NFL Football Puts Black Players In Most Dangerous Positions And Then Denies Them Healthcare Later

I was at the doctor’s office yesterday and discovered I have an eye problem in my left eye and will need surgery.  Today, I want to talk about workman’s comp and the NFL.  There was a Do no harm: Who should bear the costs of retired NFL players’ medical bills? story in The Washington Post yesterday which alarmed me due to the rank hostility many of the male posters there expressed towards the men who play football and then accumulate serious medical problems from this violent ‘sport’.


Nearly uniformly, posters there attacked the players for being rich even though the wealth is brief and the injuries often life-threatening.  Football players are some of the top sport elites when it comes to briefly making money.  But the medical coverage they get from the NFL owners is very limited and usually only for less than 5 years after being kicked out of the game for good due to the many injuries.


Once, Williams was the NFL’s high ideal. From 1976 to 1989 he was a spring-legged linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals who set franchise records and played in two Super Bowls. Off the field, he was a civic-minded Dartmouth graduate who won humanitarian awards and served as a city councilman while he was still playing. He was so loyal to the game that he was a pallbearer at legendary team founder Paul Brown’s funeral. He would even be invited to apply for the job of NFL commissioner.


TheBut now, Williams and his battered legs amount to a bill no one wants to pay. Since 2005 Williams, 58, has suffered a cascade of health problems he says stem from his 14-year football career, including multiple knee replacements and a bone infection, which he estimates have cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket.


The average player lasts less than 4 seasons.  Their brain damage rate is four times the average and their death rate is very high, they die, on the average, before 58 years of age.  Many die of suicide or accidents due to aggression, despair or severe pain.  The brains and the knees, in particular, are hardest hit in this ‘game’.  The board assigned by the NFL to adjudicate workman’s comp money for these men has a turn down rate of over 60%.  This, in an industry that has a near-100% injury rate!


This keeps the costs to the owners down since they don’t have to contribute very much money to pay for this workman’s comp.  Indeed, one state that let the players into workman’s comp has decided to cut the players off:  California Court Says Retired NFL Player Can’t File.  Most states have very short statute of limitations for worker’s injuries.  One year, in the case of Arizona for example.  NFL Players Challenge Workers’ Comp Ruling:


“The arbitration award, if not vacated, would mean that every NFL player who sustained injury in California but agreed to a non-California choice of law and/or choice of forum provision in their NFL player contract waived the statutorily non-waivable rights, protections, and privileges of California’s workers’ compensation statute,” the complaints state.


“Parties to a collective bargaining agreement may not require that employees forgo accepting employee benefits mandated by state law.” Federal judges have ruled against former Chicago Bears players and a Tennessee Titans coach who sought to collect workers comp in California.


NFL injury rate highest among leagues, 800% higher, to be blunt.  Neither the player’s union nor the owners keep ANY statistics on the injury rate.  Many posters at the Washington Post story claimed that young football players under the age of 25, when signing up for this deadly game, go in knowing the dangers.  This is impossible since the league, itself, refuses to know the dangers and tells no one what these dangers are.


Like with Congress forbidding the CDC to study gun deaths or keep any meaningful statistics on say, children being shot or shooting guns, the same people who love guns often love football and conspire to write the rules and laws so players take on maximum damage and have minimum information.


New ‘injury data’ affirms NFL still cares more about revenue: the injury rate in the last season was over 4 per game.  Charting NFL Injuries: nearly half of the injuries last year were during practice!  The rate of injury has steadily climbed the last decade.  It has doubled in the last decade.  Most of the damage is to the secondary players.  The offensive linemen and defensive linemen come in next with the wide receivers coming in fourth.  Quarterbacks have the fewest injuries.


