With Little News Coverage In US, AIPAC Meets To Plot More Wars, More Spending Abroad

When it comes to anything in foreign affairs and spending US dollars, AIPAC, the Jewish lobby, is in full, near total control of our government.  Our wars in Islamic countries has become very wearisome for Americans who are increasingly against these wars yet no one can stop AIPAC who buys Congress by funding elections all over the country and destroying anyone who votes against AIPAC directives.  So we have lost control of our own government and it is destroying our nation.  In addition, Americans have to figure this out by themselves by reading foreign news since nearly none of AIPAC’s activities is reported in the US since many or our media owners are Zionists.


To learn what is being said and done today in DC when our masters meet, I have to visit Israel’s media where they get the full news which is censored here:  AIPAC head: isolationism ‘extremely dangerous’ for Israel – Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper


In what sounded at times like an uncharacteristic “adapt or die” alarm to the American Jewish community, Kassen warned the Conference’s 13,000 delegates about the dramatically changing political circumstances that will challenge AIPAC’s ability to maintain current levels of U.S. support for Israel.


Kassen said that over 40 percent of U.S. lawmakers elected to the Senate and Congress in the past four years are new to their jobs, and that many of them had never visited Israel “or travelled outside the U.S.” He said that “important roles in Congressional Committees that are vital to Israel are increasingly held by people who have no foreign policy experience whatsoever.”…Kassen’s warnings were largely greeted by silence among the thousands of his listeners, in contrast to declarations of the strength of U.S. support for Israel, which were received with standing ovations.


Previously, the Washington Post carried a story about how the Evil Chinese Communists pay for visits to China and that is corruption.  Nowhere in the article did the reporter dare mention the #1 country that pays for these vacations—Israel.  This censoring of the true violator of Congressional ethics is quite common especially in the top international papers in the US, the Washington Post and the New York Times.


Both have many Jewish editorialists and reporters and of the non-Jews, they are all uniformly, Christian or other religions, sworn Zionists in order to keep their jobs.  Anyone failing the Zionist tests of loyalty suddenly is on the street with no job.  So everyone self-censors to the point that the entire news of any AIPAC meeting isn’t covered at all even if many people attending are media owners and reporters.  The only way any Americans can discover this is to go online and read international news and then wonder why Zionists are hiding themselves from the people they control via propaganda and political muscle.


To get more vital news about our masters in Israel as AIPAC lobbies heavily for even more wars, I went, as usual,  to European news sources:  Obama not bluffing over Iran military threat, Biden tells Aipac | World news | guardian.co.uk


There has been scepticism about Obama’s commitment to a military option against Iran, given the administration’s general unwillingness to be drawn into new conflicts after the experience of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Some observers feel that Obama’s threat is aimed purely at putting pressure on Iran to resolve the standoff diplomatically and not embark on another conflict.


Pro-Israel supporters of the military option, speaking at Aipac’s annual conference, attempted to counter Obama’s reticence by insisting the military option would only require an overnight air strike, rather than a prolonged conflict.


These vicious warmongering clowns promised the same with Afghanistan and Iraq.  The overthrow of Gaddafi was a total failure as insurrectionists spread across Northern Sahara Africa and chaos has ensued and now NATO is fighting in the desert with the US opening zombie assassin drone bases there so we can kill Muslims from our living room couches.  All this is very much approved and pushed by AIPAC.


While pretending the US is all about morals and the Muslims are evil, we support one of the world’s most vicious regimes:  7 Saudis sentenced to death by crucifixion, firing squad appeal for help to stop executions – The Washington Post


“I killed no one. I didn’t have weapons while robbing the store, but the police tortured me, beat me up and threatened to assault my mother to extract confessions that I had a weapon with me while I was only 15,” he said. “We don’t deserve death.”


Sounds exactly like how Israel behaves towards the Muslims it rules.  They, too, torture and kill youngsters and force confessions.  The US condemns this if say, Syria, does it.  But when allies do this and when the US at Gitmo does exactly this, why, suddenly, it is moral and good and no one is a vicious dictator but rather, is kindly and good.


Reading comments at the WP about another boondoggle that is being pushed in Afghanistan is quite revealing, even right wingers are against spending over $260 million on a Dam and other Afghan projects which are now, due to sequestering, being scaled back as U.S. picks up pace of withdrawal – The Washington Post


Building in Afghanistan while letting huge parts of the US rot.  Isn’t this utterly pathetic?  Building in Israel while the US goes into destructive self-denial?


