Lord Stern Admits No Global Warming And That The Sun Might Influence Weather

Recently, even global warming alarmists are admitting it is rather cold in the Northern Hemisphere this late spring.  We are getting another frost tonight and there was snow in Canada and the northern states.  I was listening to NPR interview this climate ‘scientist’ who admitted it wasn’t getting hotter and hotter but when asked about where this heat has gone, he said, ‘In the oceans’ rather than admitting, finally, the SUN has a great deal to do with the ‘puzzling’ decline.


Other climate alarmists have finally admitted the sun has a role (but won’t say this is the key role in global warming) and are eating their words trying to talk about our planet and its intimate relationship with the cosmos.  At least more and more supporters of taxing CO2 and making a derivatives game out of this are admitting temperatures aren’t going up and up at all:  Hay Festival 2013: global warming is ‘fairly flat’, admits Lord Stern – Telegraph


“I note this last decade or so has been fairly flat,” he told the Telegraph Hay Festival audience.
He said the reasons were because of quieter solar activity, aerosol pollution in certain parts of the world blocking sunshine and heat being absorbed by the deep oceans.
Lord Stern pointed out that all these effects run in cycles or are random so warming could accelerate again soon.
“In the next five to ten years it is likely we will see the acceleration because these things go in cycles,” he warned.


Note how this man still has to lie!  The sun’s cycles are NOT random at all.  Far from it.  The sun has various cycles some run 20 years, some are 500 year cycles and then there is the mysterious but obvious Greater Ice Age Cycle which has the sun shutting down energy production somewhat for 100,000 years and then revving it up suddenly for 25,000 years.


And then there is the wobbly planet’s rotation problems.  The earth is tilted relative to the sun and we think this is due to the interplanetary crash about 3 billion years ago which created our moon.  The earth’s poles are not pointing in the same direction relative to the sun at all times.  The poles create this ‘circle’ which has the pole pointing at various different stars from Draco to the North Star which has greatly agitated our distant ancestors who made many myths and stories explaining this terrifying insecurity.


Our planet isn’t stable.  It never was.  Evolution is driven mainly by instability and the fact that life forms have evolved over and over again due to these many cycles with the added game changing mass volcanic eruptions or asteroid strikes stirring the pot.  Right now, the main danger the earth faces is human overpopulation due to lack of birth control.


Back to Sir Stern:  Nicholas Stern, Baron Stern of Brentford – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


is a British economist and academic. He is IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government, Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics (LSE), and 2010 Professor of Collège de France. From 2013, he will be President of the British Academy.


Because he was wrong about global warming he should definitely not be allowed to run the British Academy of Sciences.  We know for a fact that sun spot activity and global warming go hand in glove.  Totally and completely.  There is no other factor that looms as large a driving force in global warming than our very own local star.

File:Sunspot Numbers.png – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sun spot activity


From the Stern Review – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Review states that climate change is the greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever seen, presenting a unique challenge for economics.[2] The Review provides prescriptions including environmental taxes to minimise the economic and social disruptions. The Stern Review’s main conclusion is that the benefits of strong, early action on climate change far outweigh the costs of not acting…


The Review proposes that one percent of global GDP per annum is required to be invested in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change. In June 2008, Stern increased the estimate for the annual cost of achieving stabilisation between 500 and 550 ppm CO2e to 2% of GDP to account for faster than expected climate change.


The tax on first world nations would utterly destroy their economic systems!  Euro Area GDP Growth Rate | Data | Chart | Forecast | News

EU growth rate gdp


United Kingdom GDP Annual Growth Rate | Data | Chart | Forecast | News

UK gdp growth rate



Imagine a 2% GDP tax on England in the last 5 years!  It would make the shrinkage in economic activity -8.1%!  And almost all the gains of the last three years would be zero or negative except for one quarter.  I still vividly remember the global warming rich guys rubbing their hands with undisguised joy at the thought of a huge energy tax on the little people which would be used in this stupid CO2 derivatives futures betting game run by rich guys.


One chap actually said, ‘This derivatives market will dwarf the energy markets!’ and his expectation was for a grab at a 2% GDP tax on first world nations pouring trillions into his offshore bank accounts.  This alarmed me so much, I came out quite forcibly against a CO2 pollution business calling this a scam and a rip off of consumers and entire nations.


What I do propose is a Billionaire Pollution Tax.  We tax all global billionaires at 20% of their entire wealth to pay for CO2 pollution.  They, in turn, since they own all these polluting systems, will be motivated to change.  Then we can tax them another 70% for all the economic woe they spread across the planet, the wars, the exploitation of workers, the tax evasions of home states they exploit.  Then we will have a happier world indeed.

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20 responses to “Lord Stern Admits No Global Warming And That The Sun Might Influence Weather

  1. IAmSpartacus

    “Right now, the main danger the earth faces is human overpopulation due to lack of birth control.” Um, no, not really; only in the third world; other than the US, the rest of the world is either holding steady or in demographic decline; Japan, Hungary, and Germany are in terminal decline, below replacement level. The US would be holding steady or in decline, too, if it weren’t for the large influx of Hispanics, legal and illegal. China’s population is also in decline, thanks to their one child policy. Wars, disease, famine, and migration will eventually balance the equation.

  2. CK

    @EMS This is a scientific site: http://wattsupwiththat.com/
    Give it a read.

  3. ziff house

    there should be a temp overlay on that solar flux chart. Just because there are crooks does not mean there is no GW. Where did the arctic ice go??

