Sun Spots Vanish And Global Warming Is Freezing Cold: NOAA Finally Admits Sun Causes Weather

Winter hangs on into April in NY

This is a photo taken this morning showing how global warming isn’t working the way they predicted.


La Nina forming spring 2013 Europe very cold


The global warming believers can’t figure out the weather very well due to a refusal to accept the iron clad fact that the sun, not CO2, is the final determinator of whether it is an Interglacial like now or an Ice Age like so often in the last 2.5 million years.  Above is a NOAA temperature of the oceans map.  We see a cold La Nina event as well as a very cold offshore of the northern East Coast right next to the Gulf Stream while Europe’s waters are much below freezing and it is still snowing off and on there.


A lot of people who understand how the weather works are increasingly furious with the global warming ideology which makes CO2 the main driver of weather.  This is a false belief system.  Yes, CO2 does play a role in the weather but it is not the most powerful force.  The two main drivers are the sun and volcanic activity.  THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds solar influence on El Niño and La Niña cycles


A paper published online today in the journal Geophysical Research Letters finds a “robust” effect of solar activity on the ocean oscillations of El Niño and La Niña, which in turn have profound effects upon global climate. The paper finds a lagged response with El Niño-like conditions following solar maxima a “couple of years later.” The IPCC dismisses the role of the Sun on climate by only considering small changes in total solar irradiance, ignoring large changes in solar UV (which is capable of penetrating the ocean surface to cause heating unlike IR from ‘greenhouse gases’), and ignoring secondary effects (e.g. the cosmic ray theory of Svensmark et al). This paper adds yet another secondary effect of solar activity on climate not considered by the IPCC.


Finally, way too late, NOAA tries to get back some respect by finally admitting the obvious: the sun, not CO2 is what decides if we freeze or roast.  The solar activity, far from having total, primary effect on our climate still is misunderstood by NOAA ‘experts’ as a SECONDARY effect.  This is pure lunacy.


The Old Farmer’s Almanac is far superior when it comes to long range forecasts: Sunspots, solar flares, the next solar cycle, and how the Sun affects weather


Here at the Almanac, we believe that solar science, the study of sunspots and other solar activity, can influence weather here on Earth. In this article, we explain the basics of solar activity, solar cycles, and what’s up with the Sun now.


My father and grandfather always pushed for more solar research and both believed that the Ice Ages are entirely driven by the sun and that it is a more variable star than several million years ago.  My father tried to get his last paper, ‘The Sun Is A Variable Star’ published and was turned down due to it blasting apart the global warming gig.  He correctly predicted that this present solar cycle would suddenly cool off due to the sun spot activity slowing down rather than climaxing.


Weather on Earth can also be affected. Recently, NOAA scientists finally concluded that four factors determined global temperatures: carbon dioxide levels, volcanic eruptions, Pacific El Niño pattern, and the Sun’s activity.


Note that NOAA still lists CO2 as #1, then finally admits that volcanoes have a huge effect and then finishes with the El Nino which is, of course, solar generated.  But we see from the above heat map of the earth, the sun affects ALL oceans and right now we are entering a COOLING CYCLE.


These happen like nearly clockwork ever since the Ice Ages began.  That is, the sun fluxes in energy and we alternately freeze and roast.  Droughts follow this solar activity level, too.  In hot climes, when the sun is active, they have lots of droughts while the northern climes see lots of hurricanes and wet weather.  During solar minimums, we get less snow and thus, a ‘winter drought’ and spring is greatly delayed as it is this year.  And I expected this.


Here is the Google list of El Nino/global warming sites:

Confusion about La Nina and global warming

HAHAHA…I like the PBS statment that El Nino doesn’t want to go away!  In the last year, NOAA kept saying La Nina would go away and the bitch just hangs out longer and longer and is still there as we can see on the top map.  In today’s prediction, NOAA still claims La Nina will go away and then we will have a NEUTRAL system.  In a rat’s ass!


