Texas Fertilizer Explosion Result Of Foolish Land Use Regulations

Texas fertilizer plant exploded next to schools

The above picture is a satellite photo showing the outlines of the town of West, Texas where the recent fertilizer explosion killed so many people and destroyed a good part of the small town.  I noticed right away that the town’s lines were very carefully drawn to exclude control of the plant.  This did two things: avoided paying taxes to support the town plus no one in the town’s government had and jurisdiction over what this nasty business was doing.  And they were doing something wrong because they were investigated previously for poor safety controls.


I lived in Texas once upon a time and disliked it greatly.  It seems that people there are so enamored with the ‘cowboy’ mentality, they do many dumb things that are easily avoidable.  One of these things is to ignore safety rules of any sort from driving too fast, not wearing seat belts, playing with guns as if they are toys, worshipping football while ignoring the destruction this causes the players over time, etc.  Ignoring cause and effect is a bad idea because between Mother Nature and Lady Luck, one’s life can be shortened greatly.


Since making a profit is King in Texas, social costs are moved elsewhere and in general, this means the Feds fix things for them while they bitterly whine about ‘Big Government’.  This case is a typical example:  Obama Declares Emergency After Texas Plant Blast and Texans, in general, hate his guts.  And prevent any money going to social services or emergencies.  So, will the right wing southern white angry males in Congress filibuster this money for Texas?


HAHAHA…no way in hell!  These leeches happily take the money and run but when NY is hit with a mega-disaster, suddenly they are all pious about spending money.  In the case of Texas, the idiot who owns this destructive fertilizer plant should pay for everything and the Texan authorities who enabled him to build this stupid thing right smack dab against the edge of this town should pay everything.


And Texas loves to boast about being rich so why can’t these blowhards pay their own way out of messes they make for themselves???  Where is Perry?  I do hope he turns down Federal aid.  Just to be honest for once.

The right wing Hispanic in Texas who joins these stupid fake cowboys in preventing the rest of us from getting help from DC is demanding this handout to Texans:  Cruz called Sandy aid ‘pork’ but wants ‘all available resources’ after Texas blast. Knowing the deep south first hand, I am not even slightly surprised at their two-timing, fake ‘we are strong’ blatherings and howling about welfare states and leeches…these clowns have no shame and are greedy, too.
And they have a very powerful hold on our government which they exploit to line their own pockets.  And to top this off, these same jerks are a huge part of the War on Women.

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19 responses to “Texas Fertilizer Explosion Result Of Foolish Land Use Regulations

  1. Jim R

    It’s a good thing Texas doesn’t have any of those old rusty leaky nukuler power plants ….



  2. IAmSpartacus

    I can’t blame any state for trying to squeeze as much money out of the fed gov as they can get, seeing how it was the fed gov stole the money from us in the first place. We ought to just eliminate the middleman and give it directly to the states; it would eliminate a lot of dead weight at the federal level, saving a lot of money that would otherwise go to pay mid level bureaucrats, and it would be more efficient, too.

    ELAINE; Most ‘red’ states do NOT pay in more than they get, mostly ‘blue’ states do this.

  3. Jim R

    Texas is an exporter of oil gas and gasoline, which Noo Yawkers guzzle like as if it were water. There are pipelines connecting the two states.
    Perhaps y’all would like to embark on Kunstler’s long emergency a little early. Just to put your regionalism in perspective.
    ( *koff* Indian Point *koff* )


    ELAINE: Running Texas like Iraq is being run after we invaded is a bad, bad idea.

  4. What I find despicable were the people of Texas whining because the Boston Marathon bombing/et al was taking up all the air waves …. and the fertilizer plant explosion wasn’t getting the coverage Texans thought it should. A pretty good indicator that they don’t care a rat’s behind about anyone else’s tragedies except their own. New Yorkers and ALL people in the Northeast show compassion for ALL state’s tragedies and, perhaps, have the biggest hearts (and pocketbooks – and I’ll throw in education) in the USA …. how much help did Texans give the Northeast after Hurricane Sandy? Basically, if it’s not in their backyard, the heck with it …..
    Being a NY transplant, now living in SC, I am appalled daily on how the south, as a whole, is truly a racist, homophobic, bible-thumping backwards piece of America. If we get 4 parents to show up for a PTA meeting – or half the seniors to graduate on a curve, we consider ourselves lucky … but, smell a football game, NASCAR or a gun show ….. and they come stampeding in droves …..

