Whidbey Island Homes Slide Into Sea, NYC Banksters Whine About Penthouse Views

The recent landslide in Washington State where a whole community of houses are now being rendered unlivable reminds us about risk and the desire to live dangerously. That is, no one has any insurance for a collapse of the landmass which their houses sit on with a spectacular view of the restless ocean.  There is more news about the super rich bankers we all bailed out, whining about their fines they had to pay for their rip off scams, while whining about the view from their multi million dollar penthouses.  We should dump them into the sea!


Whidbey Island landslide: Thirty homes threatened as swathe of coastline falls into sea after massive landslide on Washington island | Mail Online

Insurance companies WON’T cover devastating damage inflicted by massive landslide as experts warn the ground could continue moving for weeks to come…Resident said he knew the area was prone to movement but it was a price to pay ‘for marvelous views’


This is true of all residences situated along any oceanic body of water.  Shorelines are by nature unstable.  And prone to tsunamis, storms and earthquakes.  So far, our government insures homes that are regularly flooded but this is bankrupting the country (aside from the ravages to our budget due to wars) and the maps of who is covered is being revised so that people who insist on buying homes in constant flood zones must carry the burden minus taxpayer bail outs.


Alas, the bankers don’t have this restriction!  They merrily pay themselves huge bonuses while expecting us to save them from their own stupid, greedy schemes.  Steven Cohen: Hedge fund billionaire buys $60m Hampton’s mansion to go with his $155m Picasso painting | Mail Online


The billionaire trader made the extravagant purchases despite settling two insider-trading lawsuits with the government for $616 million just weeks before.


In the good old days, Mr. AIPAC Cohen would have been arrested.  Now, we spend a few trillion saving him and he pays a minuscule fine and then pays himself quadruple that to make up for it.  He should be in jail.  Madoff is whining in jail that his fellow tribal members in the Wall Street banking system knew perfectly well he was a crook and did nothing.  Which is true.  He believes that this means he shouldn’t be in jail.  that is false.  They should ALL be in jail.


Wall Street CEO fighting neighboring building as they try to make a rooftop bar but he is going to court because it will disturb his penthouse view | Mail Online


Richard Handler, who was last year’s highest earning banker who took home $58 million, has filed a petition to stop a British advertising agency from adding four floors and a rooftop bar to their future office building…He doesn’t seem afraid to throw down serious cash for the ensuing legal battle as he already paid $23.7million when he bought the penthouse in 2010.


No banker anywhere should ‘earn’ over a million a year.  Never.  This is all criminal game playing using Federal Reserve ZIRP loans.


The GOP continues to amuse us: Michael Steele trashes Reince Priebus for ‘crapping’ on his RNC chair legacy | The Raw Story


Steele also called Priebus out for his allegation on March 18 that he found out the RNC’s credit cards had been cancelled after he took over for Steele facing a $22 million deficit. Priebus was the RNC’s general counsel during Steele’s tenure as chairman, when the group took out a $25 million loan.


“For him to stand up there and pretend that he wasn’t in the room, that he had no say in the decision-making process, and that the so-called debt that he inherited was the one that, as a member of the RNC, he voted for, number one. Number two, he recommended to me to go into debt,” Steele said. “And for him to sit there and act like he had nothing to do with it and that somehow he inherited this mess that he helped create, to me is just pure B.S.”


Steele is related to me.  He is ‘black’ and I am ‘white’ but one of my ancestors had sex with his slaves…an old story.  Anyways, we are related.  He was made head of the RNC to counter the charge of racism which is very pervasive in the GOP.  Then they kicked him out for being uppity which proves they are racists.


Anyways, they ran out of money so he was persuaded to sign for a huge, multimillion dollar loan driving their silly party into debt.  Then they went on the warpath screaming about how debt is evil and this is caused by…black men!  Yes, again, the racism rises to the top of the cup of coffee.  They happily blame Steele for the debt they chose to take as they blame Obama after making the debt skyrocket with Reagan and both Bushes.  All right wing white dudes.


As I pointed out in the past, white males screaming about guns often illustrate why they are too juvenile and immature to be trusted with guns:  Dale Peterson, Gun-Waving Alabama GOP Candidate, Charged With Shoplifting Again at Walmart.  Another pro-gun guy showing what white males like to do the most with their weapons:  Ex-Pa. state trooper kills wife, self in market.  White mostly male but sometimes female gun suicides are a terrible problem unless one wants these people dead.  But all too often they do this to family members as a man, recently divorced, hunted down his three little girls this week and shot them all dead ‘to teach the wife a lesson’.


