As My Father Predicted, This Solar Cycle Is Very Weak

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Before he died, my father agreed with me about the causes of Ice Ages and the probability all of this is driven by the sun becoming a variable star.  Yes, the sun doesn’t operate at a smooth level of production, it has wilder and wilder swings from hot to cold.  This fearful news is so scary, people prefer to pretend the sun is going to be ‘normal’ forever. But astronomers who study the sun suspect this isn’t possible and it wasn’t true in the past, either.  The sun has gone through various stages of energy output in the past.


NASA warns ‘something unexpected is happening to the Sun’ in year that is supposed to be the peak the sunspot cycle | Mail Online


It observed just a few small sunspots on an otherwise clean face, which is usually riddled with many spots during peak solar activity.


Experts have been baffled by the apparent lack of activity – with many wondering if NASA simply got it wrong.


Various publications refused to publish one of my father’s last works, ‘The Sun Is A Variable Star’.  I told him, he was warning everyone in the face of all the hysteria about global warming, that this was going to abruptly end as it always has in the past several million years and we would face ever-colder temperatures on this planet.  I said, this bad news is so scary, people will reject it but I would publish this news and I did and of course, all the global warming people screamed at me, too.


History is on our side, my father and I.  We will be proven right in the terrible end.  We both agree that the only thing that might save us from the horrors of yet another vicious ice age is to pump enough CO2 into the atmosphere to save us from this fate.  If people might be made uncomfortable with higher temperatures in deserts, freezing half of the planet is far worse.  The number of deaths of humans during ice ages is much higher than interglacials.  Indeed, our huge brains evolved very rapidly once the ice ages began due to the struggle for survival which was very bloody in tooth and claw.


Beginning with the first ice age, humans nearly vanished.  It nearly killed the Naked Apes.  Our Garden of Eden was the warm, pleasant, damp jungle world which suddenly turned into hot, dry savanna which forced us out of the streams and warm lakes and onto the hard, dry land to hunt for food.


I am very outraged that NASA staff are calling this cooling of the sun ‘unexpected’.  My father’s stature there was reduced greatly when he dared to tell the truth and everyone thought he was crazy, he didn’t believe the hockey stick stuff about global warming.  The hockey stick graph, as I explained in the past, operates only this way if all things remain in a particular way that produces the hockey stick event.


If the sun’s energy output declines, the hockey stick graph for global warming shifts dramatically.  For the ultimate energy input system is the sun, not CO2.  It is painfully obvious that we are constantly in danger of declining temperatures.  The swings between hot and cold are growing greater.


Here is a warning from the minority of scientists who like myself, suspect the sun controls temperature far more than believed:  Low sunspot activity linked to rivers freezing: Mini Ice Age on way? • The Register


The new study was published over the weekend in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. Lead author Professor-Doktor Frank Sirocko of the Johannes Gutenberg Universität (University) of Mainz in Germany – and his colleagues – compared old records showing which years the Rhine river iced over to the record of sunspot activity.


My father has always been held in higher regard in Germany than in the US as I discovered when I went to school in Germany.  The global warming scientists tried very hard to erase the most recent ice age warning, the ‘Little Ice Age’ that ran from 1650-1800.  The instability actually began earlier in 1330 when it became cooler and wetter suddenly.  The high middle ages saw very warm temperatures.  Indeed, the Roman Empire era, the Sun shone brightly and then went into a very serious decline suddenly in 450 AD.


Sirocko and his colleagues found that between 1780 and 1963, the Rhine froze in multiple places fourteen different times.


Mapping the freezing episodes against the solar activity’s 11-year cycle, a cycle of the Sun’s varying magnetic strength and thus total radiation output, Sirocko and his colleagues determined that 10 of the 14 freezes occurred during years when the Sun had minimal sunspots. Using statistical methods, the scientists calculated that there is a 99% chance that extremely cold Central European winters and low solar activity are inherently linked.


This makes perfect sense.  Sometimes there is global warming due to volcanic activity.  535 AD – Volcano Krakatoa Explodes – The Dark Ages Start – Science is put on hold.  The Dark Ages began before this by 100 years.  It was already cooling off when the eruption caused it to suddenly plunge into a mini-ice age.  The volcanic eruptions in Yellowstone have caused this to darken the previous Ice Ages.  They are like the cherry on top of the ice cream cake.


Here is yet another study which focuses only on the most recent interglacial data to warn us it will get hotter and hotter:  Study of 11,300 years of weather suggests record warming ahead: scientists studying the warm period of the present Holocene era claim that the temperature will go up and up and up.  And thus, be very hot.  This is certainly possible but only if, a huge if, the sun pumps out Holocene levels of heat.  If the sun does what I suspect it does and cuts the energy projected towards space, we will have global cooling where the temperature suddenly plunges greatly.


People use various assumptions when predicting the future.  When we study only the last 11,000 years, we are studying a period of time when the sun heated up and there were many sunspots.  If we study any of the much longer Ice Age periods, it is drastically colder.  AIS 120 graph showing the last glacial cycle:

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Even this scientist, S.J. Crouthamel, believes that even with global warming from higher CO2, we will still plunge into another Ice Age cycle.  Just not so dire as previous ones.


