The New Italian Pope Who Was Born In Argentina Is Anti-Civil Rights Like Ratzinger

I figured that the Italians, fearful of losing control of the Vatican again, would sneak in an Italian Pope from outside Italy and they did exactly that:  Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina becomes Pope, the first elected from Latin America.  Argentina is an interesting place because it has many German and Italian immigrants, a huge number of them being fascists from Europe.

This new Pope is a Jesuit priest but oddly enough, he took the name ‘Francis’ I suspect as cover for the Jesuits who were the ones who ran the Inquisition unlike the Franciscan monks who tend to be much more peaceful.  During the Vietnam War years, the only Catholics who supported antiwar efforts were the nuns and the Franciscan monks who attended demonstrations, helped draft resisters and other activities.


The new Pope is good for covering the tracks of the men who control the Vatican in Italy.  The media will dutifully declare this man to be a ‘Hispanic’ even though he is of Italian heritage and they will portray him as someone who will clean the Vatican financial cesspool which all previous Popes going back to the Middle Ages were unable or unwilling to do.


Every time a Pope dies or in this case, flees, the Vatican pretends the next one will clean up the previous messes.  Second Vatican Council made many radical reforms such as ending the use of Latin during Mass and excusing the Jews for ‘killing Jesus’, there were even more radical reforms of the various activities of the Church which affected nuns in particular.  Starting with the late 1960’s, the Church claimed it fixed itself only this was a false front.


The rapes, thefts and hobnobbing with fascists continued.  The surface changed but the fundamental form didn’t change.  The most recent ‘reform’ was to install a former Nazi who continues his ‘Kichen/Kuchen/Kirche garbage with women and the radical right which runs the Vatican went on a global attack on all women’s rights and all gays whatsoever:  Vatican blasts American nuns, calls for reforms is all about these fascist males demanding a retreat from basic human rights for over half of humanity in the name of their male homophobic, murderous god.


People were thinking the Vatican would install a homophobic African prelate.  The persecution of gays in that continent is horrific and cheered on by the Church in Italy.  Instead, it chose a safe bet, an Italian from Argentina, a man who fought with the Cristina Fernández de Kirchner who is also not exactly ‘Hispanic’, she is mostly German.  The new Pope was angry that a woman gave Argentina’s gays full civil rights.


So I expect nothing except more dreck, evil and dirty business from the Vatican which prohibits birth control and what ails Africa?  Out of control births which kill women, causes tremendous distress due to an exploding population and keeps women from being educated properly and gaining some control over their finances and lives.


There was a Pope who did really want to change things:  Pope John Paul I – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


After his election, John Paul quickly made several decisions that would “humanise” the office of pope, admitting publicly he had turned scarlet when Paul VI had named him the Patriarch of Venice. He was the first modern pope to speak in the singular form, using ‘I’ instead of the royal we, though the official records of his speeches were often rewritten in more formal style by traditionalist aides, who reinstated the royal we in press releases and in L’Osservatore Romano. He was the first to refuse the sedia gestatoria, until Vatican pressure convinced him of its need, in order to allow the faithful to see him.

He was the first pope to choose an “investiture” to commence his papacy rather than the traditional Papal Coronation.

One of his remarks, reported in the press, was that God “is our father; even more he is our mother,[9][10]referring to Isaiah 49:14–15, which compares God to a mother who will never forget her child Zion. The comment appeared in his 10 September Angelus address, which urged prayer for the upcoming Camp David Accords.[9]

That was very odd.  The Bible makes it crystal clear, this particular god hates women.  It blames nearly everything on women and gays.  The ancient Roman society was so turned off by all this, they created the Virgin Mary who managed to humanize this bizarre god and made it less murderous.  After all, the official line of all Churches is, this strange god wanted to have his only son tortured to death before it would forgive non-Jews for not believing in it.  I find this business to be particularly insane.

It became even more insane when the believers in this ‘Son of God’ business turned on the Jews and told them they would burn in hell (a belief which is still the core belief in all Christians) due to not loving Jesus and only loving his demented ‘Father’.  Much suffering, murder, pain and vicious discrimination has grown out of both the Jewish and Christian beliefs in the matter of the god and his supposed son.  The Virgin Mary who was no virgin, flew above all of this.

