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EU Furious Over Snowden Revelations Of US Trade Spying And ICC Will Prosecute Israel For Crimes Against Humanity

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The US is throwing everything at everyone over the Snowden revelations.  The only safe place for him at this point is under the aegis of a nuclear armed empire namely, Russia or China.  In retaliation, he is releasing information to all parties in the latest case, to Germany via Der Spiegel:  EU demands clarification over US spying claims | World news |

Martin Schulz said there would be a severe impact on relations between the European trade bloc and the US if revelations by German magazine Der Spiegel proved to be true.


Der Spiegel reported that the US had bugged offices and gained access to EU internal computer networks, according to secret documents, the latest in a series of exposures of alleged US spying.


Wow.  But so long as Germany runs a trade surplus with the US, nothing much will happen.  But this is a hard slap across the US negotiator’s faces and shows that the US Homeland Security/CIA/Pentagon machinery is running totally out of control at this point.  No one can trust the US anymore which I find rather funny, actually since this has been true all my life, it is just that people abroad have been fooled by hanging out with the Bilderberg secret meetings where US insiders openly lie to their rich buddies.  HAHAHA…serves them all right!


I believe a number of Bilderberg participants are finally figuring out they have been toyed with and are fools.  Now, if only these jerks would come clean and tell us all about the secret meetings and the wheeling dealing Monopoly games the Bilderberg clowns played…HAHAHA…fat chance, that.  So, we have a secretive government running America secretly since our Bilderberg news people totally conceal AIPAC and other key lobbyists and lie about bribes which is why they conspired to tell the US public that Reagan wasn’t a traitor when he ran off to Japan to collect millions in blatant bribes.


The thoroughly corrupt, totally run for elites system the US has become is destroying our nation.  Utterly and totally.  It is about the crappiest way to run an empire.  Based on fear, conspiracies, assassinations, trumped up invasion excuses, manipulation of information and of course, spying on everyone, our nation is losing status fast.  We are viewed increasingly as the Evil Empire and deservedly so.  This loss is huge.  The US public is told over and over again, the world still views us as ‘rescuers’ and not ‘seducers’ or worse, ‘Nazis’.  But we are slowly morphing into Nazis, bit by strange bit.  This is due to our foreign policy chained nearly totally to the most noxious expression of Naziism: Zionism.  The Jews, victims of Hitler, have simply aped the Nazis from top to bottom to the point, they can’t tell they have done this because racism, religious fanaticism and a refusal to look in the mirror of history afflicts Jews across the planet.


This ‘let’s be sneaky, tricky and cheat everyone’ attitude is ugly.  As well as destructive.  Our entire system is pervaded with this desire to be unethical and cruel.  This eats at people’s morals.  It is vividly in display in our entertainment which is basically producing things showing supermen and superwomen brutally enforcing their wills upon the world via muscle and killing.


As always, the New Jews being abused with intense cruelty are the Palestinians who are in the way of the ethnic cleansing of the Holy Land:  White House Threatens to Cut-off Aid if Palestine Joins ICC


By Franklin Lamb
TheICC prosecutor’s office is rumored in The Hague to be particularly impassioned and focused on those areas in which their chief, Ms. Bensouda, has particular international legal expertise. With the main area being international crimes comprising the category of continuous crimes against humanity, which, arguably, since 1948, have been most egregiously committed by the last 19th century colonial enterprise that still brutally occupies Palestine.


The White House and its allies are not pleased by prospects for an eventful next few years at the ICC. What have particularly unnerved outgoing UN Ambassador, Susan Rice and Israeli PM Netanyahu, are the 5/23/13 comments of Ms. Bensouda during the 38th FIDH Congress in Istanbul which celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Rome Statute which created the ICC.


“Gone are the days when those who commit international crimes, could be cleansed of their atrocities through a mere hand shake and a scribble of their initials on a piece of paper which purports to bind them to conditions that they have no intention of ever observing.” She added: “My challenge is to consolidate what has been achieved, to build on from it, and to answer victims’ calls for justice. That is the promise made in Rome and that is the promise we cannot fail to fulfill”.


One the several “going out the door” comments Ms. Rice made on cleaning out her UN office on her way to become President Obama’s National Security Adviser, was basically a reiteration of her livid expressions made following last fall’s UN General Assembly vote giving Palestine its new international status.


When asked if she considered the UN vote a repudiation of the Obama administration and her personally, Ms. Rice scolded: “That resolution is not going to take them closer to statehood, or to the ICC! It may actually make the environment more difficult for them and public references to the “State of Palestine” do not make it a sovereign state.


Any reference to the ‘State of Palestine’ in the United Nations, including the use of the term ‘State of Palestine’ on the placard in the Security Council or the use of the term ‘State of Palestine’ in the invitation do not reflect acquiescence that ‘Palestine’ is a state,” she said.


Some background of Mr. Lamb, the fate of his young wife years ago:  A Letter To Janet About Sabra-Shatilla By Franklin Lamb


Janet Lee Stevens was born in 1951 and died on April 18, 1983, at the age of 32, at the instant of the explosion which destroyed the American Embassy in Beirut. Twenty minutes before the blast, Janet had arrived at the Embassy to meet with US A.I.D. official Bill McIntyre because she wanted to advocate for more aid to the Shia of South Lebanon and for the Palestinians at Sabra, Shatilla, and Burg al Burajneh camps, stemming from Israel’s 1982 invasion and the September 15-18 massacre.


