Fukushima Pollution Spikes In Tokyo, US Zionist Media Demands More Wars Of Aggression

nuclear radiation spikes again in Japan

Highest fallout levels in Tokyo since soon after Fukushima crisis began  Graph from Fukushima Diary:  The US media basically ignores Fukushima while focusing with deadly ire on Syria.  But the Fukushima disaster continues!  The electrical service to the water pumping systems keeps breaking down as giant rats attack it, the toxic water storage is running out or leaking and now we learn that the radiation readings for Tokyo are shooting upwards again, reaching levels higher than June, 2011.


The US government has decisively decided to back the new far right wing government of Japan because Abe irritates the Chinese.  But he also irritates South Korea and other Pacific nations with his unilateral territorial grabs.  Back to Fukushima:  Tainted Water Poses New Risks at Japan Nuclear Plant


Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are struggling to contain groundwater that is pouring into the reactor buildings at a rate of almost 75 gallons a minute.


So, the ground water situation is deteriorating.  Chernobyl is deteriorating, too.  Nuclear power plant disasters are the nearest thing to ‘perpetual disaster’ we have on this planet.  So, here is a totally insane article from our warmonger press:  Are we safe from nuclear radiation? – The Washington Post


IMAGINE THAT the Boston bombers didn’t pack nails into pressure cookers but instead packed highly radioactive material. How would the government be responding?


Part of the answer might lie in a document the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued this month, suggesting guidelines on how state and local officials should deal with potentially toxic nuclear contamination from disasters such as dirty bombs, power plant failures and atomic bomb detonations.
Activists object that the guidelines would expose Americans to high doses of radiation instead of ensuring high levels of protection.


Yes, the only solution for out of control nuclear radiation events is…to change the level of pollution!  So, basically, the standards are not standards, they fluctuate!  The point is to keep people in place and being exposed while assuring them they are safe.


Actually, nuclear power has an exceptional safety record, particularly compared with the illnesses and deaths for which air pollution from coal burning is responsible…
Following a nuclear disaster, it could be a long time before radiation meets the EPA’s usual safety levels. In the meantime, when is it absolutely necessary to restrict the water people can drink or to abandon an area?


So, even after obvious examples that evacuation is basically ‘forever’, they wonder at the EPA what is safe?  Naturally, they have to say that nuclear power kills fewer than coal burning.  Only they leave out cancer statistics.  We spend a fortune on fixing cancers.  And cancers shot up when the nuclear bomb tests raged all over.  Cancer kills slowly so the cause and effect of these is harder to see and radiation is invisible.  But the fact is, radiation does cause cancer and we are exposed to much more of this than before 1945.


We do know that radiation caused another invisible thing: mutation of eggs and sperm.  This is a fact.  The guidelines are set up to maximize radiation exposure while keeping mutations at a lower level so people won’t be furious about this.  US depleted uranium bombs still cause birth defects in Iraq and will do this for the uncertain future.


The US has spread nuclear waste all over the planet due to our warmongering.  We continue warmongering as S Korea, China blast Japan over Yasukuni visits while the US allows without complaint, the worship of war criminals in Japan.   Abe defends ministers’ visit to Yasukuni shrine ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion:


Abe did not make a pilgrimage himself. But he has paid for equipment made of wood and fabric, bearing his name and title, which was used to decorate an altar.


Which means he endorses the war crimes against Asians, Americans, Europeans, etc.  He put his stamp on it but is playing a stupid propaganda game where he can go to other nations and with a straight face, claim he didn’t go to the shrine.


The fight over the Diaoyu Islands continues:  Chinese fleet drives Japanese boats away from Diaoyu Islands.   Disputed islands covered by U.S.-Japan accord: Hagel as our State Department/CIA/Pentagon machine backs imperialism in Asia.


Japan is collapsing internally due to lack of sane reforms:  Depressing suicide prevention posters cause controversy in Kobe  as Comedian Shinji Maki commits suicide.  The killing off of the Japanese people continues right alongside right wing efforts to provoke wars which the US will carry 99% of the costs and deaths.


