Anarchist’s Cookbook Bomb: Muslim Extremists And Some US Males Love This Bomb



The Anarchist Cookbook  was written almost as a joke back in the early 1970’s.  I actually knew one of the Eco Terrorists who used this book to cook up bombs aimed at ‘protecting nature’ but of course, that was insane.  I also knew a number of bomb makers who did this for fun.  Many of these were mining engineers.  I will also note that in the past as well as today, believers in various ideologies both religious and secular, often talk themselves into taking more and more violent actions.  This is a common, quite human thing to do.  Radicalizing themselves while isolating themselves from others is a common thread in terrorist attacks.


We now know that the bombs used yesterday were pressure cooker rigs.  Naturally, this bombing was put at the feet of Muslims and one of the innocent victims injured and hospitalized was a young Saudi who was immediately treated like a criminal.  But we know that the Knowledge of pressure-cooker bombs is not limited to readers of al-Qaeda’s ‘Inspire’ magazine.  It has been known by Americans who like bombs for many years now.


Click here to see the You Tube video of some rather drunk, middle aged white guys having a laugh riot as the blow away a human drawn target:  Tannerite – YouTube

Heavily armed drunk white males blow up pressure cooker on You Tube

Whenever a terrorist event hits the NATO nations including our own, the very first thing I look at is world or local events that are anniversaries of an attack.  The April 15th date has nearly nothing of importance for Muslims but has many, many triggers for right wing white power Americans.  Tax day, for starters.  Near the date of Waco burning is yet another.  Then there is the fact that this date is ‘Patriot Day’ as well as the fact that this is Boston, home of the 1776 Tea Party.


There is the fact that this race honored women racers who broke the sex barrier at this race.  And on top of all that, the Sandy Hook families were honored.  All these things are high irritation or excitement points for far right wing white males.  It didn’t take very long for the web to find this video of guys armed with high powered, big clip guns laughing while blowing up a human target.  But when I went to the You Tube page, it had only 200 views at that point.


Bomb clues point to hard-to-trace, simple design which is why the users did it this way.  Nothing had to be bought that could be traced.  The Oklahoma City bombers used fertilizer and enough ‘tagged’ materials that it could be traced.  The chances of finding the present bomber is much harder and we just have to wait until he strikes again.


White right wing males continue their contempt and hatred of women: Peter Hansen, New Hampshire Lawmaker, Calls Women ‘Vaginas’ In Email To Colleagues


“Can there be any doubt my comment is being misinterpreted and taken completely out of context?” Hansen said in a statement. “It was not, and is not, my intention to demean women at any time. It is apparent that the intent of my remarks has been misinterpreted, the true goal of the message lost and for that I apologize to those who took offense.”


His initial response to the controversy was different. “Having a fairly well educated mind I do not need self appointed wardens to A: try to put words in my mouth for political gain and B: Turn a well founded strategy in communication into an insulting accusation, and finally if you find the noun vagina insulting or in some way offensive then perhaps a better exercise might be for you to re-examine your psyche,” Hansen wrote.


I remember when ‘The Vagina Chronicles’ first came out.  Men like this crazy guy in the Senate, that is, the entire right wing white power structure howled with rage.  How dare anyone use that word in public?  Women who like being full citizens are getting increasingly angry about white males referring us as sexual organs.  We know these guys think of us as walking wombs that can’t think.


Senator Hansen is so fixated on women’s sexual rights, he had a Freudian slip but it was no real accident since his first attempt at apologizing was to insult us further  The second apology was just as stupid.  He claims we are dumb if we are insulted!  A double slap to the face at this prick!  What is a woman Senator referred to all her male colleagues as ‘pricks’ or ‘penises’.


Senator Hansen was talking about how white males must use guns to protect themselves and women and children don’t understand this.  He specifically complained that news stories of men shooting their families and neighbors hid the truth, that armed men are protecting their families, too.  Just yesterday, a trained guard was practicing holstering his gun which was fully loaded and it went off and killed his girlfriend’s child.  The NRA and the guys who back this ideology that guns only protect are not diligent here because they shrug off their mishandling of guns as no big deal when it kills people nearly daily.


