Speeches And Charity Fronts Used For Naked Bribery Of US Politicians

Everyone in DC knows the real money milch kuh is being hired to give these generic ‘speeches’ to very rich corporations and foreign powers.  They then hand over immense sums which are then parked in fake front ‘charities’ or conversely, the politicians are asked to sit on boards of fake charities and only come two, maybe three times while earning many thousands or even millions of dollars.  This is naked bribery run amok and this began with Reagan and Ford.


Both the GOP and DNC play this rampant bribery game and they do this to the hilt and do this overseas because many foreigners want to own our government and use it for their own insidious ends.  Here is today’s ugly example from one of the very first players of this bribery game, Israel:  Bill Clinton paid $500K for 45-minute speech in Israel: report – NYPOST.com


The former president is one the highest paid speakers in the world and receives an average $180,000 per engagement. He earned $13.4 million for speeches in 2011 and one of his biggest paydays ($750,000) came for giving a Hong Kong speech to Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson.


From 1989:  Eight Days in Japan Earn Ron and Nancy $2 Million—Now That’s Reaganomics : People.com


Their itinerary after that included a concert to benefit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation, meetings with business leaders and guest spots on Fujisankei-owned TV stations. The Reagans also had two days of official visits, including lunch with Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.


But was it appropriate, critics asked, for a former President to cash in on his White House luster so blatantly? Of the four living ex-Presidents, Jimmy Carter seems to have done the least for financial gain, spending his time instead on church-, housing-and peace-related efforts. Richard Nixon has published seven books, but accepts no honoraria for public appearances. Gerald Ford has turned himself into a one-man industry, producing endorsements, speeches and public appearances and serving on corporate boards; last year alone he earned an estimated $1 million.


Once the foxes were in the hen house, the roosters went crazy.  Note how Ford farmed himself out to various corporate entities.  Reagan went overseas and sold us out to the Japanese so they would get away with currency manipulations and one way trade.  This tiny fee was repaid in trillions in unbalanced trade with Japan.  They paid less than 0.1% of the profits, bribing a President.


I was furious when this happened and the Chinese laughed and said to me (they were once living with me to learn about America and capitalism): ‘We bribe Presidents too!’  And they did, big time.  The two Bushes raked in millions in Chinese bribes.  This whoring for corporations and foreign powers has virtually destroyed our nation and it roars onwards as it does in England with British ministers rushing overseas to collect their bribes, too.


Here is today’s expose in the WP:  Virginia governor’s wife was paid $36,000 as consultant to coal philanthropy – The Washington Post


But in an interview, James McGlothlin said the $21 million family foundation never named McDonnell to its board.


Instead, McGlothlin said, the family asked Maureen McDonnell to become an adviser to the charitable efforts of both the family foundation and the United Co., a natural resources and real estate company in Bristol, Va., that has made the McGlothlins one of the wealthiest families in the state.


McGlothlin, who founded the company in 1970 and is its chairman and chief executive, said the first lady is paid by the company and not the foundation.


By reporting that his wife was on the board, the governor never had to say on his financial disclosure form how much she was paid. McGlothlin confirmed the salary.


His daughter’s wedding catering was also paid by someone who did business with the state. $15,000 food for his yapping youths.  According to the above story, the governor and his Hausfrau were having dinner with the corporation head and his female sidekick when they discussed this delicate matter of how to bribe the Governor while hiding this from everyone.  The Governor who is a Republican, is a criminal as is the McGlothlin family head.  Arrest them all.


Fake charities abound.  The IRS is under fire for investigating Tea Party non profits but all across the board, charities are looting or bribing operations.  Overhead costs to the boards of directors and the leaders is rampant and eats up most funds.  Many charities spend less than 10% of their money on anything else.  This rancid bribery operation is totally out of hand with religious foundations leading the way to corruption and looting of donors who think they are helping animals, saving souls or fixing Africa.  As I noted yesterday, the vast majority of African ‘charity’ money flows out of Africa into offshore foreign bank accounts.


Or these are used to steal land, displace populations, starve the natives or steal natural resources.  From Japan:  At TICAD, clumsy diplomacy mars controversial Japanese aid project in Mozambique ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


The blunder was the latest in a series of mishandlings that have turned one of Japan’s most ambitious aid efforts in Africa, the ProSavana project, into a magnet for criticism and controversy. ProSavana aims to turn Mozambique’s most populous geographical corridor into a global breadbasket by making millions of hectares of land available to multinational agribusiness firms, who are in turn expected to cultivate commodity crops for export. The project is modeled on the unprecedented transformation agribusiness has effected in Brazil’s Cerrado savanna, and Brazil is the third partner in the three party plan.


This Dystopian funding also drives host nations into bankruptcy.  Both Japan and the US has seen tax revenues collapse and a huge, huge driving force here are these fake charities removing trillions from the tax base and then using this to bribe people or control entire countries in a very negative way.

