US Navy And Air Force Want Trillions For Protecting Overseas Banking Operations

As the GOP demands severe cutbacks in all social programs, the Pentagon sails onwards, protecting other nations while our borders are barely patrolled to stop illegal aliens.  And the hideously expensive War on Muslims rages onwards costing the US public trillions of dollars over time.  Just as the Cold War cost us very dear and moved the US from being a sovereign wealth nation into a pitiful Sovereign Debt nation.  All the wrong things are being done due to our government being run by internationalists who park their wealth overseas while expecting the US taxpaying public, those making less than a million a year, to foot the bill or lose services at home.

The Navy is worried that the Air Force, that Boeing jet operation, is getting the lion’s share of future US taxpayer money:  Cutting whole US Navy buy of F-35s would hurt: top officer.  So, we will get more gold plated ships designed to protect the entire planet from whatever while not patrolling US waters all that much and the Air Force will fly over Muslims and Ruskies and the slanty-eyed Chinese while they sat idle on 9/11 despite not one but four civilian planes were known to be hijacked and flying erratically.


This is the problem: hardly more than 10% of our military goes towards patrolling the US air and sea.  International billionaires want our ships and planes near their zones of money hiding places like Singapore:  Navy sends new $670 million combat ship to Singapore amid budget cuts | Mail Online


Navy sends new $670 million combat ship to Singapore amid budget cuts | Mail OnlineThe Freedom is equipped with guns and a helicopter and is designed to defend against small boats and other threats. The Navy will later have the option of swapping out its surface warfare equipment with so-called modules for hunting submarines and finding and disabling mines.


When he commanded ships moving through the region, Wetherald remembered, his counterparts from other countries would tell him that they’d like to work with smaller U.S. vessels.


‘Their flag officers would say, ‘Hey, I’m glad you’re here, I love your big ship, but can you send us smaller ships? Can we exercise with smaller ships because your ship is very big,” he recalled.

Singapore is one of the world’s bigger money hiding spots.  It exists, being a former Brit colony, as an extension of the City of London which is the core of the British overseas, not run by Parliament, money laundering entities like, say, Bermuda.  Of course, the cheapskates who run Singapore don’t want to tax the rich bank accounts to provide their own protection!  They want the US taxpayers to do this for them.


To get the liberals onboard, the Pentagon has now suddenly decided that Climate change is to be pegged as biggest threat to Pacific security by US.  Yes, rising oceans will make the Navy more useful!


As we bankroll our very expensive Navy and Air Force to patrol offshore banking rather than using these to invade these islands and tiny principalities that are hiding US taxable wealth, the GOP wants to cut as much social services as possible:  Paul Ryan Budget: House GOP Unveils Blueprint To Slash Medicaid, Medicare And Repeal Obamacare


“We don’t think it’s fair to let critical programs like Medicare go bankrupt. We don’t think that it’s fair to take more from hard-working families to spend more in Washington,” he said. “The most important question isn’t how do we balance the budget, but why? A budget is a means to an end. An end is the well-being of the American people. An end is a growing economy that produces opportunity and upward mobility.”


If the GOP wants to have more ‘opportunity and upward mobility’ we have to recapture those trillions of dollars in offshore banks like the banks Romney uses.  Since we presently protect these entities for free, we are welcome to these ports so suddenly seizing them would be a piece of cake.


We invaded other countries (all Muslim) during the last 20 years.  We fought Serbs in Yugoslavia.  We overthrow governments all over the planet and put in puppets.  We can easily take these bank entities and tax them.  Of course, the rich run Washington and they do as they please and it pleases them to no protect the US from floods of illegal alien workers nor do they want to patrol our nation to protect us from terror, they want their home bases where they park their money protected…for free and with them paying little to no taxes.


It is not just the rich who want to stop socialized medicine and women’s right to medical forms of birth control of any sort:  Cardinal Dolan Says Catholics Not Giving up Fight Against Obamacare because it gives women birth control options!  This is why I dislike Catholics and Paul Ryan is a Catholic radical who is obeying his masters in Italy, another foreign entity run by Europeans, not Americans.  The Vatican is pissed that Europe has socialized medical care and wants to prevent this in the Americas.


