Japan Will Make F-35 Jets, Not Buy From US

China's J-15 fighter jet

Photos of China’s carrier fighter J-15 – Xinhua | English.news.cn

The US has the world’s most expensive military procurement process.  It costs trillions of dollars per decade.  One major trillion dollar bonanza for the corporations is the F-35.  This gold-plated monstrosity is a top-level airplane.  And would bankrupt any country at war if it is damaged or shot down.  The US can’t replace these expensive machines without going bankrupt. Ergo: they are useless.  They work only if they are used against barely armed peasants in some third world country.  In wars that are not cost-effective.


The Pentagon tells us that selling weapons makes up for the hideous cost to US taxpayers…without explaining how this is. It does provide US jobs which are not overseas…except it doesn’t!  Here is a typical example from our friendly ally in Asia, Japan:  Asia’s F-35 buyers forced to wait as China seeks edge ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Japan is not sitting on its hands. It is upgrading its fleet of about 200 Boeing F-15s, its mainstay fighter.


Tokyo has committed so far to buying only four F-35s but is building an assembly line to manufacture the remaining 38 aircraft locally.


The F-35 locks Japan in with the future U.S. order of battle – as it does for Australia, South Korea and Singapore – flying the same sensor-packed fighter aircraft as U.S. forces.


So, they buy 4 jets as models and then make their own!  Typical.  So, the US taxpayer gets nearly zero return on this deal.  As is usual. The US hopes to sell these things to South Korea and other countries.  Only South Korea and Japan are in disputes over various islands, too, like China.  And South Korea won’t sit down and accept buying all the US jets full cost, they will be angry that Japan gets to skip out on the purchases and instead, gets our technology basically for free.



The Chinese jet in the top photo is cheaper.  It is also not as nifty as the US jet but the US jet has many problems and is already several years behind schedule due to difficulties in flying it without passing out, for example.  China to Overtake US by 2016, Says OECD and the Chinese know very well, the economic ranking of a country determines who wins wars.  And during WWI and WWII, England, which was losing ground to the US since 1912, struggled to keep its massive empire when it was entirely incapable of doing this due to declining economic status.


Both the US and EU as well as Britain continue their insane wars against Muslims:  Syrian Rebel Coalition Crumbling: President Quits.  As per usual, al Qaeda celebrates CIA funding of ‘rebels’ who happen to be them.  Liberalism can’t spread via conquest as we see in Egypt or Libya.  Libya isn’t in the news because our rulers want it out of the news and Iraq is in the news even though this irritates them.


The US Imperial Consul, Kerry, stomped into that country in order to force the Shi’ites to obey US/AIPAC orders: Iraq’s Maliki Rejects Kerry Demand to Bar Iran OverflightsIraq’s Maliki Rejects Kerry Demand to Bar Iran Overflights.  Yes, isn’t our diplomacy clever?  In Israel, Obama was made to kiss everyone and promise to lie about racism and they even twisted his arm to announce that antisemitism is worse than racism.  Then, giving him virtually nothing, they let him spend a minute with the Palestinians in order to tell them to go to hell.  This is very sad but unsurprising.


The Taliban, being rather smarter than the Pentagon drone guys, know how to fight battles with an enemy who has lots of weapons.  Today’s session of ‘win the war’ saw a Suicide Attack  Which Kills 17 Soldiers in N. Waziristan. You see, our troops are negotiating with the South Vietnamese—er—North Waziristanese to allow our troops to flee intact.  The Taliban is letting us do this but are attacking the Afghani puppet ruler’s troops.  Eventually, the US will be entirely out, $2 trillion poorer and the Taliban will win.


And look, there are other revolts that the US can’t stop or control!  Rebels Take Central African Republic Capital, President Flees.  Right now, NATO is struggling to control the entire Sahara Desert and this will cost a fortune fighting guys on camels.  A dead camel costs little.  Killing a man on a camel costs billions each.  The math is against victory because it spells economic collapse for the imperial power spending all its money this way.


