CPAC Ends Hypocritical Convention

Unlike the extremely secretive AIPAC gathering last week in DC, there has been tons of coverage of the CPAC meeting.  It is interesting watching the GOP right wing figure out how to win elections.  Obviously, attacking women, gays and minorities seems to still be their game plan.  Governor Walker: Republicans Should Focus on Shared Beliefs  which is what?  Can’t be balancing the budget, they never do this when in power.  Can’t be civil rights, they want Israeli-style religious bigot privileges.  So what are they thinking?


The internet made fun of the CPAC people when a black man, paid great sums to toady to mainly whites, led a discussion about the Civil War and abolitionist.  This poor man stood idly at the podium as a cheeky right wing youth claimed that slavery was feeding and housing people ‘for free’.  Now with this blasting across the internet, the leaders of that organization is striking back:  Tea Party blames unruly CPAC racism panel on African-American woman reporter.


HAHAHA…a two-fer-one!  The person who was naughty wasn’t the rank racists and their sock puppet black dude.  It was the uppity, pesky, noisy, not learning her place as a servant black bitch!  Yes, she was the Evil One who made life hell for these dainty right wingers.  How dare she, a reporter, ask questions.  It actually is ‘How dare she be a reporter.’


One of the best news services for learning about the US internally is to watch News — RT on the internet.  Like Al Jazeera, it is not allowed on cable in much of the US.  Of course, it was a Russian organization hiring an American reporter to cover the real news, none of the US mainstream media bothered to cover this news.  An older man wearing Tea Party colonial garb loudly attacked the reporter verbally and then stormed off (perhaps to Stormfront – White Nationalist Community).


This odd meeting also has a thing about healthy food.  It shows up over and over again.  The leaders and top pundits in CPAC make fun of healthy eating and openly encourage their followers to eat junk food.  They also hate Bloomberg, the mayor of NYC.  Bloomberg was a Democrat until 9/11 then turned GOP and then turned independent once the GOP lost its bloom.  Here is the biggest loser, Palin, making fun of Bloomberg and Michael Obama:  Gulp, Sarah’s back! Palin stuns CPAC audience with a barrage of jokes about President Obama and the New York City soda ban | Mail Online


The ex-governor came onstage armed with a huge 7-Eleven Big Gulp cup to poke fun at the mayor’s proposal to outlaw 32-ounce soda containers, even though this particular soft drink brand was excluded from the ban.

‘Bloomberg’s not around,’ Palin said with mischievous smile after taking a sip from the plastic cup. ‘One Big Gulp’s safe.’


Palin is either a bulimic who throws up after eating or she drank a colored drink with no corn syrup in it.  She was cheered while doing this stupid stunt.  Here is the CDC obesity map:

CDC obesity map

In general, the more a state trends towards the GOP, the fatter the populace is.  So all this making fun of attempts at stopping suicidal gorging is playing up to an audience that loves to eat foods that are unhealthy.  Note that Colorado, a state trending towards the Democratic side, is the least obese.  We all have a problem with our diets and we tend to eat badly because it is cheap and easy.  But it is the Tea Party that celebrates bad eating habits which tells a lot about their ideals and goals.


Previous, Palin Uses Cookies to Mock “Nanny State” Rules as she acted like the Wicked Witch in Hansel und Gretel.  She pretended she was one of the overweight GOP voters and sneered that she wouldn’t feed the darlings real food, she had this lovely gingerbread house for the children who wanted to eat candy, not vegetables.  Of course, her plan is actually to cut food stamps and stomp on the children poor teen moms carried to term because they wanted to feel ‘holy’ for not getting an abortion.


And then end up on food stamps because they can’t finish school and can’t earn enough money with a high school education.


The other bulimic/anorexic GOP female hero, Ann Coulter did the same thing at CPAC: Pundit Tells Chris Christie Weight Joke, Calls Bill Clinton ‘Forcible Rapist’.  The GOP has many problems with rape.  If a GOP supporter rapes someone, it isn’t rape unless the woman fights back and gets nearly killed or killed and if she gets pregnant, she is a hussy who wanted secretly to get pregnant and thus cannot abort a fetus.


