55 Days In Peking And The US Hawaiian Coup: Movies Celebrate US Imperialism

Hawaii imperialism

The British, Canadian and Iranian diplomats have been upset by the recent Argos Oscar win.  Coming out of nowhere, this bizarre piece of US propaganda lies took the world by surprise.  On top of this, the host of the Oscars, Family Guy and American Dad cartoon creator, Seth MacFarlane joked about Jewish control of Hollywood during the ceremonies.  He then loudly said he would never host the Oscars again but the real reason he won’t is obvious: he openly said what all the Zionists boast about in private.  The pretense they don’t control Hollywood is a CIA-level type secret to be kept from outsiders.


Hiding the truth about religious wars and US imperialism is a high priority item for Hollywood.  For several generations, Hollywood produced many movies celebrating the conquest of the United States and the decimation of the natives but this was switched off suddenly during the Civil Rights Act era replaced with the equally false image of the Nobel Savage who is superior to the European invaders.  This has put Hollywood into a bind because they still celebrate the Europeans invading Palestine and the shoving out of the natives there is not compared with the plight of US natives.  It is a verboten topic.


While I was sick with the SARS episode this winter I watched a lot of shows on You Tube.  One that caught my eye and which my cat, Crockett loved to watch, was a show of cartoon cats discussing imperialism.  Here is the show about how the US used missionaries to take over Hawaii in a proto-military coup and how this was papered over with an illegal and illicit vote for statehood when the UN pressed the US to let the natives there decide their fates:  Part 3: Hawaii vs. U.S. Imperialism – YouTube


That is, the US in the 1950’s was horrified that the new UN was anti-colonialist and our WWII allies who assumed like after WWI, they would enlarge their empires, instead were carved up.  This was entirely due to the communists pushing for this.  The new Third World alliances balanced the communist giants against the post-imperialist Europeans and Americans and thus earned some small freedoms.  Which began vanishing after the fall of the Soviet Empire and the change of China to capitalism.  Now, NATO invades or destroys African and Eurasian countries while during the 1950’s until today, the US continued to use military coups to control all of South and Central America despite being ‘free’.


Most Americans have no idea that Hawaii’s vote to join the US as a state was a fraud.  The UN rules were, the US could only let the surviving natives vote and the US knew this meant they would lose the mandate so they had a vote where recent invaders from the US mainland were also allowed to vote.  To this day, there are anti-statehood native Hawaiians protesting this coup.  When I was in Hawaii I spent some time visiting some of these politically active natives and we talked about the coup and how they lost control off all their lands to outsiders like the Dole family, a family of missionaries who then seized much of the land and imported mainly Chinese and Japanese labor to work their sugar and pineapple plantations.


Hollywood has been mainly imperialist for many generations.  While in bed, I watched several of these movies celebrating imperialism and this one in particular stands out as cruel, openly vicious and with no historical context as to why the Chinese hated the European and US invaders:  55 Days in Peking, Full Feature – YouTube.  The movie opens with all the competing powers who took over property right next to the Forbidden City in Beijing loudly playing martial music while raising their flags right under the nose of the Empress.  Like the queen of Hawaii, Liliuokalani, the empress tried to juggle the foreign invaders as best she could but was forced due to military power applied harshly, allow the Brits to import opium from India and the other powers to take over nearly the entire coastline of China.


The Manchu rulers were foreign invaders, themselves, and this is why they inspired little love of the oppressed Chinese population.  But the invasion of missionaries who penetrated deep into China after the coasts were opened, led to cultural conflicts because the missionaries told people that belief in Buddha or the philosophical beliefs of Confucius was evil and this enraged many Chinese.  The Boxer Rebellion was a direct result of this.  It was a popular uprising from below.  The Boxers were like the Ghost Dance Indians.  That is, they had magic  methods of protecting their very poorly armed people against bullets.  The Mahdist War in Africa used the same psychological tool, telling believers that they had magic to stop the bullets.


This futile revolt failed.  It was put down militarily. The movie made by Hollywood ends with military bands from many countries re-entering Beijing, playing loud music, cheered on by the foreign ‘devils’ as they put down and ultimately destroy the Empress’s powers.  She is then poisoned as well as the titular Emperor who had no power and a 2 year old put on the Dragon Throne which the Japanese took over and turned into a helpless puppet until Mao ended the entire farce.  Using this child emperor, the Japanese took over all of northern China and brutally ruled it and tried to bring in a million Japanese to rule starting with the end of WWI.