Blacks shoot each other due to the disintegration of their community and much of this is due to financial interests in drug territory and drug deals.  The white penises who are recklessly killing are doing it for no good reasons at all.  Suicide is not a ‘good reason’.  Nor is ‘my wife is fleeing the home because I scare her’ a good reason to murder anyone.


Our government is just as deranged at this point: New Report on Torture, Extraordinary Rendition  admits the U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11,  Which makes us evil, collectively.  This is ignored while US citizens wave flags and cry out, ‘Why do bad things happen to us?’  If the bomb terrorist is a right wing, woman-hating Muslim, this also shouldn’t surprise us, we wanted this war and we got it.


AIPAC wants these wars very badly but don’t want Jews to pay for these wars or even their own country’s defense.  We get to pay for this so naturally, the home base for Zionist domination is the Congress and the Pentagon so: Pentagon requests more funding for Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’.  Hidden from the US public is this news: Israel’s booming economy puts billions in US aid under spotlight.   The economy of Israel is doing great!


So why are these leeches demanding more money from us?  The very far right wing in Israel wants no US aid for a simple reason: they want to be totally fascist and not have the US lecture them on racism and tribalism.


And there is a huge amount of racism and tribalism in the Jewish community there!  IDF snub of non-Jewish soldier’s grave sparks ado which led to nothing changing.  The general who snubbed a native-born Orthodox Christian who was the most recent soldier to die, was not punished or removed.  He just promised to be not so openly fanatical about Zionism being only for Jews.


This overt social and economic discrimination of anyone who is not Jewish permeates this state which we fund with billions and billions of dollars annually.  Race and religious hate are dangerous.  99% of the terrorist attacks in the US and Middle East are from religious/ethnic warfare and hatred of women’s rights.

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36 responses to “Anarchist’s Cookbook Bomb: Muslim Extremists And Some US Males Love This Bomb

  1. chris Hudson

    I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that the bomber :

    Is a southern white male (30-60)
    Hates Obama, for all the usual reasons
    Despises Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Gays, etc
    Sent the Ricin letter to the Mississippi Senator
    (for collaborating a bit on gun control)
    Is a long-time NRA member
    Believes income taxes are Grand Theft
    Is a single, pathetic loner who thinks he just did something patriotic.

    Our “Lone Wolf.”

  2. Peter C.

    Certainly going to be a lot of stupid people blowing themselves up with pressure cookers in the next little while.

  3. Seraphim

    Once more, feminism is about penis envy and narcissism.
    And if a female senator calls her male collegues”pricks”and ‘”penises” what’s wrong in calling the females as “c….”?

  4. John

    The Left reveals itself, in all its naked hate and presumption, in these moments of jumping to unfounded conclusions. Every tragedy is nothing but an excuse to promote one’s politics. It’s pretty sick, actually. But I expect a higher standard from this blog; it’s author has proven herself capable of it.

    Quit seeing misogyny behind every tree, Elaine. You can be surgical in your precision of analyzing an issue, say the Japanese Carry Trade, and then flip out and start trying to paint the head of a pin with a barn brush, any time “white right wing males” are mentioned.

    Personally, I will wait until we actually see who is arrested and charged in this matter. Until then, I will form no opinion as to identity or motivation.

  5. N00b

    @ Seraphim:

    No it isn’t.

  6. N00b

    @ John:

    “The Left” is jumping? Are you for real?
    Who do you think the FBI Behavior Analysts aka “Profilers” are looking at right now?

    Hint. Hint. It isn’t blacks. And it isn’t women.

  7. vengeur

    “Then there is the fact that this date is ‘Patriot Day’ as well as the fact that this is Boston, home of the 1776 Tea Party.” But c’mon, surely the Islamists know American history too. And how about the symbolism of the Marathon? As in a LONG and protracted terrorist assault?

  8. vengeur

    Why would ANYONE need a gun in Modern American Society? Well , just for a little example , police have a suspect in the Flint, Mich. robbery and rape of an 87 YEAR OLD WOMAN! To call the perpetrator an animal would be an absolute insult to any animal in the animal kingdom, bar the humans. Animals are not evil. The monster that raped the woman is EVIL.

  9. vengeur

    And then we just have a ho-hum crime where the perp only robbed and beat A 90 YEAR OLD WOMAN.

  10. Jim R

    Looks like 4 more or less white, thirty-ish males …

  11. lucky13

    Jim, the guy in blue jacket left the ‘Marathon Bomb’?

