Nuclear War And Nuclear Power Menace Humanity Plus More 9/11 Lies From Cheney


 Air Force sidelines 17 ICBM launch officers; commander cites ‘rot’ within system: this reminds us all who is the most dangerous and possibly out of control nuclear armed nation on this planet: the United (sic) States.  Both Israel, another nuclear armed nation that is virtually out of control, bombing neighbors at will, and the US have shown little responsibility when it comes to WMD.  Both use these on civilian populations with impunity.  The ‘rot’ within our nuclear missile regime is similar to the rot in our entire military.  Running our nation as if it were the Soviet Union has corroded our society and our police state is one of the most inept on earth, unable and unwilling to stop a flood of millions of illegal aliens and unable to protect us on 9/11.


And this brings us to one of the criminals involved in letting 9/11 happen:  Cheney slams Obama over Benghazi: ‘We were always ready on 9/11′ which is the biggest lie on earth.  If he means, ‘I ordered Rumsfeld to have the air force stand down,’ then yes, he was ready.  Ready to inflict terrorism on our nation.  No, there were no bombs in the damn buildings simply because that wasn’t necessary.  The jets, alone, were scary enough.  The collapse of the buildings was due to them being crummy, cheap architecture with Mafioso cement pours that used weaker cement.


Video: Top Secret America – 9/11 to the Boston Bombings | Watch FRONTLINE Online | PBS Video has various interviews with the gang that ran the White House for Netanyahu back then.  Nearly all of the smug war criminals interviewed openly lie about what happened.  The first, huge lies concerned President Bush.  No mention is made of him screwing around at the elementary school which was near where the hijackers trained in Florida.  Further, no mention was made of him suddenly fleeing to a nuclear armed base in the Midwest.


No, the PBS crew was assured that Bush was a fine leader and was at the White House basement that very same evening.  I remember what happened: both he and Cheney told the media they were in a secret, secure base, not the White House, and furthermore neither man made so much as a speech, answered any questions or appeared in public for three long days.


They frantically had to make up stories and get them coordinated before daring to show their faces.  We also know when the 9/11 Commission was finally convened reluctantly, Cheney and Bush were permitted to appear together and keep their lies straight.  This non-investigation of 9/11 helped spawn many conspiracy stories which miss the true conspiracy by a million miles, most of these alternative stories involving falling buildings.  So the lies continue and due to no one wanting to be flooded with bombs in the building claims online, people ceased talking about 9/11 which suits the conspirators who used the classic ‘open door to let in assassins’ policies which serves Mossad and the CIA so well.


 Meanwhile, in Asia, the US shifts much of our navy to Okinawa even though the natives there want the base to close.  Abe of Japan wants to make Okinawa a nuclear missile target on behalf of Tokyo.  The Chinese are very angry the US has backed the illegal seizure islands in dispute so China announces we should reconsider who owns Okinawa: People’s Daily ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


The authors of the article, two scholars at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, considered China’s top state-run think-tank, said the Ryukyus were a “vassal state” of China before Japan annexed the islands in the late 1800s.


“Unresolved problems relating to the Ryukyu Islands have reached the time for reconsideration,” wrote Zhang Haipeng and Li Guoqiang, citing post-World War II declarations that required Japan to return Chinese territory…


Okinawa is the biggest of the Ryukyu islands, which stretch for about 1,000 kilometers from Japan’s mainland, and were the center of the Ryukyuan kingdom that paid tribute to Chinese emperors until it was absorbed by Japan in 1879.


Japan wants back all of its imperial fruits they gained via warfare.  China is pushing back with the US siding with the ungrateful Japanese.  Toyota Profit Increases Sharply thanks to the weakening yen.  The US is the main target of this commerce and note that whatever we sell Japan has now become very expensive which means more one way trade for our military partner who, like Israel, acts more like a parasite.


Talking about parasites:  John Boehner On Debt Ceiling: Let’s Pay China First, Then U.S. Troops


“Listen. Those who have loaned us money, like in any other proceeding, if you will, court proceeding, the bondholders usually get paid first. Same thing here,” Boehner said. Notably, the description of a court proceeding where bondholders get paid first is not just any court proceeding. It’s a bankruptcy court proceeding.


Boehner also brushed off the idea that he may be worried about the politics of the issue.


“No. Not at all,” Boehner said. “I just think it’s another tool that we can use to help impress upon the administration. If it comes to the point where they don’t have enough money to pay all the bills, here is some order that we think is sound.”


The number of speeches Boehner made about running in the red during the wild spending years of the Bush Jr. administration is somewhere around zero.  And the fix is to tax the very rich which has opposes.  Rather than tax the rich, he wants us to beg for money for our military which protects JAPAN and EUROPE as well as our big parasite, Israel, and we pay for all of this by losing SS and other things we need to survive here at home.


Note this traitor’s glee, talking about paying back the Chinese!  He thinks this is funny, not horrible.  We will have nuclear war with China if we don’t pay our debts, of course.  But then, the dollar will suddenly become worthless if the Chinese flood the world with our debts and dollars, putting these up for sale suddenly.


