US Imitates Evil Empire Darth Vader War Tactics: The US Clone Wars Begin

Way back when Lucas, who I knew when I was a student in Arizona at the same time he was going to school, first released his great movie, Star Wars, I said, ‘The US is the Evil Empire.’  That is, Lucas was responding to the antiwar movement back then by glorifying the guerilla fighters who were fighting our empire back then.  He hoped that courage, big hearts and love would overcome the machinery of a greedy, hostile, hungry empire.  He went on further on this topic in later movies which are very popular but guess who is the most dramatic and popular character in these movies?


Darth Vader.  Of course, he is us.  Luke’s recognition that Darth is his daddy was a key revelation in the second movie, The Empire Strikes Back which coincided with the US voting for Reagan, the congenial face of corporate America and the collapse of our entire trade policy which turned on its head and created enduring and totally destructive trade deficits which continue unabated to this day.


The US empire was dying.  The death was not military, it was via trade.  The killing of our systems was internal, not external.  Our own leaders handed us over to foreign powers while at the same time, talking loudly about defying the world using our military.  As our industrial base was ruthlessly eliminated or sold to foreigners, the government armed itself to the point of insanity all while telling us, as we scrapped around at home seeking a living wage, that this was all done to protect us from foreign powers.  The very same people who were being sold the US lock, stock and barrel including owning our own military.


Now, our citizens are used as mercenaries to fight foreign wars on behalf of despots and foreign corporations.  In return, these mercenaries come home badly mentally damaged and commit suicide, crimes or go homeless.  The ones who evade this fate find few job opportunities outside of the War on Drugs or going back into the military to die slowly, internally or suddenly and violently.


The US response to all this is to eliminate humans.  So the US has gone heavily into drone assassinations and other robotic means of killing humans mainly overseas and nearly entirely Muslims.  This is expanding rapidly now that the Assassination Nation has totally embraced this destructive, cowardly form of warfare:  Officials: US to Deploy Unarmed Drones to Niger.


Alarmed at seeing Lucas’ vision come true, Activists launch campaign against ‘autonomous weapons’: Killer robots must be stopped | The Raw Story


The Stop the Killer Robots campaign will be launched in April at the House of Commons and includes many of the groups that successfully campaigned to have international action taken against cluster bombs and landmines. They hope to get a similar global treaty against autonomous weapons.


“These things are not science fiction; they are well into development,” said Sharkey. “The research wing of the Pentagon in the US is working on the X47B [unmanned plane] which has supersonic twists and turns with a G-force that no human being could manage, a craft which would take autonomous armed combat anywhere in the planet.


Ah, the ‘successful’ treaty to stop other WMD and other odious weapons cooked up in the military/industrial kitchens!  And pray tell, how did that work out in the past?  U.S., Russia refuses to sign cluster-bomb ban  after 100 nations signed on.  Yes, the two giant violators of human rights refused to sign it and of course, China didn’t because why should they do this when the US refuses to do this?  Indeed, the US is still pushing UN to lift ban on cluster bombs, say campaigners …which is typical.  We get more Nobel Peace Prizes than anyone and do the least towards eliminating war.


In an attempt to appear slightly peaceful, Obama Limits When U.S. Would Use Nuclear Arms –


It eliminates much of the ambiguity that has deliberately existed in American nuclear policy since the opening days of the cold war. For the first time, the United States is explicitly committing not to use nuclear weapons against nonnuclear states that are in compliance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, even if they attacked the United States with biological or chemical weapons or launched a crippling cyberattack.


Those threats, Mr. Obama argued, could be deterred with “a series of graded options,” a combination of old and new conventional weapons. “I’m going to preserve all the tools that are necessary in order to make sure that the American people are safe and secure,” he said in the interview in the Oval Office.


This ‘ambiguity’ was an open door for threatening the use of nukes.  The US has always snarled that this is a possibility if we face any major defeat in battle.  Our leaders contemplated doing this during the Korean Wars and the Vietnam War.  It sat there like Darth Vader at the Pentagon discussions about how to win wars.  Since we believe we won WWII this way, the temptation to do this all the time is always there.


The only reason the US did not do this twice before is simple: we were pretending to be the leaders of the MORAL free West and not savages like Mao and Stalin!  So the lust to kill as well as torture was held at bay.  The US just executed Nazis and Japanese for war crimes and knew they would be on the hot seat, themselves, if they used nukes on non-armed nations.


Now, with the failure to disarm third world countries which are menaced by NATO, the US is going insane with fear.  Disarmament which was for the nuclear nations to do has been entirely assigned to weak nations being menaced by the Great Powers.  Turned entirely on its head, the Ice Age of Nuclear Disarmament claims, once one has used nukes, it is OK!  That is, previous users are given an eternal right to use in the future!


This insanity is not lost on the rest of the world.  The US has steadily lost moral ground as it demands Iran disarm while protecting Israel’s huge nuclear arsenal.  On top of that, the US has unleashed insane Japanese imperialists to egg on war, too:  Abe says he won’t tolerate China island challenge as he struts around the world stage, sneering.  The US is deliberately using a non-nuclear-armed nation to start a nuclear war.


And not a peep from our government about the global pollution from Fukushima and guess why?  Washington nuclear waste tanks ‘leaking’  as the nuclear war program continues to poison our nation fatally.  The pro-nuclear forces are out in strength backed by the US and Japan as both claim nuclear pollution isn’t a problem, it kills nothing.  This propaganda campaign is a continuation of the propaganda pushed since 1945.