  12. Just Ice

    My guess is that the bomber is an anarchist like the una-bomber. Although, the charming banker boy commentators at zero-hedge suspect “fatties” who must be jealous of fit marathoners, calling for a crackdown on all “fatties” and calling for a ban on “high capacity” pressure cookers that no one really needs anyway. If recounting that seems callous to you, re-read it once you get to the end of my post.

    Some perspective: 80 people will die in automobile accidents (and thousands injured) in the U.S., today, and each day. Many of those will be killed horribly and by drunk drivers, who will then need to be arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated for long periods. This goes on day in and day out for law enforcement in our nation, generally un-hyped by media, and only reported one at a time, in local papers and police blotters all around the country.

    I fear that emsnews is playing into the use of the women’s movement as a “hot button” issue (along with others like guns and gay marriage). May I suggest that this issue is being used cynically by the handler’s of both parties to keep the voter base of the GOP on the bus with bankers who want to piss on them. . . rather than ditching the bastards. The handlers of both parties are happy to keep people fighting over these issues as long as it distracts people so they can maintain control and stay rich. As a “hot button,” the women’s movement serves the GOP by keeping disaffected and divided poor males who belong to ethnic groups left out of affirmative action, as well by keeping many traditional religious groups, etc.

    You get to vote for “Frick” or “Frack”; they’re both working for the same guys, they’re just taking turns lying about it.

    The danger for the women’s movement is not the GOP. Recall that the “liberal” press and the NYT threw the whole women’s movement under the bus by blaming DSK’s alleged rape victim, just to give the prosecutors top cover to dismiss the case against their banker boy. Even educated feminists, including domestic violence prosecutors all over the Country, who should have known better, couldn’t compute what was going on and accepted what their trusted media outlets were telling them without critique. Let me suggest that when TPTB want to roll back the clock on the women’s movement, they’ll use the democrats. No need to fear the GOP.

    As the meme to reduce consumption turns to reducing consumers, and then turns to misanthropy, I fear it will turn to misogyny. In addition to altruism, protecting “women and children” has always been a way for societies to ensure that their next generation would be just as large, and their populations could continue to grow, even if most of their male population was decimated in wars. Now, on the other hand, will reducing population become the priority in a climate with world leaders and “elites” concerned with reducing consumers, overpopulation, carry capacity limits, soil erosion, and the end of cheap oil?


    ELAINE: Hate to spoil your spiel but…the GOP is very much trying to eliminate my basic civil rights!!!! And this is a HUGE issue for 50% of the population.

    It is huge! Big, big, big. Can’t be bigger. To you, it may be small but to me it is huge. Because I am me and a female whereas you aren’t so you think it doesn’t matter that much.

    As for driving accidents: yes, this happens. But it has many, many laws attached to it including a huge insurance industry. No one insures guns. These are used to kill, commit crimes, scare people and other negative things as well as some positive.

    But to keep these arms, men in particular have to pay the price and I think insurance is a good idea and it would be VERY expensive because of the payoffs for injured and killed people suing for the insurance.

  13. IAmSpartacus

    Well, not to worry, Sherlock Obama is heading to Boston to take control of the situation; he’ll nab the perp in no time. Gads, This guy really is all style over substance! Never ending campaigning, photo-ops, and vacations instead of actual leadership and governing. Going to Boston now only diverts police resources from the job at hand! What a putz!


    ELAINE: And how many Presidents were detectives???

    Good lord! ALL of them do the photo ops and speeches! This is what the job entails! I hope you despise Reagan because if this is aimed only at Obama, it is racist.

  14. Paul s

    I think it’s telling that the perpetrator(s) have not gone public to take “credit” for their horrific deed. No anonymous messages to the NYT or the Washington Post, CNN, etc. If the bombing were done by foreign terrorists, they would want to broadcast it, take credit for it, maybe promise more bombings. Nothing. And pressure cooker bombings are local; al-Qaida, the Taliban are much more competent–and lethal–bombmakers.

  15. CK

    Young man or men laughing his/their asses off as the pontificators pontiff and the bloggers hermorage.
    Result: No one will enter a sports event without having his/her/their genitals fingered by the omega minuses of DHS and TSA. No bus ride without a feelup and a reacharound. Want to go to the Met or the Guggenheim or the Opera? Prepare to be fondled to make sure their are no pressure cookers in your drawers. Feminists should rejoice that all broads will get to be quasi raped by their paternal gubberminus. WALBI is the name and submission is the game.

