CIA And Pentagon Whine About Chinese Potential To Use Assassination Drones Like Ours

The dirty business of being the Assassination Nation means we make all sorts of relativist moral choices that make us into monsters, collectively.  A book has recently come out that talks about how the CIA and Presidents (PLURAL) made many deals with devils so we could murder people across international borders.  For example, How the CIA agreed to assassinate state enemy for Pakistan in exchange for access to airspace for drone attacks.


Yes, we murdered someone at home with his small children as a deal with Pakistan’s rulers.  Book review: ‘The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth’ By Mark Mazzetti – The Washington Post


Since the 9/11 attacks, a dramatic shift has occurred in the way the United States deploys its military and intelligence forces. In his new book, “The Way of the Knife,” Mark Mazzetti documents the militarization of the CIA and the stepped-up intelligence focus of Special Operations forces. As Mazzetti observes in his deeply reported and crisply written account, over the past decade “the CIA’s top priority was no longer gathering intelligence on foreign governments and their countries, but man hunting.” The bin Laden operation was far from the only deadly mission that Panetta presided over.


Panetta’s tenure at CIA, Mazzetti writes, was known for its “aggressive — some would come to believe reckless — campaign of targeted killings.”

Leon Panetta went from Budget Director to White House Chief of Staff to CIA to the Pentagon.  This illustrates how the US financial system and our military/industrial complex and our spook system are all one and the same entity.  And the fact that he was a Republican tool before migrating a couple of inches over and became a Democratic tool showing clearly how we don’t have two parties except when it comes to civil rights.

The US government has evolved into a machine fighting distant wars for international elites.  All put on our tax obligations and a huge reason these entities are anxious to wipe out our Social Security system and all other US general welfare operations. They want us to be 100% military all the time and to get rid of the ‘excess 47%’ that Romney and his gang were yammering about.  This emphatically includes excess elderly.


In England, the US professor, Glenn Greenwald, tears apart the NYT for a review of this book about our assassins.  The NYT and Washington Post both whine about the Chinese and worry that they would raise up a dense crowd of drones and go on the attack like us.  The soft, weak Chinese cite concerns for international law and due process | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |


Indeed, in reporting on this episode, the New York Times twice tried to depict it as proof of the growing Chinese menace. In February, it said that the mere possibility that China would use a drone strike “highlights China’s increasing advances in unmanned aerial warfare, a technology dominated by the United States and used widely by the Obama administration for the targeted killing of terrorists” (by “terrorists”, the Times means: people accused of being terrorists by the US government with no due process).


Then this morning, the Times claims that China’s apprehension of Naw Kham in cooperation with other governments shows, as the headline put it, that “Beijing Flaunts Cross-Border Clout in Search for Drug Lord” and that “the capture shows how China’s law enforcement tentacles reach far beyond its borders into a region now drawn by investment and trade into China’s orbit, and where the United States’ influence is being challenged.”


When the US, NATO or Israel illegally invade or cross borders or fund terrorists in Libya or Syria, this is all ‘self defense.’  When China uses diplomacy, treaties and cross-border cooperation to arrest a ‘terrorist’ and then put him on trial, the NYT and WP consider this ‘nefarious’ and tricky, Chinese be tricky!  They use talkie-talkie instead of assassins to bring people to trial.


Then there is Gitmo.  Years go by and the US dare not have an open, honest trial because then it will be revealed that many of these people trapped there were kidnapped illegally and then very illegally tortured.  So reporters are kept away.  Guantanamo Hunger Strike Grows As Military Locks Out Press :


The military is telling reporters it will be over a month before there’s even a possibility of a tour of the detention facilities that house most of Guantanamo’s 166 prisoners. A military spokeswoman based in Guantanamo told HuffPost on Friday that there would be no opportunity for press to access any of the prison facilities until May 6 at the earliest. New York Times reporter Charlie Savage had been trying to fly down for a visit next week, but told HuffPost that he was informed Friday afternoon the trip wasn’t happening.

Like with the Nazis and Stalin, the Red Cross is not permitted to visit, either.  Nor anyone from the UN.  Nobody is allowed in this gulag.  This open aping of the Soviet/Nazi states matches Israel’s own cloning of the worst of totalitarianism.  In the US, the privileged groups live happy, free (sort of) lives (except if the right wing fascists remove basic civil rights) and all is well on the surface.
But this was true in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union!  The people at the top were quite happily privileged and wanted to keep it that way.  We do not look at the most powerful to see if a society is fair and honest, we look at the people who are oppressed.


