April 15: Marathon Massacre, JFK Library Fire In Boston, Race Dedicated To Sandy Hook Children

boston marathon bomb april 15

Bombs Explode At Boston Marathon “Raw Footage” – YouTube

I have read the comments of many an NRA supporter over at the Washington Post and other venues and there is considerable rage about ‘defending themselves’ in the gun community.  NRA 500 Suicide: Man Shoots Himself To Death At NASCAR Race: the main danger of guns for white men is suicide or killing family members or unsuspecting neighbors.  Ever since Obama won the election with considerable support from women, white males have been having this meltdown.


Whenever there is a terror attack, the very first thing I do is look at the date.  If it is the anniversary of key moments in various ethnic cultures, one can assume there may be a connection.  9/11 is an odd date.  It is a magic number game for US elites at top colleges especially Yale.  It is definitely a favorite mental locus for magical tricks.  But that complex event pulled in many odd participants.


This one is screaming ‘Right wing domestic terror’ similar to the Oklahoma City bombing.  The motivation is obvious: rage over the debate concerning registering guns.  Nothing much is even being forbidden, just the names of gun buyers will be enforced.   The fury over this is just astonishing when we consider that no one may operate or own or put on the road any vehicle that isn’t fully registered, insured and passes inspection and ditto the drivers who are arrested for a wide variety of reasons if they don’t follow fairly strict operation rules.


There are many, many restrictions and rules concerning any vehicle including wheel chairs, bikes and other modes of transport and shocker as this news is, WALKING is also regulated!  And you can be arrested or given tickets for walking in the wrong places or wrong times or while impaired.  Drinking is heavily regulated, too. Many, many things are regulated and outright forbidden.  Such as certain drugs, just for one example.


Boston Marathon 2013 started with silence to honor Sandy Hook victims…and the latest headline from NYC is, 12 dead, nearly 50 injured after 2 explosions rock Boston Marathon, suspect identified and being guarded in hospital – NYPOST.com.  I saw the blood on the ground from a helicopter shot and there was considerable blood mainly behind the police barriers where the crowds watched the finish line.


I once had to stop a leg hemorrhage in Tucson many years ago and applied a tourniquet and used my search and rescue training to keep the woman alive and she survived but if I wasn’t there, she would have died before transport to a hospital.  These  shrapnel filled devices were designed to make maximum physical bleeding damage.

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37 responses to “April 15: Marathon Massacre, JFK Library Fire In Boston, Race Dedicated To Sandy Hook Children

  1. vengeur

    Um, did you happen to notice that the suspect is reportedly a Saudi national? So sorry to disappoint you. Your obsessive predjudice against white american men is beginning to make you look irrational.


    ELAINE: Except there is no hard evidence of this. Like with the Oklahoma bombing, the first suspect is always any Muslim nearby.

  2. Will this turn out to be another false flag operation by TPTB in order to instigate Martial Law before the food riots begin?

  3. vengeur

    “Round up the usual suspects”. Which means before we know who did it, demonize and villify the NRA , Tea Party, and just for fun, NASCAR. LOL .


    ELAINE: As soon as those entities cease attacking women’s rights, I will.

    And as soon as they stop murdering people or killing themselves violently.

    As for the bombs yesterday: they were all set off via remote control so the Saudi who was being questions most likely was NOT the one who did this.

  4. Just Ice

    Isn’t “April 15” a “magic number” just like 9/11, potentially implicating someone with or against those secret societies?

    Isn’t it also “tax day”, potentially implicating someone angry with the federal government?

    Isn’t it also “Patriot’s Day” in MA, potentially implicating someone who might be a right wing extremist or alternatively perhaps an enemy of the united states?

    Anyway, bombs are already outlawed, and there’s nothing in the constitution prohibiting the regulation of automobiles or drinking.


    ELAINE: Correct which is why the list of suspects should have a profile of people who hate our government and want to overthrow it. And also hate women and children and think that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy to stop them from hyper arming themselves for the coming war aping the Taliban’s attempt at eliminating women’s rights.

  5. vengeur

    I’m waiting for Janet Napolitano to reassure us again “that the system worked.” The whole thing should be shrugged off as being caused by some “anti-islamic film” somebody posted on You-tube. Na, they’d never brazenly lie to the American public like that. Not with our media lap-dogs (I mean watchdogs) around to ferret out the truth.

  6. Just Ice

    The bomb went off hours after the first finishers crossed, why?

