DC Private Investigators Uncover $34 TRILLION Stash In Brit Royal Territorial Islands

world's most expensive painting is stupid


$155 million Picasso painting which is very simple and rather stupid.  But famous!

Nearly all of the top US media outlets are owned by rich billionaires.  So we get Billionaire News like Bloomberg News or the NYT or WP or all the Murdoch outlets plus all the major TV stations.  They quietly kill any news that might harm their super-rich status.  The latest news to be blacked out here in the US is the story broken by a Washington, DC group of investigators.  They pried into the private stashes of the super rich that are parked in ‘banks’ on islands owned by the Queen of England.



Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore | UK news | The Guardian


The names have been unearthed in a novel project by the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists [ICIJ], in collaboration with the Guardian and other international media, who are jointly publishing their research results this week…The leak of 2m emails and other documents, mainly from the offshore haven of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), has the potential to cause a seismic shock worldwide to the booming offshore trade, with a former chief economist at McKinsey estimating that wealthy individuals may have as much as $32tn (£21tn) stashed in overseas havens.


The British royals who are sovereign over these islands has now hosted over a million front operations that simply have an address but no real business in these various island pirate banking entities.  All of these are also kept top secret.  The ruling elites across the planet know exactly what is going on.

The Bilderberg gang which is now imposing strenuous austerity measures in Europe and the US know what is going on.  The GOP ran a Presidential candidate who keeps his wealth offshore at the same islands.  Leaders of many countries are using these Queenly properties to hide their loot.  These same people use front organizations to buy up properties, businesses and as ‘corporations’ and when caught breaking laws, indite only the underlings, not themselves.


The Guardian is a leftist paper in England.  We have virtually none such thing in the US.  I have been talking about the loot stashed away at various former or present Royal territories which are literally owned by the Queen of England.  The royal family keeps a low profile when in England but live the luxury jet set lifestyle when out of the country.  This is to prevent a revolt like the French one.


Things are looking very dicey for the Brit royals because of austerity so they pretend to not be super-rich by cutting back on silly, tiny things.  The US rich don’t do this, they are roaring ahead, boasting and berating, demanding no taxes on their trillions while they party like it is no tomorrow. They don’t fear peasants being just a few generations away from peasant status.


Secrecy for Sale: Inside the Global Offshore Money Maze | International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

The mega-rich use complex offshore structures to own mansions, yachts, art masterpieces and other assets, gaining tax advantages and anonymity not available to average people.
Many of the world’s top’s banks – including UBS, Clariden and Deutsche Bank – have aggressively worked to provide their customers with secrecy-cloaked companies in the British Virgin Islands and other offshore hideaways.


I knew of this for years but hope someday to see the full data.  As I keep pointing out, all the US has to do is send our navy to these islands and seize them.  Easy as pie!  Instead, we send them to Asia and the Middle East to protect despots, trade rivals who are destroying our infrastructure and assorted rich people.  The navy doesn’t protect the US from anything.


Here is a recent example of how elites exploit control of banks and remove wealth when their systems crash: Cypriot president angrily denies claims family member exported bank funds.  Of course, they hid the money overseas!


Here are several stories from the investigative reporters:  Front Men Disguise the Offshore Game’s Real Players

Ferdinand Marcos’ Daughter Tied to Offshore Trust in Caribbean

Disclosure of secret offshore documents may force top Mongolian lawmaker to resign

Who’s Buying Britain? Probe Reveals Real Estate Speculators Hidden By Offshore Alchemy

Mega-Rich Use Tax Havens to Buy and Sell Masterpieces


An example of how rich people using fronts are turning NYC and London as well as other ‘top destinations’ into ghost towns due to having too many properties: A Slice of London So Exclusive Even the Owners Are Visitors – NYTimes.com.


The art market is totally insane.  Hedge Fund Billionaire Steve Cohen’s $155M Picasso Isn’t His First, the gambling boss in Vegas who sold it to him broke it by accident with his elbow.  This painting, the nude at the top of the story, isn’t a great work of art, it is FAMOUS and thus, like rare baseball cards or stamps or other curiosities, the rich and idle assign huge value as RARE in that these things aren’t being mass produced.  With three recent setbacks, maybe offshore hedge fund jerk, Steve Cohen should dump the Picasso.


This rarity concept appeals to the super rich who assign all sorts of odd rarities with high prices when they swap with each other.  Most of this has near zero value in the natural world.  That is, these curiosities merely soak up excess currency units that the rich need to park somewhere.  Since they bid up the value of these things, their ‘money’ grows as they get richer and swap things.  This makes them feel good.  But the core of their wealth comes from the teeming masses and nature.