  16. CK

    It is so much funnier this way. No one taking credit means that the media has to soft pedal all the bleeding leeds. Can’t claim it was WOGS, the NORKS haven’t said a word, the Iranian government has condemned whoever. Can’t blame a psychiatric patient coming off his or her meds.
    The deed could have indeed been multiples more horrific if the bomb makers had had any military training and had used any mil grade explosives.
    Not sure why you think anyone wants to take credit for this, it was amateur hour with a coating of “internet be dangerous”. The bombs blew UP as in vertical. No runners on the second and third floors were there?
    I know that science and logic are rare on this board but please …


    ELAINE: McVeigh was military and made a huge bomb out of fertilizer. Since parking a big vehicle was not possible in this case due to the streets being shut off, it makes sense to use skills for making smaller bombs like the ones used.

    Terrorism doesn’t have to have many people killed just maximum people SCARED.

  17. UFC

    these guys look israeli except for the one possible loner guy/cutout?

  18. IAmSpartacus

    Exactly what I’ve thought vis-a-vie this being a false flag event, UFC; this business stinks of Mossad. The first thing that should’ve been done is to detain for questioning anyone leaving the country on an Israeli passport.


    ELAINE: All are suppositions based on little evidence at this point.

  19. CK

    It was professional … Mossad Cia Savak NKIA did it
    It was amateur … two frat boys with doobies did it
    It was professional made to look amateur … someone with a ( big library ) ( military experience ) ( bullied in elementary school ) ( member of the keystone cops/militia) did it.

  20. IAmSpartacus

    A false flag needn’t be devestating to piss people off, and in this regard it’s worked; we ARE pissed off!

  21. Just Ice


    these guys look israeli except for the one possible loner guy/cutout?”


    No, look at the fifth photo from the top:

    Those “Middle Eastern” looking guys wearing tan tactical pants, special forces desert boots, puffy black jackets, black backpacks, hats, sun glasses, communications gear, concealment holsters, etc.

    They’re all part of a seven or eight man team standing behind a black SUV loaded with satellite communications gear and electronics on top. Look at the fifth photo. They’re standing around behind the vehicle on the finish line, after the blast, talking on the phone and to each other, not helping the cops or the people, and not brandishing any weapons. They don’t seem hooked into any particular chain of command, or else the just suck. So, they’re probably federal contractors or part of some federal agency that happened to be conducting training during the event. Coincidence.

    A team of spies chaperoning a false flag patsy would have been on a plane out before the blast, but after emplacement, given knowledge about security cameras, etc.

    And, they probably would have blended in a bit more.

    Not eight wanna-be Ninjas that look like they all bought matching outfits from the same BlackHawk catalogue.

  22. UFC

    JustIce: Oh, true. Good point. I was wondering that too, but the thought meandered too far down some nether ganglia cesspool. Probably regular old gmen then… we don’t see after photos of these gents either so who knows. Lotsa guestimating going on out there.

  23. Just Ice

    @emsnews: “Because I am me and a female whereas you aren’t so you think it doesn’t matter that much.”

    Hold on; it matters.

    What I’m suggesting is that, if the GOP is becoming less “liberal” with respect to the women’s movement, it could be “merely” to solidify defections from their base, and thus politically limited, but. . . On the other hand, if there was a concerted move, it would be unseemly to have the democrats backed up against the GOP platform on the issue, necessitating that the GOP give them more room by being more unreasonable, and thus the GOP shift. So, if TPTB are planning on sending the women’s movement the way of the unions or the anti-nuclear movement, or a host of others for that matter, they’ll abandon them the exact same way, with the democrats backed up to the GOP platform, leaving women nowhere to turn.

    You should worry, but you should hold the democrats to task because that is much more doable than pre-empting a GOP move that makes them look like asses to everyone except their own choir. Judging by the feminist lack of response to the liberal media betrayal in the DSK “affair,” I am also suggesting there is a lack of awareness of this political tactic within the women’s movement, or else a lack of stomach to hold the line against their “fellow” democrats.