  4. Jim R

    I like the sound of that last paragraph, Elaine!
    But since the billionaires have their fingers in every pie and their thumbs on every scale, it is unlikely to happen. I have also said that financial fraud, as proposed in Al Gore’s movie and in other places, will not result in any reduction of CO2. And all those poor tropical countries that are being stripped of their forests by the big timber/pulp corporations could never afford to pay for the CO2 burden created by the absence of the forests.

    As for the pollutant CO2, of course, it is part of a bigger picture. It will affect the climate, but probably more importantly, it will affect the chemistry of seawater. Coral reefs and shellfish everywhere are in peril (now doubly in peril thanks to Tepco spewing strontium and cesium).

    I am not sure those billionaires will like it so much when Greenland is ice-free and Manhattan is under 20 meters of water. They’ll probably have to move to the Adirondacks and kick out the hillbillies living there now, heehee!

  5. Old Ari

    Not to mention that we are due for a flip in the magnetic poles,

  6. emsnews

    I have written about the magnetic pole shifts in the past. It is definitely coming and will have HUGE consequences due to how many of our electronic systems have interactions with magnetic systems and we don’t know what the sun will shoot at us during a magnetic flip!

    As for island cities and cities built next to huge bodies of water: any geologist can tell them, coastlines are NEVER static. Never, ever, not at any time in the history of the earth.

    And this was true in the recent past. For example, parts of Europe that were swamps or underwater in the Roman warm era were high and dry during the Little Ice Age just a mere 400 years ago. And now the ocean is coming back in except for the dikes almost all of which were built when the Little Ice Age ENDED and the people in the Netherlands suddenly had to worry about flooding.

  7. Just Ice

    Totally agree.

    It’s no coincidence that Lord Stern is an economist. Global warming is a crock of banker crap. A way to reduce oil demand, such that the price paid to the Arabs can be jiggered down with derivatives and assessments, without true price “discovery.”

    As for the prophet, Al Gore, didn’t he get paid $500 million for a rinky-dink $1 million local TV station that became worthless instantly when it’s contracts were canceled by the national networks, as soon as they found out the buyer was Al-Jazeera? Illustrative of how deep and interconnected the corruption.

  8. lucky13

    ‘China’s population is also in decline, thanks to their one child policy.’
    Really? then hows it that world population grows by a billion every 12 years?
    Just Africans and Middle easterners?
    Due to immigration, US population is skyrocketing.

  9. IAmSpartacus

    @ lucky13: Yes; Egypt’s population has doubled, from 40 million, to 80 million in just the last 30-40 years; Iran’s population is about 85 million, over 1/3 of them are under 30; across the entire Islamic world the fertility rate is WAY obove ours. India also accounts for a large portion of the world population growth, and don’t forget the always expanding population of Latin America, the source of most of our immigrants, legal and illegal.

  10. lucky13

    I guess Egypt has TRIPLED ih the last 30-40 years..30 to 90M.

  11. lucky13

    Also India may be the first country w 2 BILLION.
    Also it is the most gender imbalanced [abortion and infanticide]..
    read http://www.amazon.com/Behind-Beautiful-Forevers-Mumbai-Undercity/dp/1400067553

  12. lucky13

    Chile and Argentina have ordered the evacuation of some 3,000 people living near the Copahue volcano in the south of their shared border.

  13. IAmSpartacus

    @ lucky13: Re: India: Ah, future convience store owners and cab drivers! 🙂 In all seriousness, though, you’re right, sex selective abortion and infanticide are chronic in India, due to their culture, which prizes boys above girls; China has the same problem with sex selective abortions, but for different reasons; it’s one of the reasons why China’s population is declining. India may yet reach 2 billion, but without a signifigant change in the culture (unlikely) it’s population will eventually go into decline, too; it takes (at least for now) two people of opposite sexes to create children; there simply won’t be enough women to go around.

  14. emsnews

    And note that this elimination of the true creators of future lives (women) is going to be the main form of birth control for these nations! More boys and fewer girls=drop in birth rates and girls get to be more selective, too, in choosing mates.

    2 billion Indians is an ecological disaster. But then, when this happens, populations invade others and can afford to lose many sons there being an excess.

  15. Pingback: http://ciaoant1.blogspot.gr/2013/05/links.html | gorestis

  16. JT

    Options that could save the environment and the planet:

    a an outbreak of a virus that would kill a significant number of people
    b facism and new Lenins/Hitlers that kill hundreds of millions of people (lot of boys without mates and jobs are needed for this solution)
    c an asteroid hitting the earth
    d women’s rights, education and right to work outside the home/use their own income.

    I’d go with d. Really seems like the best choice.

    And that means zero tolerance on any women opressing religions.
    Sorry muslims, christians, hindus, jews and many tribal religions.

    It really is that simple.
    Give money, education and jobs to women in developing countries and save the planet.
    Give money to men and they spend it on weapons and tribal wars.

  17. lucky13

    2 billion Indians is an ecological disaster. But then, when this happens, populations invade others and can afford to lose many sons there being an excess. [dont say when, say now]

    Exactly. Immigration is their answer and our demise.

  18. JT

    The answer to all our problems.


  19. melponeme_k


    I don’t think there are enough women in the US and the first world altogether for all of these Asian men. There are just too many of them. And they will be a force to reckon with as they get older and realize they have no jobs, no education, and no marriage opportunities. That spells revolution.

  20. emsnews

    Certainly spells ‘unstable and violent’.

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