“Argos” (Religious Warfare) Wins And “Lincoln” (Civil Rights) Loses

When the Cold War ended the excuse for more wars shifted in a ‘time of peace’ to the ugliest and nastiest sort of warmongering: religious warfare.  This began not in Afghanistan or Yugoslavia, it began in Israel.  The moral justifications for religious warfare to eradicate or remove rival religious tribal groups was justified by the Zionists as ‘God’s Will’.  This, in turn, ignited the Muslim religious warfare efforts and now this fire burns across the entire planet with the chief enabler, armaments user and military muscleman, the US, orchestrating all sorts of wars against or for Muslim despots.

These religious wars infect everything.  In last night’s Oscars, I was dismayed at which film won.  A goofy Zionist fantasy about how the CIA tricks the stupid Iranians and thus, rescues Americans, was the big, total winner.  It even won over the other Zionist wet dream movie about bin Laden’s murder!  On top of this, the First Lady was dragooned into presenting the prize:  Oscars 2013: ‘Argo’ wins Best Picture Academy Award — presented by First Lady Michelle Obama in historic first – NY Daily News


Broadcast live from the Diplomatic Room at the White House, Obama was the shocker in a 3 1/2-hour show with few shocks.

“And the Oscar goes to ‘Argo,’” the First Lady, decked out in a stunning Naeem Khan custom beaded, tulle and metallic sequin gown, announced.


Hollywood is very heavily Zionist.  The message given to the Muslims in Iran and all the other Shi’ites we hate is, ‘You are stupid, we are smart!’  And since Zionists want to keep up the anti-Iran propaganda campaign, having the White House join into this farce is no surprise.


I thought, briefly, for iconic purposes to unite civil secular America, that the movie ‘Lincoln’ would win.  But no, like with ‘Syriana’, a totally bizarre movie about the Middle East that has nothing about Zionism or Israel in it, a movie making fun of Muslims and showing them to be awful people who are stupid and easily duped: that one was the winner.  One would have wished Obama and his wife could celebrate ‘Lincoln’ who is directly responsible for them being able to be in the White House in the first place.


But Hollywood needed its Zionist fix.  So off with the civil rights President and on with the religious warfare games!

In addition to this, there is the fundamentalist wars against secular societies.  More than one major religion wishes to undo modern civil rights.  All of these retrograde conservatives claim their various gods demand humans have few to no civil rights.  Why are these gods so anti-freedom?  Why do they all, seemingly, despise women so much and want to control our bodies?  What ails these gods?


This is easy to see: these gods are machines created by human males who want to control women.  Using various supernatural powers, they use spooks to scare women into giving up basic civil rights in return, they get to be saved or at least, not killed.  Maybe.  Actually, these male gods hate women a great deal and find many excuses to murder women and anyone looking at the history of the male gods can see how this operates.  These wife-abusing entities enable, justify and crow about cruel things they do to women.


Jesus is an odd duck here.  Even the males writing about what he did and said can’t hide the fact, he was nice to women and was very nice to ‘fallen’ women.  He stopped fellow Jews from stoning women to death, for example.  A big plus from him.  But the minute the poor man died, the anti-women wife abusers took over and turned nearly everything he preached and did on its head and resumed the war against women.  They had to change Jesus’s name to ‘Christ’ to make him into a frowning, hateful anti-women’s rights icon who wanted to oppress women and keep them in an inferior status.


It is much easier to rape people when they have no civil rights.  It is much easier to be cruel to people who can’t stop this due to a god protecting the abusers.  The Catholic Church is very guilty of this sort of thing which is why it is suddenly, thanks to modern communication, falling apart at the seams.  Yesterday, I reported the explosive news that a British Cardinal was trying to rape lower level priests.  Some here disputed my report.  Well, here it is:  Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns amid claims of inappropriate behaviour | World news | guardian.co.uk


“May God, who has blessed me so often in my ministry, continue to bless and help me in the years which remain for me on Earth and may he shower his blessings on all the peoples of Scotland especially those I was privileged to serve in a special way in the archdiocese of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh.”


O’Brien has been an outspoken critic of gay rights, denouncing plans for the legalisation of same-sex marriage as “harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of those involved”. He was named bigot of the year in 2012 by the gay rights group Stonewall because of his central role in opposing gay marriage laws in Scotland.


