Israel Announces They Won’t Use Chemical WMD Anymore Even As Israel Demands Syria Not Use These

Were Chemical Weapons Used in Syria?  This is the same question the Zionist power front nations keep asking only when there is a dark desire to overthrow fairly secular and liberal dictatorships.  Liberal and secular compared to the main Muslim ally of the US, the entirely corrupt, repressive and vicious Saudi Royal family’s regime.  Israel is most anxious to scare the US and EU public into yet another destructive war which only result will be a much more repressive and radically religious outcome.  As the Saudi Royals wish.  This, in turn, weakens all Muslim nations as the credo of the conservatives makes these nations much weaker, hindering commerce, the intelligence level of students, etc.


The need to isolate all Muslims behind a repressive Saudi-style fundamentalism will make Israel stronger since it is a first world, once-liberal nation.  Only the same dynamics are shoving Israel into a repressive, vicious military fundamentalist rule regime like Saudi Arabia.  Israel Arrests Four Women for Praying at the Wailing Wall as they protest discrimination of women in Judaism just last week.  


Worried about the obvious backlash in the US where most Jews are liberal, Rabbi of Wailing Wall Makes Controversial Change to Prayer Plan whereby he would assign an inferior part of the wall for women which I am assuming will have the same sort of separation of the sexes as Saudi Arabia has.  All public places where men and women must mingle have these dividers in Saudi Arabia and the conservative Jews in Israel want this to be public policy, too.


The ‘WMD’ scam used on Iraq is being used again by the exact same international crew of Bilderberg gangsters who plot together, very secretively, to guide public opinion so the hapless American voters demand more wars against fairly liberal Muslim dictators.  But this is a problem for both the US and Israel have committed WMD war crimes in the recent past.  So suddenly, the Israeli army is going to halt use of white phosphorus against civilian populations.


TOO LATE! The war crimes still stand as criminal.  Ditto with the US who used it against basically unarmed civilians with no anti-aircraft guns when we mercilessly bombed Fallujah not to mention, the use of ‘depleted uranium’ mini-nuclear bombs against Muslims.  The entire planet earth knows Israel and the US are violators of international laws and so now both must cover their past misdeeds by solemnly swearing neither will do it again.


Only neither the US nor Israel allows international inspections to see if either disarms.  This is pure PR for the US public to whitewash past crimes.


The NYT has been on a huge wailing fest about how we have to ‘save’ Syria after we armed fundamentalist insurrectionists there:  A Writer’s Lament for the Female Musicians of Aleppo, Syria – is a typical example.  Oh, the horror!  Well, the US bombed weddings all over the place and didn’t even apologize.  Did the Times whine about that?  Nope, barely reported it when it happened!


99% of the newspaper’s articles and editorials about Muslims are written by fanatical Zionist Jews and this is this week’s latest example:  The Arab Quarter Century by Mr. Friedman, the multimillionaire Jewish Zionist who is a major NYT editorialist:

There is a strong argument for everyone doing more to end the Syrian civil war, but satisfactory answers are needed first to some crucial questions.


He is worried the accumulation of warcrimes by Jews and their Zionistic supporters is getting them all in deep trouble in the future.  DUH!  When Jews decided that stealing stuff was the solution to the Holocaust, they proved the Nazis right when they claimed that Jews were out to steal stuff!  Duh!  Legalizing theft didn’t change the fact that half of the planet or more thinks that this theft is still illegal.


Since the Jews decided to be crooks, they have decided to go all the way which is why they are locking all non-Jews into obvious ghettoes and reproducing the horrors of the Middle Ages which the Jews suffered in Christian lands (not Muslim lands).  This psychological need to reproduce the past with the Jews playing the role of ‘evil oppressor torturing the people’ is a form of mental illness.


Back to the war drum banging at the NYT:  The Arab Spring Started in Iraq claims the NYT but then almost never, ever publishes information like this one in al Jazeera:  Deadly anti-government violence grips Iraq as 200 are killed in the continuous anarchy that the US introduced so violently by illegally attacking Saddam when he was fully disarmed by the UN.  We left Iraq a total catastrophe as well as Afghanistan.


The War on Drugs has merged with the War on Terror (where we terrorize Muslims, for the most part and they, in turn strike back with much weaker weapons): Heroin production in Afghanistan has RISEN 61%  by a year ago.  Many more Americans are becoming heroin addicts again thanks to the US opening up traffic for drug overlords in Asia.  ‘1mn died’ from Afghan heroin, drug production ’40 times higher’ since NATO op — RT News: Russia is very angry about the flood of these drugs over their extensive border with the US-backed drug dealers who run Afghanistan.


And as the US hopes to escape this fiscal death trap, the Afghan Taliban declare ‘spring offensive’ and will redouble efforts to harm the US as much as possible as a ‘going away gift’ from bin Laden.  I said from day one, bin Laden wins if the US is lured into many wars chasing him and this has been certainly proven to be the truth.  Our War on Terror and War on Drugs are rapidly merging as Mexican anarchists arm up and become increasingly violent, too.