Europe’s Carmakers Want to Shrink. Unions Stand in the Way – Businessweek: Pesky Germans who have a socialist state earn $60 an hour, French are second at $45, the US are third at a meagre $38 and Asia gets $10 an hour.  Japan is NOT a top  labor pay country.  It is rapidly turning into a third world country with an out of control printing press for money.  Businessweek is whining that German union members get representation on the board of directors!  Oh, the horror!


Exploiting labor, natural resources and the creation of  money means it pours into their laps while they all evade social obligations and neglect their home states.  History, on the other hand, is crystal clear about what happens when elites destroy their home bases: they are, in turn, destroyed too.  Perhaps they hope to steal our navy and turn it against us and use it to attack the Home Base while they hide overseas and then come back in and rule us?


This is possible, it is probably their plan to control us via the massive Pentagon which has been already taken over by internationalists, weapons sellers and hostile tribal groups.  Hiding themselves from us is key to this plan.  The elites even go so far as to have articles mocking people for thinking there are conspiracies afoot from elites.  3 in 10 Americans think ‘secret elite’ is conspiring to rule the world & 1 in 5 Republicans say Obama is the ‘anti-Christ’ is typical.


Really stupid ‘conspiracy’ things are mixed DELIBERATELY with real ones.  The Bilderberg gang is very real.  The efforts they use to hide their nefarious activities is extremely real.  The conspiracy of our media to hide this gang is a true conspiracy.  The ‘secret mind control’ is our media itself!  The CIA really did bring in drugs!  Still does!  9/11 had many interlocking conspiracies!  None of which had to do with bombs in buildings.


Stupid conspiracy stories ride along side and trample the real ones.  And our media owners like this set up so does the CIA and others.  The best way to fool people and isolate anyone with brains is to overwhelm them with armies of people who believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  Religious leaders exploit people the same way.  Rational examination is stopped dead in its tracks when stupid stories overwhelm real research.  And people fall for stupid all the time.  It is so easy.


Eventually, as the trillions pour out of central banks and into these offshore islands, societies being forced into unemployment and austerity will riot.  Everywhere at once, it seems.

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14 responses to “DC Private Investigators Uncover $34 TRILLION Stash In Brit Royal Territorial Islands

  1. Jim R

    Yup, that’s one of the quickest ways to discredit a “conspiracy theory” … soon as someone posts anything with evidence of one of these REAL conspiracies, the trolls show up with stories of lizardmen from space or fake moon landings. That will be our ticket to the idiocracy, where everything is a fake artificial lie, and no one can prove anything.

  2. DeVaul

    This is so very true. Even this latest news, that of the actual discovery of the names and identities of many of the offshore tax evaders will not be seen for the conpiracy that it is, but will be overwhelmed by stories of evil Iranians, evil Koreans, evil this and evil that, and it works.

    I have never heard of a solution to this problem.

    The few who can reason through something and predict the logical outcome cannot stop it from happening, they can only observe it and deduce it.

    This goes all the way back to the beginning of written history, when those who predicted a certain popular course of action or behavior would end in ruin were simply murdered. The fact that their predictions came true meant nothing at all.

  3. emsnews

    Cassandra. Yes, the ancient people knew very well what happens to people who can accurately predict the future.

  4. JT

    My favourite is Dali (entertainment level)
    Now that’s art.

    Picasso Faces…

    And I like the one about picasso making a goat out of scrapyard stuff but I could not find that one.

    Not sure that one is worth 150 million though.
    But Picasso did say “art is a lie that reveals the truth.”

    I liked the book about Picasso by Françoise Gilot.
    She was the only one Picasso could not drive insane.

  5. John

    Separating the truth from the tinfoil is a difficult business. But I’ve decided that the true machinations of the globalist elites are not so much “conspiracy” as they are collusion.

    Take Quantitative Easing To Infinity and Beyond, for instance. They’re not hiding a damn thing. Same with Too Big To Fail. It’s all being done in plain sight. But the elites who do this stuff also own the media, and there is a giant collusion going on, to purposefully lie about what the result of all this activity will be. They pretend it’s going to rescue the economy, when in fact it’s going to collapse it.

    One of the places I disagree with Elaine is that she believes it’s all done out of stupidity, and that the collapse will be an unintended consequence of the elites’ activity. I think they’re deliberately collapsing the economies of every country in the world, so that the nationless banksters, in their personna as the IMF & World Bank, can usurp the sovereignty of the world, re-establish the feudal structure that was ruined by America’s founding, which gave us peasants the right to own property, and (on paper) own the entire planet.