I have a book here called ‘Sun, Weather, and Climate: John R. Herman, Richard A. Goldberg, NASA: 9781410221995: Books.  NASA, due to being run by astronomers, has correctly seen that the sun is the main driver.  This book is chock full of graphs and charts detailing how the sun goes through cycles which have megacycles which we call Ice Ages.  It doesn’t mention volcanoes and my father fought hard for NASA to consider volcanoes to be huge drivers of the weather whenever they capriciously erupt.


Overlooking all the major weather generators leads to idiotic predictions.  For example, the global warming ‘climatologists’ in England warned everyone they would never see snow again just several years ago.  Since then, England has had record cold and many a blizzard and public rage is rising rapidly.


This is what happens when people replace science with a belief system.  The projections of the global warmers was, things would go hotter and hotter.  But this depended on the sun suddenly being totally stable and putting out the same heat all the time.  One thing we know is that regular ‘mini-ice ages’ happen and this is a cyclic matter and it happens when the sun has a protracted low sunspot cycle and these last 150-200 years as do the warm cycles.


All of this is ignored by non-astronomers.  And the solar scientists have been nearly thrown out of the discussion if they dare point out these obvious facts so they hunkered down.  Now, the weather is proving climatologists wrong.  Dead wrong.  For example, this is no light April snow out here with warm weather melting it in hours.

still snowing in April

The trees are still naked and the ground covered in ice and snow in April here in upstate NY.


It is bitterly cold.  Temperatures like in February.  We have occasional spring-like days which are still 10 degrees below normal and then another cold blast hit.  It will be 19 degrees tonight and that is very cold indeed and totally not April weather.  By the way, the solar weather book has only one left at Amazon and it is now nearly $30 due to being rather rare.  I paid $8 for it back in 1980.


The used books available cost at least $28 dollars!  Maybe I should sell my copy?  Except I need it as reference.  The hardcover is exceedingly rare and goes for $106 dollars.  Rats.  I lost mine years ago!

sunset borger

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sunset borger


Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team

Russian volcanoes may erupt soon



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28 responses to “Sun Spots Vanish And Global Warming Is Freezing Cold: NOAA Finally Admits Sun Causes Weather

  1. JT

    Coldest march in 50 years here and still -15 at night.
    It’s 10 degrees celsius colder than normally.

    Lovely weather for the past 2 weeks though.
    Only sunshine and +5 during the day.
    But no slushy snow due to cold nights.
    I like this artist formerly known as global warming.

    I still have 60 cm of snow in my yard.

  2. Douglas Uhrig

    For years now I have argued that the emphasis on global warming/climate change is, in reality, a smokescreen to take the public’s eye off the real threat which is the stew of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals released into our environment in hideous amounts. Real action can be delayed while we “debate” CO2 and warming as there is lots of “controversy” to freeze the response while we “study” the problem. Little or nothing gets done which suits the manufacturers and industrialists as change is expensive. Meanwhile the continuing poisoning of the world we share goes largely unnoticed and unabated. “Climate Change” is a show for the masses, full of sound and fury, but, please, pay attention to the show and don’t look behind the curtain. I can’t escape believing that it is a very deliberate and cynical manipulation that is in progress.

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  4. Jim R

    CO2 matters. It will raise temperatures globally by a few degrees. And its effect is most dramatic at high latitudes/altitudes. CH4 matters too, and there is a lot of it frozen in the land and seabed at high northern latitudes. We shall almost certainly find this out in the next decade or so.

    With that said, financial fraud (The popular Al Gore solution) will most assuredly NOT remedy the situation. Nor will driving a Prius.

    Something that matters more, and has received NO media attention, is the nuclear spew from Japan. And the fact that there are hundreds of these accidents-waiting-to-happen all over the planet. You would think every advanced nation on the planet would be over there helping contain and remediate the mess, but everything I read about it just has them spreading it around more. Sweeping it up and throwing it “away” … flushing it into the ocean … you can’t throw that stuff away, it has to be gathered up and stored in long lasting containers.

  5. Shawntoh

    Great blogging as usual, Elaine. A question for you.

    What impact do you see on our weather patterns and what scenarios could happen due to a nuclear war?

