Israel Demands More Money And IMF Demands US Fund World Spending

The sequestration of our budget is causing huge waves of anxiety.  Global elite operations like the IMF want the US to continue flooding the world with dollars.  And of course, the issue of Zionism and how it resembles Naziism continues to cause the ethnic cleansers in Israel and their supporters in the US to get hysterical when anyone says this in public.  Turkey’s prime minister is the latest person to bring up the issue.  And will be punished.


Trillions of US debt dollars and trade deficit dollars have flooded the global economy and the entire thing runs on US red ink so, the IMF warns the global recovery will slow unless the US averts $85bn in spending cuts amid Washington impasse.Washington gridlocked as US spending cuts threaten recovery.  We have to keep spending that loot!  I will note here that the US Supreme Court had a coup back in 2000 whereby they decided US votes don’t need to be counted for President since we have no right to vote in the first place, it is merely a courtesy, not a right.  And the person put into power was the tax cut/more red ink Bush Jr. who then immediately put the budget into the red again.


This fueled a global surge in debts.  We saw balloons pop up everywhere as bankers were unleashed to create as many loans as they wished and dollars were created out of thin air at an astonishing rate. Now, the entire planet depends on this continuing forever.  DC has to balance the budget again and the method for this is simple: cut wild military spending and thus, stop all the anti-Muslim wars and stop the territorial disputes in Asia diplomatically, not using nuclear military threats, and of course, disarming our nation along with others as real peace is sought, not territorial prerogatives.


The nature of fascism is to make territorial demands based on ethnic purity power issues.  The US has embraced this due to Japan and Israel demanding we endorse, protect and militarily enforce ethnic purity pushes initiated by both nations.


Some time ago, while enforcing the imprisonment of a million Muslims in Gaza, Israel’s military forces attacked some Turkish ships in international waters and killed an American citizen.  This poisoned relations with Turkey and Israel has done nothing to fix this, like Japan, they told the country they violated to go to hell:  Zionism is ‘crime against humanity’ like Fascism and anti-Semitism: Turkish leader under fire over claims made at TOLERANCE conference | Mail Online


Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a United Nationals forum this week: ‘As with Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism, it is inevitable that Islamophobia be considered a crime against humanity…


”This was particularly offensive, frankly, to call Zionism a crime against humanity … It does have a corrosive effect (on relations),’ a senior U.S. official told reporters as Kerry flew to Ankara.


‘I am sure the secretary will be very clear about how dismayed we were to hear it,’ the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said .


…’Erdogan’s comments about Israel have become progressively more worrying,’ said Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress. ‘This type of rhetoric is pushing Turkey further away from the West and Europe and closer to Iran.’


The need to court Jewish money for elections and to keep the Jewish-owned media in check requires insane endorsements of Jewish crimes and activities that are in close nature to Naziism.  Zionism is very much a crime against humanity.  It predates Hitler and it inspired Hitler to demand it for other ethnic groups.  The first Zionist meeting over 120 years ago plotted to deliberately eliminate all the Christians and Muslims in the ‘Holy Land’ and reserve this mainly for European Jews.  It definitely was based on another push in the Americas to remove Indians from their native lands and confine them to the ‘badland’ reservations not to mention the racism of slavery itself, decreeing that anyone born in Africa and then kidnapped to the New World was perpetually slaves and would remain slaves for every generation thereafter.


The US has struggled over the issue of ethnic cleansing and racism from day one and has been guilty of a great, great many ethnic/race crimes.  To fix this, we passed the Civil Rights Act but this legal change runs alongside demands the US openly support racism and ethnic abuse so long as Jews do this to everyone.  I was a victim of this, myself, within a marriage.  It was awful, being a second class, ‘dirty woman’ person hurt my feelings and the people inflicting this on me thought I was a stupid person to point this out, complain or even cry when openly abused.