HAHAHA.  This god who hates women and abuses people is his salvation!  Note how he doesn’t pray for forgiveness for doing crimes.  He expects this rapist god to SHOWER him with BLESSINGS.  HAHAHA.  So far, this goofy god gave him a green light to abuse his own papal-designated powers and his ‘special way’ of serving the Scots was…CRIMINAL.


Naturally, this closet creep hates gays and worked hard to make life as miserable as possible for them.  He worked day and night to prevent gays from enjoying normal civil rights.  He also worked to stop women gaining rights, too, of course.  The Catholic Church hates civil rights.  This monolithic monster heaves heavily over many societies.


In Africa, many gays are mercilessly persecuted.  The Catholic Church sees this odious persecution as a ripe fruit to pick and expects to grow greatly in Africa based on its desire to persecute gays and deny rights to women.


The Pope, surrounded by outrageous scandals, also calls on this rapist god:  ‘God told me to go’: Pope speaks to emotional crowd of 100,000 gathered to hear goodbye message.  If this god were not a rapist god, I would say, it ordered the Pope to go away because it is embarrassed to be represented by a bunch of closet gays and hetrosexual rapists and child molesters.  Of course, there may be such a god!  I would hope so!  But few in religious positions of power in any of the male god religions seem to be pro-women, children or gays.  They are very prone to be rapists, abusers and enslavers.


Now, on to the President who is being constantly assailed by creepy religious fanatics:  National Prayer Breakfast speaker lectured Obama on flat tax to ‘please’ God | The Raw Story


As the president was forced to sit and listen, Carson had suggested that Biblical “tithing” would be a better system than the current progressive tax where wealthy Americans pay a higher rate than the poor.


The very rich have removed that system. They pay less percentage of taxes compared to the middle class.  Tithing never worked as a system.  It was used, of course, as a form of rapine, abuse and theft by the Medieval Church to enrich the Vatican and the kings.  That is, the poor peasants toiled hard and then their work was taken away and they were left to starve.  No charity for them!  When a peasant died, the Church would trot into the hut and steal the best bed, etc.  Leaving the widows with little.  Crooks, that is what it was in a nutshell.


Now for news about our failed crusade in Afghanistan:  Afghan president Karzai expels US special forces amid claims of torture and murder of locals.  The crusade is failing.  The US can only fight for Muslim despots like the Saudi Royals.  Yes, we are still arming insurrections against more secular Muslim leaders.  But the Muslim world nearly totally rejects the US and nearly uniformly hates the US and our crusade is a failure.

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6 responses to ““Argos” (Religious Warfare) Wins And “Lincoln” (Civil Rights) Loses

  1. Christian W

    Of course the pro CIA movies walk away with the honors… ‘quelle surprise’. The propaganda is starting to get more and more heavy handed and unsubtle now.

  2. Richard

    The really interesting thing about “ARGO” is that its depiction of the CIA heroes saving the day is complete nonsense. Ken Lewis the Canadian Ambassador at the time said that its script writer didn’t know what he was talking about and Jimmy carter, President at the time said “Ninety per cent of the contributions to the ideas and consummation of the plan was Canadian, and the movie gives almost full credit to the American CIA,” This shows that Hollywood has become a complete tool of government and CIA propaganda.


    ELAINE: CORRECT. Not the first time Hollywood lied about wars, our allies and their victories. All victories go to the US crew no matter what. Isn’t that cowardly? HAHAHA.

  3. lucky13

    Hollywood is very heavily Zionist. [among many other bad things]
    So skip films, cable tv, advertising etc.

    I saw a post on facebook from one of those conservative groups
    saying FB was after them and the monitors for FB are in Morocco
    and get paid 1$ an hour!

    Remember HuffPost having folks ‘write for free’ while Arriana made bocoo bucks?
    Zuckerberg [Times man of the year] making billions and allegedly paying 1$ an hour.


    VigilantCitizen.com for info info on Oscars and other Holly weird info?
    Please! He studies mind control in media and hes not a nut.

  4. emsnews

    Mind control: Very ancient. Has been going on since about 10,000 BC. More or less. Probably older.

  5. Ed-M

    Hi Elaine! You are so correct about all victories having to go to the US crew. Even WWs I & II. We wouldn’t have won WWII without the Russians, and we probably wouldn’t have won WWI without the viral empire. US troops caught the H5N1 Flu virus from the Brits and passed it on to the Germans during a battle inside a tunnel; this is documented in a PBS documentary about the Spanish Flu.


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