US Admits It Is Pushing North Korea Into War

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This headline is quite amusing.  The US is basically admitting that the drive towards war has been fueled by the US and hidden behind the US, Japan.  Both South Korea and China are not spooked by North Korea.  I noted earlier that headlines have focused on nearly anything else but North Korea in China and Japan, for example.  The US fear-mongering has also fallen flat in the US as has the warmongering against Syria.  Americans are angry about the government spending cuts and in no mood to go to war across the planet for no good reason.

On the other hand, something really scary as hell has reared its head in Asia: the Germ Empire Strikes Back!  This year, flu vaccinations didn’t cover all the different germs that broke out on tourist ships and resorts.  The real home of most virus outbreaks is the heart of China:

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Japan is worried about this new and very exotic HN virus.  Recently, and I am sorry I didn’t cover it, I did talk to my family about this news—first a huge number of dead pigs and then dead domestic birds came downriver in China.  I knew this was a new virus outbreak and worried about it jumping to humans.  And it did, alas.


One of the top stories in China is the rise of this new disease: Shanghai begins culling poultry; one contact shows flu symptoms – Xinhua.


China’s Ministry of Agriculture said Thursday it found the H7N9 virus from pigeon samples collected at the Huhuai wholesale agricultural products market in Songjiang district of Shanghai.


After gene sequence analysis, the national avian flu reference laboratory concluded that the strain of the H7N9 virus found on pigeons was highly congenetic with those found on persons infected with H7N9 virus, the ministry said.


This can cause a global killer epidemic.  We don’t know yet but it looks pretty bad and the only thing that can stop this is a vaccination that works.

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As we see from the screen shot, the North Korea news is not even noted but China has made a big thing about the Japanese WWII massacre which Abe wants to retract the apologies given grudgingly by a predecessor.


Japan’s increasing imperialism has been noticed by the US media but no connection between that and rising tensions in Asia are made:  Japan Shifting Further Away From Pacifism – .  Japan is a weird country.  It is one of the top 1st world economic powers and runs itself like a third world poverty nation:   40% of hepatitis B sufferers infected through mass vaccinations hide condition- 毎日jp(毎日新聞): YIKES.  Japan should be easily able to afford disposable needles for vaccinations or anything!!!  Using old needles over and over again is insane.  Vaccinations are not at fault here, poor hygiene by medical staff is what is at fault.


Abe wants to restart all the nuclear power plants while the Bank of Japan doubles the number of yen it prints: Nuclear Regulation Authority changes ‘safety standards’ to ‘guidelines’.  Every comment at that paper about this matter says the same thing: no one is fooled, he is basically letting TEPCO and others decide what is good and what is wrong.  That is, they regulate themselves.  YIKES, again.  What is Japan?  A third world country?


Now on to another topic that is interesting:  Billionaire pledges to “destroy” climate skeptics … a rich hedge fund offshore banking jerk is going to ‘destroy’ anyone who argues, like I do, that earth climate studies have fallen apart due to ignoring the sun?  HAHAHA.  Bring it on!


The recent severe cold wave shocking everyone in the areas once under a mile of ice during the previous Ice Age, this coincided with the sun suddenly stopping sun spots.  That is, the sun is quiet and we get suddenly quite cold.  It has been sunny and cold now after the last snowstorm this week.  It will warm up for one day to normal temperatures only to plunge back in 5 days to barely 40F degrees which is very cold for April.  One warm day does not make a hot climate!


The End of Times pessimists who have pretty much driven the ecological left insane are being whipped into a frenzy not only by hedge fund clowns who want to have a CO2 derivative market (which they boast will grow to be bigger than the Derivatives Beast!!!!) we have this news:  Economist: World headed towards climate change catastrophe | The Raw Story


Nicholas Stern, the British former chief economist for the World Bank, said that both emissions of greenhouse gas and the effects of climate change were taking place faster than he forecast seven years ago.


HAHAHA…this guy is a Bilderberg gangster!  He, too, wants that CO2 derivatives market for the same reasons.  It will grow to monster size and make him and his buddies very, very rich while doing virtually nothing useful.  The taxes to pay for this and the higher fees will be paid by the struggling middle classes of many nations.  Good gods.  The claim that we will use our money to upgrade to solar energy, etc, is insane.  We will be penniless!  No provision for funding a change of any sort, we will merely be driven out of the energy markets or pay so much for staying WARM in winter, we will be perpetually poor.

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10 responses to “US Admits It Is Pushing North Korea Into War

  1. Ziff house

    Unfortunately CO2 does still reflect heat .

  2. Just Ice

    The democrats can’t give big concessions to NK for fear of appearing weak to swing voters, on the other hand, democrats are less likely to go to war than the republicans. The republicans, on the other hand, can give bigger concessions without being called out as weak by the democrats.

    Foreign policy for idiots says shake fist at democrat administration while starting doing bad stuff, then ask for goodies from new republican administration for stopping doing same bad stuff. Enjoy goodies. Repeat.