Speaking of collapses:  Europe’s carbon-trading market has lost 90% of its trade value!  This attempt at making invisible gas a ‘commodity’ has been a roaring failure and a costly one, too.  The spot CO2 price has fallen from $30 to $3 with the majority of the fall in 2008. Since this is basically worthless commodity, it depends entirely on people voluntarily playing the game to work.  I was told by a really serious, kindly young man ten years ago, that the ‘environment’ will be saved via turning CO2 into a derivative commodity game.


I said he was nuts and he never spoke to me again.  No surprise.  But I warned people, this was a classic Ponzi scam.  And it was.  The earth is in danger from nuclear war and nuclear power and the delusional parts of the global warming community was worried about the earth being as warm as it was in the Minoan empire years, 4,000 years ago.  But the flim-flam games the protectors of our planet indulged in was a fraud and it is now painfully obvious.  And I see now efforts to stop the nuclear monstrosities from continuing.  Just the other day, one of the older US nuclear plants had a typical leak that just isn’t being fixed.


Nuclear energy for future citizens | The Curious Wavefunction, Scientific American Blog Network: the insane drumbeat to use nuclear power continues.  ‘No one died in Japan’ is the latest lie.  Good lord!  It takes YEARS for the deaths to rack up.  They know this perfectly well.  When the US tested nuclear bombs in the 1950-1960’s, they would march soldiers through nuclear debris and nothing would happen…until years later, of course.  The Scientific (sic) American article has the writer musing that nuclear power is cheap which is a huge lie.


One disaster and it costs trillions of dollars to fix and we see from Fukushima, the fix isn’t a fix at all.  Nuclear destruction is long, long in happening and affects all of nature.  Nuclear power plants have no insurance for Fukushima-level disasters because these are literally uninsurable.  Worse, this lying bastard went to a school to tell children that animals and people FLOURISH next to Fukushima and Chernobyl!  And so the lies continue from top to bottom.  It is hard to educate people about dangers when an army of lying bastards blithely make up stuff from thin air.  JP Govt To Lift ALL The Hazard Areas In Fukushima township.


The mayor has denounced this and the plan to store the nuclear debris in this town, saying, ‘Our DNA is being massacred…just like guinea pigs.’  Of course, none of the lying bastards who tell fake stories about nuclear catastrophes are rushing to live in Chernobyl or Fukushima.


Fire Burning Next To St Louis Buried Radioactive Waste is today’s nuclear craziness news.  Mystery bacteria at U.S. nuclear site — Official: It will be killed before being studied because this ruins the story that nuclear power which is not a disaster, still causes mutations.  So, they don’t examine the proof.  Tokyo Shinbun: Worker Who Tweeted from #Fukushima I Nuke Plant, and His Two Years of Being Jerked Around by TEPCO and Government | EXSKF: one of this whistle blower’s irritation was the flood of optimistic lies from the government.  Which the US nuclear industry clowns ate up like candy.  Thus, the Scientific American lies.

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16 responses to “Nuclear War And Nuclear Power Menace Humanity Plus More 9/11 Lies From Cheney

  1. John

    It is hard to educate people about dangers when an army of lying bastards blithely make up stuff from thin air.

    And especially when they have a trillion-watt, trillion-dollar megapone called the Mass Media to spread these lies.

  2. Akama

    I have gained much insight from this blog. I am also quite surprised that
    E’s comments on 911, the collapse of (THREE) buildings was caused by
    the planes and faulty cement pour. This is, at best, naive and something
    that E ought to be well advanced from in her study and research. One wonders how is it possible that she holds those conclusions.

    A few serious hours of research into this tragic moment in US history reveal a very different plot outline. I suspect that publically we will never know what really happened and that the reducing valves, distortions, ill will has hid this event too far under the rug for it to ever see the light of day– publically. However, there are mature and studied understandings that one would expect from someone of E’s level of experience and insight.

  3. Peter C.

    I wonder what the 17 officer’s “attitude problem” was.
    Unwilling to launch ICBM’s and end the human race or too willing to launch ICBM’s and end the human race?

  4. DeVaul


    I am really surprised at how easily duped you are. While you continue to comb through cement dust to find out just “exactly” how the buildings collapsed, the men responsible for allowing the attack to proceed as planned chuckle, pat each other on the back, and continue on openly committing more war crimes while you remain stuck back in the cement dust.

    The CIA is not as dumb as I thought. They know how to manipulate people perfectly. Like a magician, they wave their right hand high up so that you don’t see the coin down in their left hand. They are experts at it.

    The number of people who spot the hidden coin are far and few. 99% are mesmerized by the waving hand. It is an age old trick.

    As a child, I used to spot the coin being hidden while the other kids never did. Out of ten kids, I was the only one who saw the trick. The other 90% thought it was “magic”, when in fact it was nothing more than a distraction.

  5. lucky13

    I am wondering if Plastic is the #2 danger to Humans.
    PCBs bring cancer. And Humans make billions of plastic bottles a
    year and where do they go?
    Throw em ‘away’ and they end up in the ocean and earth.

  6. DM


    cheap architecture with Mafioso cement pours that used weaker cement.