In between shooting themselves or stealing from Walmart, law and order gun nuts in the GOP have other plans for replacing modern socialist healthcare with the Christian Right Wing Healthcare Lottery — May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor | The Smirking Chimp


Like a scene straight out of “The Hunger Games,” Tennessee holds “health care lotteries” to ration Medicaid health insurance to the nearly 200,000 uninsured residents of Tennessee who can’t afford health coverage.


Twice a year, Tennessee holds their health care lottery, when Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam and the rest of his Republican colleagues turn the idea of “dialing for dollars” into “dialing for your life”.


Tennesseans who meet various requirements – like falling below a specific income threshold, and being elderly, blind, disabled, or a caretaker of a child who qualifies for Medicaid – can call the lottery line to request an application for the state’s public health insurance program known as TennCare…The catch is that the window for getting one of those applications is very tight – the phone lines shut down after just 2,500 calls come in – and with hundreds of thousands of people who may qualify, the demand is so high that it’s nearly impossible to get through in time.


Years ago, I campaigned desperately to prevent the legalization of lotteries because I knew it would make the nation poorer and drive the poor into hoping to hit it big, gambling.  The spread of all types of gambling has eroded the moral base of America and is a leech sucking out wealth and health.  We are all poorer thanks to the spread of gambling.


On top of this, forcing people to enter a lottery to get healthcare is beyond cruel.  Then making the application process nearly impossible for sick people to navigate is another deadly element put in deliberately.  I can imagine the Good Old White Dudes sitting around a conference table chuckling over the thought of poor people desperately clawing their way to the lottery.  Har, har,  har.  Meanwhile, these chuckleheads, if they don’t commit suicide, will collect Medicare when THEY retire.  And on a government pension, too.sunset borger

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10 responses to “Whidbey Island Homes Slide Into Sea, NYC Banksters Whine About Penthouse Views

  1. John

    [T]hey blame Obama after making the debt skyrocket with Reagan and both Bushes. All right wing white dudes.

    Agreed. As long as we recognize that Obama, at the behest of his Wall Street and corporate owners, also went nuts digging our debt hole deeper.

    On top of this, forcing people to enter a lottery to get healthcare is beyond cruel.

    Also agreed. I live in TN, and the government here is run by a lot of very selfish, very stupid people, who all believe Jesus loves them the best. Many of them are “prosperity gospelists;” this is hugely popular in the South, and baically states that rich people are rich and poor people are poor because Jesus wants it that way. I’ve tried to point out that Jesus ACTUALLY taught his followers to give al ltheir wealth to the poor and surrender themselves totally to God’s will. Like most of the rest of Christianity, the followers cherry picked the message to justify selfish, childish behaviour.

  2. melponeme_k


    The proof that Jesus loves them because of wealth is a relic of Calvinism. The novel Jane Eyre is all about how the rich are not chosen even if wealthy. Whenever I read that novel it always amazed me that Bronte got away with her critique, a rather harsh one at that.

    Even today the holy rollers read Jane Eyre because it is “wholesome” and are completely unaware that it rages against their lifestyle and beliefs.

  3. lucky13

    Homeless in Japan:

  4. Being There

    Oh yeah, the Christian right is the cruelest joke around. Pretending to love Christ while exhibiting some of the most uncompassionate attitudes on all subjects.

    They hate, yet they have to pretend that they can represent the people who they despise.They look like they’re made to swallow the most awful medicine when they try to appeal to the minorities. It’s painful to watch.

    I was thinking about the disinherited whites through the Milton Friedman Chicago school and globalism as the hounds of the Baskervilles. Starved and miserable howling and biting at all the wrong people. Used as the know -nothings by the elite to attack things that would have helped them.

    The strangest thing of all is that they claim to have principles. They own religion and the Constitution, yet they cherry pick everything that suits their fancy. But they say it with authority, so that makes it so. Cuz they say so.

    If for instance, everything is God’s will, then they have to embrace homosexuality and science, since all human endeavor would be an expression of God.