The owners are responsible for the doubling of injuries due to making the season significantly longer:  Advanced NFL Stats: Injury Rates and An Extended Season


Since team injury reports are notoriously unreliable, the best information is actual games missed. Thankfuly, Barnwell provides that data in his article, and it’s very interesting stuff. When you factor in the IR, the number of games missed climbs steadily. He concludes, “the data looks totally different, and in a bad way for the NFL…”


The way I see it, however, is that the NFL report is right, no matter what the intent was of its authors. There is no increase in injury rates toward the end of the season. The injury rate is effectively linear. Of course, as the season wears on, the number of players unable to play due to injury will accumulate, creating an upward climbing injury total. Once you go on the IR, you don’t come off. This cuts to the heart of the debate about whether players become increasingly susceptible to injury as the season, along with the number of cuts and collisions, wears on.


The wearing out of people is obvious.  The players are being ruthlessly eliminated as they wear out and secondary players come into the game and note from above that the secondary players take by far, the most injuries.  So the rate of injury doesn’t rise but the total number of players unable to play does rise and this is the more important number.  TV revenues is the only reason the seasons were extended.  This is where the huge profits lie, not at the stadiums nor the concessions, it is the TV ad revenues that rake in the huge profits.


The NFL was worried about injury rates back in 2009 and vowed to change this so naturally, the last three seasons saw the rate of injury rise dramatically.  40,000 concussions are reported for high school players and in the last 30 years of pro playing, 200 players had permanent  cervical cord injury and 66 had permanent cerebral injury.


Now to the real problem here, racism in football.  The Republican-voting states are particularly fond of football.  Yet, I notice the more fond of football and the greater the fan, when one reads the comments by these fans, it is laced with contempt for the players and making fun of them being rich and a desire they suffer when they retire.  Why is that?  Well…it is very much a race issue here:  Considering the NFL in black and white numbers – JSOnline


First off, the quarterbacks who have the least injuries are 83% white.  The running backs and wide receivers who have the highest injury rates of the offense are 86% black, a total reversal of the quarterback data.  Most other offensive positions are 50/50.  Except for kickers who have the lowest injury rate of all players and over 90% of these are white guys.


80-90%+ defense are black men!  There is obviously a ‘plantation mentality’ at work here.  Are there no black quarterbacks?  Of course there should be but coaches all up and down the line from high school to the NFL pros funnel black boys into the most dangerous positions on the field and these players accumulate, by far and away, the most dangerous injuries.  There is no reason why 50% of the quarterbacks be black except for pervasive racism at virtually every level of play.


So, the elite positions which have the fewest injuries are nearly 90% white players and the positions that have the worst damage are 90% black players.  This is rank racism at work, dumping the dirty, dangerous jobs on black youths seeking desperately to escape the ghetto.  The owners of the NFL don’t just suck into their deadly game black players, the also refuse to hire them as coaches:  No African-American NFL head coaches hired in 2013 –


What a disgusting statistic!  Less than 13% of the coaches are black men, nearly 90% are white guys.  50% of the team managers are black men but this is obviously a figurehead position since the actually running of the games is nearly entirely white males.  Vice presidents of the teams saw 17% black participation in 2010 and if dropped to 8% recently.  The team managers are the publicity people and to keep this rank racism undercover, the owners use them as spokespersons knowing full well, when it comes to hiring, they won’t hire blacks.


Head coaches:  there were 8 in 2011 and now only 6.  Blacks holding professional positions of all other sorts inside the NFL teams dropped to just 12% this last year.  Hiring of mainly white females rose from 1% to 30% during this time.  So women are making huge advances but black men and women are seeing fewer, not more, hiring opportunities even though the actual game is over 50% black players.


Then there is this interesting statistic:  How many black owners have there been in the NFL: ZERO.  Nada. Zilch.  Ten of the NFL owners are rich Jewish men.  Only 9 of the players are Jewish.  The NFL’s Billionaire Owners : there are 18 owners billionaires out of the 31 owners.  The injury rate and the workman’s comp denials comes entirely from pressure of billionaires wishing to make greater profits.  Some multimillionaire owners who are the other 16 owners, became billionaires thanks to the TV rights they sold and recently, by expanding the season, they made a lot more money.


The plight of mostly black injured football players are symbolic for general conditions especially for black workers overall.  They are funneled into dangerous positions and then tossed aside when worn out.  And the bosses and elite positions are nearly all white.  The racism issue has to be put in with the healthcare issue here.  Comments at the WP about how lazy, stupid and ‘you knew you would be hurt!’ comments aimed at mainly black players was racism at work.  I think the games should be terminated just like bull baiting, dog fighting and cock fights.