Israel gets all of our military technology as a gift and then turns around and sells it to everyone:  Latin American Herald Tribune – Brazil’s Embraer to Begin Building Drones:


Embraer, the world’s fourth-biggest aircraft maker, announced Thursday an agreement with Israel’s Elbit Systems to develop and produce unmanned drones in Brazil.
Brazil’s Federal Police launched a program two years ago to monitor the country’s land borders with UAVs equipped with powerful cameras manufactured by Israeli state-owned firm Israel Aerospace Industries.

So, is it OK for everyone to get drones but not China?  And soon these things which we legalized, will cross borders and attack citizens across the planet.  We can’t keep out millions and millions of illegal aliens.  Oops.  We are not supposed to use these accurate words anymore.  Illegal IMMIGRANTS…oops.  AP has decided that is too upsetting so we now must say, ‘immigrants’ which is a false lie.  We do have ‘immigrants’ who are legal. Now, anyone is ipso-facto ‘legal’ thanks to this change.


Another tidbit:  Egypt’s navy ‘intercepts arms-laden ship from Israel’ with no explanation where it was going.


Finally, the sad farce of another ‘diplomat’ dying:  Diplomat’s killing believed to be first since Benghazi –


A young American woman was killed Saturday in Afghanistan in what is believed to be the first killing of a U.S. diplomat since a September attack in Benghazi, Libya.
Anne Smedinghoff, 25, was delivering books to a school, along with a U.S. civilian from the Defense Department, when a bomb struck their convoy in Zabul province in southern Afghanistan. The civilian’s name has not been released.


The Taliban are rapidly decimating us.  The more we use drones such as the Taliban leader who was murdered by the CIA back at the very beginning, killing both him and his children, the more the Taliban swear they will have our scalps.  This scalp is typical.  The naive young lady was an idealist.  Even as the GOP assails women’s rights here at home, she was working to give these same rights to women far away.


And using US killers and assassins to do this!  She died because she was an illegal alien invader who used ‘9/11’ as cover for a hostile invasion.  Bin Laden was deliberately murdered unlike the Chinese capture of a bloody terrorist, and his body disposed of, again, illegally.  And this had dire diplomatic repercussions in Pakistan that were not to our benefit at all.  And we looked like Nazis, on top of it all.


In this same article assailing the Taliban for assassinating our own assassin-connected crews, in that these people were either military or ‘diplomatic’ which means CIA operatives, we have this tiny aside tid-bit:


 Afghan children killed
At least 10 Afghan children were killed Saturday in a joint military operation by Afghan and NATO forces, according to two Afghan officials.


So, the Taliban killed alien invaders while the alien invaders murdered more children.  Oh, these dead dears will get free US propaganda books which will be laid in their coffins!  We trampled all over Afghanistan and now the Afghanis trample on us.  We have zero moral ground here to complain when they are successful in their own assassinations.  After all, this is the Assassination Nation at war using its favorite mode of operation and so we have zero grounds to complain if anyone else copies us.


Not that the Chinese will. They can see how stupid this is.

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17 responses to “CIA And Pentagon Whine About Chinese Potential To Use Assassination Drones Like Ours

  1. Jim R

    That whole excuse of “because 9/11” is wearing kind of thin.

  2. Peter C.

    A “diplomat” delivering books with a “civilian from the defense department”
    Yeah right more likely a couple of CIA looking to bribe this week’s freedom fighters.

  3. IAmSpartacus

    We don’t really have two parties when it comes to civil rights, either. Dem support (by no means universal) of things like gay marriage and, more or less, unrestricted abortion on demand, in no way make up for the fact that they’re just as ready to violate the 1st, 4th, and 10th amendments as the GOP are, and they’re upping the ante by trying to violate the 2nd amendment as well. Obama is just as much, if not more, of a fascist as the previous 3 COOs (you can’t even call them Chief Executives, anymore!) of USA, Inc.; just the other day, befuddled ol’ Uncle Joe was calling for a NWO; they’re not even trying to hide it, anymore!

    That being said, I’ve been saying for a few years now that the next time that we’re the victims of a 9/11 type attack, we have no justification to be suprised or angry, because we’ll be getting just what we deserve; karma’s a bitch. Unfortunately, once again, it’ll probably be the innocent who suffer, and not the ones who have brought it upon us.