  5. N00b

    Yep. That’s what you get with Small Government.

  6. ziff house

    The stupid really does burn.

  7. Jim R

    And, talk about leeches … New York has JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, … Trillion here trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.
    I assume you’ll be screaming for handouts again when Indian Point explodes.

  8. IAmSpartacus

    @ N00b: No, that’s what you get from the gold plated, bureaucratic, teacher’s union infested public education system, where they fail to take into account that not all students are, or even want to be, college bound, where social promotion has taken the place of the mastery of subject matter (because we wouldn’t want to keep them back, it might hurt their feelings), and the only way you can fire a bad teacher that has tenure is if they’re openly selling meth out of their classrooms; it has nothing to do with small government, just the opposite, in fact.

  9. emsnews

    Spartacus, you get sillier by the hour.

  10. DK

    Texans don’t want to be run by Big Government but they don’t mind being run over by Big Capital.

  11. Paul S

    “Where is Perry? I do hope he turns down Federal aid. Just to be honest for once….” Perry DID demand Federal help! Perry was quoted as saying that he hoped the Feds would be quick in their response to provide assistance. I guess talk a Texas secession from the US is on hold for now. It just goes to show you: when you get right down to it, Republicans are the biggest freeloaders around. It seems Republicans are born without a hypocrisy gene.


    ELAINE: So very true! I grew up out there including Texas, and they always demand everyone bail them out of trouble and then, whenever the North needs help, suddenly are nasty about giving a penny back. They are pure jerks and the hatred of the North is great down there including conservative northerners who move there for more Fun in the Sun time.

  12. John

    Paul S,

    And Democrats aren’t?

    News Flash: both “sides” are full of and run by parasites. In reality, they aren’t on opposite sides. That’s a dog & pony show for the benefit of folks like you, who buy into it, instead of paying attention to the man behind the curtain.

    ELAINE: Worse, whoever does get to DC is either immediately bribed so they work for the rich or thrown out as the rich pour money into elections to eliminate anyone who goes against their agenda.

  13. Paul S

    John: Democrats do not constantly campaign against the alleged evils of Big Guvmint. Republicans do.Your logic reminds me of a typical 9 year old to his mother: “Well, Jimmy does it, so why can’t I?” Republicans are the ones who constantly scream to get the ‘guvmint’ out of the “private sector”–until the private sector needs a taxpayer bailout, THEN the “Free” Market republicans become government welfare queens–driving around in gold plated cadillacs..

  14. Sad to see it written, but I concur that there is a war on women, it is being waged as much by those same ring wing extremists, by their wives. Sisters betraying sisters, and they target the Brothers who would march beside you. Like you comments, Nursing home and medical services taken out? methinks neo nazis playing the right hard against the left. Please keep typing.

  15. DK


    The plant had been there since 1962 and the houses and school were built next to it.

  16. emsnews

    And who allowed that???? Ever hear of zoning regulations??

    Ooops. This is the Wild West Texas where sane rules protecting people are ignored. Do note that the government built not one but TWO schools smack dab up against the property line of the fertilizer factory.

  17. John

    Your logic reminds me of a typical 9 year old to his mother: “Well, Jimmy does it, so why can’t I?”

    I recommend remedial reading comprehension courses. I’m objecting to BOTH SIDES playing this crooked game. And I want corporate welfare & bailouts stopped more than I want the public assistance system reformed.

  18. lucky13

    I recall someone saying ‘If you want to see ugly and weird, Dallas
    [or was it Houston] is the place. No urban planning and few building restrictions have made a weird looking city.’

  19. emsnews

    That’s Houston.

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