And that Catholic Wunderkind, Rep. Paul Ryan says Republicans won’t ‘give up on destroying the health care system’ | The Raw Story


“We believe that this law is going to collapse under its own weight… This to us is something that we’re not going to give up on, because we’re not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people,” he said during a news conference to unveil his latest budget plan.


An interesting Freudian slip.  The plan is to eliminate as many services as possible and then tell people the only way they can get services is to go to religious medical care options.  That won’t cover much of anything but you get prayers as you die, I suppose.  The Vatican loses in court again:  US church pays abuse victims $10m as cardinal Mahoney is in Rome voting for the next head predator.


We also have this story:  A World’s Record: More Than 30% of U.S. Population Unemployed | InvestmentWatch

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) labels people who are unemployed and no longer looking for work as “not in the labor force,” including people who have retired on schedule, taken early retirement, or simply given up looking for work.


Obviously! The BABY BOOMERS ARE RETIRING.  This is why Reagan upped the SS taxes.  He piously said this was to pay for these unemployed retirees.  Of course, the GOP looted that and the US military sucked it all down and the anti-Muslim gang insured that the US public would be tricked into more and more anti-Muslim wars and now we are heading towards bankruptcy while patrolling foreign shores.


A huge number of these unemployed are in prison due to the War on Drugs, too. And the others who dropped out are selling drugs.


In France, workers riot when factories close, unlike in the US where they give up and retire, flee their cities or become drug dealers:  Police clash with workers fighting closure of Goodyear Amiens-Nord plant – World Socialist Web Site


The heavily equipped police’s charges against the demonstrators injured several workers. Five were pronounced unfit for work by their doctors. The police claimed there were 19 injured, with six who had to be taken away. One worker was arrested and later released.
A Goodyear worker just months from retirement, Jean-Yves, denounced the indiscriminate police violence. “I hadn’t been throwing anything and they smashed into me and hurled me to the ground. I’m here to defend the future of the kids,” he said.


Jean-Louis Ditte, 48, a worker with 24 years at Goodyear, told AFP: “Workers are fed up with being beaten down. “ Philippe Dufaux, 43, with 13 years at the plant, added: “All we want is to protect our families.” 

And who are the REAL criminals?  Former AIG chief pushes forward with lawsuit against government.  So, he is going to sue to punish us for bailing his ass?  And I demanded he be arrested, Mr. Greenberg, back when it was proven his insurance scam was a Ponzi scheme with virtually no capital base.  He is still free, totally unrepentant and running another operation designed to make money doing nothing useful.

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16 responses to “US Navy And Air Force Want Trillions For Protecting Overseas Banking Operations

  1. John

    I have frequently pointed out that US taxpayers indirectly fund socialized medicine in other countries, because we pay for the US military to protect those countries, thus freeing up their governments to spend lots of cash on cradle-to-grave goodies. When the US economy goes kablooey, look for a lot of those socialist countries to have to drastically cut services, even beyond what not having the US as an export target will cause.

  2. Being There


    You knocked that one out of the park. I had never made that connection that the US military was working for the global elite. I always thought that would be privatized forces.

    But of course the middle class is made to pay for all sins. From the banksters down the line.

  3. vengeur

    I constantly hear this bullshit that the U.S. military “around the world ” are protecting “our freedoms”, what a total load of bullshit. So I ask, why doesn’t russia have troops stationed all around the world, why doesn’t china or any other country need to station troops all over the globe to protect their freedoms? Every time I go to some sporting even they are doing some pre-game or halftime salute ( imagine man on the public address system blaring) “to Honor our troops AROUND THE WORLD” and they march out a few toops in their camo uniforms. Sick of this shit!

  4. tio

    Joy of joys! White smoke .. being lovingly blown up 1.4 bln assholes, pope Buggery III erected. Meet David S. Cohen of Treasury and Stuart Levey of HSBC – Or Is It the Other Way Around?
    The Frogs have been neoliberally mullered for decades now, 25% work away from home, engineers topping themselves by the dozen. I just found out that Sarko (MinFin) sold more GLD than BrNwO! Anyhoo, if you do invade (the offshore mavens), cut the cables first eh?