This is what the internationalists have done to us all! They let in a flood of cheaper imports, killed off the unions, killed off wage hikes for middle and lower class workers and killed off major cities for profit. And then spent a fortune on foreign ventures which benefit us not even slightly while we foot the bill in the form of raiding the SS excess accounts and selling debt to China, Japan and others.


This is not popular.  Not at all.  If AIPAC’s creatures in Congress were to put up all of this for a vote, it would overwhelmingly come down as ‘spend no more money if you are cutting at home.’


Now on to another tattered international operation with a long and often very ugly history of civil and human abuses:  Burn this! Italian priest burns photo of ex-Pope Benedict, saying the pontiff ‘abandoned’ the world’s Catholics by resigning  – NY Daily News


“A shepherd does not leave his flock!” thundered Don Andrea Maggi, the 67-year-old pastor in Castel Vittorio, a medieval hilltop town near the French border, according to the report in Corriere della Sera.


“I am doing it because he was not a Pope,” Maggi said after burning the photo in front of dozens of horrified parishioners in the middle of Sunday’s mass. “He abandoned us.”


Too bad Ratzinger is a wolf.  I don’t know if this priest is a wolf but he isn’t very smart.  I predict the Italians will take back the papacy after they handed it over to two foreigners, one from Poland who they circumvented easily and one from Germany who pretended to reform but didn’t change anything.  Now, the gauntlet has been thrown and the Empire will strike back as the Cardinals are mainly Italians and they are scared about political changes in Italy which are interfering with their control and abuse of the Italian people.


Fascists and Vatican supporters work hand in glove.  And they are losing power in Italy and want desperately to reassert this.  And then there is that other Vatican support system, the Mafia.  Both have ravaged Italy.


Religious people have the strangest ideas about their God:  Florida house and debris being removed above sinkhole that swallowed a man – NY Daily News


Wanda Carter, the daughter of Leland Wicker, cradled the large family Bible in her arms. She said her mother and father had stored baptism certificates, cards and photos between the pages of that Bible over the years.


“It means that God is still in control, and He knew we needed this for closure,” she said, crying.


Using modern tools, demolition crews took out many belongings of the victims.  One was the Bible.  God had nothing to do with this unless the believers think God didn’t swallow the entire house deliberately but only swallowed one room, killing one person.  Talk about caprice!  If this God were interested in this family, it wouldn’t kill them this way.  But that concept vanishes when people in the grip of this ancient form of denial of reality think.


Our brains are wired to be in denial and to make up stuff.  Making up things is fun.  Facing reality is painful.  Thinking about how Mother Nature acts along various laws of cause and effect plus random chance is very painful so people pretend someone like themselves is in magical control of things.  Say and do the right things and you get protection from gods who are more like the Mafia demanding ‘protection’ money while causing ‘accidents’ created by the Mafia.  sunset borger

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11 responses to “With Little News Coverage In US, AIPAC Meets To Plot More Wars, More Spending Abroad

  1. Peter C.

    Just like the police on cop shows where some family get murdered except for the baby.The cop will say..Must have been God who saved the child!
    Why didn’t God save the whole family?Why does “God”let evil exist?
    How could you believe “God” is in control of anything?
    Drives me freaking nuts to hear this stuff!
    Ratzinger what a name for a pedophile protector.Good riddance to him.

  2. lucky13

    Peter, theres a cliche ‘God Protects Babies and Fools’. Maybe connect that to yr statement.

    ‘This is what the internationalists have done to us all! They let in a flood of cheaper imports,’ Yes…NAFTA, Most Favored Nation Status for China…both from Clinton.

    My question is ‘When does the Dollar Die’?

    Oh, DOW is at an all time high.


    ELAINE: The only ones to vote against that was DEMOCRATS in Congress, not the GOP which crowed about how great it all is.