    1) this was some una-bomber nincompoop, who couldn’t get up the nerve or get into position to carry out a timely plan, or

    2) the boston police were using jammers that initially jammed the bomber’s detonator signal, but then later shut them off when half the race was over and somebody important left, or

    3) the bomber was after a specific runner or fan, or

    4) all three.

  7. Just Ice

    Suspect saudi national has shrapnel wounds: that means (#1) or (#4).

  8. Joe

    WOW don’t know how I am came across this wacko of a blog or what ever it is, Whew 1st off your totally living in la la land dream land whatever you wanna call it. Keep sniffing that glue or drinking obomas kool aid. I am livid about what you have wrote you need to check your facts. Gun crimes are committed by people with mental issues OR are all registered democrats !! Look it up prove me wrong all the shootings probably in the last 20 years are registered democrats/liberals. It’s not the “White Man” having melt down. When the government is taking away peoples rights taking more money out of my paycheck to go to a society that is going to shit people are gonna start to ask questions, Not to just lay down like your suppose to. Okay smart ass people have to start registering their guns, answer this question say your in Chicago (Obomas home town) there is a shooting some young girl say 5 yrs old gets killed they find the murder weapon cops look up the serial number it traces back to joe spo cops go knock on the door ahh yes joe do u own a 9mm hand gun ? Why yes officer I do unfortunate last week my house was broken in to and my guns were stolen!! Then what smart ass !!! You are an Uneducated left wing liberal WACKO job


    ELAINE: I am assuming you voted for Obama, then?

    What irritates me the most about this business is how white males scream about civil rights and then the majority of them who vote…vote for anti-women’s rights candidates!!!

    You obviously think nothing about my personal civil rights. Also, the whining about civil rights with white males didn’t make a peep when they mostly voted for Bush Jr who cheerfully eliminated a number of our civil rights and began the drone warfare which was designed and mainly run by…white males.

  9. Joe

    also 911 was picked by the terrorist cause that our emergency number MORON !

  10. Joe for President.
    He appears to be qualified.

  11. I believe it is terrorist by members of Islam as its method of operation is reminiscent of daily occurrences in Iraq and elsewhere by them.

  12. Richard

    Reading @Joe you come to realize that he is a symbol of all the American morons that populate this country. They are completely willfully ignorant. It’s not hard to see why the oligarchs are able own, control and loot this country with impunity. It’s really sad.

  13. lucky13

    ‘This one is screaming ‘Right wing domestic terror’ similar to the Oklahoma City bombing. ‘
    Is it screaming? Time will tell.
    Oklahoma Bombing, Right wing?

    Elaine, do you think 9-11 was an inside job?

    ELAINE: Yes, the bombers in Oklahoma are/were (one was executed) reactionaries who hated Clinton and women’s rights.

  14. lucky13

    vengeur, Remember Muslim Obamas ‘let us not rush to judgement’
    over the Muslim killer at Fort Hood?

  15. JT

    My guess is domestic.
    Home made bomb, the target and the date.

    Ayn Rand fans should watch very carefully at the policemen, nurses, volunteers, soldiers, firemen and doctors in these awful videos.

    If there is one good thing about this the rescue effort was flawless.

  16. Just Ice


    Turns out the Fort Hood Killer was tweaked over the internet, and I do believe we whacked the tweaker.

  17. Eso

    So sorry to hear the news from Boston. I lived in the area, a stone’s throw and a ricochet away, for many many years. The bomb appears to have gone off right across the street from the south entrance of the Boston Public Library and a half a block from Copley Square. This is an area somewhat like Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C.–very pedestrian, most of the people nowadays being employees of a number of highrise insurance company buildings.
    I do have a bone to pick, Elaine, over such statements of yours as “…white males have been having this meltdown”, since I happen to be one such ‘white male’. While I am supportive of the Women’s movement, I percieve that it has had a negative effect on political consciousness in America by making part of its fighting tools “political correctness”, which is contrary to the male spirit. A friend recently sent me a link to an Old Men’s Festival in Mexico http://oaxacaculture.com/2012/04/dance-of-the-old-men-in-teotitlan-del-valle-oaxaca/ It appears that by remaining an all male institution, the Old Men do not share in American style cultural brain wash..


    ELAINE: And by ‘cultural brain wash’ what do you mean? Political correctness is the right wing code word for ‘not being allowed to talk abusively and make fun of women, the disabled and the mentally ill’?

    I fought long and hard in the courts and via politics for my basic civil rights. The day the Civil Rights Act passed, I called the lawyer who was the head of the ACLU in Tucson who I babysat for and requested he file some briefs on my behalf demanding my school system grant me the same privileges male students had.