So, by referring to the homophobic male god as ‘mother’ was offensive to the men who run the Vatican.  John Paul I didn’t stop with these changes in protocol and words, he did more things in his reign:

John Paul I intended to prepare an encyclical in order to confirm the lines of the Second Vatican Council (“an extraordinary long-range historical event and of growth for the Church,” he said) and to enforce the Church’s discipline in the life of priests and the faithful. In discipline, he was a reformist, instead, and was the author of initiatives such as the devolution of one per cent of each church’s entries for the poor churches in the Third World. The visit of Jorge Rafael Videla, president of the Argentine junta, to the Vatican caused considerable controversy, especially when the Pope reminded Videla about human rights violations taking place in Argentina during the so-called Dirty War.


This was a real reform!  He didn’t kiss a fascist dictator, instead, told him to stop torturing people in Argentina…and this is very significant because the present new Pope did the exact opposite, didn’t say a peep about the torture or the persecution of gays by the  junta.  And he was going to give money to Third World churches instead of taking money from them and using it to make Rome life gayer for the gang living in the Vatican.  Such as buying apartments in a building with a huge gay sauna.  These reforms never happened due to the sudden death of this interesting Pope:


John Paul I was found dead sitting up in his bed shortly before dawn on 29 September 1978,[23] just 33 days into his papacy. The Vatican reported that the 65-year-old pope most likely died the previous night of a heart attack. It has been claimed that the Vatican altered some of the details of the discovery of the death to avoid possible unseemliness[24][25] in that he was discovered by Sister Vincenza, a nun.[26] Inconsistent statements were made relating to who found the Pope’s body, the time when he was found, and what papers were in his hand. These issues led to a number of conspiracy theories concerning his death. The Vatican has not investigated the claims.


I remember his death.  It didn’t surprise me.  Naturally, the gang running the Vatican didn’t have any pesky outsiders examine anything and issue a proper death certificate.  The gang worked quickly to hide whatever happened and to roll onwards as if this Pope never existed.  He got into office virtually accidentally due to the two insiders who expected to win the votes of fellow cardinals, were deadlocked.


When Ratzinger was chosen Pope, the insiders all said he would ‘reform’ that mess in the Vatican and he did absolutely nothing except harass and abuse nuns, interfere with democratic elections on behalf of people who hate social services, modern healthcare systems and taxes on the rich.  He tried his best to turn the GOP into a fascist party that would eliminate women’s rights and prevent gays from gaining any civil rights, he wanted more persecution of women and gays and to hide all the financial double dealings of the Vatican.


Ratzinger is a very vain man who would shamelessly go to the Vatican balcony dressed in gold and silk and Prada red shoes to talk about how wonderful poverty is.  This hussy would prance around the world talking about how the poor are blessed flying in private jets and riding in his special bullet proof car.  He lived the life of a billionaire and was the billionaire owner of a billion ‘Christians’ many of whom are deserting his corrupt Church.


This is why, yet again, the fussy hissy fit red garbed gang in the Vatican are pretending they will ‘reform’.  Well, in the Reformation in 1500, the ‘reformers’ were kicked out of the Church and went to war with it.  And the reformers were not Catholics, they were the protesters, the Protestants.  Thus, the name, of course.  The Church did some reforms but in essence, sailed merrily onwards, oblivious to every demand.  And so it will, even today, hoping that homophobic societies outside of Europe and North and South America will boost the Church and continue the persecution of women and gays.

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18 responses to “The New Italian Pope Who Was Born In Argentina Is Anti-Civil Rights Like Ratzinger

  1. Eso

    Here goes the yo-yo again. One Catholic good, the other bad, the one a fascist, the other a peacenik. A consistent stance is possible only if one understands that the Catholics displaced the Cathars, because the Catholics were promoted by French nobility for their material gain.

  2. Lucky13

    Off Topic. Page 1, Yahoo News:–first-day-of-steubenville-rape-trial-focuses-on-key-photo-034736500.html

    Elaine, is the CC so powerful in Africa? 1 in 6 there is Catholic, and I assume, marginally so.

  3. Peter C.

    Surprise Surprise the new Pope as Cardinal refused to testify about the Argentina Church being in cahoots with the Junta and then there’s all the kidnapped children.
    The Catholic church seems to have a thing about stealing children esp from the poor.Happened in Spain as well I believe.
    Power corrupts.

  4. kenogami

    “This new Pope is a Jesuit priest but oddly enough, he took the name ‘Francis’ I suspect as cover for the Jesuits who were the ones who ran the Inquisition unlike the Franciscan monks who tend to be much more peaceful.”