The Zionists run Congress while our media hides this as much as possible.  AIPAC meets this week so our media won’t mention this.  They are very energetic this year because Sequestration: Israel Could ‘Gradually’ Lose $500 Million in US Aid!  Oh no!  The Jews in Israel won’t get endless money from Congress!  Well, they will order our ‘representatives’ of both parties to fully fund all money demands of the Jews or else!  Cut something else for Americans!  And as I predicted, eventually even the Tea Party guys will figure out that someone is ripping off US taxpayers and it isn’t welfare moms.


So, even before they get rolling, AIPAC Lobbyists to Congress: Despite Sequester, Don’t Touch Israel Aid.  Obama has to kow tow to Netanyahu after he forced Congress to put Hagel in charge of the Pentagon.  Kerry is the kiss-the-ass guy for Netanyahu and plays his subordinate role to the Jewish leader very well.  Smooch*smooch!  Meanwhile, fearful of bad press pointing out the racism and Naziism in Israel, Israel ‘to delay settlement starts for Obama trip’ so it won’t be a total kick in the teeth from Netanyahu.


But right on the heels of the ‘suicide’ of the Australian Jewish Mossad agent who dared to spill the beans about the illegal assassinations using foreign stolen passports, another prisoner in Israel is tortured to death so as always, Israel examines itself and finds the IDF to be sweet as little lambs:  Israel – Autopsy of Detainee Shows Signs of ‘Resuscitation Attempts’.  The NYT has no comment about all this.  No examination of the story.  There are more NYT reporters in Israel than any country on earth outside of the fun places of Paris and London.


And yet the stories coming out of there are often naked of any details and few to no questions are asked.  This detainee was tortured and then they tried to keep him alive for the same reason the Vatican did this when torturing people: dying under torture means you can’t do the torture even more.  It is a delicate and evil operation to find the happy medium whereby the victim can’t escape via death.


And back to our other difficult and dangerous ally, Japan:  Ethnic Korean children in Japan lose out after Pyongyang’s nuclear test as ethnic tensions rise and the Japanese turn against all their neighbors.  Japan is very racist.  Movie Review – ‘Girl Model’ – Chilling Future Awaits Underage Recruits : NPR is a documentary about girls recruited in Siberia to come at age 13 to 15, to Japan to ‘model’ only to find themselves deep in debt to the Yakuza and then put out as prostitutes.


On a side note, I have pointed out for years that we are one major volcanic eruption from a new Ice Age:  Volcanoes Cool Earth’s Climate, Shroud Global Warming Effects, According to New Study.  Duh.  Thank you for some sanity.  History is clear: the chances of another Ice Age are huge.  We still have zero idea as to why this suddenly began three million years ago.  We have a lot to fear in this matter.  It is ten times more deadly for humans than a warmer earth.

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11 responses to “Israel Demands More Money And IMF Demands US Fund World Spending

  1. Jim R

    As for the warmer earth, it isn’t about a slight temperature difference … AGW is melting the ice at the poles, and changing the way in which heat and water are distributed by the global system of air and water currents.

    Two or three degrees, or even ten, will not make your winters much warmer, and will not make Texas summers much hotter. But the sea will rise quite a bit as landlocked ice in Greenland and Antarctica melt. And formerly temperate areas, like the midwestern US, will encounter persistent disruptions in rainfall that will throw a monkey wrench into the industrial agriculture most of us depend on for our food supply.

  2. Shawntoh

    Thanks, Elaine, as always with blog articles, your research and content are impeccable! –I like it especially because your blog has inspired me to be better at learning to pronounce peoples’ names correctly.

    The Turkish Prime Minister’s name (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) is a doozy as a challenge for me.

    In writing, his name is roughly rendered and pronounced as “rə-JEP  tah-YIP  ARR-daw-ahn”. Please note that all of the “r”s in the man’s name are slightly rolled by the tongue in delivery. I highly recommend everyone to check online for audio pronunciations for exactness and clarity in speech delivery. All the best and…


  3. Being There

    Yes, Elaine

    Thanks as always for pointing out all those pesky discrepancies not discussed in this country.

