Melting Polar Ice Cannot Be Causing Cold Winters And Hot Winters Every Other Year

Nothing bothers me more than the fact that weather forecasting, despite all the wonderful satellites, continues to be very poorly done.  Just as the British forecasters claimed we would be in a heat wave instead of severe cold winter, I find the US forecasts to be poorer and poorer.  Many examples abound.  The main problem is, the global warming ideology means ALL weather, hot, cold, dry or wet, is blamed on CO2.  No mention is ever made of the sun or volcanoes, the two main drivers of sudden weather changes.


Today we have a typical example.  After last winter, the weather ideologists claimed this winter would be very hot.  Instead, it was very cold.  They had to explain away this thing and here it is:  Scientists: Long winter in U.S. the result of melting Arctic ice cap.  HAHAHA.  Sorry, that isn’t it.


Look, last  year, when the sun was at its solar maximum, we had a very mild winter.  The polar ice level was only slightly greater than this year. Now, we have a little more ocean showing and we have a very bitter, snowy winter.  How can the near identical conditions of the polar ice create opposite weather patterns?  The clue is simple: the sun.  Suddenly this year, it ceased making sun spots which means solar output declined.  Even a tiny change has huge effects on our planet which is so near the sun.


Last year, the British forecasters warned Brits that their land would become a desert and emergency water rationing was imposed and that very same week, the rains cam and poured and poured for months with lots of floods.  Generally speaking, these events herald GLOBAL COOLING, not warming.


We know from records of complaints about the weather and tree ring studies that swings in the weather occur when the sun is preparing to slow down.  When the sun is warming up itself, there is a surge in plant growth and human populations soar.  When it suddenly begins to cool, there is famine, starvation, wars, mass migrations and other woes. We call these periods ‘Dark Ages’ and they are often the result of the sun cooling when a major volcanic explosive event happens.


The ‘interglacial norm’ we enjoy is much warmer than the Little Ice Age (which the global warming guys tried to discredit or eliminate) and a lot cooler than the first Egyptian Pyramid building culture and certainly cooler, even now, than the Minoan Empire where women walked around with exposed breasts.  Try doing that in Greece today!  Too cold much of the year.  I suspect it was ‘summer’ all the time and statues and paintings of other people in the world show bare breasts, too.


It was warm!  And the human population exploded and the farming of rice took off during the earlier warm cycles.  Rice needs wet and warm!  We are not at the apex of warmth for even this most recent interglacial cycle.  Global warming theory imagines that the change in the Gulf Stream and other systems is what causes ice ages.  But this is ridiculous.  The sun and mass volcanic activity have created more than one Ice Age and these always end SUPER FAST not slow at all.


The refrigerator shuts off and a fire is lit.  This fire is the sun and the freezer is the sun.  Loss of ice in the North Pole should have consistent weather changes one way or the other.  It can’t be simultaneously both very hot and very cold.

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27 responses to “Melting Polar Ice Cannot Be Causing Cold Winters And Hot Winters Every Other Year

  1. lucky13

    Here in California a ‘Climate Expert’ and teacher at a college told me
    the dense cold fogs [day after day, for 5? years] are caused by Ice Caps melting.

  2. DeVaul

    I’ve had a project to build a raised garden put on hold for two weeks now because of snow — in Kentucky. There is snow outside. Right now.

    Oddly, this used to be the norm back in the 70’s and early 80’s, and the thought of planting anything before May was considered stupid. It seems we are back to normal now, as far as I can tell.

    Climate change — or whatever term people use — is like another “End of the World” theory that Jews love so much. It simplifies everything so that they do not have to think about anything beyond tommorrow. (I notice this does not stop them from planning elaborate vacations.)

    I thank Elaine for debunking, at least in my mind, the whole climate change madness. I might have been fooled too by all the scientific mumbo-jumbo if Elaine had not refuted it and pointed out many overlooked matters.

    The climate WILL change. It always has. The danger now is that we will slip into a regulary scheduled ice age now that the industrial age is over.

  3. John

    The Anthropogenic Global Warming hoax is perpetrated to justify the carbon-offset derivatives market (aka “energy tax”), cooked up by Al Gore and Goldman Sachs as a replacement for the real estate ederivatives market. This is to be the new way for banksters to create billions for themselves without working for it. Elaine pointed this out a few years ago, and it continues to be the most logical explanation I’ve heard for the continuing propaganda in the face of clear evidence to the contrary.