Inside the US we have a continuing breakdown of society as despair and fury rises inside the lower working class which is viewed increasingly as troublesome.  So far, the War on Drugs kept these unemployable workers replaced by robots or foreign labor in prison or happy in the streets making money selling illegal drugs.  But now, that is failing as millions and millions of men are made redundant or un-useful:  FBI: Neo-Nazi amassed 40,000 rounds, 18 weapons in plot to kill black and Jewish leaders.


The lower white class workers are led to blame people who have little to do with their problems or in the case of Jewish leaders, understanding they are selling out our country is tragic but has to be fought on legal grounds and this means educating people and peaceful demands.  Armed insurrection is actually sectarian/religious/racial warfare, aka, ethnic cleansing.  This man wanted ethnic cleansing.  As does nearly the entire population of white Jews colonizing Israel and stealing Palestinian lands!


The danger of allowing, enabling and promoting ethnic cleansing by Jews is obvious.  This is one dark raven that will come home to roost in the millions.  The US will have ethnic warfare if we continue down this particular path.  That is, turning to robots to fight our wars.  The one last outlet for ‘work’ by white males is joining the military.  Now, that door is rapidly closing as drones, robots and WMD are used to fight foreign wars and control our own population here at home.


The Academy Awards is happening and one movie in this stellar formation is a pro-torture movie claiming bin Laden whose body was thrown away after his head was cut off, and this movie has a lot of support in Hollywood because Zionists want to make torture legal because they use this tool a great deal:  Torture, Lies and Hollywood –


Ammar is a composite character who bears a strong resemblance to a real-life terrorist, Ammar al-Baluchi. In both the film and real life he was a relative of Bin Laden’s lieutenant, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. But the C.I.A. has repeatedly said that only three detainees were ever waterboarded. The real Mr. Baluchi was not among them, and he didn’t give up information that led to Bin Laden.


In fact, torture led us away from Bin Laden. After Mr. Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times, he actually played down the importance of the courier who ultimately led us to Bin Laden.


The FBI agent who spilled the torture beans had to leave his job and his book about torture was heavily redacted by the KGB/CIA operatives who are war criminals.  Torture is popular in the US.  Our media giants celebrate torture and show, nearly always, that is WORKS.  In movie after movie, TV shows and other media, torture works.  History says the opposite.  Torture only gets confessions.  As the chief torturers of the past, the Catholic Church knows all too well.


Part of the gross corruption of the Church was due to its use of torture and its warmongering.  This is what caused the Reformation, that and banking corruption and bribes as well as the usual, sex scandals.  Torture stops opposition due to fear.  The Church knew this. The Saudi Royals know this.  The US government understands this.  It stops whistle blowers, people who reveal secrets and ideological discussions.  It is a great tool for silencing people.  It is lousy when it comes to getting information.


Here is some very interesting news in a dark way:  UK movie audience gets wired into plot – Europe.  There is little to this article.  It may be a hoax.  On the other hand, science fiction writers predicted this, too.  Eventually, the Hive Mind will rule via cutting off all alternatives so we have to think the same things passively.  Or be eliminated by assassin drones or fear walking in public due to the robot patrols that, if challenged or they sense ‘crimes’ they don’t taser people, they zap them and thus, eliminate them.


This is a probable future.  It is quite probable.  The Jews wish they could do this to all Palestinians, for example.  The Gods grant wishes and this were, in ancient times, viewed as a curse.  Even the Chinese have a saying about using wishes granted as a curse.  The elites want not morals but protection. They want to be safe while running riot, themselves.  They want the right to butcher people while being entirely safe, themselves.  That is, be like their gods.  Killers who can’t be killed.  And that is a curse, just ask Darth Vader who felt bad about all that when he finally was unmasked and dying.

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7 responses to “US Imitates Evil Empire Darth Vader War Tactics: The US Clone Wars Begin

  1. melponeme_k

    I wish Lucas had become famous for his excellent THX1138 instead of Star Wars. Star Wars became popular for all the wrong reasons.

    But then again, how can anyone be surprised about that when Lucas ripped off most of Leni Reifenstahl’s visual shots from Triumph of the Will? He may have had different intentions but the fascist ones remained preeminent.

  2. melponeme_k

    Incidentally, I thought you would find this youtube mashup interest. Frightening how much the imagery fits.

  3. emsnews

    Star Wars is a mirror for us all. This is why people are enamored with Darth Vader. He is us. And yes, the ending of Star Wars is pure fascism.

  4. lucky13

    Drones overhead.
    I wonder how soon till someone is ‘executed’ in USA by a drone????

  5. Christian W

    Another ‘favorite’ movie mirror has to be Independence Day. The Corporatists/Oligarchs are so obviously the Locusts devouring the planets resources…

  6. Mr Bill

    I previously worked on projects back in the 1980 -1990 period to address nuclear leakage at the Hanford facility and the Savannah River Works facility, and to a less degree, Oak Ridge. This was also about the same time frame for the Yucca Mountain facility to store large scale nuclear plant waste. Hanford and Savannah River were leaking then and nuclear plants were accumulating tons of radioactive waste.

    Here we are 30+ years later and the ball seems to have been dropped. In fact, the ball does not seem to be on the playing field.

  7. I found this artistic expression of the demise of the usa empire –

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