  3. IAmSpartacus

    Democrats are less likely to go to war than the repvblicans?!? Tell that to Japan, Vietnam, Serbia, Libya, Syria, and villagers in Pakistan that are the targets of drone strikes, and, I’m sure, many other places that I’ve forgotten about, or that we don’t know about.


    ELAINE: Japan attacked us. On our territory when we were NOT bombing Japan. Further, Japan was attacking our ALLIES.

  4. floridasandy

    throughout history, democrats have been warmongers, only to be “rehabilitated” by the media and by dependent voters.

    of course, some big-mouth tough talking republicans aren’t helping any-but we really don’t even have a 2 party system anymore, do we?

    that explains all the new bipartisanship, even down to issues like illegal immigration.

  5. Being There

    We haven’t had a two party system for decades, now. The innings of the bread and circus is just for the consumption of the little people who pay the taxes. They need to believe they’re getting representation for taxes.

    The leadership clings to Neoliberal global economic theory which will continue to erode the sovereign states including us. The public sector will be smashed and little money will go to governments.

    Pay no attention to Thornstein Veblen who said that a great economy builds economic determinism toward a strong military. Is that us or China?

    Instead, we’re making some individuals unbelievably rich and powerful doing nothing for anyone.

    As for foreign nationals, yes the big innovator Steve Case was just on Morning Joe talking about bringing in the talent from abroad. In our expensive education system they are pretending that we are not turning out engineers, so we need the cheap ones….

    And China? They may be ready to take on the unipolar power. The BRICS are discussing their own banking system.

    What’s behind the NK noise?
    Control of the south China seas.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, they are demanding we import more college graduates while our own, in these same fields, can’t find work.

  7. Jim R

    Still, it could be amusing to watch the soon to come ‘reality’ TV show: Clash of the Billionaires!
    Put ’em in a cage, nekkid and let ’em wrassle! ‘Cos that’s how we do climate science here in the USA!

  8. IAmSpartacus

    BT, I think that it goes beyond control of the South China Seas; China is playing the long game, and it’s the whole enchilada if they succede. The US is blundering into a Chinese trap in Korea. For China’s purposes, N Korea is an expendable asset, to be used to further their larger goals.

    The US is, for all intents and purposes, functionally bankrupt; we can’t afford a sustained military conflict in Korea, nor can we afford to rebuild a devastated post-war Korea, but a “generous” China can afford to dump billions into a Korean reunification/reconstruction, and, in return, a greatful Korea would likely become a close friend and ally of China, and we would be forced to withdraw. This would represent a fundamental geopolitical shift, one that Japan and the Phillipines would have to come to terms with quickly, and without help from a bankrupt US. The most likely end result would see the US evicted from east Asia, entirely. This could also be the moment that the BRICS dethrone King PetroDollar, which would send the US tumbling down into the Greatest Depression, and, possibly, civil war, rendering the US incapable of military action against Syria, Iran, or anyone else.

  9. IAmSpartacus

    Elaine, yes, I know that Japan attacked us, but the attack came after FDR had been doing everything and everything, short of actually bombing Japan, to antagonize them; FDR did much the same with Germany; it’s a lot like what we’re doing today with Iran.

  10. Just Ice


    “Democrats are less likely to go to war than the repvblicans?!? Tell that to Japan, Vietnam, Serbia, Libya, Syria, and villagers in Pakistan that are the targets of drone strikes, and, I’m sure, many other places that I’ve forgotten about, or that we don’t know about.”

    Yes, for one example, had McCain been elected we would already have gone to war with Iran. Recall McCain singing “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”?

    I think it’s important recognize the difference between a real toe to toe shooting war (Iraq I and II), and a “war” fought primarily by foreign proxy troops (Afghanistan I, Libya, Syria, etc). It’s not that many Americans aren’t put in harms way in both instances, it’s that a HUGE number of Americans might die in toe to toe wars as opposed to the proxy wars, particularly against adversaries that possess real air defenses, much less nukes. Republicans have shown a more hawkish propensity to stomach the potential for those types of American casualties.

    Having said that, any conflict with NK would be a toe to toe shooting war and a nuclear war before it’s over.

    I agree with you that In fact, the foreign policy goals of both parties are basically the same, at this point. However, Republicans can give (bigger) concessions to NK because hawkish conservatives aren’t going to jump ship to the democrats. The democrats can’t take advantage of it because they can’t put war mongering in their platform and then claim that their war mongering is even bigger than the weak sister republican war mongering platform. Even if both parties plan on doing the same thing. On the other hand, Republicans could win over centrist democrats in an election where the dems could be accused of “appeasing” a nuclear, terrorist, proliferating, evil-doer, etc.

    And certainly, China is using NK as any empire uses a buffer state, to absorb and distract the hate and discontent of China’s adversaries as well as China’s quarry.

    But, examining NK from it’s own internal goals within that context, they are playing U.S. against the Chinese in a smaller, more bounded, basic strategy game of brinksmanship. Since the end of the Korean war, they’ve been doing the same thing with the same pattern or fear mongering and then folding for concessions. And they are timing their jibes with the same shifts in those U.S. political parties. It’s a broken record at this point.

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