Elementary Schools In Oklahoma Destroyed: NO Storm or Bomb Shelters For Children!

Rescue workers find few children at school wrecked by tornado in OK

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 9.58.03 PM

Two Schools Destroyed By Giant Oklahoma Tornado: Oklahoma has its own terrible Sandy Hook event.  Children go to school not to die but to learn and this tragedy is truly horrific.


GOP fundraising video mocks grieving Sandy Hook mom who lost 6 …New Republican ad mocks Obama for comforting Sandy Hook victim …Sandy Hook Families Shy Away From Lobbying Mitch McConnell: Jim Inhofe, a GOP representing Oklahoma, was so hostile to the parents of the Sandy Hook victims, they didn’t even bother trying to talk to him.


All dead children are a tragedy.  We see dead children overseas and we are responsible for dead children overseas and we try to minimize our grief for them if they are dead Muslim children.  What really alienates us is how fellow Americans feel zero grief for dead children if it interferes with their ideologies or happy pastimes  like shooting guns with few restrictions.


The horrors unfolding in Oklahoma are heartbreaking.  I can see from the videos of the flattened elementary school that the rescuers are moving slowly and with great sadness due to the scant chance  of finding any children alive.  My heart absolutely breaks watching this unfold.


Those poor parents!  All the night terrors of losing a child suddenly that afflicts the Sandy Hook parents will now be visited, in Biblical fashion, on the voters in Oklahoma who seem to have little feeling of humanity to spare for others.


This is why liberalism matters!  No one is perfect but we reach out and help people without expecting much in return except the simple satisfaction of seeing someone saved or helped. I see from some photos, some children did survive and this gladdens me.


I was nearly killed by a tornado when I was a small child but instead, a lightning bolt hit me and this really screwed me up…a lot.  But I survived.  The thing here is why don’t we have tornado shelters for schools?  These are like bomb shelters, after all.


I puzzled about this when a child.  We were ‘at near war’ with the Soviet Union and everyone talked about nuclear warfare inside of the CIA and other government entities and I was hyperaware of all this due to nuclear war stuff being all around me all the time.


And then we were told to hide under our desks while the Soviet Union rained hydrogen bombs on the military bases next to my schools!  I said back then, this was nuts.  I was very angry about this.  My father said, ‘If you hear all the jets taking off at Davis Monthan, run for the foothills as fast as you can, don’t hide under your desk.’


But no one built a single bomb shelter for us children!  This was infuriating.  Oklahoma was one of the sites targeted by the Soviets during the Cold War and zero bomb shelters were built for the children there, too!  Why?  I am still very puzzled by this.  I even pointed out, as a child, that bomb shelters work in tornadoes, being nearly killed by a tornado previously, myself.


This advice was ignored.  We were supposed to crouch against the walls and pray we didn’t get a direct hit from either bombs or storms.  Good luck with that!  As we see, luck failed today in Oklahoma.  Will the adults learn from this horror? Or like with Sandy Hook, go into denial and do the cheap, easy, stupid thing?  I bet on the latter.

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30 responses to “Elementary Schools In Oklahoma Destroyed: NO Storm or Bomb Shelters For Children!

  1. JimmyJ

    In 1999 an F5 tornado hit Moore, 36 people died, and still the Elementary School had no tornado shelter by 2013?

  2. Being There

    I could not for the life of me figure out the total lack of planning for this. I heard much earlier in the day that a huge tornado would be coming through the area.
    Why did anyone go to work or school?
    I live in NYC where subways and public transportation are locked down well before a hurricane. Every mayor and gov. should take a course with Mayor Bloomberg on this topic.
    Another though I have in this Republican area of the country is what kind of Federal aid will they ask for?
    Can a civic life form from these experiences? Sure they have close-knit friends, but that only goes so far.

  3. Jim R

    And thanks to Global Warming, we can expect extreme weather events to be more frequent later this century (maybe not much later in fact):

  4. John

    Guns: http://www.naturalnews.com/040427_gun_violence_control_statistics.html

    Piers Morgan backtracks in light of IRS scandal: http://youtu.be/lKO8A285Rr0

    So does Scarborough: http://youtu.be/vmXjPSQSkzA

    Bottom line: the government is not the answer.

  5. John

    Jim R,

    You need to go peddle global warming elsewhere. Elaine has been explicit in debunking this nonsense. We appear to be heading out of the interglacial period we’ve been in for a while; you should look through the recent 5 or 6 weeks of articles here for more details.