    Especially with the international disputes threatening to escalate that you recently pointed out that are brewing globally right now, like between China and North Korea vs. Japan?

    Could even a small series of nuclear detonations trigger an ice age due to a “nuclear winter”?

  6. lucky13

    ‘Farmers A’ is cheap, ‘experts’ are not cheap.

    And the GW crowd would say yr cold spell is ‘weather not climate’.

  7. lucky13

    Also…Did any Journal publish the paper?

    ‘My father tried to get his last paper, ‘The Sun Is A Variable Star’ published’

  8. emsnews

    Yes, it was passed hand to hand within NASA and a few other places but the main magazines for scientists rejected it because it predicted the sun would grow quiet and this would instantly influence the weather towards cooling.

  9. The varieties of extreme weather here in the central USA certainly correlates well with solar-magnetic activity over the past decade. Hot when the sun is hyper-active, cold when the sun is inactive. Here we are at what should be solar-maximum, after a an exceedingly hot dry summer in 2012, and instead of scorching March like last year, we have an inactive sun and cold temperatures. The sun is truly in charge.

  10. kenogami

    When you show a photo of the inside of your house, please show one of your cats in the photo. Like 1/3 of mankind, my brain is infected with the toxoplasmosis parasite; thus I like cats and cannot control myself: they are in control.

  11. emsnews

    OK, more cat pictures!

  12. Jim R

    Interestingly, (back to the weather)
    That splotch of cold water in the eastern Pacific is responsible for the ongoing drought in Texas. It’s hot and dry because the Pacific is cold and dry. Weather is multidimensional, and chaotic.
    It all has to do with circulation patterns

  13. CK

    Ocean Front property in the Poconos, Orange groves in Berlin NY.

  14. John

    Douglas Uhrig

    For years now I have argued that the emphasis on global warming/climate change is, in reality, a smokescreen to take the public’s eye off the real threat which is the stew of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals released into our environment in hideous amounts.

    Add this to the Carbon Derivatives Market cooked up by AlGore and the Banksters (hey, that’s a good name for a band…), and I think you’re on to something here.

  15. Elaine give up the tasteless ghost with your mother hen vigor towards climate chaos cooling. Kids influencing your schizophrenia? Since the 1980’s each global month has been warmer than the next. The summer arctic is expected to be ice free by 2015 maybe this year. And fuck off with the irrelevant volcano points too. You always seem to be acting like a raving mom photo-cropping an inaccurate picture though I rarely read you anymore.

    The future is grim for the species and life on the planet as we’ve known it – raised into captivity – unable to solve our political, sexual, and consciousness problems.

    The worst a person can be is tasteless – let alone schizophrenic. There are
    something like 9 irreversible global warming feedback loops going on now.
    Uncle Elaine – really. You’re a broken record with your agenda based fascination with AIPAC, Japan, Nuclear, Volcanoes and the warming not cooling chaos going on. Try not to be so emotional for clarity and poignancy.


  16. emsnews

    Would you like to visit me? It was 20 degrees last night. And for the last two months, bitter cold. This coincided with the sun spots stopping.

    When there is a brief cold wave, it is ‘weather’. When much of the northern hemisphere has one cold wave after another with little warmth between, this is CLIMATE.

  17. emsnews

    Oh, and I NEVER publish false photos. They are 100% real and 100% honest. As for the ‘irreversible global warming? HAHAHA.

    One major volcanic eruption by say, Yellowstone, will kill that fast! And even faster is the sun. One decade of lower solar energy production and boom: you got an Ice Age.

    Worse, if you are silly enough to believe that global warming is forever, and CANNOT reverse then why haven’t you committed suicide? That would be the only solution.

    Anyone who imagines we stopped the ice age cycles is NUTS.

  18. emsnews

    What baffles me the most about the left is how they have sucked down the wrong lessons about ‘global warming’ (which is 80%+ solar generated by our sun). Spaz’s letter here is full of doom, gloom, hatred, fear and despair.

    I am full of hope. Humans CAN wreck things royally via nuclear warfare! And that is totally avoidable if only we cooperate with each other. But how can leftists lead anyone when they tell us we must freeze to death and that severe cold is good and warm is evil?

