones. That’s why we have the whistles, because you just don’t know who you’re going to be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re going to be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop… pop a round at somebody.”
    The video of a Democratic lawmaker talking about rape while debating a gun bill involving college campuses has gone viral, with Republicans and Second Amendment activists likening Rep. Joe Salazar to failed Senate candidate Todd Akin.


  11. lucky13

    Being There, If it werent for Christianity, id guess theyd be no Western Civilization. No WC, no computers.

    Everything [good and bad] or close to it was created by 2 sub groups..
    White males and yellow males.

  12. lucky13

    ESO…with regards to yr post #3……
    Elaine has a VERY ‘Black or White’ way of seeing the world.
    Others attempt to counter that with their posts.

    She alludes to her right to an abortion. At age 60+ she will never need one!

    ELAINE: Unlike you, I have a brain. I HAVE A DAUGHTER. Not to mention a huge number of nieces.

  13. Seraphim


    It become more and more apparent that the most difficult operation is to take sex out of a woman brain!

  14. Eso

    There are good reasons why the Pope is in Rome. He is there, because the French Kings, once their westward wanderings were stopped by the Atlantic Ocean and England proved too gentle to thrown them back into the Lamanche and drown them there, turned their eyes, greedy for power and wealth, back toward the East and the bypassed and long established cultures there.

    Blocking the French royalty’s long look backward, were the European woods and the pacifist nature of the old religions of native aboriginal people. [Now they try to tell us that these were the Neanderthals]. The Crusades removed the wood (home of true democracy) and pacifistic native cultures (endearment was a built in feature of their languages), and replaced it with the ‘written’ word of God. The writers of those words were none other than the brothers of French and European kings who, by serving their brothers and justifying their criminal deeds avoided being nailed by their brothers’ arrows to a tree. The spiritual texts included many of the sentiments of the aboriginal people of Europe, except it added the notion that rulers no longer had to suffer death (capital punihment) for their cruel and murderous deeds. This is why to this day spiritually weak individuals, such as one Clinton, Bush, Obama, can assassinate any American by flying a drone dildo up his or her back pocket.

    What was done on the Crusaders’ road back East, is no different from what was done when aggressive ‘inventiveness’ built from the decimated oak wood giant ships and seized the north and south American continents, Africa, India, China, and Australia for a psyche that had liberated (liberalized) the traditional ‘dont do’ [don”t kill, don’t humiliate, don’t lie….]
    spiritual teachings. Soldiers in those days suffered less post traumatic illness, because their psychies were habituated to violence from a young age by slaughtering thousands of wild pigs, whose body parts were salted away in thousands of wood barrels. In remembrance of such inventiveness, the Muslims have a ban on pork to this day.

    These are some of the reasons why I will not miss the Pope, but Elaine spoils my pleasure at seeing a ‘natural’ demise of a spiritually gutless centre, by pulling and flashing around the Nazi card of a closet Yenta. She’s done and seen so much that it leaves me wondering if she perhaps was also one of the two generals sent to witness General Rommel’s death.

  15. emsnews

    No, that was my grand uncle.


    He was a general back then. Didn’t get along with Hitler but was friends with Rommel.

  16. DeVaul

    “…this world is more than simply a material world.”

    Yes, and this is where the failure of mankind manifests itself so profoundly. No kind of economic, political, or institutional reform can deal with the spiritual crisis that now afflicts us. It runs so deep as to affect nearly every one of us, most especially those who belong to religious institutions, most of which are jewish in origin.

    Elaine talks about capitalism, but this is a dead end as we slide over the Hubbert Oil Peak for planet earth. Kunstler talks about a “world made by hand”, but cannot see the social mayhem that will make any attempt to form a local business all but impossible. The archdruid has started a project to reteach the principles of democracy in hopes that they will be adopted after the collapse of our society, but these principles always existed throughout the Dark Ages in books copied by the Arabs. They made no difference to a society traumatized by sudden collapse and massive die-offs.

    I think Dmitry Orlov at least understands the problem enough not to propose any solutions to it, since doing so is tantamount to trying to predict the future. His advice to simply ride the current system down to a gentle stop and then hop off is actually quite wise. Only after the dust clears can we see what can or cannot be done — if anything at all.

    Personally, I don’t see how jewish religion can survive the end of the industrial age. These religious fanatics have worked themselves up into a frenzy over the course of their entire lives and expect, nay, “demand” an apocalyptic end that fits their linear view of life on earth. If they do not get it when it is so close at hand (nuclear annihilation), I don’t see how they can survive mentally when there will no longer be any realistic chance of “ending the world” in a massive war.

    I see a dark age for mankind. I see famine. I see disease. I see endless war on a small scale, but nearly universal. I see environmental disaster as a given when 425 nuclear powerplants around the world melt down over the next 100 years or so. I see people dying and being left where they fell as the survivors just keep walking.

    But, unlike the Jews, I do not see the end of mankind as the end of all things. Man may die off, but life itself will not. The oneness of all things prevents this from happening, and yes, we will all continue to exist in one form or another. Nothing simply disappears. All things are bound together, and therefore exist together. Perhaps one day we will understand this again.

  17. cBi

    Did you mean, “Go to Hell in a handcart”?

  18. emsnews

    No, I was making a joke.

    You see, a soul has no size so a hankie is enough.

    By the way, there CAN be an ‘end of times’ and my dad who believed in this horror worked hard to make nuclear missiles possible. And yes, when launched, these CAN do the job of annihilating us all.

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