  4. JT

    “Many examples abound. The main problem is, the global warming ideology means ALL weather, hot, cold, dry or wet, is blamed on CO2”

    Not just weather.
    Animal populations, vegetation, news species moving to new territories.
    Half the research is corrupted by GW money.

    Here’s how it goes at least here where I live.
    Say you want to study squirrels.
    No grants available.

    So you apply for a grant “The effects of climate change on Finnish squirrels.”
    And bam! you get 100 000 for 2 years.

    Now after that you kind of have to mention climate in your final report.

    It’s totally political and just as reliable as politics.

  5. John


    And it ties in quite neatly with the carbon-offset/bankster situation, since they own & operate almost all the policians.

  6. Eso

    The wood is a moisture reservoir. Moisture makes the cold seem more tolerable and/or warmer. Deforestation contributes to cooler temperatures, and lets the wind blow hither and thither. Yes? No? When I have trees growing around my house, I can keep my stove burning and keep warm. When there are no trees, I have to buy gas. But what if I am out of money and cannot buy gas? I freeze. I believe the weather is getting colder, because the land around my house has lost its wood, and the field left behind is as bare as a desert and as white as snow.

  7. DeVaul

    That’s strange. Moisture makes me feel even colder, unless it is in the form of snow (dry water). Dry weather makes me feel warmer. I do fine out in the snow, but in the rain or mist, I feel chilled to the bone. I wonder why.


    Yeah, I bet. That’s why I cannot find books on squirrels. They live in my back yard, as many as 12 in peak years, but finding information on the Eastern Grey Squirrel is harder than finding anything about lions or tigers. I also have racoons and oppossums. Again, no books. Tree sloths? No problem. Wide range of selections available.

    I try to learn about squirrels by observing them, but now I have little time for that. I plan to buy a spy camera and install it in my garage to find out who is pooping all over my studio. Racoon or oppossum? Taking wagers now.

    Once I find out who it is, I must learn when the best time is to lock him out, or I will risk killing his or her pups. It is hard to find info on stuff like that.

    Maybe… maybe… global warming is affecting my garage… yeah….

  8. JT


    ” We recognize that mountains are highly vulnerable to global changes such as climate change [, changes that affect not only the human population, but the many Species of wild animals that inhabit the mountains, some of them of a vital importance and value for the life of mountains- such as Squirrels, which are credited with maintaining and developing the forests for millions of years by burying the nuts and planting the trees …]”

    I can personally guarantee that the squirrels in my back yard can handle;
    30 degrees celsius daily, 70 degrees celsius yearly of catastrophic climate change.
    And 2 dogs chasing them.

    Those little buggers are fine.

    So I bet they can handle 2 degrees over 50 years.

  9. DeVaul

    Back in 2002-2003, the squirrels wore my first hearing dog down to the point where he would nap while they wandered around him looking for acorns. He was 15 years old by then, though. He had chased them long enough.

    My son used to love feeding one squirrel that would come to the window because all the other squirrels abused him. He had a torn ear, so we called him “Chippamina” (had a chip of his ear gone).

    I kind of dread the day when I might have to shoot one to feed myself.

  10. Eso

    There are many answers to the question why humidity (moisture) makes the air feel warmer. This is not to say that it actually IS warmer. The following link gives a good answer as to the why: In any event, a planet covered by woods will be a planet that has a blanket; without such a cover Earth is barren

  11. JT


    They live in Norwegian spruces I have in my yard.

    I have one oak too they hide those acorns everywhere but they prefer the spruce cones.

    In Finland squirrel pelts were used as currency in ancient times, before the introduction of coinage. The expression “squirrel pelt” is still a reference to money.

    So I have 4-5 units of the old currency, hidden safely up the spruce.

  12. emsnews

    Yes, you can eat squirrels. When we had no money years ago while going to court due to work injuries, we shot and ate squirrels.

    Squirrels build forests! They plant the seeds and forget where they are so at least half end up growing and then are cropped by deer. Enough survived in my forest to repopulate the trees over the last 100 years.

    Forests are important to the climate…and deforestation is a human plague and this bothers me greatly. We need forests for many reasons!

  13. Well you guys up North hoarded all the cold this year. Here in New Orleans, it’s our third year without a freeze!

  14. Jim R

    One of the most infuriating developments in the area of “green energy” is biofuels. They are claiming it is all renewable and stuff, while they bulldoze the tropical forests to plant palm oil plantations.
    When you just cut down a tree or two, you don’t hurt the forest that much, but when you mow down the whole thing to start a stupid plantation, the damage will last for centuries.