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41 responses to “NFL Football Puts Black Players In Most Dangerous Positions And Then Denies Them Healthcare Later

  1. emsnews

    In addition to all this, ZERO head coaches in the NFL who are black can ever become a college coach while many white NFL coaches are hired and we see from Penn State’s crimes, how poorly these white guys act.

    The Southeastern college conference only had 2 black coaches up from 0 this last year!!!,d.dmg : Number of black coaches in the NCAA are FALLING, not rising even as the black players on the field are increasingly black.

  2. emsnews

    Another good read by Dave Macmillan:

    If you ever have some spare time to browse on the Internet, look up Dr. Richard Lapchick’s annual report card on Race and Gender in College Sports; the numbers are staggering. The statistics for 2007-2008 have not been finalized, but the 2006-2007 numbers address the problem in football.

    In 2006, almost 46 percent of college football players were black, but only 6 percent of all college head coaches were black. That is equivalent to tuning into a professional hockey game and seeing two black head coaches coaching against each other. I don’t think there would be riots in Canada, but I’m sure most sports fans would find it peculiar.

    The most telling stats that I saw on the report card were the numbers describing the “power positions“ in NCAA Division I-A sports. In 2006, 93.3 percent of College presidents were white, 86.7 % of College Athletic Directors were white and 100 % of the conference commissioners were white. These absurd numbers do not even include the number of boosters and donors who have more influence than any college employee.

    My father and I often discuss the fact that while the hiring of a black head coach at a university may look like progress, it is really of little significance in the scope of the sports world. We have always felt that unless you are Bobby Bowden or Joe Paterno , a head coach’s power is only relevant for three hours on Saturdays. And the funny thing about the Saturday game is that nowadays teams have so many coordinators and assistants on both sides of the ball, that the head coach has been relegated to a figurehead.

  3. Peter C.

    Professional sports encourage blind allegiance to the team/city and by extension the empire of war.Societal pressure to get involved in the playoffs.
    Bread and circuses ..the constant supply of high fructose junk food and cheering your team on the 40 inch LED TV.
    Was just reading lately the shameful history of the western powers in Korea,overthrowing legal govt and putting Japanese torturers back in power after 1945,splitting the country up.

  4. CK

    Gladiators’ survival rates are never very good.
    A bit better than the animals in the coliseum a bit worse than the fans in the coliseum seat but not good.
    Great entertainers are an infinitely replaceable commodity, good directors and producers a bit harder to replace. That one can prance about the stage does not mean that one is competent to instruct others in how to prance for profit. There a multiple dancers but only a few Cunninghams and Ballanchines. A thousand Loie Fullers for any Dhagliev. A myriad fungible players for any Paterno or Bowden.
    The same realities existed when Pro football was an all white preserve, the helmets were thinner and the pads non existent.


    ELAINE: The race barrier has risen steadily as the NFL and colleges continue to hire 90% white even though increasingly, the majority of players are black.

  5. lucky13


    ‘Average Salaries

    The average salary of an NFL player works out to considerably less when not considering the top earners, but these players still make hundreds of thousands of dollars each. Bloomberg Businessweek says the average salary of an NFL player in 2011 was $1.9 million. The median salary was $770,000. When factoring in a typical signing bonus, these numbers can go up well into the $2-3 million range. Each team used to have an overall pay cap that they could not exceed, which was set by the collective bargaining agreement. In 2008, it was $116 million. However, in recent years, the cap has been eliminated.’

    Considering that half the players are Black, I do not see racism in teams.
    Why are there so few Black coaches? Maybe they do not coach well.


    ELAINE: In the future, try reading my articles.

  6. lucky13

    ’80-90%+ defense are black men! There is obviously a ‘plantation mentality’ at work here.’

    No Elaine. I played Football. defense players now average [oh] 250? 280? pounds. There is no racism there.
    ‘The median salary was $770,000. ‘.