Hollywood has a long history of imperialist propaganda movies, from LAWRENCE OF ARABIA(1962) where the Rothschilds are never mentioned and the British negotiations over who controls Palestine are shown as mysterious and curious and Lawrence’s disgust over this isn’t shown as a reaction to the betrayal of the Palestinians but rather as him having some sort of odd fit and suddenly resigning and going underground and then dying in an accident.  Instead of exploring this very pertinent topic, the movie openly lies about the political fallout of the British need for Rothschild cash to run WWI in Europe.  Indeed, the movie makes it look like the barbarian Muslims screwed up their own negotiations by being stupid and they brought the mess down on their own heads. There is zero mention about Jewish demands that Palestine be carved up and handed over to the Zionists.


In the Heston hero movie, Khartoum – YouTube, there is also zero historical context.  The Brits talk about missionaries sent into Africa and the uprising in the Mahdist Wars and this is shown as ‘insane Muslims getting violent’ and not as a direct response to European incursions into Africa.  As it is today.  Our NATO incursions are all about ‘saving people’ but in reality, they are suppressions of often popular uprisings from below decks.  The uprising against Gaddafi, for example, has settled down into a continuous military suppression of Muslims trying to take over their own lands.  Nothing is making the news anymore as the socialist programs of that country are quickly unravelling.


For there is nothing the imperialists hate more than socialistic native control of commodities and labor!  Anyone who dares try this sort of thing is overthrown in coups or ethnic and tribal warfare is armed and encouraged by the imperial powers.  We see this every day all across the planet.  sunset borger

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12 responses to “55 Days In Peking And The US Hawaiian Coup: Movies Celebrate US Imperialism

  1. Jim R

    Flipping around on TV the other night, I happened to watch a program on PBS, “Something Foreign Policy Something Something” … can’t remember exactly what it was called. So I watched these weenies sit around and talk for about a half hour. It was all about bringing the benefits of civilization to this or that group of little brown people in MENA.
    After reading journalists like Chris Hedges and Pepe Escobar, the program was so boring and made-up that it was hard to stay awake. I was wondering how the “experts” on the show did not put _themselves_ to sleep, it was so boring and irrelevant. It must have been like that when Victorian diplomats discussed their efforts in China and India in 1905 or so.

    It is clear that we are in the very terminal stages of empire right now.

  2. DeVaul

    Speaking of “terminal,” listen to the head of the F-35 program:

    “The head of the US Joint Strike Fighter program has publicly lashed out at two defense companies for “trying to squeeze every nickel out of” the Pentagon for an F-35 warplane that is the most expensive combat aircraft in history.

    US Lieutenant-General Christopher Bogdan on Wednesday criticized Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney for overcharging the US government and failing to establish a good relationship with the Pentagon, Reuters reports.

    “I want them both to start behaving like they want to be around for 40 years,” Bogdan told reporters during a visit to Australia. “I want them to take on some of the risk of this program, I want them to invest in cost reductions, I want them to do the things that will build a better relationship. I’m not getting all that love yet.”

    He cannot sell this bucket of crap to our allies, so he (the pentagon) must pay the full cost of all the corruption and cost over-runs that everyone in DC knows comes with each one of our weapons programs. He wants “love” from a weapons manufacturer. How terminally stupid is that?

    I expect to hear more complaints like this from every conceivable department in the federal government as we must eat the full cost of our own empire with no reimbursement from our bankrupt allies.

  3. emsnews

    Yes, all the allies looked at the gold plated bill and tossed it back into our laps.

  4. tfoth

    I remember watching the Pinky Show episodes about the Vietnam War.

    The basic premise was that there really was no such country as “South Vietnam”. South Vietnam was invented by the CIA, and a puppet regime installed, at least partly as propaganda cover for what was really an invasion, rather than “liberation.”

  5. Alex lemas

    Well there ain’t no South Vietnam now!

  6. emsnews

    I have pointed out in the past that the US splits MANY nations in two. Still does.

  7. Jim R

    Or in the case of Yugoslavia, split it into several pieces.

  8. melponeme_k

    Films are being used now to whitewash the whole middle east fiasco and the “filmmakers” aren’t even bothering to hide the fascist agenda anymore. That is how stupid they think us.

    Your cat watches TV? My cat refuses to have anything to do with the TV or Computer. Whenever he is faced with images from either, he crouches down and purposely turns his head away. Unless he sees prey on it (birds etc). Obviously he thinks our entertainment devices are pure evil. Maybe he is right.

    I also notice that both my cats have pagan ideals. They worship Christmas trees (leaving gifts under it) every season and also leave gifts to the gods of water in their water dish.

  9. Ed-M

    @Jim R: “Or in the case of Yugoslavia, split it into several pieces.”

    That’s because tiny countries in crazy places are easier to manage and control. Even within US borders in locations that are terrible places, i.e., the Indian Reserves.

  10. emsnews

    The natives here were given the worst lands as ‘reservations’.

  11. melponeme_k

    “The natives here were given the worst lands as ‘reservations’.’

    At the time they were given the land it was the worst. Now a great many reservations are sitting on top of gas reserves. So now they are being pushed out for Fracking rights.

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