Too Few Lifeboats For Passengers And Crew Of USS Ship of State

The US alliances are like a huge cruise ship that has too few lifeboats and it suddenly has engine trouble.  That is, this is a floating disaster.  The US floats on a fiat currency sea of red ink.  A trade war is raging right now as it always does with the clueless US ship the sitting duck target of hostile foreign take overs.  The allies of the US are stirring war with other US allies while China, the other giant ship on the Seven Seas has the biggest trade navy as well as the biggest sovereign wealth fund.  In today’s news, we see Japan, desperate and obnoxious, picking fights not just with China but with North and South Korea and Russia.  Anyone left out?  Letting our ‘friends’ start wars is insanity.


First, a news story about the floating casino boats traveling all over the seas while being highly dangerous due to manipulating international laws:  Many Cruise Ship Lack Backup Power Systems, Vexing Regulators –


Meanwhile, overall safety troubles may increase, experts say, as operators introduce a new generation of megaships. Massive new vessels like the Oasis of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean, can carry up to 5,400 passengers and 2,160 crew members. That is one-third more than the number of people on vessels like the Splendor.


Experts say that evacuating any vessel is a dangerous, last-ditch procedure. And the prospect of doing so on a ship like the Oasis of the Seas is daunting. It carries enough lifeboats for 6,500 people; or 1,000 seats fewer than its maximum capacity…Under a rule from the United Nations agency in 2006, any cruise ship built after July 2010 is required to have such a system. But during the past decade, as ship operators raced to build bigger ships to supply a growing consumer demand, they chose not to voluntarily add backup systems to new vessels.


Some international laws were passed so the owners of these floating catastrophes rushed even bigger, worse ships into production.  The fact these clowns decided deliberately to have far fewer lifeboats than necessary is a sign of inhuman disregard for safety.  They should be arrested immediately and charged with criminal neglect.  Of course, they can claim, it was perfectly legal to not provide for enough lifeboats.  Logic tells us, if there is a disaster, many people will die rushing to these boats due to knowing there are not anywhere near enough.  With the staff who knows best running for the boats first.


There is no legal reason to allow this ship to sail.  It must be terminated.  It is a criminal operation.  Just as a building hosting crowds cannot operate if it has no proper exits.  Hundreds of people died recently in Brazil due to a stage fire where there was only one exit.  These death traps are basically illegal. No one has a right to run a death trap and a ship with far fewer lifeboats than people is a death trap.


Of course, due to corruption and bribes, these floating disease/disaster boats are allowed to operate with no oversight.  The only thing stopping this madness is for informed consumers to realize they can die if they go on these things.  It is only a matter of time.  The recent ship that was left with no power and no controls in the Gulf of Mexico was lucky to not be sucked into a hurricane.  Everyone would have died.  There are no icebergs but if this happens to a ship where there is ice, it can happen.


The US is entering a period of time when funds to run the State are going to be cut suddenly.  The GOP wanted this and is angry that voters are blaming them for this.  Meanwhile, the GOP is spending $30 million to fight off gay rights:  Scores Of Republicans Sign Legal Brief Supporting Gay Marriage Ahead Of Supreme Court Arguments comes as a surprise.  Retired GOP operatives are for gay marriage!  But Mrs. Bush and Mr. Cheney both told everyone, they do NOT support gay rights OPENLY so shut the hell up.  Of course, the entire Ship of the Vatican has clobbered the rocks and is rapidly sinking due to gay and female hatred.


Then there is the USS/Royal Navy ship of state smashing into the Afghanistan and Iraq rocks.  Tony Blair: People are still ‘very abusive’ to me 10 years after the Iraq War…adding that he has given up trying to “persuade people it was the right decision”.  This  is rather sad.  People call him a war criminal to his face and he cannot understand why.  The ICC hasn’t arrested him!  Nor the Bush/Cheney gang.  So it is legal just like selling berths on  a ship with 1,000 fewer lifeboat places.  He feels that since he and his Bilderberg Buddies have legalized deceptions and theft, it is OK to steal.


