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Fukushima Pollution Spikes In Tokyo, US Zionist Media Demands More Wars Of Aggression

nuclear radiation spikes again in Japan

Highest fallout levels in Tokyo since soon after Fukushima crisis began  Graph from Fukushima Diary:  The US media basically ignores Fukushima while focusing with deadly ire on Syria.  But the Fukushima disaster continues!  The electrical service to the water pumping systems keeps breaking down as giant rats attack it, the toxic water storage is running out or leaking and now we learn that the radiation readings for Tokyo are shooting upwards again, reaching levels higher than June, 2011. Continue reading


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Gold Dealers Refuse To Sell In Down Market

MASSIVE RUN ON GOLD AND SILVER | Liberty Gold and Silver News Blog the article here talking about how people can’t buy gold at the lower price is full of very dumb suppositions.  Ignoring the fact that gold is a mere commodity to be bought and sold on the open market like wheat or oil, when there the value falls suddenly, people holding commodities for speculation and sales will withhold this until the public demand forces up prices again. Continue reading


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Israel Announces They Won’t Use Chemical WMD Anymore Even As Israel Demands Syria Not Use These

Were Chemical Weapons Used in Syria?  This is the same question the Zionist power front nations keep asking only when there is a dark desire to overthrow fairly secular and liberal dictatorships.  Liberal and secular compared to the main Muslim ally of the US, the entirely corrupt, repressive and vicious Saudi Royal family’s regime.  Israel is most anxious to scare the US and EU public into yet another destructive war which only result will be a much more repressive and radically religious outcome.  As the Saudi Royals wish.  This, in turn, weakens all Muslim nations as the credo of the conservatives makes these nations much weaker, hindering commerce, the intelligence level of students, etc. Continue reading


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H7N9 Virus And Measles: Main Defense For Both Is Vaccinations

I had a SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) event last winter which was very scary.  I couldn’t breathe!  When I was in the hospital, they gave me oxygen and some vapor medication and I couldn’t suck that down.  Instead, I coughed even worse for the first 10 minutes.  The H7N9 virus is like the coronavirus that attacked me last winter.  It kills mainly via the SARS.  There was no vaccination for the coronavirus last winter but in a great hurry, scientists are trying to make a vaccination available to deal with this new, dangerous menace. Continue reading


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Another Bangladesh Factory Disaster: Collapse Kills Nearly 200 Workers

How the rich got richer during the economic recovery while the other 93 percent declined | Mail Online

rich get richer and poor get poorer


A recent PEW Research study shows that the top 7% of Americans saw significant increase in wealth while the rest of the nation, which is very politically divided over civil rights and gun issues, saw their wealth shrink.  The US economy has been decapitated with the jobs moved overseas for cheap labor, high capital returns and these free trade deals have made goods cheaper in the US but this fixes nothing in the long run since US jobs have been seriously depressed since free trade began.  Yesterday, workers producing cheap goods for sale in the EU and US were killed when the building they were in that produces clothing, collapsed.  The workers knew this would happen but were told to go into the building, anyways. Continue reading


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Rand Paul: Use Drones To Kill Liquor Store Robbers Stealing $50

Rand Paul, the hero who did the anti-drone filibuster turns around and decides using drones to murder liquor store thieves is perfectly OK.  Killing Americans who are ‘dangerous’ is a slippery slope as we see overseas with our drones causing mayhem by killing Muslims left and right.  Of course, this only makes them madder and madder and fires them up to do the same to us here as we saw this week!  Cops killing inner city blacks has done very little to make our cities safer.  The Bloomberg efforts to disarm the thugs has gone a long ways towards making NYC safer, for example. Continue reading


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Stupid Computer Trades By Goldman Sachs And JPMorgan Drove Stocks Off Cliff During AP Hack By Syrian Computer Geeks


Fake Tweet Erasing $136 Billion Shows Markets Need Humans:  No kidding!  The computers used by the big banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan all are now hooked into the AP feed where these programs are set to ‘see’ bad news and instantly sell stocks with no human intervention.  These computer programs have repeatedly crashed the stock market with zero warning and are a huge hazard to the fair markets for the average investor. Continue reading


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