  6. lucky13

    OK, how does ‘global warming’ create Tornadoes?

  7. Jim R

    By how much has the output of the Sun declined? Elaine has not debunked anything. All she has done is to repeat a rant that the Sunspot cycle has resulted in a declining solar output, which will cause another ice age.
    So far, that story is almost 100% wrong. Arctic ice dramatically shrinks every summer now, and it looks like it’s going to be ice-free in the next year or two. The trend is obvious enough that geopolitical strategists are already planning to exploit the Arctic ocean for minerals.

    This lack of Arctic ice is inconsistent with an incipient ice age. And don’t repeat the lie about the Antarctic. It has been spawning icebergs the size of Connecticut — its ice mass is also declining, perhaps at a slower pace.

    So, by how much has the Sun’s output declined? 2%? 5%? Or was it merely just a fact-free rant?

  8. Joseppi

    Back to planet earth and uncovering the dirt of why there is no underground shelters in public schools in tornado ally, while those with fear and money have shelters……

    Inside America’s luxury bomb shelters:

  9. Peter C.

    I always liked the idea of an earth sheltered house,easy to heat and cool,conforms to the landscape,(grass on the roof)
    And since it is underground would be tornado proof if storm shutters on the south facing windows are installed.If I ever have land that’s what I would build.

  10. Peter C.

    More than just the sun’s output involved,think low altitude cloud formation that is influenced by cosmic rays influenced by earth’s magnetic field influenced by the sun.
    People have to understand when the mainstream media say climate change,what is really being discussed is carbon tax out of our pockets.
    Even though with CO2 levels doubling in the last ten years,global temperatures have levelled off. in the last 15(this is agreed by everyone now).The climate is constantly changing,the question is if us humans CO2 output is the main input.The levelling off of global temperatures shows this is not the case.

  11. DeVaul

    The mayor of this town admitted on TV that FEMA came in after 1999 and offered rebates to people if they built tornado shelters near or inside their home. He said many did, and because of that “thousands were saved”. They did not ask him why the schools had no shelters. The TV showed some of the shelters. They worked.

    During hurricanes in Louisiana, we had to sit in the circular hallway that had double cinderblock walls on either side. This was all the protection we had, but at least the school was built with some attempt to protect us from the hurricanes and tornados that were spawned by them. All the elementary schools were circular where I lived because of this.

  12. Peter C.

    oops CO2 levels have gone up maybe 15-20% in the last 15 years,not doubled.

  13. Judah

    Ok this is how I understand the global warming right now, correct me if I’m wrong:

    The levels of industrial waste gases like methane and freon and CFC’s (chrolo-fluoro-carbons) has sharply risen. These waste products destroy ozone, which means less high energy cosmic rays are deflected away from the atmosphere, warming the Earth and increasing cancers.

    The level of carbon dioxide is rising. Carbon Dioxide is minor as a problem vs. general unregulated air pollution caused by fossil fuels. But, CO2 is easy to MEASURE as a metric, and high CO2 in turn means more of the rest of the bad stuff. What CO2 does do is trap heat in the atmosphere, but again, this problem isn’t as acute as other industrial air pollutants, just easy visible.

    The sun’s behavior is entering a less energetic state, similar to ancient ice ages, but this is happening slowly. Graphically, it would have a slope (plotted against a y axis of “time”) of 0.001 vs. the man-made pollution slope many magnitudes higher like 1 or even 10000 depending on the endpoints.

    The oceans are acidifying due to increased CO2 levels, and this in TURN has the potential to release underwater deposits of methane hydrate, which will really screw up the atmosphere if it goes up. Acidification is ALSO from other pollutants, but none are as visible as CO2. On this topic, I never see people complaining CO2 is going to kill off seafood, but in 20 years ‘normal’ fish may be a luxury compared to dirt cheap jellyfish, which love the new oceans.

    Increased cloud cover, such as from airline contrails or volcanic eruptions have a global cooling effect, as the clouds deflect the sun’s energy away from the Earth. It is possible to use geo-climate engineering to crudely regulate Earth’s temperature, but this does not address the problem of industrial waste contaminant gas.

    Even with said engineering, when a greater percentage of the atmosphere is capable of retaining more heat, there is more energy in the atmosphere. This means bigger storms, both blizzards AND heat waves. As glaciers melt, the Earth’s mass distribution changes, shifting the poles slightly.

