CIA/Pentagon (One Creature Now) Spy On Gitmo Lawyers By Stealing Emails

The US kidnapping and prosecution of Muslims at GITMO continues to unravel as the military and the CIA which are now both one and the same with the evil war criminal, Panetta at the helm and with Mossad behind the scenes pulling strings with AIPAC’s vast assistance, has turned the kangaroo trials in Cuba into a global laughing stock charade.


Guantanamo dogged by new controversy after mishandling of e-mails – The Washington Post

The military justice system at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which has been dogged by charges of secret monitoring of proceedings and defense communications, became embroiled in a fresh controversy Thursday when it was revealed that hundreds of thousands of defense e-mails were turned over to the prosecution.


The breach prompted Col. Karen Mayberry, the chief military defense counsel, to order all attorneys for Guantanamo detainees to stop using Defense Department computer networks to transmit privileged or confidential information until the security of such communications is assured.


Note how the Zionist warmongers at the Washington Post deliberately lie in their headline?  ‘Mishandled’ by being spied upon and then outright being openly handed over to the prosecutors?  This is another military/CIA mal-operation.  The clever creeps at the top thought it was a nifty idea to spy in this way on the defense and thus, outwit them.  The infantile excuses and childish lying by top American elites such as the lunatics who own the Washington Post and their craven (and nearly 100% Zionist) staff is sad to see.


I used to read Pravda when I was in high school and studying Russian and German like a good CIA kid.  But I listened to Radio Bulgaria on the shortwave as well as German, British and Russian news via this way of jumping the Berlin Wall of Exclusion.  I arrived at the concept of ‘everyone lies about themselves and tries to tell the truth about others so long as it is bad news’ still stands today.


The entire planet knows now that the people at the CIA and Pentagon broke yet another tradition in what constitutes a fair trial.  They did this over and over again.  Every time, they aped Mossad and the KGB.  This stupid practice isn’t new.  The CIA and Pentagon did this frequently in the past such as lying about military germ warfare testing, nuclear warfare human guinea pig studies and of course, the staged trials designed to have the State win by hook or crook.


We also did assassinations.  The Church Committee was created by the U.S. Senate in 1974 and it opened a can of worms.  In response to CIA and Pentagon crimes against humanity and lying to US citizens, all the dirt was exposed to the light of day and our government swore to never do this again.  But after Carter was defeated by Reagan, all the dark spooks and Soviet copy cats snuck back into power and reasserted their right to run entirely out of control and in secret starting with the secret CIA plan to create and fund and enable…al Qaeda.


Our position in the world continues to erode with China claiming it is far more moral in foreign affairs than the US and unfortunately for us, they are right.  This offshoring of our civil rights so they can be violated is mirrored in banking:  Powerful Opposition to Simple Offshore Reforms – Room for Debate –


Because of the secrecy of offshore financial institutions and the lack of information about offshore transactions, the regulation of international banks and securities dealers has become virtually impossible. Offshore arrangements have helped Google, Apple, General Electric and others pay little or no federal income tax. And the consortium’s data show how criminals use offshore vehicles to perpetrate frauds and then hide their gains.  The government tolerates this because the beneficiaries spend millions lobbying against simple reforms.

So, the NYT notices that its owners put their wealth offshore as well as their close tribal buddy, the mayor.  Bloomberg parks his oodles of dollars offshore as do all his friends and tribal members.  They don’t want to pay taxes any more than Romney.  The government ‘tolerates’ this just like it ‘tolerates’ Israel’s many crimes: the people who control Congress, the Presidency and a number of states are all in cahoots with each other.  Most of Congress consists of millionaires and of these, most park their loot overseas at Queen Elizabeth’s private islands.


And they weep, they can do nothing to stop any of this.  Of course!  They want this to go on and on and  on.  I had a dream two nights ago where I got really angry and yelled, ‘The stupid Afghan war has gone longer than the Vietnam war!  I can’t believe it!!!’  This is most frustrating.  No one cares anymore.  I participated in a number of peace marches in the last decade and now they are gone.


Everyone is sitting there, waiting for the End of Times, I suppose.  Stephen Hawking: Space Exploration Is Key To Saving Humanity because our planet will be ruined so…why do all these people fight like fiends for control of real estate or vapid belief differences?  Well, the world will come to an end for SOME people, that is the true belief.  Even believers in Heaven and the Apocalypse think Heaven will be fantastic oceanfront real estate with servants.


JPMorgan Shows Strength in Quarter in investment banking and mortgage lending mainly to rich people snapping up properties.  So the world isn’t coming to an end, after all!  Thanks to the Federal Reserve protecting the offshore banks by lending them trillions and trillions at ZIRP rates!  And lo and behold, thanks to the Bank of Japan, the Japanese carry trade has taken off again.  Whoopee.  Lots of investment bankers will get rich playing this obvious game.

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14 responses to “CIA/Pentagon (One Creature Now) Spy On Gitmo Lawyers By Stealing Emails

  1. Jim R

    Bradley Manning must not have known the secret handshake ..

    He mishandled some messages and they locked him in the hole and threw the key in that volcanic pit in Mordor.