And the banking problem; the US and EU as well as UK all have serious banking problems.  So does Japan.  The ZIRP return on savings is theft.  There is inflation.  But governments have rigged the inflation numbers to hide this so they can steal capital from bank accounts.  Cyprus had a higher rate of return and now, to bail out the banks there, the EU central government is unilaterally seizing 40% of of the savings of mainly Russians who used this island as a bank hideout:  Cyprus debt crisis: Russia slams deal as ‘tantamount to theft’.


I read in one Brit paper about several women in Cyprus who bought real estate.  They were all under 32 years of age and purchased property for over 250,000 pounds.  On incomes of less than 30,000 pounds a year.  Some, far below that.  There is no way they could afford this sort of loans.  The US got in trouble the same way, giving ridiculous loans to people in lower incomes and they paid only interest on the properties hoping they would shoot up in value eventually.  When values fell, these people went bankrupt as should the banks but these were bailed out with ZIRP loans from the Federal Reserve who then force all of us savers to get zero return on savings.


The bail out saved the banks by stealing from the rest of us. And so it goes.  Real estate bubbles still continue to pop all over the earth and all of these are due to wild lending, no rules or oversight and the floating fiat currency regime.

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10 responses to “Japan Will Make F-35 Jets, Not Buy From US

  1. John

    You see, our troops are negotiating with the South Vietnamese—er—North Waziristanese to allow our troops to flee intact. The Taliban is letting us do this but are attacking the Afghani puppet ruler’s troops. Eventually, the US will be entirely out, $2 trillion poorer and the Taliban will win.

    The $2 trillion, of course, vanished down the gaping maw of the military/industrila complex, which is owned by the banksters, whose vocabulary only consists of one wird: “MORE.”

    I become more and more convinced that the banksters are the lynchpin of all this stuff. Eradicate them, and the human race has a fighting chance to evolve past “naked ape” status. Otherwise, I’m not holding my breath.

  2. emsnews

    The Soviet Union and Mao China had no bankers and still were capable of destroying lives, killing many millions and making live very miserable for everyone except the power elites.

  3. lucky13

    In the 1970s I recall a picture in the news of Rockefeller in CHINA! He was there to ‘open the place to Banks and Cola’, if I recall properly.

  4. emsnews

    My dad went right on the heels of Nixon and Kissinger because the Chinese asked for him. Madame Mao was still in power and she tried to terrorize my parents but then had to back down. Many stories about THAT little matter!

    Such as..her demand my father sleep in a separate bed! My father said no. She said, ‘NIXON slept alone in this bed!’ pointing at the bed BOLTED to the floor.

    My father said to her, ‘I love my wife and I sleep with her, I am not Nixon.’

    Mao ordered his wife to back down and the bed was unbolted and they slept together!

  5. karl Denninger has a good cartoon from South park demonstrating what is being done to Cyprus and will soon be done to us, he predicts.

    Taking people’s money to feed the Derivatives Beast

  6. emsnews

    They are already stealing savings! They made this ZIRP so the capital is free to them so they can use it.

  7. John

    So far as I know, the Rothschilds installed their central bank after the Bolsheviks came to power. In fact, I understand that several banksters were instrumenal in fomenting and funding the Bolshevik revolution, beginning with the Rothschilds funding Karl Marx.

  8. emsnews

    You heard wrong.

  9. John F

    John F

    John above, where do you get such garbage? I hope no one ever confuses us. I bet you think Uncle Karl was there!

  10. emsnews

    Further, you can’t read one history, one must read many histories and preferably by many different ideologies (we all have ideologies!) and thus, one can discover something truthful, more or less.

    This is why I love actual documentation that is verifiable. This is difficult to get and one should always try to get this. People love fake stories, by the way, it makes them feel smart. Avoid this, if possible!

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