    This is very much like the people on the right (and some on the left) fearing contrails from jets. Worse are the anti-vaccinationists who actively work to destroy us with their germs. Both on the left and right.

    Both seem bent on spreading death. The gun fanatics are the same. In the name of protecting themselves with guns, they enable a flood of blood to flow and they also commit violent suicide at an astonishing rate, few are protected by guns while many are menaced.

    These backwards, ANTI-CULTURE OF LIFE ideologies and beliefs are very, very destructive. These despairing, insane beliefs leads straight to the Gates of Death.

    Pride is part of this. Note how Spaz thinks I am faking my real photos because it is in direct conflict with his End of Times theology. Global warming has become a religion and no evidence that it is flawed is allowed into the Church of Climatology. This is why weather services struggle to give us real forecasts.

    I forecast cold and snow this spring and we got it. I should be held up as a hero for this. Instead, global warming believers scream I am lying.

    In Europe, rage against the global warming crew is growing. Trust me on this.

  19. Jim R

    NCAR says it’s found your missing spring warmth. It is over Greenland:

    Is it your assertion that they are lying, and how does this jive with your sunspot theory? (we haven’t had enough big volcanic events lately to account for a cooling trend)

    Also, by how much has the solar constant decreased? 1%? 2%? What is the irradiance now, and what was it ten years ago? Inquiring minds, and all that 🙂

    … know that i still love you anyway …

  20. DM

    I think the photo-cropping was an analogy.

    However, even although global-warming is now commonly used as a simile for ‘a load of codswallop’, it will be a cold day in hell before these true-believers abandon their faith.


    ELAINE: No, it was a stupid attack on my credibility. The guy wants desperately to ignore reality.

  21. DeVaul

    The whole “War on Global Warming” has worked. It did what it was intended to do: distract environmentalists from confronting polluters at the local level, which is something that anyone can do and get real results, unlike fighting a “war” against a largely unknown enemy whose identity no one can agree on.

    Greenpeace was the last bastion of true environmentalism to fall. Now, they too are obsessed with climate change, as if anyone can do anything about it.

    Another thing. I just learned recently that we are actually in an Ice Age that has been going on for one million years. At present, we are in a period called an “inter-glacial”, which lasts about ten to twelve thousand years and features a planet not covered with huge glaciers. Our present inter-glacial started about ten thousand years ago, so scientists say that we are due for another “glaciation”, which means that the northern hemisphere will be largely covered with ice again.

    When that happens, all this yackety-yak about global warming and climate change will be irrelevant and anyone who survives will not even want to admit to their children that they actually argued about “global warming”.

    Try to see the big picture.

  22. Elaine thanks for the response. Kafka pointed out as you probably know that the only real philosophical question is suicide. Thank you DM photo-cropping was an analogy for dear excitable Elaine.

    The sunspots only affected your region apparently Elaine – more global weirding?

    I’d never bring kids into this picture or be positive we are a cruel horrible species that through selective thinking has squandered gifts and the natural world we depend on let alone surviving being proles born into the baseline captivity of sociopaths and bloodlines that psychopathically run the industrial experiment corporate state for the illegitimate immoral likely illiterate owners and their privatized centralized command economies of collapsing empires made possible by the propaganda of the bought and sold illiterate systems manager university gate-kept deferential to empire and authority but not morality technocrats – I could go on but I’ll spare you.

    Women are a not so talked about bad biological feedback loop for consumption children adding 40 times more of a carbon/consumption footprint to a dying world let alone their seeking money power status and materialism in order to satisfy their need to experience their sexuality through offspring.

    The uterus or cuterus as I like to call has been a quantum vacuum for unfortunate souls and karmic cycles sucked into the current event horizon of nature’s addictions and failures and limitations. Our consciousness is tightly monitored but unfortunately not our schizophrenic hubris.

    Localize – get off the grid if you can – make a network of sentient reliable people – affect what you can positively – value morality.