    In the end regulation/sequestration of CO2 does reduce the heat content of the atmosphere, BUT the method of regulation isn’t chosen to solve the problem, it is chosen to make bankers richer, which is why calling ‘cap and trade’ a scam is also correct. It would be far cheaper to design a super-efficient CO2 vacuum that reaches into the upper atmosphere and actively compresses and filters CO2 into an underground holding area, perhaps even converting it into sell-able oil, than to waste time with carbon taxes which pay into governments that are not actively working on climate management.

  14. Ziff house

    Cfc’s have nothing to do with GW, part of disinformation program.

  15. Judah

    CFC’s destroy ozone layer.

    Destroyed Ozone layer = more cosmic rays/ultraviolet radiation hitting Earth.

    According to sources I’ve seen, the energy represented here is nominal, i.e. not worth noting compared against the fossil fuel/waste heat/CO2 warming. However, the atmosphere is all connected, I think it would be stupid to ignore contributory pollutive factors, since humans don’t understand everything about our upper atmosphere.

    Let’s put it this way, the ozone layer erosion is another vector in the atmospheric pollution geo-climatic problem, which is usually over-simplified into the catchphrase ‘global warming’. My argument here is CFCs mess up the atmosphere, perhaps resulting is a chaotic magnification of weather problems made worse by global warming. How bad is this? I don’t know. Why don’t I know? Humanity hasn’t done the science.

    Stating ‘CFC’s have nothing to do with global warming’ is incorrect, not from a disinformation standpoint (Cfc -> ozone does only a small amount of warming) but from a scientific standpoint, where how much CFCs contribute to warming is unknown. No peer-reviewed scientific analysis of how upper ionosphere ozone interacts in weather creation and heat retention has been written. If you are aware of such documentation, please tell me.

    Until such data is produced, I’ll be going with any possible equilibrium disruption has a good chance to chaotically interact inside Earth’s weather systems and intensify the pollution-based warming mess.

  16. John

    Global warming debunked: NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere: http://www.naturalnews.com/040448_solar_radiation_global_warming_debunked.html

  17. Jim R

    The IR spectrum of CO2 has been known for at least a century and a half by now. So there’s that. And the CO2 level is up because of human activity. Its effect is observable in those places where heat would otherwise be lost into space by direct radiation, so that low temperatures are higher in high altitudes, high latitudes, on mountains, and at night.

    These effects are clearly visible now. But in places where the climate is dominated by humidity, the effect is not so obvious, because H2O also scatters IR in its gas phase.

    As for the proposed solution, financial fraud, I think we already have enough of that. They’d never be able to collect enough ‘carbon tax’ from those poor tropical countries who allow their forests to be cut down. The way Wall Street calculates it, a single Maple tree should be worth about a million dollars.

    All I’m saying is, watch what Elaine does, not what she says. You probably don’t want to be living at nearly sea level in the tropics … you should rather look at about 40 degrees latitude, and a bit of altitude as well.

    Back on the topic of tornadoes … in 1997 or so, the small town of Jarrell, Texas was erased by a similar storm.
    It was a little country town and a lot of the houses were the sort of flimsy things built in America over the second half of the 20th century. After the storm they were nothing but concrete pads on the ground. Because it was so small, most everyone simply jumped in their pickup truck and GTFO town. I know someone who still lives in Jarrell. She likes it because she likes horses and likes to have some land around.

    Among those who returned to the town and rebuilt, many, if not most, of the houses are now made of concrete block and stone, and are equipped with a sturdy reinforced concrete closet (or cellar) somewhere inside.

  18. ziff house

    judah, the talk about cfc’s together with GW only confuses the issue and demonstrates public/media ignorance of science. which is the desired result.

  19. emsnews

    I guess it is time to do a solar-activity versus ‘are we hot or cold’ story.

    Fact of the matter is, the sun has vacillated a great deal in hyper-energy output in the form of solar flares and we still have some hot sessions but generally, this has been declining in frequency since 1900. The ‘cold spell’ periods created by lower solar activity is actually rising, not falling.

    The only reason it isn’t going into pre-Ice Age conditions is the CO2 rate rising. This is SAVING OUR ASSES.

  20. DeVaul

    Yes, please do another article about the sun. We need something to remind us that all of this has happened before and that humans do not control the universe. We just like to think we do.