    I demanded some specific things: the right to take auto shop classes, the right to take drafting classes, the right to run cross country races, the right to try out for any sports I wanted.

    For example, part of my case involved running a race in the desert. I was told, I would DIE if I tried this for 5 km. Which was stupid. I proved this wrong easily. When I entered the auto shop class as part of the lawsuit, the boys were filled with rage and the teacher openly said hateful things to me.

    I rebuilt my 55 Chevy and the complaints that I was too stupid and too incompetent fell to the wayside. During this, a group of women who were in the military during WWII and flew planes joined my lawsuit! They were fantastic. All lost their jobs when the war was over and were NOT allowed to fly civilian planes!!!

    The rights we had were few, very few! I remember because I was directly discriminated against due to men refusing to give me the same rights they enjoyed.

    Oh, I nearly forgot, one of my demands was for the right to wear pants in school. Even today, girls have to fight for this right.

  18. IAmSpartacus

    What this whole affair is screaming is “FALSE FLAG”. This will probably be blamed on Iran, since the warmongers in Washington and their ZioNazi masters in Israel have been howling for war against them for years. I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m not, Katie bar the door, ’cause here comes World War 3.

  19. charlottemom

    What is amazing to me is how little we know at this point. Was there a bomb drill earlier in the day or not? That is the news on the “alternative media” but totally ignored by the msm. That question should be put to rest and addressed. Also there was noted police presence at the finish. Is that now standard practice or was there a bomb threat made?

  20. emsnews

    Every bomb event is blamed on Muslims until it is really solved.

    As for bomb events: if it is a Muslim thing, this is yet another example of our war efforts coming home to our Assassination Nation.

    White males HAVE been freaking out a lot lately. This mental breakdown has shown itself in the form of denial of emotional chaos while freaking out, hatred of many things they no longer control (women, children, minorities, foreigners) and the voting efforts show this clearly.

    White males have very definitely moved far away from the majority of women voters and the GOP is now their mainstay and the GOP has gone entirely anti-women’s civil rights.

    The Muslim surge is all about anti-women’s rights, too as is the entire leadership of the Catholic Church.

    We are seeing a world-wide VIOLENT attempt at eliminating women’s rights especially the right to control our fertility, our bodies, our brains. This push to shove women back into social slavery has many violent proponents such as the Oklahoma City bombers, for example.

    We do not see women throwing bombs or mass murdering people for the ideology of expanding women’s rights. We DO see men across the planet doing this and plotting to do this and politically motivated to do this.

    It is a key element in the false conservatism of reactionaries who really want to go to the past where men wielded all the power over women.

    Israel, by the way, is being hammered by reactionary/fascist ideology males who are barely different from the Taliban. Israeli women still have some civil rights but the arrests two days ago of women trying to pray at the Wailing Wall shows that male dominance is growing there.

  21. lucky13

    ‘Turns out the Fort Hood Killer was tweaked over the internet, and I do believe we whacked the tweaker.’

    Tweaked = ?
    wacked the tweaker? Caught? He gets his 3 meals a day and did he get to keep his beard?

  22. lucky13

    We do not see women throwing bombs, O yes there have been a few instances.
    Ask BHOs handlers, Dohrn and Ayers.

  23. charlottemom

    Elainei think you’ve collapsed two veins of thought on the boston bomb.

    Yes..It is an effort to slam down those who are anti war and anti stronger defense of homeland.. I agree that women are primarily more in this camp then men
    It is also a war on rights in general and not just womens rights

  24. Dear Elaine…

    I have followed your blog for many years now.
    The many, many exploits you claim to have been involved in amaze me.

    I’m beginning to think you are the female version of Forrest Gump…minus the mental disability and possibly the photographic documentation, although I’m sure you have pictures with many historical figures.

    Now don’t get your feathers in a bunch. I’m only joking with you.

    I talked with you long ago on the phone where you displayed your vocal energy and conviction of your beliefs.

    My best to you and your efforts to speak truth to power.


    ELAINE: I lived a LONG and extremely active life and worked hard at it.

  25. DeVaul

    Wow. A single tiny bomb goes off and everyone freaks out. We have detonated over a million bombs in foreign countries in the last ten years.

    Yesterday, a bomb went off in Iraq (our success story) and killed 46 people. If this were a Middle Eastern bomb, it would have leveled the entire street.

    The fact that people nearby actually filmed the explosion is proof it could not have been a Middle Eastern terrorist, as these people would all be dead. Even the CIA knows that. It is similar to the unibomber type bombs that kill and maim only a few people, so I would venture to guess that a single person, an American, detonated this bomb for his own personal reasons.