    But I digress. It is not surprising that they would embrace the lottery as a way of giving to healthcare. At the end of the day, it’s a tax, but an extremely unfair one where you put money in and get nothing back. At least with taxes and a public sector, we all put money in and get services we need.

    The confusion between public debt and the real problem of private debt is never discussed and the their austerity measures through the shock doctrine puts us on the road to Fascism.

    The democrats aren’t much better. Their social issues differ from the Reps but their military/financial hegemony machine is the same on both sides of the aisle. They play good cop to the Republican bad cop, but in the end they will cave into the special interests and the special interests say through t he mouth of Little Lord Blanfein: “The American people will have to get used to less entitlements.”

    Knowing what we know about the attitudes of the banksters, Who’s entitled?

  5. emsnews

    As I said, due to allowing money to corrupt our elections we have ‘representatives’ who represent lobbyists with lots of loot. NO party is immune. The Tea Party started out as an anti-GOP wealth collective but they fell for the sudden flood of Koch funds and ended up being a guns/Jesus/free trade/no taxes on the Koch family party everyone despises today.

    The Democrats are totally owned by AIPAC and thus, a menace. But the Tea Party and the GOP fixed that by menacing human rights of women, children and gays and of course, all minorities so we can’t fight the lobbyists who own the DNC because we need the DNC to protect us from the ravening wolves of the GOP/T party.

  6. Being There

    It isn’t just a case of corruption of money and crony capitalism. It is also an economic system known as Neoliberalism which is hell bent on privatizing all areas of the public sector so the money shoots upward into the coffers of the elite.

    I liken the public sector in each sovereign nation as a giant pinata that the Milton Friedmanites want to bash, so they can steal the loot inside. They do it through creating debt and using the banking system as a front against the people or they use the military. All the wealth comes tumbling down into their personal ownership since they are in the unique position to steal.

    This morning on my FB page a great article by Greg Palast illustrates exactly why we went into Iraq. What’s they system? Get the citizenry to foot the bill and the elite will reap the benefits. It was all about privatizing the oil. The American people foot the bill and then get gouged by their own leadership:

    How Bush won the war in Iraq – really!


  7. PFO

    Hi Elaine,

    Growing up on the eastern shore of Puget Sound in the Soviet of Snohomish; I’ve observed the same stupid-shit behavior of home-owners with ‘marvelous views’ for almost 50 years.

    First, they build a ‘Taj Mahal’ as close to the edge of a sand/clay [note pictures] 100′ cliff as they dare and then CUT DOWN ALL THE TREES BLOCKING THEIR VIEW!!!

    Within a decade,the PNW’s famous winter rains saturating the now barren bluff reach full-tilt boogie and boom, there goes the neighborhood.

    Then, instead of planting Douglas Fir, Hemloch, Red Cedar or Spruce seedlings on the slide, which grow extensive root systems and rain-proof the ground with a carpet of needles; they dump untold trucks of rocks down the slide, only to have it slide down again within a few years.

    Hard-to-believe, but it sounds like someone in the insurance industry figured out this imbecilic behavior and decided not to finance it anymore.

    Watch carefully as other imbecilic routines, especially in the ‘medical empire’ simply just disappear.


  8. emsnews

    You want the ‘medical empire’ to vanish?

    Death wishes are amusing to the gods who love to grant wishes! Alas, the entire reason humans live the longest today is thanks to Big Pharma and above all, vaccinations.

  9. lucky13

    Not that long ago, most people died before reaching school age.
    I think increases in longevity have to do with sanitation, winterized housing,
    labor laws, nutrition etc. I dont think the ‘entire reason’ is big pharma.

    Heck, painkillers are killing 50,000 a year. And thats just in the USA.


    ELAINE: I was born into the upper middle class in 1950 America. We were TERRIFIED of polio and the ONLY thing stopping that horror was…Dr. Salk’s vaccination. My dad was a high level professor at the University of Chicago so we got Salk’s vaccination first in the country. I.e. I was a guinea pig!

    It worked great. Many other common killers which ravaged even homes with high levels of sanitation and new tech stuff like rubella or diphtheria to name just two common killers in the suburbs of modern, sanitary America, were a terror in my childhood. I remember kids who were middle class and clean dying. I remember families put under county quarantine.

  10. ming the merciless

    btw kerching ….
    Free Trade and Unrestricted Capital Flow: How Billionaires Get Rich and Destroy the Rest of us

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