And the US public is sick and tired of this as budget cuts make life here more miserable: In Poll, Most Oppose Action in Syria and N. Korea.  Meanwhile, the war drums are being battered to shreds by a hysterical AIPAC-riddled press here in the US.  Here is one of many examples from today:  Syria’s Refugees Overwhelming Relief Efforts and Host Countries, U.N. Official Says – NYTimes.com.  We are being told by the Jewish editorialists that we need to save everyone over there.


Here is the other warmongering Zionist rag in DC talking about a desire to have a military coup to overthrow the ruler of Syria:  Richard Cohen: On Syria, red lines are just red herrings – The Washington Post


If possession of the gas was the No. 1 issue, the United States should paradoxically prop up Assad. He’s been faultless at keeping his goodies out of the hands of the crazies.


The United States, on the other hand, doesn’t control much of anything. At one time, it could have relatively easily imposed a no-fly zone, grounding the Syrian air force, which has been pounding civilian centers. It could have armed the rebels of our choosing. It could have sent a clear signal to the Syrian military that Assad was certain to lose and it should take action. Somewhere in the military was a high-ranking officer who would have liked to spare his country further agony.


Mr. Cohen is a liberal Jew when it comes to America’s business but a radical, fascist right wing Zionist when it comes to Israel or its neighbors.  News came out recently that the CIA has been handing out bags of US taxpayer cash to the dictator running Afghanistan.  Most Middle Eastern governments have been CIA coups ruling the Arab Street and this included Saddam until the CIA and the Zionists decided it was time to kill him.


And here is news neither the WP nor the NYT will publish:  Palestinian Christians urge pope to oppose Bethlehem wall.  If the New Pope isn’t an Old Pope, he will rush to embrace Palestinian Christians.  But I seriously doubt he will dare do this.  We shall see.


The born again Christians don’t care that Syria’s rulers protected Arab Christians.  No, they will abandon any Christians who are ‘brown’ to die or be chased out of the increasingly polarized Middle East.  They want the Apocalypse and we are the main agent of this hideous future event thanks to our nuclear power and other WMD as well as robot assassin drones.

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10 responses to “Fukushima Pollution Spikes In Tokyo, US Zionist Media Demands More Wars Of Aggression

  1. Peter C.

    The writers of the EPA report should go and live in the Chernobyl exclusion zone for a few years (10?)and then come back and write their report.
    The term exclusion zone should only be found in dystopian sci fi movies,but unfortunately it is in today’s vocabulary.
    Can you say Japan exclusion zone?Columbia river basin exclusion zone?

  2. Christian W

    It is creepy, isn’t it, how completely bad news is kept out of the main stream media and how efficiently the narrative is controlled.

  3. Paul S

    Actually Elaine, the “Christians” who want the End Times to come aren’t waiting for the Apocalypse. They are waiting for the Rapture, an important distinction. Why? Because BEFORE the s#it hits the fan, these ET fools are expecting to be taken up to heaven–and it’s F@CK Y#U!!! to all the poor slobs who are left behind. It’s no coincidence that these End Timers watch/read the Left Behind series. It tells them they are saved and of course they believe it.

  4. emsnews

    So true. But this ‘escape clause’ is a recent invention. The Bible and other sources claimed for centuries that we will all die and the sorting out will be via the dreaded Gates of Death.

    This ‘fly away free’ lunacy is very recent, less than 50 years ago, one of my sisters belonged to an early cult that believed this trash.

  5. ziff house

    Giant radioactive rats !!! are they going to attack Tokyo !!!!

  6. Papers Please

    Many are confused by the delay in the United States attacking the Syrian government. The problem is that Israel hasn’t decided weather in would rather live live with Assad or with Al-Qaeda. When they decided the U.S. will responded as ordered. The United States is nothing but a proxy state of Israel. What disgrace to this country!

  7. Paul Morphy

    “History shows again and again, how nature points out the folly of man.”
    ~ lyrics from “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult

  8. Jim R

    Yeah, the media … reduced to gibbering ninnies over the possibility of a few pounds of radwaste or mustard gas, while industry routinely pumps out countless thousands of tons of toxic waste, and the nuclear industry has sporadic failures that strew hundreds of tons of high level radwaste into the oceans and atmosphere.

    Humans are stupid

  9. emsnews

    Gibbering about chemical weapons while Japan pollutes the entire Pacific Ocean, most of Japan and lots of landmasses to the east of Japan!

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