    Plus, those of us who do not want to participate in the CO2/global warming/climate change/war on the sun debate need an occasional reassurance that it is ok to just concentrate on stopping local polluters before they kill everything nearby.

  21. larry, dfh

    I prefer to look at it more from a thermodynamic standpoint. A non-negligible portion of the sun’s energy which irradiates earth is absorbed by plants, and converted to chemical energy. This lowers the amount of radiation available to heat the earth. A non-negligible part of this chemical energy has been stored over the last 2-3 billion years, in the form of carbon (coal, oil), and methane. [Turning CO2 into carbon + O2 requires energy] Releasing this stored energy, as we have, over the last 200 years (all at once, compared to the billions of years that went into its accumulation) must cause heating of the earth. It is an unavoidable thermodynamic conclusion.
    But I’d like to relay a couple of pieces of information from a talk by a geoscientist. The ice-melt in Greenland should result in a layer of fresh water on top of the surrounding ocean. This freezes at a higher temperature than sea water. Apparently this ice will not evaporate water as easily as the open ocean will, and the net result will be failures of the Indian monsoons. The result of that will be devastating in terms of human suffering. As an example of the heat-trapping ability of CO2, this guy related a story about early research into heat-seeking missiles: the CO2 from a jet engine exhaust can completely mask the heat produced when observed under certain conditions (the vicinity of the CO2 heat absorbtion frequencies).

  22. DICK

    Elaine, Don’t group those who wish to own Constitutionally granted guns with the military adventurism launched by the us military at the behest of the israeli government and jewish interests.

    The vast majority of gun owners are law abiding and arm themselves to protect themselves and their families of from the excessive threat to their well beings from a variety of sources. This is true to the extent that the media, and others, must fabricate “events” to justify their push to declaw the average american. Even you must understand this basic reality.

    As a baby boomer myself, I can only stand in wonder and see the stupidity of so many of my chronological peers in areas such as gun control, federal government, vaccines/pharma, etc. How did we, as a group, become so stupid?

  23. emsnews

    Well, statistics show that white males wanting guns for ‘protection’ have a much higher suicide/murdered wife rate than people who don’t have guns for protection.

    YOU HAVE TO FACE THIS TRUTH! It is life and death for white men who have a record of suddenly snapping and then killing someone near and dear including themselves. And I am a gun owner and my husband, due to his brain damage, is not allowed to be around the guns, I control them.

    And it takes a hard, steel will to recognize the danger of guns in the home. It is a fearful burden to be carried most carefully.

  24. DICK

    I can’t imagine where these so-called statistics came from, but I would question the veracity and authenticity of them. Clearly, ANY attack on the right to bear arms needs some spin or justification…and this one is absurd. For example, how do the statistics for white male suicide by handgun stack up against inner city crime using handguns…the type of crime scenarios which many arm themselves to protect against.

    Did the rate of male handgun suicides spike in the Georgia town which mandated households to arm themselves? Is it not absurd to blame the suicides on the handgun? If they were not readily available, couldn’t the suicide prone white male just run his family car into a tree or off a bridge?

    Adults used to be those of an age where their decision-making abilities had reached a threshold where good judgement prevailed. Now we have the advent and deployment of the nanny state and things don”t look any safer to me.

  25. emsnews

    The higher the ownership of guns, the higher the white male suicide rate using guns. End of story.

    Just recently, a suicidal white male killed his wife and then went on a rampage shooting people in Texas. Another white male suicide shot and killed his adult daughters and then himself. This happens EVERY DAMN DAY.

  26. John

    Perhaps white males are being driven insane by the incessant accusations that they, and they alone, are responsible for all the evil in the world. This is the general gist of the message coming from the political/social/economic left for the past 40 years or so. Personally, I recognize such propaganda for the passive-agressive warfare that it is, and ignore it accordingly, but not everybody has the psychological strength to shrug off that dreck.

  27. lucky13

    This happens EVERY DAMN DAY.

    I will give you a number. 10,000 a year killed in USA by illegals [thanks Frosty Woolridge for the info].

  28. Blog davvero interessante, peccato non sia ancora disponibile la versione mobile. Almeno io non l’ho trovata, infatti per leggere questo articolo sul mio telefono ci messo mezz’ora. Perlomento era interessante e ben scritto.

    ELAINE: first time I got Italiano spam!

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