    The Inquisition was run mostly by the Dominicans, who had much rivalry with the Franciscans. The Inquisition was created around 1200 and the Jesuits were founded in 1540 much later.

  5. Seraphim


    It is very sad to see that you cannot give up all that bullshit.

  6. emsnews

    The Jesuits were the ‘coup masters’. Not the Franciscans. During the 20th century the Jesuits were the enforcers and arm twisters while the Franciscans tended to be more ‘pro-peasant’ and antiwar, anti-junta.

  7. Melponeme_k

    Is he affiliated with Opus Dei? He looks like their type.

  8. lucky13

    Rumor has it Foxman is a fan of the new pope – as the holy father is concerned with the menaces of anti-semitism and holocaust denial!!

  9. lucky13

    ‘The Jesuits were the ‘coup masters’. Not the Franciscans.’
    Like ‘good cop/bad cop’?

  10. kenogami

    The Franciscans were always closer to the poor and somewhat anti-intellectual types; the Jesuits and Dominicans were more the theologians types. The new pope is a Jesuit who wants everyone to think that he is a Franciscan. I will believe it when he sells his $6000 shoes and $10000 silk robes and give the money to the poors. There are strong suspicions about his role during the dirty war against leftists in Argentina. A woman has accused him of being complicit in the torture and murder of her brother (a leftist priest).

  11. Christian W

    His fellow Jesuits don’t think much of him, they see him as an authoritarian that kicks down hard and kisses butt up. He pretends to be a Jesuit, but it seems he really isn’t one or is one in name only. He pretends to be a Fransican, but he isn’t one. Yet he is famous in Argentina for his simple life style and for washing and kissing the feet of some AIDS patients. He seems a bit of a chameleon to me who has played the ‘papabile’-game for a long, long time. Still, for all this, he also seems to be one of the more moderate and open minded cardinals who were eligible for the papacy. Tells you something how rotten the organization is. If this guy really is a strong reformer I’ll wear a funny hat…

  12. emsnews

    When one sits on a Throne, one becomes what the Throne demands. This is why men who sincerely want to be good (Jimmy Carter) get into the White House, he has to become a killing machine that protects the rich.The 33 day pope talked about eliminating much of the wealth hoarded in the Vatican and ended up dead.

  13. lucky13

    Long ago I read a book on Nostradamus, written after that Pope was killed.
    The author pointed to the ‘mafioso banksters’, as the Pope may have
    wanted to move the $ out of its hands.

  14. Guess what morons, He is Hispanic. Hispanic isn’t a race. You can be of Japanese descent and be Hispanic. You can be Muslim and be Hispanic, you can be white and be Hispanic. He was born in Argentina and raised as an argentine so he IS HISPANIC.

  15. emsnews

    Wrong. Hispanic is a TYPE of person based on ‘race’. Otherwise we would have no Hispanics in the US.

    Just like you can be a ‘Jew’ or an ‘African’ but your NATIONALITY is US citizen. See? ‘Hispanic’ means people of the Spanish Conquest.

    This pope is a first generation Argentinian whose ‘type’ is Italian just like a recent immigrant from Japan is considered a ‘Japanese’ type who is a citizen of Argentina after immigrating. Italians are not Hispanic, they are VERY vocal here in the US of being ‘Italian’ and my husband is an Italian Catholic (who abhors the Church) and he is fifth generation of Italians.

  16. JT

    Is fascism genetic?

  17. emsnews

    No, anyone can be a fascist. Or a communist. Or even a religious fanatic.

  18. DeVaul

    Elaine has every right to be concerned about the treatment of women in the US. This article about the verdict in Ohio is all too familiar of many little towns in rural areas:–steubenville-high-school-football-players-found-guilty-of-raping-16-year-old-girl-164129528.html

    It is a shocking read, and I remember something similar happened in the little Eastern Kentucky town I went to high school in. Of course, it involved the football team and a drunk girl lying on a rock out in the woods. Nothing was ever investigated, but rumors spread like wildfire, and I could never look at my friend’s older brother the same way again. He was there.

    Also, the sports writer (that’s right) who wrote the article is just as guilty. He does not understand how his glorification of high school kids who can throw and catch a ball leads to them feeling they are above the law. While chastizing the arrogance of the football team and town, he does not admit his own role in creating that arrogance.

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