    I don’t want to come across as uncaring. The maddening part of the political abuse of any “hot button” issue is that we do desperately care. As a body politic, we end up deliberately trapped in synthetic dialectics that divide, obscure and prevent meaningful discourse and electoral action on a host of other very important matters.

  24. IAmSpartacus

    @ Elaine: Actually, Reagan was the last competant president that we had; considering that Alzheimer’s had begun to take ahold of him by ’85 or ’86, that’s not saying much for Obama, Clinton, or either Bush.


    ELAINE: He began two hideous things: immense trade deficits and immense budget deficits. A terrible disaster.

    He also flew off to Japan the first week out of office to collect a $2.5 million BRIBE from the grateful Japanese who flooded our markets under his regime. He should have been charged with treason. Once the ruling elites saw they could openly collect bribes, they now all do this in spades and get many millions this way.

  25. CK

    Once upon a time white folk built civilizations. I remember when Detroit was the Paris of the USA. Today more like the Port-au-Prince of the USA but that is ok because Paris is more like the Timbuktu of Europe.
    Now-a-days liberal privileged white folk enjoy destroying civilizations.
    His credentials are pure his heart is pure evil.

  26. Jim R

    In those pictures, the guy in a black jacket with white baseball cap and sunglasses is carrying a bag with a very pressure-cooker-like shape in it. Later he apparently does not have the bag any longer.

    Whoever highlighted the pictures also brought attention to a guy wearing a blue outfit and carrying a bag, and another guy with a blue jacket, and some secret-service looking guys. Also there was a black guy who just looked sort of lost, but didn’t have a bag or anything. They highlighted him because he didn’t seem to be watching the race.

    I have no idea whether it was a conspiracy involving more than 1, or all, of those guys. But the one backpack is obviously suspicious.

  27. Just Ice


    Photo number five does look like an after photo.

  28. Just Ice

    Photo number 5 explains that most of those “secret service” looking guys are not suspects.

  29. John

    I hope you despise Reagan because if this is aimed only at Obama, it is racist.

    I am so sick of being called a racist for criticizing the “black president.” If that’s all the Left has, their day are numbered. People are waking up, refusing to be shamed into silence by that false accusation any longer.

    Reagan GOVERNED. Obama merely CAMPAIGNS. Race has NOTHING to do with it.

  30. lucky13

    ‘ He began two hideous things: immense trade deficits and immense budget deficits. ‘
    And will Obama end this [via weimar dollars]?

    I have pointed out it was Clinton who ‘killed the US economy via
    NAFTA and Most Favored Nation Status’.
    He and Al Gore were taking Red Dollars since gawd knows when.

  31. lucky13

    I think the worst thing raygun did was the Am-nasty.
    First one, are we at amnasty3?

  32. Just Ice

    Are those jammers inside the dome on top of the black SUV on the finish line in photo 5?

    Screwup, vice conspiracy theory, would then explain why authorities don’t want to acknowledge that a drill was occurring, particularly if the private military contractor team behind the SUV had a jammer and didn’t use it, or shut it off once half the race was over?

    Of course, the self-delusional rationale for the “coverup” would be to protect the TTPs, rather than avoiding humiliation that the bombing occurred during a drill with all the best actors present.

    The only way those private contractors fall into a (conspiracy) (“false flag”) (coverup) is if they were hired with the secret intent that they would model black backpacks to confuse the law enforcement investigation, which I think is ridiculous to suppose.

  33. Jim R

    Interesting how it turned out. It’s so easy to jump to conclusions about the photos. The suspects from the imgur link turned themselves in to clear their names! Apparently the lump in the backpack was nutritional supplements or something.

    And the real perpetrators WERE young white males … Chechen males. Thought that was Russia’s problem, now it’s not so local.

  34. emsnews

    Chechnya is very much a CIA operation. We funded and assisted violent terrorist revolutionaries there in order to destroy the Soviet State.

  35. DeVaul

    “If that’s all the Left has, their day are numbered.”

    Well, at least they have “days left”. Rand Paul described the GOP as a “dinosaur” and implied it would go extinct.

    I suspect all of the current political parties will go extinct because they lost credibility by not foreseeing the ongoing collapse of industrial societies due to the end of the “Age of Abundance”.

    They are all still arguing about capitalism — a dead concept.

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