    ELAINE: So, there are no fat white men? HAHAHA.

  7. jason

    If you really want to you can see racism everywhere.

  8. vengeur

    Anybody notice how Elaine is avoiding talking about Obama’s shameless ,unabashed, bald faced LIES to the American Public about the Benghazi terror attack? LOL! Elaine is just another part of the HUGE govt. media complex, busy busy busy , refusing to report on the mountain of shit dumped by the elefant in the room!

    ELAINE: The Bengazi stuff is GOP whining. Attacks on embassies used as CIA fronts have been going on all my life.

  9. Christian W

    The President lying to the US public? Well I never…

  10. tfoth

    Yes, you can see racism everywhere because racism is everywhere.

    I would have no problem holding any NFL players contract to be unenforceable on grounds of unconscionability.

    The argument for banning NFL player contracts as a matter of public policy is getting stronger all the time as well. The growing body of evidence is painting a picture supporting a clear conclusion that the risks associated with this “work” far outweigh the extremely limited, if any, social utility associated with it. And courts have the power to do this.

  11. Just Ice

    Apparently, even the lower echelon players subject to the higher injury rate are paid enough to take care of retirement.

    For example: ($770,000 median salary) X (4 year career) = 3 million dollar career (over by age 30). If only half that amount was saved, that leaves a 1.5 million dollar annuity. At 6%, that’s $90,000 a year for the rest of their lives. More than enough to live like a member of the middle class and pay for a very nice health insurance plan.

    Regardless, you are absolutely correct: these owners are criminals for not taking care of their own and anticipating that many players will blow it all. They should set up (lifetime) pension plans with health benefits and reduce salaries accordingly.

    Congressmen and federal judges, making and enforcing the governing labor laws, get vested lifetime pensions equal to their full salaries after about six years of service. In theory, a young Congressmen could retire at age 30 and collect far more than $90,000 a year, uninjured.

    ELAINE: Except they are NOT. Read the entire article above. They are DENIED workman’s comp and disability.

  12. jason

    Granted these players should have access to top quality healthcare, no question. They are consistently subjecting their bodies to very violent impact. Nevertheless, nobody is putting a gun to their heads and saying, “You’ve got to play!” If enough black players said, “No, we want a little better than that.” , then maybe you’d see some changes. It’s called collective bargaining. Just don’t see the racism here. Sorry, folks.


    ELAINE: The gun being held to their heads is economic. The military gets young people due to lack of jobs for them and they are forced to do destructive things that cause them to end up either dead, damaged or mentally ill and the same forces drive mainly young black males into the most dangerous and destructive football positions.

  13. Just Ice


    Unfortunately, both human nature and history show that, without legal protections, “collective bargaining” devolves into individuals fearfully signing onto “take-it-or-leave-it” “adhesion contracts.” Over the last few decades, those legal protections have been eviscerated by Congress and federal judges, most likely at the behest of their political handlers.

    Still, athletes and entertainers remain better treated by labor law than other unions.

    Agreed, there’s less racism in sports than most of society, especially once one factors in paychecks from golf and basketball.

    Not sure I understand the point either, unless this article is an oblique attack on football as too violent to go on without change. Maybe there needs to be some changes.


    ELAINE: I read most of the comments at the WP about this and 90%+ comments are from people who love football and absolutely hate the players and wish them all ill and are totally unmoved by the thought these men are being mentally and physically destroyed.

    The games should be eliminated. They are pure evil at this point.

  14. lucky13

    Not sure I understand the point either, unless this article is an oblique attack on football as too violent to go on without change…
    With the steroids and GH the players got just too B-I-G and too strong.
    Muscles cab get stronger, but knees, ankles, kidneys can only take so much impact.

    ELAINE, YOU MIGHT ENJOY ‘100 YARD LIE’. I assume its at Amazon.

  15. emsnews

    We abuse race horses, too, by the way. I didn’t cover the matter about how sports are actually fronts for gambling operations and this drives them into severe abuse of humans and animals.