As they sat at a table in the cafeteria, where she had planned to ask why the US government has never even lodged a protest following the Israeli invasion or the Massacre, a van stolen from the Embassy the previous June arrived and parked just in front of the Embassy. Almost directly in front of the cafeteria. It contained 2,000 pounds of explosives. It was detonated by remote control and tons of concrete pancaked on top of Janet and Bill, killing 63 and wounding 120.


Remains of Janet’s body were found two days later, unidentified in the basement morgue of the American University of Beirut Hospital by the author. She was pregnant with our son, Clyde Chester Lamb III. Had he lived he would be 24 years old. Hopefully taking after his mother he would, no doubt, be a prince of a young man.


Frank’s coverage of the ongoing Palestinian humiliation and reduction to concentration camp victims has cost him very, very dearly indeed.  The loss of his unborn son and beloved wife is the  highest price to pay outside of being killed, too.  The US is insanely furious about the prospect Israeli criminals will be hauled into international courts.  Serbs, Africans, South Americans, Asians all are supposed to be hauled into court and humiliated for doing what the US and Israel and the Gulf/Saudi dictators do with perfect impunity.


This means our own rulers can be arrested and tried and I heartily endorse this.  I hope this happens soon.  Then, US rulers will hesitate to assassinate, spy, steal, start wars illicitly, pen people into concentration camps, etc.  This will fix our mess externally but like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, making our rulers stop is going to require probably a world war.


And this is a probability!  The US is losing ground diplomatically and is on the road to ruin due to financial deals that hurt the US workers and public while enriching the already obscenely rich all while putting on a bloody robe of repulsive morality, sneering that everyone has to disarm except for us and Israel and everyone should have civil rights except if the US and Israeli ruling class says you are a non-person or like with Snowden, withdraw citizenship with no trial or put you, with no warning, on the stupid No-fly list: American’s nightmare called product of secret no-fly list where travelers can suddenly with no warning be arrested overseas and locked up with no lawyers or trial.


Not to mention the kidnapping of many people and then shipping them to dictatorship nations to be tortured or removing them to the legal hell hole called Gitmo.  I looked for more, the latest stories about the Gitmo hunger strike and the most recent one is nearly a week old:  US steps up efforts to break Guantánamo hunger strike because this is an immense embarrassment.  The fake Gitmo trials were revealed to be full of spying, lying, government double dealing and every trick a dictatorship can cook up making these trials a farce.


So our media owners who are often Bilderberg conspirators as well as supporters of AIPAC and are open Zionists, hide the news from Americans.  As our reputation collapses overseas, our people are told this is all being done to protect us from Chinese, Russian and Muslim nasty people who want to destroy this nation.  When the real destroyers are our very own elites who are controlling the news content and lying about everything.


We are told, for example, global warming is going to kill us all while these same people drive us relentlessly into a future nuclear warfare hell which is REALLY, REALLY hot.  Volcanic hot.  And surviving this is very, very dicey if not impossible as present organisms.  Life on earth will return after a nuclear war and maybe another 30-60 million years later the winners of the evolution lottery will dig up our civilization’s pitiful remains and marvel at the bizarre things they find.


And this always is  my worry.  The US and Israel, the world’s two biggest and most irresponsible users of nuclear weapons including the WMD depleted uranium bombs and bullets are relentlessly pushing us into confrontations that gain us nothing except future fear, loathing and destruction.  And of course, the US is going bankrupt doing all these stupid things.  Tragic and yet the gods laugh.

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The new pope hopes to clean the stygian mess in the Vatican

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Zionist NYT Editorial: Dangerous Divisions In Arab World

The Bilderberg/AIPAC NYT is in hysterics this week.  Even as ethnic cleansing in Israel accelerates and as the remaining natives of the Holy Land are driven violently into smaller and smaller ghettoes, as the US arms insurrectionists all over the place except where the governments are vicious kleptocratic operations working hand in glove with EU/US energy corporations…we have this bizarre and hilarious editorial decrying religious repression and ethnic warfare in the Middle East!  Dangerous Divisions in the Arab World –


The incident illustrates a pernicious sectarianism that was largely repressed by pre-Arab Spring dictators but that now threatens Egypt and much of the Arab world. If left unchecked by newly elected leaders who either exploit simmering historical animosities or refuse to address them constructively, divisions will worsen between Sunnis and Shiites or between Muslims and other minorities, like Christians, ensuring prolonged regional turmoil.

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Immigration Bill Sets Strict Limits On Builder Visas As Left & Right Unite In Congress

I worked for many years building or rebuilding houses.  I watched wages in that field collapse after 1992 and this collapse fell to the cellar when free trade and an overt refusal to protect our borders from illegal aliens (yes, they are aliens as well as breaking the law!) flooded this field and drove out any citizens who were carpenters or brick layers, etc.  The housing boom coincided with a flood of cheap alien labor who worked under dangerous conditions and the profit from this flowed into the developer’s hands with contractors who benefited at first, losing their own jobs since they couldn’t communicate with their cheap labor.  So, the new immigration bill is filled with holes to allow big business to flood labor markets with cheap labor, except for builders who will be forced to hire Americans. Continue reading


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Australia’s PM Loses Job Due To Imposing CO2 Taxes And US Cuts Military At Home While Expanding Abroad

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Pirate Party Claims Snowden In Norway Going To Iceland




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