    Of course you know that debt is the driving force behind the neoliberal economic model. It is a perverse global system that is communism turned inside-out.

    Yes, valuable economic activities, such as bringing product to market now stands way behind the creation of debt to make a few wealthier than ever imagined. Why would they ever choose to change this when they can just drive everyone else down.

    This is austerity for austerity’s sake. They will go much further and we the people will have no protections in what we eat and no legal protections against any oligarch who wants what we have.

    All services will have a huge costs while we will be making less than ever. Yes lots of hard choices will have to be made by 99% of the population while the global elite will snap up whole towns and cities for pennies on the dollar. That ‘s your global free market.

    I keep asking free for who? Certainly not for me and you.

  4. I’ve often wondered whether more volcano eruptions could be predicted by global warming models. Fundamentally, what we’re doing when we burn fossil fuels is trapping more energy in the atmosphere. Why shouldn’t that extra energy be conducted through the earth’s crust down to magma, and make things more turbulent down there? Earthquakes, volcanos, storms, could all result from trapping more energy in the atmosphere, it seems to me.

    Maybe there’s even a balancing mechanism. If, as Elaine keeps pointing out, the dust thrown up from volcanos could cause another ice age, then the system might reset itself eventually. We carry on throwing countless tons of CO2 out there; there are lots of storms and earthquakes resulting from the trapped energy; volcanos throw up dust that blocks out sunlight; and in a hundred million years or so things get back to normal.

  5. “The nature of fascism is to make territorial demands based on ethnic purity power issues. The US has embraced this due to Japan and Israel demanding we endorse, protect and militarily enforce ethnic purity pushes initiated by both nations.”

    All that remains for US fascism to truly come forward, is the palingenesis: the renewal of the national identity, manic and mythic in its power, that will be offered as a return to our lost greatness, our exceptional status, the potent resurgence of our nation’s divine id. I don’t know if this will be triggered by the world-after-9/11 totalizing machinery that Cheney and the crazies began cementing into place, even as far back as the Reagan Administration; but it has all been guided into place in the subsequent years,– pulled into final readiness by the PATRIOT ACT and the NDAA.

    It could be triggered by the leaders who have decided that the time is ripe for it; or alternatively, by a rebellion which provides them the excuse to unleash the quelling of liberty, for which all the machinery of repression has been carefully constructed.

  6. melponeme_k


    They are beginning to rile up the states with the illegal alien problem. That is their strongest card. If the elites can’t use these people for slavery then they’ll feed them to the raving masses. In the name of national purity, of course. The worst of it all is that the left organizations are playing right into their hands by supporting the illegals.

    They’ll lose.

  7. DeVaul

    From RT:

    Israel to “play major strategic ally” card to save pork from DC.


  8. Ed-M

    @Elaine: “History is clear: the chances of another Ice Age are huge. We still have zero idea as to why this suddenly began three million years ago.”

    Actually we do. It was about the time the isthmus of Panama blocked the equatorial current. The warm water was diverted to the Arctic, causing the vapor therefrom to fall on the far North as snow and ice.

  9. emsnews

    That doesn’t explain why all the ice ages ENDED suddenly as they began.

  10. lucky13

    ‘ Movie Review – ‘Girl Model’ – Chilling Future Awaits Underage Recruits : NPR is a documentary about girls recruited in Siberia to come at age 13 to 15, to Japan to ‘model’ only to find themselves deep in debt to the Yakuza and then put out as prostitutes.’

    I have read 1000s of Eastern European women [Christian]are lured to Israel each year . And forced into prostitution. 1000s.

  11. lucky13

    ‘Two or three degrees, or even ten, will not make your winters much warmer, and will not make Texas summers much hotter. ‘

    HUH? 10 degrees will make winter much warmer. Maybe not in Alaska, but in more temperate places.

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