  16. CK

    I believe that there are at most 1700 players currently in the NFT. There average salary is a bit over 2 mill per annum. Tempest meet teacup.
    The best minority players go into basketball, longer career bigger bucks fewer competitors, way fewer injuries.
    There are currently 3 black head coaches in the NFL or 10%. Some years there have been more. There are 124 div 1A (minor leagues to the NFL big league)college teams and 15 black head coaches ( 13%).
    The “race barrier” in both the pro and upper echelon college ranks has been shrinking. Maybe the shrinkage is not fast enough but shrinking it is.
    EMS asked “so there are no fat white men?” The obesity epidemic is another thing not equally distributed across the diverse population. Proportionately there are way fewer obese white men than there percentage of the population would suggest.


    ELAINE: On the contrary, it is NOT shrinking, it actually got WORSE in the last two years.

  17. CK

    So it is several hours later and apropos of nothing, I was wandering the internets and found this quote: “For instance in the SEC, between 2006 and 2011, “football coaching salaries increased 128.9 percent, from $3,147,149 to $6,928,989.” ” and a link to this.

    Highest paid public servants in the various states of the USA.
    So explain to me why any person should be paid $6.9 million to manage employees who are not allowed to be paid anything?
    A college education prepares one to sit in the stadium, yell we’re number un, and contribute much money to their alma mater to pay the salaries of coaches whose job is to manage minority employees who are not allowed to earn money and who will mostly not graduate before they run out of eligibility, in harmful games whose only purpose is to encourage non-minority non-athletes to identify with the old institution and make deductible donations to same. And It Works. You almost have to admire the quantity of sleaze necessary to make it work.


    ELAINE: And the vast majority of coaches given huge pay raises are whites while the majority of players are increasingly blacks. This system is on the verge of blowing up some fine day. The coaches take care of mainly poor black athletes by enabling them in committing sex crimes, for example. Covering up rape is common.

  18. lucky13

    CK…..are currently 3 black head coaches in the NFL or 10%.
    Blacks are 13% of USA so that shows no RACISM.

    Blacks are 50% of NFL. Shows anti White racism.


    ELAINE: You seem incapable of seeing how bizarre you look in your mirror world. The ratio of coaches versus players is what matters. And why do fewer and fewer whites play the deadliest levels of this ‘sport’? You see plenty of white males in baseball or golf!

  19. Eric Blood Axe

    play rugby league instead. The problem is all the armour the players wear. If all they had was a jockstrap, and a gum shield, injuries would go down.

  20. EC

    “The players are being ruthlessly eliminated as they wear out and secondary players come into the game and note from above that the secondary players take by far, the most injuries.”

    Umm, I guess you don’t know much about football, but good guess, kinda. “Secondary” players are those who play in the defensive backfield; i.e. cornerbacks and safeties.

    Jeesh, such overgeneralization and hysterics from someone who doesn’t know what she is talking about.

    I will admit they should take better care of their players, but racism? Come on, please. NFL as a profession is a choice, and one that millions of kids, black and/or white, would love to have. I never played football partly because of the injury potential, and I don’t think we’ll let our son play either.


    ELAINE: I am not a football fan. I hate football and think it is very exploitive.

    You don’t let your son play, as I pointed out above, DUE TO THE DANGERS. Why do poor black boys play?

    THE MONEY which is deceptive, they are often left crippled, dead or poor after playing that stupid game.

  21. CK

    @Lucky: Or it shows that black parents place a different potential risk vs potential reward on injuries to their children during the elementary and secondary sports years. That 100% of the Olympic short dash medalists are not east African and that 100% of the Olympic marathon and longest distance medalists are not west African is not racism either. It is genetics and evolutionary adaptation to different environments. Human Bio Diversity is one of the perfect proofs available that the Theory of Evolution is correct.
    Injuries by position adjusted for number of players on field at each position:

  22. emsnews

    Runners don’t die as miserably as football players. And yes, genetics have a lot to do with this but no sane rich black family will put their children into pro-football due to the same reason white rich people don’t.

  23. CK

    I have a limited exposure to sane rich black families. I would hesitate to generalize about their behaviours.