  3. Paul S

    I recall a comment, usually attributed to Warren Buffett re investing, but it applies to many other areas as well. The saying is, “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.” The point is many folks pursue their selfish interests, facts be damned. The MIC pursues constant warmongering because it is profitable, even if it bankrupts its “host” country. The TBTF banks? Same thing. Wall Street couldn’t care less if they destroy entire national economies; those big bonusses are the driving force. My point is that it isn’t so much denial or irrational behavior that motivates people, although sometimes people DO act irrationally. But a bigger driver of behavior, I believe, are greed, arrogance–and being sociopaths. What is irrational, imho, are the victims of these predators. Where is the outrage here in the US? Note the riots in Spain when austerity measures were imposed. Are the average US citizens so sedated they can’t or won’t try to fight back against the entities that are robbing them blind?


    ELAINE: And the ‘greed is good’ mantra was embraced by the GOP for the most part. They were very loud about this and they describe sharing wealth as ‘theft’ from the ‘greed is good’ gang.

  4. Christian W

    What is irrational, imho, are the victims of these predators. Where is the outrage here in the US? Note the riots in Spain when austerity measures were imposed. Are the average US citizens so sedated they can’t or won’t try to fight back against the entities that are robbing them blind?

    I’ve been pondering that very question for many years. My best answer atm is simply that the majority of Americans are brainwashed. They do not know anything else than the world view (propaganda) that has been fed to them so carefully, and thoroughly, for decades. And most importantly and crucially, they do not want to know…

    There are exceptions of course, I believe there is a quite large minority that are aware, but the counter narrative is never allowed to be heard, and there are enough people who emotionally and psychologically identify themselves with the Greedy Elite/Oligarchs, even though they will never belong to them themselves. The fascist/fundamentalist/bigoted part of the population is large enough that they can drown and shout down any real attempt at a sane, reasonable, sober discussions of real time problems, especially since their voices are almost exclusively heard in media.

    And yes, the Democratic party is very much part of this fascist problem. There are limits in the narrative they do not cross, questions they do not ask, problems they do not solve. It is a phony party that plays it’s part in the great delusional dance.

    The American Democracy is indeed the best democracy money can buy.

  5. DeVaul

    Well, it happened. The bill to anoint Israel as part of “America” will sail through Congress. We will lose everything for this piece of burnt rock.



    ELAINE: What AIPAC wants, AIPAC gets.

  6. San Tron Hon


    Whatever the reasons for holding on to Diaoyu Islands, Japan claim to ownership is weak.

    There are books, reports and maps from the 15th century, during the period of the Ming Dynasty, that establish in no uncertain terms that Diaoyu Island is Chinese territory.

    The book Voyage with a Tail Wind and the Record of the Imperial Envoy Visit to Ryukyu bear testimony to this. Even writings by Japanese scholars in the 19th century acknowledged this fact.


  7. lucky13

    ‘Are the average US citizens so sedated they can’t or won’t try to fight back against the entities that are robbing them blind?’

    Odd that you would wonder:

    America’s Use of Psychotropic Medications on the Rise
    Nov 17, 2011 – A new analysis shows that 1 in 5 Americans is taking a psychotropic medication. … In women, the statistic was 1 in 4.

  8. emsnews

    Taking meds doesn’t stop people from doing things, hell’s bells! During the wild hippie drug years, we were VERY politically active and in the streets and rioting!

    No, the illegal drugs are what keeps things going by hiding economic pain in the lower classes.

    About Japan: fighting China is suicidal. China will eventually take whatever they think is theirs due to political, economic and military power. The US is going bankrupt, has allies who are very hostile and out to destroy our economic base while using our military for their own imperialist ends and they run our state department which no longer works to protect Americans.

    And this model has one end only: bankruptcy, sectarian internal warfare and a dismemberment of the US as a nation.

  9. lucky13

    EMS, thats quite a quote you put in #5!

    ‘The only ones to vote against that was DEMOCRATS in Congress, not the GOP which crowed about how great it all is.’

    I do not read everything the President says or said, let alone 12+ years ago….but…….
    The one I recall ‘crowing’ was Clinton [and taking lots of Chinese dirty $].
    And the loudest voice against NAFTA was yr nemesis Pat Buchanan.

  10. lucky13

    Who is lying?

    ELAINE: The only ones to vote against that was DEMOCRATS in Congress, not the GOP which crowed about how great it all is.


  11. This (emotional) dialog about babies is a rues, and anyone unaware that Dem/Gop alike in hierarchy of control (are) selling out America, are spending to much time in Disneyland… vote out (both) political parties, and send AIPAC back to Zionist Apartheid.

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