  4. emsnews

    You are obviously a male, Spartacus. If I lose MY rights to medical care, control of my body, what I do in a bedroom, how much I am paid, wether or not I can get a job, hell’s bells, that matters a GREAT DEAL.

  5. DeVaul

    I wish our politicians could talk like this:

    I don’t know if Ron Paul ever did a candid interview with RT, or anyone for that matter, but if someone knows of one, I would like to see it.

    I like the complete avoidance of politically correct verbiage and the straightforward presentation of the core problems. Refreshing.

    The EU is toast, but they will kill many people before they give up power. It always happens that way. Elaine was right.

  6. Just Ice

    Beyond the big players, at various price points, drones will begin to be used by dictators, billionaires, warlords, tribal leaders, international cartels, and street criminals. . .

    At some price points below, say, 250K and obviously without the benefit of worldwide satellite communications, these cheaper drones will take off from a stretch of back road and rely on either a few miles line of sight radio link to a remote control station or a simple cell phone tracker for longer distances.

  7. lucky13

    Just Ice, as in private security guards, corporations of them [small armies]
    Mercenaries, etc etc etc.

  8. lucky13

    ‘The naive young lady was an idealist’

    who put herself in harms way.

  9. “So, is it OK for everyone to get drones but not China?”

    It works like that in space exploration, too. Over at my blog, I have a video clip of NASA Director Bolden explaining to Congress that NASA is forbidden from cooperating with China in space–by Congress! NASA has agreements with all other spacefaring countries.

  10. emsnews

    And to get to and from the Space Station, we have to use…RUSSIA! HAHAHA.

    Sigh. Yes, we are going backwards now especially since Congress won’t fund NASA much anymore while handing out trillions for the War Against Muslims.

  11. Paul S

    The use of drones were inevitable. Once a nation discards the Rules of War, like the Geneva Convention and re-define torture as not being torture, you have locked yourself in to disaster. Once a nation rules enemy combatants–of any age or gender, you put a HUGE target on your own troops. The folks the US has been killing in Iraq and Afghanistan fully know what will happen to them if captured. Result? Not surrender. The opposite in many instances. US enemies are so hot to capture American soldiers live they can barely stand it. This explains why US troops in Iraq/Afhanistan had to travel in Humvees so heavily armored 100 rockets cant penetrate them. A soldier isn’t too effective if they can’t leave their vehicles for too long. Same thing happened in other wars. In Viet Nam, the Viet Cong/North Vietnamese had bounties on the heads of US troops. One would think US warmongers would get the lesson, but they don’t.

  12. IAmSpartacus

    “One would think US warmongers would get the lesson, but they don’t.” That’s because they’re delusional. They’ve been busy trying to rewrite history to suit them; according to them, we WON in Vietnam (ignoring all evidence to the contrary!), just the same as we “won” in Iraq, and, soon, no doubt, we “won” in Afghanistan. These people are so emotionally invested in their own mythology that nothing short of a total, disasterous military defeat, ala Nazi Germany style, with subsequent war crimes trials, will ever drive the message home.

  13. emsnews

    Yes, we want the Geneva conventions for ourselves and Nazi warfare rules for anyone we want to attack.

  14. Paul S

    Yes, the ruling elites in the US are delusional. I attribute it to the synergy derived when supreme arrogance and total incompetence is combined. In Korea, “we” (meaning the warmongers), were betrayed–we coulda won it. Even though factually the US was thumped pretty hard in Korea–the US spent much of its time in Korea retreating.I n Viet Nam, the ruling elites said it was the media that cost the US the war. The use of drones is a result of the ruling elites refusal to accept another defeat; they FULLY meant it when they said they were prepared to stay in Iraq for 100 years if necessary. War is too priftable; these elites are ging to have to be forced to quit.

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    ELAINE: NOTICE TO READERS HERE: every day I get spam as ‘comments’ here. I mostly delete these. But this one is too funny. HAHAHA.

    The bad English, I wonder what country this is from….it is using a German server! But the name is janawatson. Weird.

  16. lucky13

    Elaine, ‘Congress won’t fund NASA much anymore while handing out trillions for the War Against Muslims’….and giving billions TO Muslims.

  17. emsnews

    Not one penny goes to ‘Muslims’. It goes to military coups, military uprisings or to keep Palestinians in ghettoes.

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