  24. John

    So, racism in football is earth-shatering, while the murder of 4 Americans in Libya, and Obama/Clinton’s refusal to defend them and subsequent coverup of that fact, is simply “GOP whining.”

    There is no proof that Ambassador Stevens was a CIA front man, is there? Either prove it or quit saying it, please.

    Sadly, your excellent analytical abilies are beginning to be grossly overshadowed by your refusal to let go of your radical 60s leftist worldview.

    Nobody died as a result of Watergate, but the President had to resign to avoid impeachment. But I guess Republican crimes are the only crimes that should be punished, huh? Not Benghazi, not Gosnell; you just pretend the transgresions of your “team” aren’t really happening…

  25. lucky13

    Elaine, at the college level, do fewer and fewer Whites play FB?
    I have seen racism at the college level in FB, but it was Black on White.

    Local college had a Black coach and 12? assistants, of the 12 assistants
    only one was White. And in a area with few Blacks [a commuter school]
    the team was mostly Black and according to a White player the coach
    vastly preferred his own [Blacks]. gee no surprise.

    Again anyone who wants to read from an inside POV : ‘100 Yard Lie’.

    ‘CK Lucky: Or it shows that black parents’
    Black parents, eh? 72% of Black Babies are born to single mothers!

    Another POV on Racism in FB is at

  26. lucky13

    1 in 3 players is White, at pro level.
    I wonder how many whites at college level?
    I do agree with Elaine that its ‘about $’ but I think its more about Advertising dollars than gambling. The ‘superbowl’ is most watched event, I believe.

    Each NFL team is allowed to have 53 players on its roster (plus a five-player practice squad). As of 2011, the NFL has 32 teams, making a total of 1,696 players. According to an estimate by Plunkett Research, the average NFL player salary in the 2010-2011 season was $1.9 million.

    Read more: Total Players in the NFL |

  27. CK

    @Lucky: You are correct on the parental statistics. I was talking football politics not sexual politics; although I grant that separation of the two is…difficult.
    One’s own side is always God’s side; the opposition is evil incarnate, until they offer better pay or bennies.

  28. Paul S

    Elaine: all you have to know about exploitation in the NFL is to note who owns the teams–and signs the paychecks: billionaire white males. The way team owners treat their players (employees) serves as an example of how ALL rich elites want to treat their lessers, meaning 99% of everyone else. Also: the coaching clique is MUCH more discriminatory than just against blacks. There are ALOT of white males who could coach college or the pro teams–but they aren’t in the Boys Club. And never will be. You can note how the same coaches get recycled over and over, regardless of their crummy won/loss records.

  29. Paul S

    One more thing. I group the rich Jewish owners in the same category as the white billionaire owners. They have the exact same attitudes as white billionaire owners.

  30. lucky13

    ELAINE:’I am not a football fan. I hate football.’

    Yes, yr bias is evident!

  31. lucky13

    John, Gosnell guilty of multiple murders of Infants!
    And the mainstream ignored the case.
    Democrats refused to sign resolution condemning him.

  32. John

    Democrats all but refused to acknowledge his very existance.

  33. lucky13

    Indeed. And putting murdered preemie in a box is ‘like putting meat in a crockpot’.

  34. CK

    Oh if Dr. Gosnell had only been a white 72yr old abortionist with a mostly black clientele. Sometimes the irony diet is too rich and filling.

  35. lucky13

    if Dr. Gosnell had only been a white 72yr old abortionist with a mostly black clientele.
    Are you saying then the Lamestream would have excoriated him?

  36. CK

    The coverage would have been much thicker and much different, excoriation would have been an understatement.
    Think of it in the same terms that the Jewish writer for Salon prayed that the Boston Marathon bombers would be white gun nuts. That they were Chechens ( Muslims from the Caucasus ) almost caused an OwnGoal on the latest amnesty bill; luckily another Jewish columnist was able to find an old Harvard dissertation about a different topic to allow the witch hunt to take a victim and apparently save the Amnesty bill. As I said, the irony diet can sometimes be too rich and too filling.