Michigan’s Anti-Abortion Bill Is The Nation’s Worst which was passed by a gerrymandered legislature which, for some reason, hates women with out of wedlock children going on welfare but also wants to force women to have these very same pesky babies.  This is part of the War on Women’s Rights which the right wing along with the Catholic Church leaders and the Mormons and fundamentalist Jewish sects are pushing so hard. The rightwinger GOP in North Dakota approved the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation banning terminations after six weeks, for genetic defects or even in cases of rape which doesn’t surprise me.  The Vatican agrees with this bill.


Here is another example of how adamant the right wing is to make things as inhumanly bad as possible:  Mississippi passes ‘anti-Bloomberg bill,’ banning local limits on portion sizes and requirements to post calorie counts.  Virtually the fattest state in the nation is Mississippi.  I grew up in the south when a child before homes had air conditioning.  It was impossible to gorge on Palin’s cookies or drink very sugary stuff when it is hot and humid.


I always lost weight in summer and put in on in winter and this is the natural human Ice Age cycle.  But if one lives in air conditioned situations, it is always ‘fall’ and never summer and the body demands to be fed nonstop. And in winter we don’t burn the fat because we are too warm so it seems like summer.  Except in the deep south there is little winter so it is perpetual fall as far as the body thinks.


Corporate America loves the GOP and the attacks on posting calorie content and healthy eating is cheered on by organizations funding the GOP like McDonald’s:  Be careful with that Shamrock Shake! McDonald’s St. Patrick’s Day treat is equivalent to eating one and a half hamburgers!


I saw the TV ad for this terrible drink.  A very skinny LA actor male is accosted by his anorexic/bulimic wife when she demands, ‘You drank all the Patty’s Day McDonald’s shake!’  And he laughs and produces this thing topped by fake whipped cream since it isn’t cream.  I went to the corporate main page to look up facts about these toxic, fattening drinks:  Great Shakes For Goodness’ Sake :: tells us that the corporation spends TWENTY CENTS per drink.  So they obviously use cheap substitutes for real food.  I tried to find out what exactly were the ingredients but couldn’t find it at the corporate site.


The only link I did find to the corporate site which has the ingredients was ‘Page Not Found’.


At the GOP convention, Bush AG tells CPAC: “The vast majority” of Muslims want to impose Sharia law which is schizoid since the GOP wants to do exactly that only the Sharia is from the foreigners in the Vatican and our home-grown Protestant and Mormons wishing to ape the Sharia guys overseas.


The US Assassination Nation continues with both parties happily murdering civilians:  CIA Sizing Up Islamists in Syria for Drone Strikes.  On behalf of al Qaeda fighters there, I presume.  A return to ‘pre-US invasion’ CIA activities in Afghanistan which created al Qaeda.


And despite all the warmongering boasts about winning wars, the Afghan Clerics Call on US to Obey Karzai and leave their country.  I thank them for trying their best to push our imperial forces out.  I wish these soldiers were brought back home but alas, they will merely be sent to South Korea and Japan to fight the dangerous Chinese.


The GOP demanded austerity cuts and the Pentagon won’t cut their trillion dollar AF-35 so instead of hurting all their Daddy Warbucks gang in the Pentagon, the Air Force joins other military branches in suspending college tuition assistance program instead.  Hit the soldiers where it hurts the most!  So much for right wing patriotism.


Here is more news from the CPAC convention: Fed’s Fisher Says Too-Big-to-Fail Banks Should Be Shrunk – Bloomberg


Fisher said today in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. The biggest banks enjoy a “significant” subsidy, enabling them “to grow larger and riskier,” he said.


Whoa!  Why didn’t Fisher also demand offshore banking be stopped because it is bleeding our nation of much-needed capital?  At least he was anti-big bank.  Is he also anti-derivative interest rate swaps?


CPAC continues the War on Women and the Vatican fully supports and cheers this onwards:  Special report: The damning documents that show new Pope DID betray tortured priests to the junta | Mail Online


Special report: The damning documents that show new Pope DID betray tortured priests to the juntaOne of the documents is a 27-page report by Orlando Yorio, one of the kidnapped priests, in which he accuses the current pontiff of secretly spreading dangerous rumours about him and a colleague while personally promising them support and protection.


A second document is a confidential government memo written in 1979 which appears to reveal Bergoglio informed junta officials that Father Yorio and Father Francisco Jalics were suspected of collaborating with guerrillas and that Jalics was accused of encouraging dissent among a congregation of nuns.


This fake St. Francis had the Vatican issue loud denials of his dirty deeds but the news is quickly leaking out.  He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing just like the previous two guys.  No surprise to me. Look at who is voting!  All right wing males who hate women and are closet sex fiends who also hate gays for coming out of the closet.