  2. Christian W

    The EU has issued an official statement recommending all companies not to store any information on US servers. The information security is simply too weak since the US government can simply demand that any ISP/service provider hand over the encryption keys and the providers are forced to comply.

    Ever since a few years ago when it became clear the US was monitoring all phone traffic at the UN I’ve known the US is the largest surveillance state in the world. It is darkly amusing isn’t it that not even “US Defense Department computers” are safe. I wonder if those responsible will join Bradley Manning in the prison cell…

  3. John

    But after Carter was defeated by Reagan, all the dark spooks and Soviet copy cats snuck back into power and reasserted their right to run entirely out of control and in secret starting with the secret CIA plan to create and fund and enable…al Qaeda.

    Yes, thanks to G.H.W. Bush and all the wretched refugees from the Nixon regime. The Bush family will go down in history as one of the most heinous government-crime families ever.

  4. IAmSpartacus

    Indeed, John; you ought to read about GHW’s daddy, Prescott, one of these days; it’s eye opening (or bone chilling!), and helps to explain a lot about George 1 and George 2.

  5. Just Ice


    I disagree with you that the purpose of the spying was to gain an (even more) upper hand at trial. I believe it is more likely that the emails were gathered with some other intelligence agenda in mind, but that once it was realized the act of gathering privileged materials could ultimately compromise any verdicts, they ran to the prosecutors who then had a duty to disclose. Prosecutors aren’t going to risk a law license for some hokey trick; they already have the deck stacked as it were.

    It seems the purpose of GitMo is to keep the real 9/11 story from being told. Both the US Atty’s for SDNY and DC signed paperwork dismissing the indictments against Khalid Sheik Mohammad and citing the fact that Congress had passed a law specifically forbidding the executive from transporting him to the States (bizarre?). Leaving him to be tried by the military. They don’t want the story told in open court, with the media and the public in attendance. Having read that indictment, I can tell you there’s not a lot of mention of evidence pointing to UBL, among other curiosities. My guess is that Atta was working several sides at one time or another, particularly if we believe his father that he was a Mossad agent, and all the questions that raises, but who knows?

    Anyway, I suggest the emails were probably looked at for some other reason than helping the prosecution, probably to get a picture of exactly what parts of the story were getting out of GitMo, only that involved contacts that happened to be with their defense attorneys.

    And then somebody realized they were about to screw up potential verdicts in a very documented, and thus provable way, and so they ran to the prosecutors to unscrew the situation.

    Now that it is on the record, whatever appropriate response the judge decides and then justifies according to established precedent regarding (inadvertent) misconduct will better withstand appeal. I imagine the defense will argue for dismissal, anyway, or, perhaps, ask to be removed and call for new defense attorneys with a clean slate of privileged communications, starting the whole litigation all over again, and that’s a real drag for the prosecutors as well. . .

  6. nclaughlin

    Very good, Just Ice, I’ve always been a Screwup Theorist, not a Conspiracy Theorist!

  7. N00b

    Interesting news today for those who don’t quite believe the 911 myth:

    “Today, Tuesday, April 9, 2013, Tony Rooke won a court victory over the BBC’s 9/11 cover-up.(1) Tony Rooke is not required to pay the fine of £200 for refusing to pay the TV tax which the judge had imposed earlier in February, 2013….”

  8. Graywolf

    These comments are hilarious.
    You people really have cornered the market on tinfoil hats.
    I occasionally .look at this blog because I was born and grew up in Berlin, NY.

  9. Just Ice

    The tinfoil doesn’t work unless you completely wrap your whole body up in it. Go try.

    It’s called a Faraday Cage. Of course, just putting your cell phone in a small cookie tin works fine too.

  10. Richard


    Wearing tinfoil is old hat (pun intended) . The latest style for nut cases is wrapping yourself in plastic.

  11. emsnews

    The 9/11 conspiracy was Mossad, the Saudis and the CIA all worked together to enable the Muslim attackers who were mostly Saudi. This is why all Saudis were allowed to fly out of the country while ALL our air traffic was kept on the ground. All!

    That was one glaring proof that the Saudis were guilty of something, collectively.

  12. Graywolf

    “The 9/11 conspiracy was Mossad, the Saudis and the CIA all worked together to enable the Muslim attackers who were mostly Saudi.”
    To what end was this grand conspiracy meant to lead?

    You really think the CIA and friends are that competent?

  13. Just Ice


    You’re right, somebody probably did screw it up, quite incompetently. Just look at the results. . .

    My guess is that someone got sold on a non-lethal “Gulf of Tonkin-esque” prank and what they got was a murderous horror show. What they got was to have their balls owned forever.

    Question? Granted UBL was an enemy who killed lots of Americans before and after 9/11 and deserved to die (Cole, embassy bombinbs, etc.). Why then did the FBI omit 9/11 on their most wanted listing of all those other crimes? An omission that (perhaps) cost them their status as the pre-eminent law enforcement agency after politicians (perhaps) retaliated by cobbling together that Frankenstein’s monster called DHS. Why not just go with the flow and put 9/11 on UBLs list of other murderous crimes, unless something stunk?

  14. Pingback: Both DNC and GOP Screwed Up Afghanistan Losing Many Billions $ | Culture of Life News

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