  37. CK

    BTW and OT
    Watched a PBS dramedy series about Bletchley Park women recently.
    When folks suggest that “conspiracies” cannot maintain because someone will talk. Remind those folks that Ultra was kept secret for over 40 years and many tens of thousands of folks had the information. Same Shit Different Millennium, pick your favourite government conspiracy and apply the Bletchley Test.

  38. lucky13

    ‘Think of it in the same terms that the Jewish writer for Salon prayed that the Boston Marathon bombers would be white gun nuts.’
    Thats what our own EMS hoped or prognosticated.

    But the truth [in part]:

    ‘So now we find out that the entire Tsarnaev family (Dad, Mom, 2 sons & 2 daughters) started receiving government assistance as soon as they set foot in our country. As political refugees they were entitled to settlement assistance from day one. (Section 8 Housing, public healthcare, food stamps etc.) Then their stellar older son impregnates and marries the daughter of a doctor, and this new little Muslim family receives 18 months of government assistance.

    They only came off welfare after the naive young “wife” starts working 70 hours a week while husband Tamerlan stays home and builds bombs and plans to kill and injure the very Americans who have paid for his pathetic existence for the past 12 plus years.

    A Breakdown of your and my investment into the Tsarnaev Family:

    Section 8 housing
    Free public healthcare
    Food stamps and other EFT transfer payments
    Federal Pell Grants for both sons and most likely their daughters as well. (That is $5200.00 per year for each son or daughter who attended a college.)
    City of Cambridge also awarded a $2500 per year scholarship to the younger son.
    Younger son also reportedly was receiving state college scholarship.

    What did we receive for our investment:
    – Older son was arrested for domestic battery on a former girlfriend.
    – The mother was arrested last year for shoplifting $1600 in merchandise from a Lord & Taylor store. Mother is facing immediate arrest for failure to appear regarding this matter.
    – Then of course we know that the two sons combined to kill four people (3 Americans & a Chinese exchange student), severely injure 200 ? other people, carjacked another victim and only let him live when they found out that he was not an American citizen.
    – Now we have the two pathetic parents who have returned to Russia and are claiming that their poor sons are innocent and are being framed by the same American government that allowed for their pathetic existence the past 12 plus years.’

  39. Chris

    Historically, black head coaches and black quarterbacks have not faired near as well as whites. Let me ask you this little miss bleeding heart? Would you allow a black doctor to do open heart surgery on your child, even though there is a white doctor that’s three times better, all for the sake of not being racist?
    If you answer yes, you’re a gigantic liar.

    The point is affirmative action does nothing but create more division. Because then everyone around that person who got the job are resented because they feel they didn’t earn it.

    People like you are the ones who will never be happy until blacks own everything, then you will think it’s equal.
    You’re not looking for equality, you’re looking for benefits, advantage and then ultimate control.
    I don’t see equality in your agenda at all.

    So what if an NFL owner trusts a white guy to QB his team over a black guy? It’s his business. It’s his money on the line.
    A QB is more than just being good on the field. He’s the leader of your team and represents your team in the eyes of the public.
    The fact is that I’d rather have a guy like Tom Brady represent my team then let’s say Michael Vick. Even though they are both good QBs on the field, both these player’s upbringings have direct influence on who they became as people.
    The white guy became a good citizen and the other, well we all know the story. Vick even admitted it was in his culture to do what he did.
    The point is you are asking for people to put blacks in positions just because they are black and not because you believe they are the best for the job.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE not to look at upbringing, experience, references, etc. etc. and race is a useful and necessary tool in assessing those qualities.
    None of us can see the future so we hire with the best reasoning and logic we can. We predict who we think is best and all of these factors I mentioned are important to the process.

    Where’s your argument for white kids not even being scouted if they play in RB or WR positions?
    Not until Wes Welker, they were overpassed entirely, but maybe just a little now, but certainly not equal.

    Your entire premise is flawed because you focus on one point that grossly contradicts other points. It’s extremely hypocritical and you do not offer an equal view whatsoever, you know, the thing you want for blacks, equality.

