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The Derivatives Beast Begins Growing Again! OTC Trades Resume

Japan’s Nikkei continues to self-destruct as China buys US corporations left and right while the US Wall Street con artists and gangstas revive the dreaded Derivatives Beast playing wild Ponzi gambling games using no capital base and waiting for the Fed to bail them all out again and again and again.  Time to snarl and snap about all this!  And we seem helpless to stop them.  Instead, we are debating sex, abortion, guns and other matters such as the need for FEMA.  Oh, by the way, a tornado passed to the north of my home last night.  We need FEMA functional. Continue reading


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Pope Says Atheists Can Go To Heaven, Cardinal Says Abortion Women Go To Hell But Not Pedophile Priests

According To Pope Francis, Atheists Can Go To Heaven Too but the next day the Catholic Church confirms atheists still go to hell, after all because Jesus hates us.  Nothing was said about us believers in the Goddesses such as good old Mother Nature, the Norns who spin our fates or the entities I call Lady Luck and Goddess of Infinity.

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Japanese Researchers Shooting Photons At Gold Cause Nuclear Vaporization/Contamination


All energy systems have their downside and every one is a ‘genie in a bottle’ that if released, attacks us.  Hydropower: dams break, coal is very dirty, oil is even dirtier than coal in many ways being liquid coal, so to speak.  The list goes on with one form of energy being the worst genie in the bottle: nuclear energy.  It is extremely destructive but is, when not blowing up, notoriously invisible as is CO2 gases.  Only CO2 is food for plants whereas nuclear filth attacks all living things at the cellular level. Continue reading


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Japan’s Huge Trade Deficit With Asia And Middle East Destroys Finances


BOJ’s Kuroda says pain from bond yield rise is manageable which is pure wishful thinking.  Japan can’t let interest rates rise above ZIRP levels for a reason: the huge, huge overhanging levels of debt!  The US fell into the Japanese trap, too.  As has England and some European countries.  Interest rates can and do suddenly shoot upwards when debt loads are too great.  This is why taxing the rich is so important, only they can pay down huge debts.  And globally, the very rich refuse to do exactly that.

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Lord Stern Admits No Global Warming And That The Sun Might Influence Weather

Recently, even global warming alarmists are admitting it is rather cold in the Northern Hemisphere this late spring.  We are getting another frost tonight and there was snow in Canada and the northern states.  I was listening to NPR interview this climate ‘scientist’ who admitted it wasn’t getting hotter and hotter but when asked about where this heat has gone, he said, ‘In the oceans’ rather than admitting, finally, the SUN has a great deal to do with the ‘puzzling’ decline. Continue reading


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Will The GOP Fund FEMA? Disasters Hammer Right Wing Lunatic States

Another day and another tornado/flood/hail disaster in the Red States that voted against Hurricane Sandy aid and who want to cut FEMA money or force cuts in all other systems to pay for Red State disasters.  This bizarre world of the right wing ‘We hate the Feds except when we want Fed money’ gang is out in full force demanding we all fund their disasters for them while they withhold disaster aid to liberal states that give the majority of funds to FEMA in the first place.

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8.2 Quake In Kurile Islands, Russia And Several 4.0+ Quakes Shake Northern California

Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 7.25.05 AM


In the last 24 hours the Northern Pacific plate region had a series of quakes one of which was quite big and many of the volcanoes in the chains up there are erupting or threatening to erupt and due to the sudden, very hard shift in the plate alongside central to Northern Japan is affecting the other sectors of the massive subduction faults northwards of Japan.  The series of hard shakes at the upper and lower end of California shows that stresses on the entire landscape due to the locked San Andreas is causing more and more auxiliary quakes.  And to alert everyone, Congress cut funds for the very good previous maps and as of this morning, the crummy map we now have is not even functioning at all.

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