And now for the last GOP hypocrite in today’s news from my own neighborhood:  N.Y. assemblyman ticketed for marijuana, speeding Katz, a right wing Zionist Republican voted against legalizing pot.  Yes, he voted to keep it illegal.  Recently, the Democrats began to legalize it in the teeth of Mr. Katz and his buddies strong objections so Katz wasn’t thrown in prison, he got a ticket instead. Typical: closet illegal drug users who hammer the lower classes when they get caught while indulging, themselves.  Do they have no sense of shame or guilt?

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16 responses to “CPAC Ends Hypocritical Convention

  1. Being There

    Yup, you gotta love the I know you are but what am I? tactics of these geniuses. Guess the man-child Bush came out of the same garden.
    These folks are hoping to bar minorities from voting so they can say, See we’re right, we won! Dark victory that’s going to be.

  2. Peter C.

    Hey ,you could live in Cypress where they just taxed everyone’s saving account 7 to 9%!Bet they wished they had bought some gold instead.I wonder when the rest of the countries will steal our money.
    Canada is getting fat too,when I go out in public I feel abnormal as everyone else is slopping around with bulging bellies while loading flats of pop into the van.
    People always try and give me a lift to the grocery store which is just a 15 minute walk away.I rarely see anyone else walk to the store in the neighbourhood.

  3. DeVaul

    Wow. What could possibly motivate a black man to attend such a ridiculous gathering of fools, some dressed in colonial pantaloons?

    If he just said: “I did it for the money,” I would have some respect for him. The alternative is just too scary to contemplate.

    BTW, when people start yelling: “We don’t want to hear your questions,” they have effectively become brown shirts. If they suggest killing those who ask questions, then they are full blown Nazis.

  4. melponeme_k

    The influence from the Age of Enlightenment is dying. All because religious maniacs think a magical book tells them that only they are special. Very Sad.

    “I always lost weight in summer and put in on in winter and this is the natural human Ice Age cycle. But if one lives in air conditioned situations, it is always ‘fall’ and never summer and the body demands to be fed nonstop.”

    Weird, my body was the opposite. I fatten up in the summer and lose during winter. My ancestors were born to Alaskan tundra so I guess summer was the only time to fatten up. Then fat reserves were burned off during white winter nights.

  5. Ha, you’re becoming more of a left wing / right wing commentator Elaine. Actually, the whole conversation today is skewed beyond recognition. Freedom is my cry, so get off my case I say! I’m not a total libertarian, because I recognize the need for a rule of law, so I consider myself a constitutionalist. I don’t care if you’re gay or queer or whatever you do, just don’t force me to try to accept it! Leave me alone! Go do whatever you do behind closed doors and leave it there. Leave me alone! I want my freedom and I don’t want you to infringe on my rights just because I don’t agree with your world view.

    This is what TEOTWAWKI looks like. Those in power telling the rest of us what to do. Freedom will be destroyed by force and any resistors will be wiped out. This is always what evil always leads to. Power run amok.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, gays ought to be forced to live in dark closets while Christians parade about in public, sneering at us!

    Good lord.

    CIVIL RIGHTS is what is really important in our Constitution. The rest of that document is just rules and regulations. But Civil Rights means the right to live OUT of a closet. It also forbids slavery.

    Our right to use guns to shoot family members if we get enraged over sex issues is not a civil right but owning guns is a civil right (an amendment, not in the main Constitution).

    I could go on and on and on about this. Look, you hate gays. OK, but then we will hate you back. You and your ‘god’. I much prefer goddesses at this point.

  7. emsnews

    And history shows us that religious fanatics kill lots of people just like political fanatics.

    The communists did NOT believe in civil rights. They thought their leaders were gods. No document protects anyone when a group of people think they can tell people how to live their PRIVATE lives. And the Church is screaming at me about my private affairs and bending all their will towards eliminating my private rights and this is intolerable.

    I am not forcing Christians to get abortions, for example. But you guys are doing this to me! It is frankly, none of your business. MY privacy is being violated, not yours.


    “Scilingo said this method had been approved by the Church hierarchy because they considered it a Christian form of death.”

    Got to question the veracity of report quoted by this reporter, Catholic Church and right-wing have a close and bad history, but this phrase is out of a propaganda textbook.