    Obviously you know little about football. Many offensive lineman are white. That is a brutal job and probably the one I’d least want. These guys take punishment on EVERY play, not just some plays where a RB gets the ball on run plays, or plays where a WR might go an entire game without any dangerous contact at all.
    The offensive linemen are stuck no matter what. And they are having to stop the most ferocious, mostly black, athletes on the field.
    Some of the most sought after OL are white.
    There is no position worse than that and WHITES are very much involved.

    You seem to think by making more black QBs and black Head Coaches, then great ones will arise. Well, time has told this story very well. The NFL has many times given positions to black head coaches with disastrous results. So who’s fault is that? The white man again?

    So it’s not enough to just give the black a job, you have to orchestrate it yourself in order for them to succeed? Wow, and you wonder why white owners are not standing in line for the next “great” black head coach.

    There is no “slavery” mentality here.
    These white owners you hate so much have made millionaires out of these black kids. Kids who otherwise would probably be in jail. You love statistics so much, look up those. You know, criminals by race. I’m not going to hurt too much for them when they make more in one year running a football than any of us will make in a lifetime.

    And the reason blacks are in positions of RB, WR & D is that they are positions geared for strength and speed, something most black athletes excel at.
    The position of kicker and punter is primarily made up of athletes with soccer upbringing which most black kids don’t play.
    The positions of QB, like I said requires so much more than raw athleticism which in most cases of the greatest QBs of all time, isn’t even required.
    So now is it suddenly racist to pay black kids lots of money for their God giving talents?
    Where does it end?

    People like you are the shit stirrers. People like you are the ones who need Zimmerman to be “white”. Because the truth that he’s hispanic doesn’t help your cause. So you make up “white hispanic” to serve your agenda.

    All of your statistics and racial stirring can all be negated by logic and circumstances that can and will never change.
    The moment you start embracing that all races have something to offer that’s unique to them, the better off everyone will be.

    Unless of course you come up with a way where whites are on average as fast and strong as blacks. Maybe you should become a biologists and work on that a little.

    If I started a football team, I would look at mostly black athletes for my RBs.
    Am I being racist towards the white running backs? I guess so.
    But I’m betting you wouldn’t write a bleeding heart article about that though would you?

  40. Jason

    No one forces people to play football for a living, you could choose any job you want, you chose football. If I chose to be an oil field worker, I would be putting myself in a position where I could get hurt and it would be my fault if I did. Time for some personal responsibility, no is at fault for you getting hurt, only you.

  41. screwcoke

    Some jobs are more inherently dangerous than others. I will agree with that. I will not agree that economic circumstances “force” these young men to turn to the NFL for a living. You are purposefully forgetting one VERY important fact. Nearly every NFL player was paid to attend a university. The very best received free tuition, and free room and board in the form of Full Ride Athletic Scholarships.

    Having such an advantage given to them lifts them head and shoulders above the vast majority of all students attending college. Some, I repeat, some use that opportunity to their full advantage. Ezekial Ansah received a BS in Actuarial Sciences, and I am sure there are many others that excel as well. However, an athlete paid to go to college, can do one of three things and each are his own responsibility.

    One, get a degree worth something. A degree that will mean something after college is over. Not a degree in Sports Activities, or Health Science. In this circumstance the player doesn’t need the NFL, the so called forced economics have given him everything he needs to succeed.

    Two get a degree worth something. A degree that will mean something after college is over. Not a degree in Sports Activities, or Health Science. Then if luck allows, play in the NFL for a few years and have an opportunity at a real career when you are broken up. Again the so called forced economics have given him everything he needs to succeed.

    Three, leave early for the draft, don’t get a degree and wash out like you describe after an average 4 years in the NFL and are unable to pay for a college degree. The forced economics in this situation seems more like thrown away economic possibilities.

    A college educated African American in the US has a 7.3% unemployment rate. High School graduates have a 25% unemployment rate and High School drop outs have a 51% unemployment rate.

    A man regardless of color, but since this article is about the racism inherent in the NFL, a black man, who is given a free ride to a college education and doesn’t take full advantage deserves the beating he takes in the NFL and the consequences that follow. These aren’t forced economic realities. It is clear that the education they received, if taken full advantage of, would lift them above your so called forced economics.

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