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18 responses to “Speeches And Charity Fronts Used For Naked Bribery Of US Politicians

  1. Just Ice

    The blind spots in our Federal Bribery and RICO law enforcement, long maintained by our own mafia of billionaires to control politicians, is now being exploited by foreigners. Time to shut down both problems.

  2. Just Ice

    But maybe not yet with a hedge fund banker appointed to run the FBI, probably at the behest of hedge fund bankers.


    ELAINE: Note the desperation. They have to run everything personally to avoid anyone else using the Law to delve into their own affairs!

  3. IAmSpartacus

    And the Chinese helped Bill Clinton get elected, too, if you recall, by contributing millions, illegally, to his campaign. It’s no coincedence that it was under Clinton that NAFTA was approved, and outsourcing our industrial base turned from a trickle into a flood.


    ELAINE: The Chinese began bribing US politicians beginning with the entire Bush clan back when Bush was head of the CIA itself. I attest to this personally, Bush was furious with me when I exposed him back in 1987.

    Also, I was the one to force him, LITERALLY, to not send back all the protesting Chinese students in front of the UN. He was going to arrest them all at night and deport them to Beijing. I stopped this and he still hates my guts for exposing this scheme.

  4. lucky13

    Clinton got Chinese ‘most favored nation status’..now Chinese will
    be part of our Naval exercises.


    ELAINE: ALL our damn leaders are owned by the Chinese, Japanese and Israel!!!!

  5. John

    As much as I think Obama is as corrupt as they come, I’m starting to get the feeling that all these scandals are merely designed to distract everyone, while the psychopathic money men pull some super-sneaky shit. Either that, or Obama refused to go along with something the money men wanted him to roll over and do.

    Perhaps the idea is for Obama to drag this mess out until he’s got less than two years left, then resign, so Biden can run as an incumbent in 2016? Frankly, I wouldn’t put anything past the Dems at this point. I’m pretty sure the GOP is going to clean up in 2014 – not that this is much of an improvement, if any.

  6. emsnews

    The GOP is exploding and going to hell.

    These ‘scandals’ are stupid and won’t force Obama to resign.

    All our leaders are owned by foreign powers as is our media and they control what happens here and we can’t seem to get a grip on how this is done despite my many years of publishing what is going on.

    I am kept in the ‘zero public view’ zone deliberately by our media owners who know me very well.

  7. John

    The GOP is exploding and going to hell.

    These ‘scandals’ are stupid and won’t force Obama to resign.

    This sounds like wishful thinking to me. He’s in all of these messes up to his eyebrows.

  8. Just Ice

    After Roosevelt’s fourth term, the elites had a problem with the two-party, sock-puppet, political-dialectic in that it could potentially produce a lop-sided cult of personality, one that could pack the supreme court, as well as potentially run a populist agenda, forever.

    The 22nd Amendment solved that with a presidential two term limit. But, it also created another little problem. A president in his or her second term, with no possibility of a third term, and no better job on the horizon, might forgo the moral and criminal liability of the post-office, speech-for-bribery circuit, and simply do whatever he or she wanted to do, potentially reneging on promises made for the money that got them into office.

    A preemptive, scandal-ridden, second-half-of-second-term policy distracts, hamstrings, and generally frustrates that possibility.

  9. emsnews

    ALL our Presidents are ‘scandals’ as is Congress due to bribery.

  10. Just Ice

    Sure, but amping up the scandals in the second half of the second term keeps a lame duck from having a change of heart.

  11. DeVaul


    I commented on this before. I saw a pattern going back to Reagon, where the second term was filled with scandals. Same thing with Bush 1 and Clinton. With Bush 2, the scandals were swept under the rug or shouted down by “Support the Troops” speeches, but they were still there. Obama is following the same script as Bush 2. When a scandal erupts, he tries to divert attention away from it to “Let’s think about our Troops Abroad” type speeches.

    Why the pattern? I don’t know, but it is a clear pattern.

  12. emsnews

    Our nation is divided. People playing the race/sex game are keeping people from tracking our decline into a Soviet police state. The news that Verison was forced by a SECRET court to let the Homeland thugs spy on us is just one more step towards Moscow circa 1930.

    An no one in our government is stopping this. This is the ‘War on Terror’ turning into a ‘Soviet Police State’ in order to protect our rulers.

  13. Just Ice

    It appears to me that the NSA (or a partner) already has all that Verizon info stored, including the content of the calls. The “warrant” is just to cherry pick what they already know is there so they can prepare admissible (i.e. non-illegal) evidence for a court case or “investigation.”

    Makes it all nice and legal like.

    My guess is they give the blanket phone records from the time period in question to a virgin, twenty-something, bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed investigator, agent or analyst to “discover” what they want to be found. Creates a credible witness to write an honest affidavit for criminal charges, or anything else that might require a paper trail to look back upon, such as targeting, etc.

  14. lucky13

    How do the Japanese ