Minnesota Home-grown Terrorist, Member Of Black Snake Militia, Arrested By FBI

Black Snake Militia

Black Snake Militia (B.S.M), a Image by dudeglifty – ROBLOX (updated 1/3/2012 3:36:46 PM)

I remember quite vividly the violent turn Black Power took after Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Due to the many riots in the black community from the beginning of the struggle for civil rights, we saw whole neighborhoods (including one that I lived in!) burned to the ground.  List of ethnic riots – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has only some of these riots.  The Coney Island and Flatbush Ave riots during the blackout in the mid 1970’s isn’t mentioned, for example.  I remember the black power activists claiming it was time for a full armed revolt.


This was very foolish and was easily crushed by the government, of course.  The members of AIM, the American Indian Movement also decided to use armed uprising tactics with the battle over Wounded Knee and that was crushed, too.  Paradoxically, Indians who were not violent then turned things around via declaring they had the right to build gambling casinos and this way, they undermined the power of the Mafia bosses and others operating in Las Vegas.


Here is the latest terrorist arrest:  FBI arrests Minnesota ‘militia type’ for plotting ‘localized terror attack’   FBI — Suspect Buford Rogers Arrested in Montevideo

Federal Bureau of InvestigationOn Friday, May 3, 2013, special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in conjunction with the Montevideo Police Department; the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; the Minnesota State Highway Patrol; the Bloomington Police Department; the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office (South Dakota); the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; and members of CEE-VI (Cooperative Enforcement Effort), executed a search warrant at 1204 Benson Avenue, Lot #8, in Montevideo, Minnesota. Several guns and explosive devices were discovered during the search of the residence.

In addition to the execution of the search warrant, law enforcement personnel arrested Buford Rogers, born December 6, 1988, in Montevideo. Mr. Rogers was taken into custody without incident. A complaint against Mr. Rogers has been filed in Federal District Court, District of Minnesota. The investigation remains ongoing.


The FBI believes that a terror attack was disrupted by law enforcement personnel and that the lives of several local residents were potentially saved. The terror plot was discovered and subsequently thwarted through the timely analysis of intelligence and through the cooperation and coordination between the aforementioned agencies. Special Agent in Charge of the Minneapolis Division of the FBI J. Christopher Warrener stated that “cooperation between the FBI and its federal, state, and local partners enabled law enforcement to prevent a potential tragedy in Montevideo.”

The majority of white males voted for Romney.  He lost and now there is a lot of bad blood.  The various branches of the GOP power system is seething.  Palin spoke to one branch of the GOP, a group called the NRA.  Here is a video where she sneers about the dead children of Sandy Hook and claims that Obama is ‘exploiting’ the families by listening to their wishes for gun controls:  Sarah Palin Pays Tribute to Sandy Hook at NRA Speech – YouTube.


This woman is one nasty piece of garbage.  Like many right wing fake Christians, she wants to be free to kill, free to fornicate, free to yap but we all are supposed to cower with fear and let her unleash all sorts of threats and sneers at dead children.  And she ain’t alone!  Recently much of the world was shocked when a little pre-school age boy murdered his toddler sister with a rifle his parents gave to him when he was too young to write his own name:  Kentucky Town Rejects Girl’s Gun Death as a Symbol – NYTimes.com.


It seems the community in Kentucky thinks that irresponsible gun owners should pay no penalties for poor parenting choices.  Leaving loaded guns lying around as ‘toys’ is depravity.  We have child seat belt laws, we have child endangerment laws, we have all sorts of laws to protect children especially from dangerous parents.  But reporters going to this small town in Kentucky have been physically assaulted by enraged gun fanatics who want no one to discuss how poorly they handle and control their killing tools.


I have killing tools from knives to axes to yes, guns.  All of which I have used on animals at various times.  I don’t have these laying all around where children are playing!  No, you don’t leave large, sharp knives on the floor next to a playpen!  You don’t leave an axe in a nursery.  Keeping things were they belong is very important and the lack of interest in protecting their own children baffles me.


For nearly all of these enraged gun GOP/Tea Party people yell at us daily, these guns are for PROTECTION.  Only, they ain’t!  They are worried about government thugs smashing into homes and killing their pit bulls but are depravedly indifferent about their families shooting each other dead accidentally or deliberately.  The collective shrug is amazing to see.  Fetuses: weep for them, poor dears!  Living children butchered by family members misusing guns?  Tough titties, kiddo!  Too effing bad you are dead.  Har.  Time to target shoot!


Back to the militia that has delusions of grandeur, here is a sample from their membership page which probably won’t be online for much longer:  Viper Black Snake Militia – Minnesota Minutemen Militia

Black Snake Militia in Minnesota web page


Members – Minnesota Minutemen Militia

Minnesota black snake terrorists

The age range is teens to retirees.  They like the Hell’s Angel type of ‘we are mean gangs!’ imagery and naturally, lots of military stuff.  And note the movie bad guy icons, the mass killers Hollywood adores so much.  I am certain many of these guys will be trying to erase their involvement with this gang now that the FBI is on to them.  We have Muslim gangs and Jewish gangs, Christian gangs, various ethnic gangs, we have lots and lots of people who think, if only they can simply use a cool weapon to aim at others and force them into either slavery, or removal from their homes and jobs, we will then be masters!  Rulers!


The US thinks this, too, our government is all about strutting about the planet, assassinating and invading, kicking people out of their homes here and abroad, busting down doors, locking up and torturing people, all in all, we jump up and salute all of this showing us as Masters of the Universe even as this bankrupts our nation, destroys society and doesn’t stop terrorism, illegal drugs, gangsters of various sorts, foreign invaders coming here legally or illegally, or whatever.  The fighting rages on and the ability to change things via politics diminishes.

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43 responses to “Minnesota Home-grown Terrorist, Member Of Black Snake Militia, Arrested By FBI

  1. Just Ice

    I thought your notes about the fool who wants an armed peace march in D.C. were more interesting.

    Some perspective here:
    This guy was a felon in possession of a firearm. (That’s the biggest bad thing here in and of itself.)
    And, he had some pipe bombs. (Pretty bad too.)
    And, he belonged to a militia group that did a lot of fantasizing about armed conflict. (Probably lots of fodder in those texts and emails to spice up a police affidavit.)
    Law enforcement knows where it gets its bread buttered by now so they will call anything “terrorist” related as long as it (remotely) fits and it doesn’t play into the hands of real terrorists to call it so.
    The details so far seem pretty thin if there ever was any meat on the bones of the “terror” allegations.

  2. Just Ice

    Of course, law enforcement only has to mutter the word “terror” once. The press then hypes it.

  3. Just Ice

    You want the Kentucky couple charged with child endangerment?

    Assuming these parents are not complete sociopaths, I don’t believe the state could punish them any more than they are now.

    It is also a sad fact that even very careful parents in rural farming communities frequently have children who suffer horrific accidents with farm equipment (tractors, machinery, axes, etc.) As a practical matter, a prosecutor in such a County has to consider this accident in light of all the others he or she might not choose to charge as crime. Those charging decisions have to be fair and consistent, not politically motivated.

    ELAINE: Ah, yes, the child labor issue! I have seen farm families do very dangerous and stupid things with their small children and…THEY DIE!! I grew up in that sort of environment and remember vividly the deaths of fellow playmates.

  4. DeVaul

    The children dying in my state do not fall within the criteria of “child endangerment”, but rather into the category of “wanton disregard for human life”, which is exactly what placing loaded firearms next to or within easy reach of children is.

    If these parents had left their baby in a hot car with the windows up and the baby died from suffocation and exposure, they would be facing the death penalty or life in prison at the very least. But if guns are involved, then the NRA, the republicans, the religious fanatics, the militias, and the senators all scream in unison about their right to bear arms anywhere and anyway they want to and the children are quietly buried and forgotten.

    No memorials. Nothing.

  5. Just Ice

    DeVaul, plenty of parents in rural places hand their kids ATVs, snow machines, loaded guns at the range, etc. They are supposed to be adequately supervised, but those things are hardly wanton disregard without something more. Perhaps drug use or abandonment or something. No place I am aware of calls for a life sentence for any negligent killing, unless there is some type of enhancement, such as felony murder.

    Liberals shouldn’t worry, however. Your ideology has the ear of child protective services in most places and I’m sure this couple and their other child will be supervised forever.


    ELAINE: As a former member of Search and Rescue, I can’t tell you how many times poorly supervised children are hurt or killed. And this is due to parental neglect.

  6. Jim R

    Buford Rogers … I can’t read it without smirking. Sounds like a made up name from a bad movie.

    Good thing it wasn’t in Texas, he might have been named “Racehorse” or “Barefoot” or something.

  7. So Palin is somehow related to this story? Good grief.

    Obama and Democrats feed off human tragedy to put energy into initiatives that they have sought to promote for decades.


    ELAINE: It was to illustrate the cruel disregard for human life by the Tea Party gang. They weep for fetuses and then show very callus disregard if small children are BUTCHERED brutally by guns.

  8. John


    Palin’s being a neocon harpy does not change the fact that Obama & Pals are absolutely exploiting the deaths of children to advance an agenda – and it’s a bad one. Regardless of what anyone thinks, Obama isn’t interested in people’s lives getting one whit better. He just wants to be able to pull a Boston lockdown anywhere, any time, without any of his thimbleskuled TSA jackboots having to worry about American citizens who don’t view themselves as property of the State.

    Collectivism in all forms feeds on human suffering to gain total power over the masses. That is why those who are not part of the elite ruling class are fools to support it. Doing so is merely putting your own chains on, willingly, in anticipation of Master giving you “three hots and a cot.”


    ELAINE: So…the factory that collapsed in Bangladesh should have ZERO reforms??? And if children are butchered, we are supposed to stand idle and do nothing about what made this so easy to do?

  9. lucky13

    I agree with John and MN Mike. Obama is making political hay.
    Obama [according to his voting record and the book ‘ObamaNation’]
    is guilty of killing children [in his refusal to vote 4? x for an ‘abortion survivors bill, and its well documented in that book].
    He spoke out over SandyHook and is silent on the Gossnell[?] trail.
    Those kids didnt matter.

    ‘claims that Obama is ‘exploiting’ the families by listening to their wishes for gun controls’ She is right, as much as you may dislike her and calling her ‘garbage’ is a cheap but revealing shot.

    On other imp. news Obamas Amnesty is estimated to cost us 9 trillion.
    Theres an alarming report I have somewhere that California [population
    just hit 38Million] added all of 200,000 taxpayers as its population
    increased by 10 million. Scary!


    ELAINE: NO ONE wanted to talk about sensible gun laws before Sandy Hook and few want to do it even now. Where is the benefit? It brings out lobbyists like 17 year locusts.

  10. Pretty rambling, disjointed rant there, Elaine. Where to begin?

    Ah, yes. The riots, back in the glory days. “Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

    “The Black Snake Militia…”

    Seriously? “Buford”? Seriously? That bunch doesn’t seem capable of assaulting a carryout. The Brothers Tsarnaev were criminal masterminds compared to that crew.

    “The majority of white males voted for Romney.”

    I voted for Obama, thinking he was the least likely to get us into more pointless foreign wars. It’s a shame he went Democrat on me with the gun control push, but what’s Rahm Emmanuel’s famous line – “Never waste a crisis?” I could have supported the background check legislation, except that that wasn’t the only thing on the table – Ms. Feinstein just had to show up with another To Be Banned list. Harry Reid needed to show some leadership there and tell her to sit down and shut up. But nooooo…

    “But reporters going to this small town in Kentucky have been physically assaulted by enraged gun fanatics who want no one to discuss how poorly they handle and control their killing tools.”

    Probably for excellent reasons. It’s in rather poor taste to fly into Lexington or Loiusville from JFK in order to interview some rednecks. I lived in KY once; people there tend to think grief is private and none of y’all’s damn business. (Am I right, Devaul?)

    And from Devaul: ““wanton disregard for human life”, which is exactly what placing loaded firearms next to or within easy reach of children is.”

    I was taught to shoot a rifle when I was seven; at age 8 I found myself on vermin control duty around my Dad’s corn cribs. My instructions were to shoot the rats and leave the snakes alone as long as they were around the storage areas (snakes prey on rats.) I had a quota, too: 12 rats per week. minimum. All in all, a nice way to spend a summer afternoon.The .22 was fun, but when I was ten I got to use Dad’s .45. That was somewhat harder, but more interesting.


    ELAINE: Smith, I probably killed more things than you besides your tally for boring people to death.

  11. John

    My problem with the background checks – or really, any of the Democrat/statist agenda – is that it amounts to “the camel’s nose under the tent.” Background checks mean being in a database. This means that when the government decides to go full-on rogue and totaly suspend the BIll of Rights, they’ve got this handy list of who has what.

    Regstration > Confiscation > Subjugation > Extermination. History is crystal clear on this fact.

    And JSmith, you’re getting libertarian in your old age. 🙂

  12. emsnews

    So, you don’t drive a car?

    Why is registering cars and getting permission to drive exists? Take a wild guess and it has a lot to do with safety issues.

  13. John

    Nobody ever confiscated everybody’s cars before imposing martial law, now did they? C’mon, Elaine – you can do a lot better that THAT.

  14. lucky13

    OK, Is this true?

    from Corvetteforum.com:

    The FBI has taken into custody a Minnesota man who was believed to be plotting a terrorist attack.

    The search warrant was executed in conjunction with the ATF, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and several regional law enforcement agencies.

    The FBI said in the release that the lives of numerous Montevideo residents were potentially saved.

    A complaint against Rogers was filed in Minnesota Federal District Court and an investigation is ongoing.

    Rogers is charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm, the Associated Press reports, and is expected to appear in court this week. He has a past conviction for felony burglary and a 2009 misdemeanor for dangerous handling of a weapon in Hennepin County, according to court records cited by AP.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/05/06…#ixzz2SYOdkA3g

    at that forum theres pics of what Gmen claim are ‘bombs’ [they are not]

  15. lucky13

    ‘ It brings out lobbyists like 17 year locusts.’

    Indeed, this is their summer.
    Million per acre. Or is 2 million per acre?


  16. “Smith, I probably killed more things than you besides your tally for boring people to death.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll never know for sure, will we?

    “Why is registering cars and getting permission to drive exists? Take a wild guess and it has a lot to do with safety issues.”

    That was indeed a very wild guess. Actually, auto registration is done so that taxes can be collected.

    “So…the factory that collapsed in Bangladesh should have ZERO reforms???”

    There is more wrong in Bangladesh than one can possibly imagine. No safety standards (oh, there are some, but enforcement is nonexistent), no building codes (oh, there are some, but enforcement is nonexistent), and on and on.

    “And if children are butchered, we are supposed to stand idle and do nothing about what made this so easy to do?”

    And what form of direct action do you suggest? Not buying any more cheap crap from B’desh (which I don’t, anyway)? You wouldn’t want us to strut in there, bust down some doors, and tell the B’deshis that the Masters of the Universe want them to adopt some first-world safety standards, would you? (Of course you wouldn’t.)


    ELAINE: Smith, I know you are not as stupid as you appear in public. But really! Cars are REGULATED and of course, taxed. Like anything is taxed. But due to the DANGERS of vehicles, they are severely REGULATED including forcing even someone like you to have INSURANCE. Gun owners want to have a free ride while killing everything in sight. No regulations, no insurance, no rules. Only prison if caught in a murder.

  17. DeVaul

    And from Devaul: ““wanton disregard for human life”, which is exactly what placing loaded firearms next to or within easy reach of children is.”

    Perhaps I should rephrase that. I was referring to leaving loaded guns next to children who had been taught nothing at all about firearms. I have taught my sons how to load and operate a 10/22 Ruger, but I would never dream of leaving a loaded gun around my sons without first having drilled them in a safety course about firearms, and even then I would keep them unloaded until we needed them.

    The unfortunate deaths of children here in Kentucky follow a similar pattern. The children playing with the guns only have training from a video game — if even that. One parent tossed a loaded pistol into a truck or cab and it discharged, killing a child. Another hid an Uzi submachine gun above his entertainment center (hint: that is where most idiots hide their weapons) and the kids naturally found it and fired away, killing another child.

    While I will not comment on whether the cartridge round was a good or bad idea, I will say that in most of these cases the parents are true idiots, and the children rarely have any training in firearm safety. They simply have access to a loaded firearm and think of it as a toy, not a tool.

    I have guns hanging on the wall, but they are unloaded muzzleloaders. I keep cartridge round firearms locked up.

    What Kentuckians will not admit is that they have lost all sense of parental responsibility, and their children are paying the price for it.

  18. Paul S

    “Liberals shouldn’t worry, however. Your ideology has the ear of child protective services in most places and I’m sure this couple and their other child will be supervised forever….” Why is it always the fault of these anonymous liberals? Reading comments like this, one would think that Republicans are never in a position of authority and therefore able to at least TRY to put things “right”, according to conservatives. Instead of the constant whining about those evil liberals, why not pester your
    Republican politicians to actually DO SOMETHING about this when in power? (Tip off to the answer: Repubs have no interest in helping anyone but their wealthy donors).

  19. emsnews


    A two year old child shot dead in Texas. 35 year old father left the gun out and the child shot himself dead with it (unless the father did this and tried to hide it!).

    The Texas law dudes say, This is an accident. And as per usual, parents won’t be charged with depraved indifference to a child’s welfare.

  20. emsnews

    And that was last night! Today, a 14 year old Texan child was shot by a 24 year old relative who was playing with his ‘boy toy’ gun by pretending to shoot and then…shot!

    Mommy Dearest then kept the shot child home for SEVEN HOURS while she tried to fix the wound herself. She is being charged with depraved indifference but is the other jerk going to jail, too?

    He better. This is ASSAULT with a DEADLY WEAPON. But then, this is Texas that loves them thar fetues and hates children.

  21. DeVaul

    I would also like to point out that when JSmith was on “varmint duty”, he was most likely armed with a single shot squirrel gun like my father’s. When you have only one round, you tend to make it count. If you miss, the rat is gone and you must reload and wait.

    On the other hand, if you have a ten round magazine and miss the first time, you can just fire away as fast as you can pull the trigger, thus sending shots flying wildly into your neighbor’s yard or farmyard or whatever. There is really not much to prevent a young boy from using up all ten rounds if he misses the first time.

    My own son fired so fast at the range a few years ago that a shell landed inside my shirt and branded me on the chest. I looked up at him as he kept firing and then glanced over at the range officer, who just grinned and shook his head. I bet he has seen a lot worse than that.

  22. Just Ice

    We need to keep the state out of family life unless absolutely necessary. The Soviets learned the hard way that if you treat people like children, they behave like children. I would reserve state criminal intervention in these types of cases to the (unfortunately frequent) instances where there was more evidence of neglect, motive, and intent, such as evidence the parents were high, drunk, being cruel, gambling, etc. Those cases are clearer and the penalty there might actually exceed the guilty conscience, given the character indicators.

    Liberals want to charge parents with crimes for mistakes. They want expansive agencies supervising families, interrogating children, along secret “family” courts. Conservatives want the state to impose religious rules of sexuality, marriage, and abortion. They both should go away.

    It’s like, the Democrats want big government, and the GOP wants big business. So every four years we get bigger government and bigger business. Where does one turn for for smaller government or smaller business?

    Being a moron, getting pregnant, and lacking firearms training shouldn’t be a crime. This is liberal, spoiled-sport, back-door, firearms regulation.

  23. DeVaul

    Well, another way to look at all this regulation is to put yourself in the position of a person who must lie awake at night listening to their neighbor beat their children. He may or may not be drunk. He may or may not be on drugs. He may or may not be crazy. The question is: What do you do?

    This was the case in my great, great grandfather’s time. You had to lie there and try to ignore it or risk everything, and he was a town marshal. He could not arrest them for anything. Children were property.

    When you have no regulations, no laws, etc., you just go back to the beginning of it all. Who can just stand around and do nothing? What can a person do? Should a person do anything at all? What are the risks?

    It may seem extreme now, but ultimately it all started with the above situation. So… what should we do about parents who neglect or abuse their children to the point where they die? Do we have ANY responsibility to another person’s children?

    These are tough questions, and I have no doubt we will be asking them again in the future, or perhaps our children will be. They are asking them right now in Russia and other places that are remnants of the Soviet system.

  24. emsnews

    I remember this from my own painful childhood! You could even rape children and nothing happened!!!!

    This is why I fought hard and long for women’s and children’s rights.

  25. Just Ice

    Your fight resulted in a legal framework that fixed half the problem, but itself is broken:

    Foster parents whose primary motivation is to make money off of multiple placements, not to be great parents.

    Infertile foster parents trained to keep (and embellish) special logs of what the interim placements say about their parents, while they wait for a newborn placement.

    Case workers who are more aggressive about terminating parental rights of infants because of the demand by (more wealthy) infertile foster parents willing to service several older, more difficult placements while they pay their dues (and keep their logs).

    Parents on the disability/welfare free ride who get even more money from having “special needs” children. They raise them crappy, hoping they’ll become problems at school and get labeled as ADD, etc (schools help because they get more money too). If they overdo the crappy upbringing and the kid is totally out of control, they surrender the kid to foster care and have more of their own later.

    Lackluster and unenthusiastic parents who are unlucky enough to get sucked into the system, get sick of the whole family services rigamarole and trips to court, at the same time discover an easy way out: dropping off their kid to the state by voluntarily terminating parental rights.

    Secret courts with flimsy proof requirements and standards: “preponderance of the evidence” as opposed to “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Judge decides instead of a jury. Question is not whether something did or didn’t happen but whether the “facts” “more likely than not” create a “risk of future harm” to the child. To highlight the absurd, a judge could “find” that a broken plate in the kitchen (reported by a caseworker, neighbor or foster parent) created a risk of future harm to the child, namely getting cut, and that it was likely to occur again in the future. Such findings would be given a deferential standard of review: “abuse of discretion” on any subsequent appeal. The proceedings would be closed and secret.

    Collusive court appointed lawyers.

    Wealthy parents who actually hire fighting lawyers generally get much, much better outcomes, because all the court-appointed lawyers they oppose have too many cases to prepare for a real fight.

    I could continue. . .

    It’s safe to say that most criminals go to jail with a higher opinion of justice being served than any “customers” in family court. If you don’t believe me go to court one day and watch the faces of the defendants submitting guilty pleas and being sentenced in criminal court, and then go over to family court and watch the faces of the folks waiting and going in and out of the courtroom (it’s a secret court so you probably can’t go in).

    It is truly a testament to the fair minded judges and lawyers who have to operate in this broken juvenile and family “justice” system that it limps along without creating so much hate and discontent that the poor burn it down.

    Nice work that.

  26. lucky13

    Police state or just police in the state.
    To arrest 1 [apparently non violent] felon:

    “Montevideo Police Department;
    the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office;
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives;
    the Minnesota State Highway Patrol;
    the Bloomington Police Department;
    the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office (South Dakota);
    the Minnesota Department of
    Natural Resources;
    and members of CEE-VI (Cooperative Enforcement
    Effort)” to enforce the law against one felon with a firearm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. lucky13

    This is from ’21st century wire’..has a picture of the TANK the govt sent there.
    The big terror bust

    After showing off their newest tank, bomb squad and paramilitary tac-team on the scene of their latest domestic terror raid, the FBI issued their press release Monday telling the American people that they believed “that a terror attack was disrupted by law enforcement personnel”, and that, “the lives of several local residents were potentially saved” thanks to the investigation”.

    It all sounds very impressive and grandiose, until you take a look at their 24 year old terrorist Bucky – a legend on Facebook, not exactly al Qaeda material.

    Buford ‘Bucky’ Rogers has all the same markings as a puppet being groomed for one of the FBI’s national terrorist dramas.

    [The gov missed the 2 Muslim immigrants in mass, actually the gov
    [read taxpayers] funded them].

  28. Mark Taggert

    In Kentucky we have the Kentucky Viper Militia. From my own up-close observation, I’d estimate a third of them are black or of undetermined mixed race. Some of them call themselves “melungeons.” I drove a truck hauling witch coffins for them for a few years. They are NOT anti government and not racist. They are absolutely violent criminals who control or profit from illegal activity throughout Kentucky. All of them are related to each other, a good number of them have been locked up in mental institutions, they believe Lee Harvey Oswald was the second coming of Jesus but was murdered by Dallas authorities to prevent a hillbilly enlightenment and to protect what they refer to as “false baptist christianity.” They have murdered hundreds of rival criminals from the Farley Flats motorcycle gang and the Kentucky Cobra Militia in what’s known as the south Kentucky outlaw wars and they routinely dig up graves that they believe to be “witch graves. The KVM believes they have legal rights to all so-called witches interred in Kentucky. They believe they have to acquire hyenas for them to live in compliance with their odd religion which is a blend of African voodoo, Goetic sorcery, Shia Islam and random christian elements. They believe Father Gregory Rasputin is their patron saint who helps them murder their enemies. They’ve travelled to Africa trying to purchase hyenas and they have formed a criminal interstate alliance with the Amish Underground Brotherhood, who supplies them with guns and supposedly digs up witches from cemeteries in PA and NY and ships the coffins south to Kentucky. Strange fellas? Without doubt!

  29. Somerset Belenoff

    White trash cracker racist scum, all of them. The Black Panthers should go down there and kick their cracker asses. The Panthers are the only real militia in the country that has any right to bear arms. Yeah white people complain about Panthers standing guard at the voting polls to intimidate whites who try to vote. Boo effing hoo..it hurts when the shoes drop on the other foot doesnt it white people. The nation hates you.

  30. Somerset Belenoff

    I know it’s been a long time and one of my posts from 2013 seems to have been deleted, probably by the white overlords that run this site. But responding to Just Ice on the issue of family court… the root of the problem is the false concept that parents somehow “own” their children and the so called “parental rights” trip white conservatives are on. Let’s face it. The concept of the nuclear family is a failed experiment. It’s time public policy has evolved to deal with the reality that children can be better prepared for their future by professional child raisers who themselves are educated in a standard approved curriculum to foster a positive environment where white people accept and apologize for their unearned privileges and where trans and queer issues are discussed and the idea of diversity is instilled in our children as the most important issue facing our nation. Such children would be raised in centralized pods that specialize in determining the correct carreer for the child and provide vocational support to ensure children stay on track. This is VERY difficult when children live with the breders who made them and who therefore belive they have absolute rights to the offspring. Bottom line is: Get rid of the outdated custom of raising your children at home and put kids in centralized schools with dormitories, and your family court issues go away. Get rid of the idea that children should ALL grow up and educate society to understand that the state should decide which children show the most promise to bring glory to their “extended village” and which ones would be better off if they were assisted in a peaceful and dignified exit from this life. This might be five years away or it may be here already.

  31. I censor no one except when people post other people’s stuff over and over again which is called ‘spam’.

    About ‘nuclear families’: welfare killed that in Black communities. They surrendered to the State thinking ‘free food and money!’ not knowing it is this terrible trap.

    Now, nearly 90% of black children are born into single mother families and this is causing a social meltdown that is destroying the black community and Iived inside the black community in the past and watched this disintegration starting in 1966 onwards.

    It is now nearly totally finished in destroying the Black Family Unit. The men stay with Mom for life with occasional forays into other female homes. They mentor nearly no one.

    This is fatal for the black community and it is rising in Hispanic and white communities, too. The communists tried and tried to kill families in countries they ran in the past and failed.

    But here, honey has lured many lower class people into this trap they cannot escape. It is devouring them. Tragic.

  32. Lou

    I read 74%. And I say ‘nature’ as well as ‘nurture.’

  33. Johnny Zhivago

    There’s no way the real Somerset Belenoff would have posted that. The real Somerset Belenoff is an icon of the Establishment. I would be very careful posting such drivel in her name. Would not want to incur her ire.

  34. Sweet Jesus Save Me Now

    Johnny Zhivago: How right you are. Of all the people one could appropriate for a screen name Somerset Belenoff is the most inappropriate I can think of. It’s like I’m gonna spew Maoist ideas and call myself Donald Rumsfeld. I did a search and saw an exchange on youtube where a false Somerset Belenoff was severely chastized for impersonating the Witch of Glamis. From what I saw i think something bad might have happened to her.

  35. Sweet Jesus Save Me Now

    These days its not hard to find information on somerset belenoff or the world governing council. Its because the whole new world order illuminati cover is totally blown due to internet coverage and the 24 hour news cycle. Best sight ive seen going into great detail on the belenoff thing is http://www.whoissomersetbelenoff.com. The site is put up by the actual shadow watchers and they got police report documents hacked emails from belenoff underlings etc. there’s pretty solid proof shes behind some major events like revolution in Libya, mafia kills, some international bankers that got executed out in California, a witch in scottland that got butchereed like a hog and somebody ate her womb. That someone in my mind was somerset belenoff. The site http://www.whoissomersetbelenoff.com has an interview with the police chief and you read it and think 99% sure she did it. Probably how she stays so young looking.

  36. I grew up living next door (a ranch) to a Mafia boss in Tucson.

  37. Lou

    The Jews were mafia. As they took control of film, TV, Newspapers the jews made it seem like the only organized crime was from Italians.

  38. All ethnic groups can do ‘organized crime.’ It is universal. Preventing this from running out of control is a problem due to graft.

  39. Lou

    39–Jews were over represented, vastly.

  40. MickeyP

    Weird some people wanna give jews credit for italian oeganized crime. also lived down the street from Joe Bonnano in Tuscon. He was the real deal old school mafia don that helped Charles Luciano set up the five family commission structure that still operates today. Lansky helped finance alot of those early day ciminal enterprizes but to be in the actual mafia you gotta be italian on both sides of your family. Try this. Go to new york city and head down to little italy around canal street or go over to ozone park and start asking random dudes about the mafia. Pretty soon somebodys gonna slap you. Thats when you know youve actually come across somebody that might not actually be in the mob but he knows people that are. Now tell him hes a jew. Tell him john gotti and sammy bull were not italian they were jews. Enjoy your ass kicking.

  41. My mother-in-law was a Giuliani, for example.

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