    When he is found, he will confess or leave behind a screed about why he did what he did. That’s my guess.

    Finally, having a giant race on Income Tax Day was not a bright idea.

  26. DeVaul

    The President:

    “Anytime a bomb is used to target civilians, it is an act of terror,” said Obama.

    Oh my.

  27. We all know that Obama’s drones only drop rose petals on civilians.

  28. DeVaul

    Are they Obama’s drones? Did he make them? Did he start the development program? Did he use the first one? Does he own them? Does his family work in the drone production facility? His friends?

    They’re our drones, Cedric. We pay for them. We produce them. And we let whoever is in the oval office (black or white) use them on civilians.

    They’re not Obama’s drones. They’re ours.

  29. Paul S

    “This one is screaming ‘Right wing domestic terror’ similar to the Oklahoma City bombing….” That’s what I was thinking also. If you look at the bombings in the ME, especially those in Iraq/Afghanistan, a common thread in most of them is the size of the death toll. Put it this way: bombers in the ME inflict–usually–much higher levels of destruction. There have been bombings in Afghanistan that inflicted 80-100+ deaths. Are these ME bombers evil? Of course. Are they also much more competent at making lethal bombs? Yes, that should be obvious even to a non expert. My initial thought about the Boston bombing was it is some sick young punk(s) similar to the Newtown creep. It should go without saying that a bombing where three people are killed is a tragedy, but it COULD have been worse.

  30. DeVjaul…


    Happy now?

    You’re being a nitpicking troll who goes off the subject to make your obvious points.

    Obama gives the order to SEND THE DRONES and gives the order to DROP THE BOMBS!

    Even if WE ALL allowed the drones and bombs to be produced…

    OBAMA USES THEM ON INNOCENT PEOPLE without allowing any TRANSPARENCY about the FACTS and LEGAL REASONS he should have the PRIVILEGE or LEGAL RIGHT to order their use.

  31. To others discussing the amount of dead per bombing…

    I’m sure the dead aren’t considering the number of dead caused per bomb as they’re all equally dead.

    The bombings are the result of the retaliation by any number of people and cultures who are revolting against the treatment by the U.S. and Israel and other nations who go along with our policies of feeling entitled to police the world and shape it to be compatible with ‘our nation’s interest’, a very narcissistic phraze indeed for a nation that thinks it was endowed by The Creator.

  32. DeVaul

    I’m not trolling, Cedric.

    My problem with you is that I don’t recall you talking about “Bush’s drones” or “Bush, Sr.’s cruise missiles” or “Reagon’s tomahawks” or anything like that. I see you as a person who comes out of the woodwork to complain when a person who is not the right color or of the right political party is in office and then you blame everything on that one person.

    There are many people here like that.

    If, on the other hand, you did complain about each and every president’s murderous conduct over the last 40 years while it was happening, then you have my sincere apologies.

  33. DeVai;…

    Sorry I didn’t write a multi-volume treatise every time I posted anything that was a synopsis of the history of the world.

    You sure do assume a lot of things in your posts.

    I think you just like to pick others’ post apart to make yourself appear smart.

    In fact, it’s just the other way around.

    You come across as a nitpicker. And a dumb one at that.

    If I’m mistaken…you have my sincere apologies /sarcasm


  34. Oh, and by the way…

    I think ALL OF THEM…from the very first politician that ever was…

    are/were all ASSHOLES…every damn one of them.

    Or we wouldn’t be in this fix.

    Whoever thought up the term ‘civilization’…

    was a deluded dreamer as there has never been any such thing.

    Cultures, yes…Civilizations, no.

    If any of those cultures had exhibited ‘civilized’ behavior (as it is commonly understood) wo/mankind would never have slaughtered so many people over such slight disagreements.

    The coming ‘disagreement’ may annihilate us all.

    And I say, “good riddance” to a plague upon the earth.

  35. IAmSpartacus

    @ Paul S: The bombing in Oklahoma City took place at a federal building; if the bomber(s) had blown up the US district courthouse in Boston, or the IRS center in Springfield, Mass., I’d agree that it was right wing domestic terror, but that wasn’t the case.

    We now know that the devices were a design that is popular with Al Qaeda, but, as you’ve already said, an actual Middle Eastern Islamic terrorist bombing would’ve killed dozens, even hundreds. That leads me to believe that this was either a false flag attack, or a homegrown Islamist attack.

  36. emsnews

    Spartacus, you are wrong. Many a right wing racist has attacked women and children and of course, minorities and others in the past. Terrorism of this sort is rampant at BOTH extremes, left and right! Has been for centuries.

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