    The IMF & world Bank have both openly boasted of the new global currency they have ready to go when the USD loses its reserve curency status, and the Federal Reserve, also oned by the banksters, is deliberately hyperinflating the USD to cause exactly that outcome.

    It’s a cinch that the United Nations will be tapped as the World Government, and a cornerstone of the UN’s “Agenda 21” is the removal of all private property rights. This means the UN will administrate every inch of real estate on Earth, which means the IMF & World Bank – owners & controllers of the currency and therefore the UN – will de facto own the entire planet.

  6. Jeff22

    Stupid conspiracy stories ride along side and trample the real ones

    Rush Limbaugh said similar today.

  7. emsnews

    How would destroying the social order be in their benefit? The people, in the main, doing this idiotic thing are with little social history sense. Examples abound. My family came to the New World due to fighting the King and losing. Some regained power with the Glorious Revolution when the Dutch helped the Orange family take over England thus eliminating most of the Norman rulers and replacing them with mainly German (very German until WWI when they renamed the Brunswick family as ‘Windsor’ which was entirely made up!).

    The point is, revolutions, wars and displacement aren’t forgotten so fast and the notion that one can destroy the ‘peasants’ AND the entire ‘middle class’ is a hard lesson learned by the few surviving royals.

    Now forgotten! You see, it is entirely OK to oppress and abuse peasants but the instant royals or upper class people abuse the MIDDLE CLASSES, the bourgeoisie, then you get real revolutions.

    The rich have overreached themselves out of sheer, stupid greed. Like any fairy tale, the greed ends up destroying the greedy one. And we are going to see this in the future if the middle class continues to be pushed downwards.

  8. Being There


    excellent post today, thank you.

    I’ve been saying it’s $23 Trillion in the black banking system worldwide, but I guess I underestimated.

    I wonder what the derivative trash is up to now. It was $1.4 Quadrillion in 2008……and no, my friends it will never be paid back.

    Guess they’ll have to do a mother of all wars thing…So many problem spots, so few troops.

    Remember, T’was greed that killed the beast.

  9. emsnews

    The Derivatives Beast stopped growing the last three years. The bankers hate this.

    They are desperate to get the CO2 Derivatives Beast going. This way, they place bets on futures of air pollution and then collect huge funds AND fees while doing this and they boasted this would grow to infinity.

  10. Being There

    That’s hilarious. One thing we all can be sure of is pollution. Maybe they should place bets on oil sands debacles too!
    Oh and what about the nuclear wastes in Washington State? How about how long will it take for the Columbia River to carry those wastes throughout the Western states?

    To your point. Yes they do want that carbon tax….

  11. emsnews

    Yup, they ignore Fukushima while whining about CO2 making my home warmer…STILL FREEZING TODAY…it will warm up to 60F degrees for one day this next week and then…back into the freezer by mid April.

  12. John

    How would destroying the social order be in their benefit?

    Because then all the benefits of modern technology are theirs alone. They keep all their high tech gadgets, they keep all the energy, while the rest of the human race are the serfs/slaves on a planet-wide plantation, living barely at the level of colonial American technology. We will mine the coal, drill for and refine the oil, grow the food, be their servants, and enjoy none of the fruits of this labor. Fewer humans using modern technology and energy also means less pollution, you see. This is good for the environment! The masses are a threat to the planet, but of course the elites are not, as they whizz about the planet in their privat jets and stretch limosines.

    Remember, these generational dynasites are almost always genetic psychopaths whose brains are hard-wired much differently from normal humans, and have no conscience. And when you remove the conscience and moral compass from a human being, you get a would-be god. You & I agree that the reality will not be as wonderful for them as they imagine, and that they’re stupid, shortsighted and selfish, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try it anyway. They see their lack of compunction as a superior trait, not as something that makes them less than human (which is, of course, what it truly is).

  13. emsnews

    While working out trying to get my muscles back after having pneumonia and an operation, I listened to Time Machine, that great book by H.G. Wells. Try it out, it is very good and the narrator has the script running at the same time.

    It is all about the elites and the workers and what happened if both evolved in opposite directions due to elites exploiting the workers and driving them into the ground while making a Garden of Eden paradise for themselves on the surface of the earth.

  14. lucky13

    “Yup, they ignore Fukushima while whining about CO2 making my home warmer…STILL FREEZING TODAY…it will warm up to 60F degrees for one day this next week and then…back into the freezer by mid April”

    Priceless [pun intended]. But this thread is about $ and Media Control.
    Follow the $. AWG = Carbon scam. [Democrat scam via Al Gore].

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