  15. JT


    “the squirrels wore my first hearing dog down to the point where he would nap while they wandered around him looking for acorns. He was 15 years old by then, though. He had chased them long enough.”

    same here. my old dog that we had to put to sleep last fall would let these buggers come 50 cm from his nose before she got up and chased them away. We laughed when she could not believe how these little bastards could be so disrespectful.
    but now my dogs are 2,5 years and 6 months old so the yard is now reclaimed to canines.

  16. Jim R

    So, um, why did we lose the ice at the North Pole?
    — just to pose a question here —
    And, Elaine, are you trying to say it won’t be hot in Texas this summer? Because here in Texico, we could use another ice age!


    ELAINE: Yes, it is warmer than during the Little Ice Age. That period was several hundred years. This became ‘the new normal’ I bet you there was no ice at the north pole during the height of the Roman Empire or during the Minoan empire, either. It COMES AND GOES during our little (and it is very short!) Interglacial.

    The Ice Ages all lasted ten times longer than the Interglacials. Our present one is only 12,000 years. And has many mini-ups and downs.

  17. DeVaul

    Glad you regained control of the castle bailey, JT.

    My current dog is a large collie/German shephard mix and he cannot chase squirrels because they disappear before he can get to the yard from the steps. He is not very territorial, like my sheltie was. He can play with other dogs, but I have never seen him chase a squirrel, but then I don’t have many squirrels left. Some idiot behind my home set up cages to catch them and take them away. I plan to spray his cages with squirrel repellent this summer sometime at night. I don’t care if they eat his tomatos.

  18. John

    Squirrels aren’t much of a problem where I live. We have them, but they don’t bother much. The chipmunks, on the other hand, eat everything.

  19. This may look counter intuitive but the cold it gets the smaller the ice caps do too. This is true because it needs an extreme high flow of moisture to keep it’s size. This means that in the Ice ages the climates was probably hotter than today, you can see that by looking that the tropics on that age. they here greater than the ones today. weird isn´t it. But the truth.

  20. emsnews

    What??? HAHAHA. Upside down doesn’t work all that hot.

    Look, if the jungles were warmer and bigger during the Ice Ages why did our species suddenly evolve very rapidly due to harsh conditions?

  21. Eso

    I suspect that our species suddenly evolved, because the Vikings started to tax the Evenks by demanding them to kill their reindeer herds and hand over the pelts. The Finnish tradition of using squirrel pelts for money goes back to early taxation. The Finns themselves are likely a branch of the Evenks, of whom there are now only a few thousand remaining in northern Siberia. This tax collection is what started the neoliberal development boom–a sudden accumulation of capital starting with killing off furred animals, followed up by cutting down the forests, to plant grains, another easy way to liberate the common man of his wealth.

  22. Due to Young Dryas. I know it is counter intuitive but that´s pure science. Also there were something very weird during ice ages, the ice cap looks like to have been a giant ice ring. And the top was full of grass where Mammoths used to live. But where suddenly wiped out and frozen by this Young Dryas. Until now nobody know how to explain this fact. Also evolution happens faster than we think: And human used to inhabit the artic during ice ages: “Ice held most of the northern latitudes in its grip 18,000 years ago – with important exceptions. In the last ice age glaciers never completely covered eastern Siberia, Alaska, and the Yukon.” (as quoted by Cardona: “Plant that Beat the Ice Age,” National Geographic, March 2001)

  23. Jim R

    So during the last ice age the north pole was open water and Texas was hot, while upstate New York was underneath a mile of ice. The sun was warmer or cooler or whatever to make this happen.

    These little climate facts are quite counterintuitive. ..

  24. lucky13

    ‘evolution happens faster than we think’…There is a study that claims
    Birds have shorter wings, to avoid being hit by cars!

  25. lucky13

    ‘Here in New Orleans, it’s our third year without a freeze!’
    Coastal So Cal is damp, dark, foggy and horribly cold.
    Not sure if climatologists agree, but the last 5 months here have been dismal.

  26. Yes @Jim, Looks like the ice cap was a huge donuts but on one side seems it was wider in extension compared to the other side of the same ring, just something like these :×905.jpg

  27. Global warming means too much energy in the system, just like a car travelling with too much speed. The system (car) gets unstable and begins oscillating from one extreme to another (from trench go trench), until it chashes. The car in the trench or one way or another, the climate most probably in another ice age. The climate is a very delicate balance! I think this delicate balance issue is generally too little appreciated.

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