    The Catholic Church consider all forms of death equally valid, the religion is based on the idea of redemption and ‘the resurrection’.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, they forgive themselves of their crimes and then condemn children whose parents worship other or no gods, to eternal hell. Punished for not worshipping some self-centered god?

    How insane is that! Punishing people for committing crimes aimed at harming others is a whole different thing. Remember: ALL children are born ‘evil’ the instant they suck in that first breath of air according to the Christian ideology.

    This is why babies are baptized before they have any idea what is going on. Because they are considered ‘evil’ until they get the stamp of approval from the Christian ‘god’.

  10. emsnews

    Which means all Jewish babies, children and adults will burn in hell according to the Catholic Church. True, the Church now has graciously said, unlike in 1935, that it is NOT good to burn Jews today. But ask any Christian this: ‘Where do Jews go when they die?’

    The answer always is ‘Hell’. To be brutally tormented for eternity. I know this, I was raised by ‘Christians’.

  11. John

    Racism – in fact, let’s get away from that word. The word we want is bigotry. Because when born-again Christians look down on everyone else for not being one of them, that’s really no different than whites imagining themselves to be genetically superior to blacks, or Asians imagining themselves to be superior to everyone else.

    There is bigotry on the right and on the left. No matter what ethnicity, race, gender, sexual preference or any other grouping of humans you’re talking about, any individual is capable of being bigoted. However, we have a situation where even expressing that opinion is labelled “racist.” Certain ethnicities are slandered as having no non-racist members; other ethnicities are arrogantly promoted as being “incapable” of racism. As a male of European heritage, I resent being called a racist when I am most certainly not; it’s even worse when the accuser is dripping with racist animosity themselves, and is only using the word because they know a whole gaggle of people will parrot their words without ever stopping to think about them. The word is most often used as a means to silece opposition to econonomic and social policies which have nothing to do with racism, but everything to do with wresting control of society away from the monitary elite.

    Until this false narrative, of how only certain races are “racist” while other races are protected from being called this, is finally ended, we’re not going to make any further progress toward true equality. I know I’m not alone in saying: when someone lies about me, I’m done considering anything else they have to say.

  12. emsnews

    Anyone can be racist. Asian, African, European, whatever. It is actually natural for people to do this. It is called ‘all strangers to my tribe are my enemies’ sort of thing.

    The Roman Empire had many ‘races’ and the Romans had a rule: whoever you are, if you are a Roman Citizen and not a slave or barbarian, you were ‘civilized’ and had equal rights with other Romans (except the Emperor who could do whatever he wants).

    US racism is due to fighting and destroying the native Indian tribes and fighting the Hispanics in Mexico and turning Africans into slaves and second class citizens.

    The way we determine who is ‘good’ and who is a ‘bad stranger’ is often via genotypes. We look at face shape (slanty eyed Orientals, anyone?) or nose and hair (Jews know this well) or skin color, etc. We then make assumptions about the people we meet based on appearances.

    Blind people don’t have this problem and tend to be a lot friendlier to people across the genetic spectrum (Helen Keller being one very famous example of a woman who refused racism based on skin color when it was very dangerous–and she was a southerner!).

  13. Wooster007

    Heya Elaine:

    Here’s an AP update on Fukushima:

    Not good.

    On racism, I think you are right in that people are “naturally” racist and self deluding – especially when it comfots their beliefs. The Right in the US is comforted by feeling that they are “right and just” at being downright rude (condoning even eliminationist rhetoric) towards sitting President Obama, who isn’t white and not “one of them.”.

    Your last comment also reminded me of an old movie with Sidney Poitier, Shelley Winters, and called “A Patch of Blue” involving a young blind girl as portrayed by Elizabeth Hartman and a very manipulative madam/parent figure in Shelley Winters. You could also include “To Kill A Mocking Bird” into the same category …..

  14. In the end Elaine there can only be one God left standing. Civilizations always have a beginning and an ending. Who wins will determine the remainder of human history. All I can say is that I’m betting on Jesus to win. I don’t think the 2 sides will ever come together, because the differences between light and darkness mean they can never co-exist, so one has to be eliminated for the other to thrive. That is simple reality.

    As for me I will serve the Lord.

  15. CA Dude

    The way things are going,it would not surprise me if the GOP were to come out in favor of legalizing rape!

  16. emsnews

    The Dire Goddesses of Infinity, Zero and Mother Nature don’t agree, Shokuzulu.

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