  5. diegoblanco

    Talk, talk, talk, when do we eat?

  6. DeVaul

    This whole idea of invading Carribean banking pirate islands is just surreal to me. What exactly will our marines find when they rush ashore?

    A bland, multistory corporate building with 17,000 mailboxes and a janitor.

    What are they going to do? With the exception of the joystick warriors out in Phoenix, most soldiers have not been trained to deal in abstractions.

    Would it not be better to find the men who own these multinational companies, drag them off to Gitmo, deny them access to quarterly reports so they will go on a hunger strike, and then confiscate everything found in their homes (of which they have many)?

    Tortuga once had large stashes of rum and stolen goods aboard pirate ships in the harbor. Today, you’d be lucky if you found a single coconut tree.

    If you really want to tax the rich, you must first abolish the SEC, all laws and regulations pertaining to stocks and bonds, dismantle all stock exchanges, ban all use of trees for making stocks and bonds, reports on their implausible worth, and their use as fancy green slips of paper. Banks must be shut down and converted to useful community buildings and all laws pertaining to them burned. Then, these clowns riding around on their yachts and private jets must find some kind of real work to do in order to receive food and water.

    That’s when they’ll be taxed up the wazoo.

  7. Lucky13

    The USA keeps the seas safe, for Walmart and Cosco.
    We pay, they get richer.

  8. Lucky13

    John, what about NATO and our ships around Japan?
    US pays and pays and pays.

  9. Lucky13

    ‘Climate change is to be pegged as biggest threat’…Elaine,
    If you want easy money, write a Grant Proposal and have the theme of ‘X’ in relation to GW and the need to do more research.

  10. tio


    Think annexation/dominion/middle finger politics. The marines will find friendly natives, great accomodation, nice bars, jet skis and a few assholes who can be defeated with a feather duster.

    The banks are two story affairs, with lovely colonial facades and yes many mailboxes and the odd janitor, these will cover trusts and other notional off shore entities. The prize will be the ‘bank’ IT systems which keep the actual resident ‘cash’, think less wooden chest more Tandem computers and double entry bookkeeping.

    I think there are logistics guys and grrls who could accompany the grunts, who whilst sipping margaritas can be reliably depended upon to flick switches and pull cables.

    As for going terminator on the system as a whole, think baby/bath water. You just need a few key changes, like for example the rule of law, corporations are not people etc. nothing too unreasonable (apart from the afore mentioned marine action .. and that’s debatable). As for the equitable administration of credit, that should be up for debate.

    Think no more corporate tax evasion, national deficits or debt.

    Hey Ho.

  11. Being There

    Devaul, Indeed the answers are so simple, but when the oligarchs no longer see themselves as American and when they think the future is globalism and th ey’re on top reaping the treasure of the public domain from around the world, well then, you see they just don’t want to turn this around.

    It couldn’t be more clear that they are unconcerned about the conditions that ordinary folk have to live in. They just want former sovereign states to become trade zones. Think 1984 meets Brave New World etc. Not to mention Stasi meets reality TV.
    It’s a vision thing.

  12. John

    John, what about NATO and our ships around Japan?
    US pays and pays and pays.


  13. emsnews

    The Bilderberg elites are not globalists, they are old fashioned IMPERIALISTS. And the capitals for this are in Brussels, the City of London (not London itself) and NYC with hiding holes at various former or present colonies owned by the Crown of England.

    And a few oddball operations like Switzerland.

  14. John

    Explain the difference, if you would, please?

    I see a group of people trying to destroy the sovereignty of all nations, control the money supply for the entire world, and set themselves up like the feudal lords of old, except with the entire planet as their fiefdom.

    What am I missing?

  15. emsnews

    Oh ho, not ALL nations at all! The City of London keeps its sovereignty even from Parliament! DC runs the US without servicing the US and they run DC and their president is very sovereign, Netanyahu. And the Queen of England.

  16. tio


    What am I missing? – not much.

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