    H.L. Mencken proposed it was bad to tell women the truth since they suffer enough at the hands of testosterone. And Oscar Wilde mentioned – “A gentleman never tells the truth”.

    So please accept my profuse apologies for stepping on your toes and the toes of Wilde and Mencken and all great thinkers.


  23. emsnews

    Filmmaker freezes to death in APRIL in BRITAIN.

    Also do note how the posters here attacking me hate the idea of having children and think we are all going to die. This death wish hatred is bitter pride and a joyous belief they, the global warming believers, will gloat as we all die…except we may all freeze to death.

    Certainly cutting down on available fuel for warming us up in the Cold North will kill us.

  24. We were raised to kick each other’s teeth in for dollars but that doesn’t excuse women for detracting from the main points of a topic to soothe their vanity, ego, and emotional psychological needs with lesser and irrelevant points.

    The suburban dream with the better than average children, genes, husband, home, status, and material accoutrements to show off like shoes was rarely challenged by women who have needed a man to be good looking, ruthless, dumb and rich at the expense of others for their suburban dreams. So fiat currency coupled with oil and other abundance did enable the sociopathic gene pool and their structures of greed fraud fear and death. All our hierarchies and institutions reflect sexuality. And Leanord Cohen sang “Everybody Knows” – among others like Dylan’s “It’s Alright Ma”.

    Sexuality like profit is about winning which the lesser quality product is willing to do immorally or tastelessly or baseline because for the unwashed rationalized lower, middle, and upper classes things are good enough let alone once you have kids you no longer speak out because the environments are that totalitarian like parenting instincts, but for most including women no need to be neurotic about the stresses of further transitions into a catabolic cannibalistic future, hope and progress spring eternal. Though subconsciously the alienated disempowered propagandized diminishing quality of life consumers feel the heavy weight of a loveless meaningless un-nurtured poorly nutritioned abusive plugged into thankless systems life women are very complicitous in driving. Look up how a sociopath operates and convince me that is not our culture and institutions and how the majority of our species behaves. Though fun human sexuality coupled with offspring clouds the mind and feeds the fire of sociopathic behaviors and values.

    Oscar Wilde wrote that “I am afraid that women appreciate cruelty, downright cruelty, more than anything else. They have wonderfully primitive instincts. We have emancipated them, but they remain slaves looking for their masters all the time.” Wilde’s flippant statement is no less poignant for its “bitchiness:” He focused on the drive that some women have to find the man who will colonize their emotions, enslave their passions, and rule over their lives–and so in the name of finding love, they find a fascist.

    Carlin in his Bookspan Brain Droppings speech felt that the human species had had its chance at the expense of other life – and could have used a few more million years to evolve – another one of nature’s dead end hyper-sexual and energy needy apes turned out to be a bad idea after all overall – let alone the white people bringing fire in every form – electricity, explosions, chemicals that burned even the water, fiat currency, pavement and happy motoring and more progress – the low IQ coast to coast parking lots and shopping malls. What a bunch of miserable tasteless bullshit most people have no neurosis about because they’re too busy trying to survive being born into the loveless entropy of it all.

    But count your blessings, be kind, and love what beauty is left and don’t give in to the shadows of ego.


  25. emsnews

    There are ruthless men and ruthless women, powerful men and powerful women, psychopaths of both sexes. We humans ALL evolve from ruthless cannibals.

    We try to live differently because ruthless people are quite destructive in the long and often short run. Societies flourish when people have a sense of purpose and enjoy working hard for something.

  26. kp

    Can’t believe scientists still quoting ice cover at dangerous levels. Have they forgot about the southern ice cover which is the highest ever since records began. Check out nsidc site for evidence. It’s basic equilibrium. if both poles had excess ice we would have major problem so be thankful it is lower in the north at the present but iI am sure the balance well shift again to the north given the current change in oceans currents as easily predicted using science. Why these climate variable scientists pick and choose their data and the media become entranced by their fantasies is an absolute bore given the number of theory changes since 1996 when they predicted an arctic without ice this year and no more snow in the UK. Open the lab curtains. Turn off the air con it’s not needed its actually quite chilly out side if you care to check the real conditions.

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