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12 responses to “Israel Announces They Won’t Use Chemical WMD Anymore Even As Israel Demands Syria Not Use These

  1. vengeur

    We may be on different sides politically, but anybody with a sense of decency can see that what was perpetrated by our government in Iraq was by many orders of magnitude more heinous and evil than Saddam. My only hope is that people left and right can come together and oppose this evil of endless war. ( I don’t say Republicans and Democrats, because both parties are just tools for and end). “200 are killed in the CONTINUOUS ANARCHY that the US introduced so violently by illegally attacking Saddam when he was fully disarmed by the UN. We left Iraq a total catastrophe as well as Afghanistan.” And nobody will ever be held accountable for it , neither Bush , Wolfowitz, or any of the democrats like Hillary Clinton who went along with it! They all sleep soundly at night, with thier millions of ill-gotten gains. Americans are a disgraced people, and most could not care any less. Not to mention the idiotic flag wavers (Republicans) that are always HONORING OUR TROOPS at every sporting event.

  2. Papers Please

    I visited Israel fifteen years ago and went to the Wailing Wall. It was divided into male and female sections even then. The strangest thing for me was I was required to ware what looked like a cardboard French fry container on my head. Very strange

  3. Just Ice


    The flag wavers are not idiotic. They went wrong once when they let the neocons pile Iraq onto Afghanistan. They went wrong twice when they didn’t listen to general shinseki before ge got fired, recounting that the manual called for troop strength of 1 per 20 or at least 1 per 50. Basic things like defending police stations with one infantry platoon each were never done. It saved American lives, particularly since there weren’t enough platoons to do it, much less infantry companies to surround and envelope putative attackers.
    The anguish of loss and the desire to protect servicemen killed in a flawed occupation are all you need to understand the use of drones, etc.

    Occupation by the book should be quelled in 18 months. Anything else is less than success. What’s notable is what happens when troops and their protectors are understaffed and over-worked and then confronted by tragedy.

    Beware your PD overtime budget.

  4. IAmSpartacus

    The New World Order, governed by Tel Aviv, via Washington, must be preserved, and expanded, at all costs. Anyone outside of “Pax Americana” is a threat to that, that’s why they had to bring down Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Libya; that’s why they have to bring down Syria. That’s why they fear China, Russia, and Iran; those nations are outside of ZioNazi control. Anyone who dares to think of their own nation ahead of the special and precious state of Israel is a threat. That’s why anyone who is “America first” is immediately labled as an “anti-Semite”, which is really ironic, considering that the majority of Israelis aren’t Semites at all; they’re Ashkenazi Jews, the decendents of central Asian Kazars, who have about as much right to claim the “holy land”, based on pedigree, as Vietnamese Catholics would have to claim the city of Rome.

  5. Joseppi

    The list is getting longer….
    Japan Declines To Endorse NPT Document

    The US Congress remains focused on re-election and Tanks that buy thanks, despite Pentagon’s no thanks……
    Abrams Tank Pushed By Congress Despite Army’s Protests

  6. Joseppi

    The missing part of the story
    Abrams Tank Pushed By Congress Despite Army’s Protests

  7. DM

    Americans are a disgraced people.


  8. larry, dfh

    There seems to be a discrepancy, even in ‘The Times’ cited: Heroin is not Opium. Opium needs to be (probably refined and) converted into Heroin. I doubt that is being done in Afghanistan. Thus there are inferences of international cooperation, not only in the distribution of Heroin, but in the transport of Opium to the country where the Heroin is produced. This place used to be Marseilles. I don’t know where this occurs now. Mexico? I think it’s Haiti, but that’s just me.
    :Hostess is quite right that Jews have been treated with acceptance and hospitality throughout the Islamic world. I have a friend, a whackey Hassid, whose father-in-law left Morocco in 1948, and ended up in Montreal. I once asked him if he missed Morocco, he said “It was the greatest place on earth. If it weren’t for Israel, I’d still be there.” Last year I was talking to a young undergraduate @ the local Univ. She was from Israel, and her father emigrated there from Tunisia in 1968. I told her about my friend’s f-i-l, and she said that her dad felt the same regarding Tunisia. She said she wanted peace between Jews and Palestinians in Israel. I told her that until Ishmael was recognized as Abraham’s 1st son, and his descendants could claim their inheritance, there would be no peace.

  9. John

    [T]he majority of Israelis aren’t Semites at all; they’re Ashkenazi Jews, the decendents of central Asian Kazars, who have about as much right to claim the “holy land”, based on pedigree, as Vietnamese Catholics would have to claim the city of Rome.

    Yep. And they run the Russian mob, and the global banking cartel, and the media, and most of the multinationsl corporations. Also, most of the Ashkenazi oligarchy is completely psychopathic and soulless. It’s a mess, isn’t it?!

  10. John

    Larry, dfh

    Heroin is made by heating morphine in the presence of acetic acid, if I recall correctly. So the poppies must be refined thrice: opium > morphine > heroin.

  11. larry, dfh

    Actually, it’s Acetic Anhydride. And, right, probably multiple purification steps. All this involves a certain infrastructure, one that is certainly not available where the Opium is produced. There is no coincidence that there have been bumper crops ever since the U.S. invaded. The invasion was in the fall, giving farmers enough time to prepare their fields. The Taliban didn’t look kindly on Opium growing, so farmers had to “re-tool”. This probably couldn’t have happened with an invasion in springtime.
    But the point I was trying to make is that equating Opium with Heroin blurs the fact that someone else has to be involved, other than the farmers and the junkies.

  12. John

    I was agreeing with you. Multiple drug refinement steps aren’t something that can really be carried out in a stable, long-term fashion in Afghanistan. And I’ve little doubt that the current globalist oligarchy has no qualms about dunping poisons like heroin into as many countries as they can. It’s profitable, and it ruins lives, very often the lives of people with the talent and wit to be competition to them; creative and intelligent people seem more likely to experiment with mind-altering substances. So it’s a win-win for them.

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