    Evident please. Links, concrete core crush test results? Anything?

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that you are just a bit dull, or suffer from cognitive dissonance or whatever the latest psycho-babble is, rather than pursuing some agenda with this never ever ending spiel about “crummy buildings”.

    Will your entire Universe implode if you look at the facts?

    Yes, I am aware that I am wasting my time. You have never ever ever retracted anything, or considered the possibility that that first thing that pops into your head is not a Universal Truth.


    ELAINE: Unfortunately for you, there is zero evidence of ‘bombs’.

  7. Dana & Jason Hegna

    Since the 1890’s, it’s been known that the structural design of steel framework being used to support the outer skin (with few intra-load-carriers) is precarious, so, it hadn’t been used for skyscrapers – ‘til the twins. I’d like to add this to E’s list of combinations of most likely factors.

  8. DeVaul


    You are wasting everyone’s time here.

    Can you give us some findings regarding the structural integrity of other skyscrapers that took direct hits from fully fueled 727’s?

    If you don’t have those test results handy, then please don’t waste our time anymore. Show us that skyscrapers regularly survive direct hits from 727’s or please go somewhere else and play in the cement dust.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. tono

    I dont know if anyone in this forum have seen this video , it seems to me very clear and thought provoking.

    even in Mexico has been broadcasted on public channels.
    it can be downloaded on youtube.
    Unfortunately since that day flying on a plane has became a nightmare around the world , and does not matter either if that event was caused by a couple of planes with a bunch of crazy arabs on them or a big master complot .


    ELAINE: This doesn’t make any of this TRUE. And the lies are useful to the CIA and Mossad who don’t want you to understand how they operate via the ‘open door for assassins’ policies which they USE THIS VERY DAY (Boston bombers, for example!)

  10. John

    Whatever did happen, it isn’t what the government’s telling us. That’s really all we can be sure of, so far as 09/01/01 WTC is concerned.


    ELAINE: The government is lying about everything at this point and this doesn’t make the silly stories about bombs true at all. The real truth involves conspiracies to start wars which is an international war crime and so Bush and Cheney and others want this all confused as much as possible.

  11. DM

    Mr DeVaul

    Judging from the fact that you never fail to post every meandering thought that you ever had, you have plenty of time to waste.

    Perhaps even enough time to use the Google search engine.

    Mrs Supkis continues to make an unsubstantiated claim that there was a criminal conspiracy perpetrated in the construction on the World Trade Center.

    Where is the evidence for this, or what is the basis for this claim?

    (The question is obviously rhetorical)

    Have a nice day.

  12. Jim R

    Thanks, Elaine, for pointing out that article, it was good for a chuckle or two. Cheney was “always ready on 9-11”, ha ha. I’d think he’d be laying low these days and quit talking about it … all the threads of this modern day legend converged at his desk. Yeah, always ready to CAUSE it, maybe. I wonder if he sort of wants to confess, in a way?

    And even if 9-11 happened the way they SAID it did, they weren’t ready, they were blitheringly incompetent and most assuredly NOT ready.

  13. emsnews

    And the fact that this bastard came out on NPR and other venues to lie about things is very dangerous. He and the others know that the ludicrous 9/11 truthers have completely destroyed any conversations about 9/11 and thus, Cheney and others can come out and lie about things safely since people are increasingly confused about things.

    Sad, isn’t it? Too bad Hitler and his gang didn’t figure out how to use fake stories to cover up real crimes like this.

  14. Jim R

    As for the “bombs” question, I don’t suppose there’s any point debating it on this forum, but there are some architects and engineers who have a different opinion. Folks who have really studied the science of it.

    But I do have to agree with you that arguing about the details like this, distracts attention from the real problem, which is the rot of corruption. By now, I’m convinced that the only resolution for it is collapse. I don’t think that any political leader of any stripe can muster the courage and motivate his/her followers to change its direction. One day it’s just going to cave in like an overripe watermelon.

  15. emsnews

    And, believe it or not, there are architects and other experts who say the bombs in the building story is total bunk!!!

  16. DeVaul

    Yep. For example, where are the puffs of smoke or flashes of light that go off when charges are detonated simultaneously on over 100 floors? You know, the things that people (like me) see when something is detonated by remote control. Not one puff of smoke? Not one flash? Not one shattered window from the first floor all the way up to the damaged floor? Nothing?

    Organized crime and the construction industry are now so common that it is just generally accepted by law enforcement agencies, which is why they don’t talk much about (plus the payoffs they receive for looking the other way).

    But hey, DM is right. That is a truly wild conspiracy theory compared to units of demolition experts fanning out the night before to every floor of three towers to plant thermite explosives and wire them together in such a way that no sign of internal explosions can ever be seen or detected on the outside. No night guards? No late night workers who might be suspicious?


    ELAINE: I have witnessed tower demolitions. The explosives are EXTREMELY loud and HIGH PITCHED, the ‘flashes of light’ were the fires pushed out of the broken windows as compression forced out the air as the building collapsed on 9/11.

    If I do have a “meandering thought”, I first try to see if it is at least partialy sane before I write it down for public consumption. DM does not.

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