This news doesn’t surprise me:  Ancient artic camel fossils link to modern desert breed – CBS News


About 3.5 million years ago, Strathcona Fiord on Ellesmere Island’s west-central coast would have looked more like a northern forest than an Arctic landscape, said paleobotanist Natalia Rybczynski of the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa.


“Larch-dominated, lots of wetlands, peat,” said Rybczynski, lead author of a study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications. Nearby fossil sites have yielded evidence of ancient bears, horses, deer, badgers and frogs. The average yearly temperature would have been about 32 Fahrenheit.


There were dinosaurs roaming the Arctic regions 65 million years ago.  Ellesmere Island was more like upstate NY back then.  When the Ice Ages set in, the island became barren and covered with ice.  I would assume this is abnormal, not normal, if we look at how recent this situation is.


And as I keep pointing out, thanks to the sun, the coastal configuration constantly shifts very wildly:  Scientists solve the 320 year-old mystery of how the Falklands wolf managed to cross the sea from Argentina – and say it skated across a frozen sea because the coastline was much closer to the islands due to the water that normally goes into the oceans was sucked into icy, gigantic ice sheets.


Our present hysteria about the ocean shifting the shape of coastlines is stupid.  We are being childish.  Oceans do this constantly and have done this for over a billion years and nothing we can do can stop this process of constant change.  Humans have a strange desire to keep things nailed in place forever because once we adjust to something we want it to be the status quo forever.  Unfortunately for us, Nature is very fluid and things change constantly.  If this were not so, we would have never evolved.

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12 responses to “As My Father Predicted, This Solar Cycle Is Very Weak

  1. Peter C.

    Most of the human population lives on the coastline.Last ice age sea levels were up to 400 feet lower.I believe we lost a lot of civilization and human history when all that shoreline flooded.This was only 12,000 years ago.
    Where I live the beaches are all and shells.
    To get real beach sand you drive up to the quarry which is 300 ft above sea level.People never think of what must have happened back then to deposit ocean beach sand 300 feet above sea level!
    And people whine today about losing a few feet of beachfront!

  2. Jim R

    Our present hysteria about a human population of 9 billion is stupid too.

    It’s looking like we are very very close to peak population, right now.

  3. tio

    prognosticatory confirmation from the cracked chrysanthemum kingdom ..
    RT: Fukushima kids have skyrocketing number of thyroid abnormalities – report
    “The Tenth Report of the Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey, released earlier this week, with data up to January 21, 2013, revealed that 44.2 percent of 94,975 children sampled had thyroid ultrasound abnormalities. The number of abnormalities has also been increasing over time as well as the proportion of children with nodules equal to and larger than 5.1 mm and any size cysts have increased.
    The report has also revealed that 10 of 186 eligible are suspected of having thyroid cancer as a result of the exposed radiation.”

  4. lucky13

    All I read of weather in the mainstream is of Global Warming.

    ‘Beginning with the first ice age, humans nearly vanished’ when was that and what % died?

  5. Pingback: As My Father Predicted, This Solar Cycle Is Very Weak | Culture of … | Solar Flare 2012

  6. DeVaul

    If you look at the 65 million year graph, it shows that earth is moving towards a climate where only the most hardy, winter weather-type mammals can survive in the long run:

    The earth is cooling down, and I would guess that our sun is dying. Slowly, to be sure, when measured in human timespans, but probably very quickly when measured in geological timespans.

    The idea that we can stop this is silly. It is why I left Greenpeace. There is no thermostat that we can tinker with to control earth’s temperature. Our minds are now so far removed from reality that we think our gadgets are how all things work in the universe. We are arrogantly stupid.

  7. John

    I fail to understand how anyone can believe that the Sun is not the single most important element of temperature here on Earth. It’s obviously not the only factor in Earth’s temperature range (Elaine has pointed out volcanic activity, for instance), but considering that it is where all of our energy ultimately comes from, it’s foolhardy at best to think that human activity is more important than solar activity.

    This, to my mind, means that the folks promoting the fear of anthropogenic global warming know they’re being dishonest, and are doing it anyway to promote an agenda that stands to enrich them personally, whether it be through financial gain, or power over the masses (or both).

  8. emsnews

    I remember the Rome Meeting where they decided there were too many humans. This continues but not so openly as back then.

    This is all ‘end of times’ thinking by our empire and the dying European empire.

  9. Elaine: “Humans have a strange desire to keep things nailed in place forever.”

    Humans have a desire to survive. That means controling our external environment. When we’re doing things that have unintended, unforeseeable effects on our environment, a lot of people get concerned.

    What’s the evidence that the sun will cool off in the near future, which will make the CO2 we’re adding to our atmosphere useful? The sun will cool off in a few billion years, nobody doubts; but logical people prioritize the threats confronting them. So unless you have evidence that this will happen on a noticeable scale within the lifetime of my great great grandchildren, you can color me unconcerned about it.

  10. lucky13

    Emsnews #8, it made small article in the LA times in 1990s as

  11. wellwell

    Elaine, I expected you to talk more about the recent spate of articles dealing with a newly released study claiming a recent spike in temperatures as compared with the last 11,000 years. Aside from the methodological problems with the study (and there are many) I found it remarkable that there was almost no mention anywhere that we are in the midst of an interglacial which might be prolonged as a result of the burning of fossil fuels. Here’s one article about the study:

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