One of the most delusional papers on earth is the Washington Post:  Japan’s economic turmoil may provide an opening for the U.S.   According to the Post, now we can get Japan to sign ‘free trade’ agreements even though the Japanese have a near-total boycott of all US goods except for commodities needed for their own industrial base.  This is never fixed because the Japanese have zero intention of fixing this.  It is to their benefit.  So they won’t do it, ever.


And they need a captive US market more than ever because they are rapidly alienating all of their Asian neighbors one by one: N. Korea denounces Japan’s vow to visit island near Dokdo | YONHAP NEWS


Earlier in the day, three Japanese lawmakers said that they will travel to South Korea on Monday for a four-day trip to Ulleung Island, the closest South Korean territory to its easternmost islets of Dokdo over which Japan has frequently laid claim.


Following the announcement, South Korea immediately reaffirmed its stance that immigration officials will deny entry to the lawmakers upon their planned arrival at Gimpo Airport in western Seoul on Monday and send them back to Japan.


Because of very aggressive and utterly insensitive Abe actions, everyone is freaking out and serious attempts at stopping Japan’s export markets is rising rapidly:  S Korean small businesses urged to boycott Japanese goods ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion.  Read the Japanese comments at this site!  They are quite anti-foreigner and often viciously pro-Japanese imperialism.  Nearly all of the Japanese there (some foreigner chew them out for this) claim their neighbors have no right to bring up  100 years of Japanese aggression.  They should forget about WWII and give Japan whatever territories Japan demands.


This mindless pursuit of hatred is everywhere:  Sea Shepherd says Japanese whalers rammed two of its ships ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


“There has been the most outrageous attack on the Sea Shepherd Australia ships today; multiple rammings of those ships by the giant factory whaling ship from Japan,” said co-campaign leader Bob Brown.


“Water cannon laid on the ships and concussion grenades lobbed on the ships from the Japanese government escort vessel. Japan through its loud hailers ordered Australian ships out of Australian territorial waters while they wanted to proceed with their illegal refuelling of the Nisshin Maru… to allow them to continue their illegal whaling in this international and Australian whale sanctuary.”


The Japanese howl when anyone disputes their one-sided imperial encroachments but when they invade foreign waters, they don’t care.  The whales which are killed usually are thrown away.  This is a ‘jobs program’ for the Japanese.  And are aggressively territorial.  Japan wants to keep its ownership of distant waters up to date and funding mass whale killings is how they claim parts of say, Antarctica’s waters.


Finally, back to the sinking US ship: Citing fiscal crunch, the government releases “several hundred” detained illegal aliens …I changed the headline because the US media has decided to ditch ‘illegal alien’ and uses ‘immigrant’ instead which is a lie. We do have legal immigrants.  And lots and lots of illegal aliens who come as invaders.  This is yet another issue as our ship has too few job berths for citizens so of course, we should take on a few million more seeking berths, right?

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7 responses to “Too Few Lifeboats For Passengers And Crew Of USS Ship of State

  1. Peter C.

    Talk about a replay of the Titanic!These ships would be a death trap if any serious happened.
    I guess the extra 1000 steerage passengers can just swim for it?
    That’s if they don’t get locked in below.

  2. Christian W

    Those ships are indeed death traps, especially in unskilled or careless hands. Here is the radio traffic from when a similar ship, Estonia, sank in the middle of the night with hundreds of people lost. Estonia is contacting a lot of similar cruise ships they knew were close by and were hoping for a rescue. Quite chilling to hear:

    Even so the greatest danger is probably fire onboard. Estonia’s captain drove too fast in rough seas and broke the bough of the ship. As an aside I’ve sailed with the captain on Mariella that can be heard here, but on another ship, so I am quite familiar with these luxury floating nightclubs/restaurants/casinos.

  3. Christian W

    Grrr wrong link try this one:

  4. Christian W

    Bah… it’s video number 3 in that playlist, apparently it won’t link there directly… sorry for the spam.

  5. Seraphim

    The idea of Bush-Cheney buggering each other is fun.

  6. melponeme_k

    Someone wants to rebuild a Titanic replica.

    Gee, I wonder how much it would cost me to locked down in steerage?

  7. CK

    Ah the fine folk in steerage who came to the USA to build a better life, Irish mostly and some scots. Back before the Immigration act of 1924; long before the import a new population act of 1965.

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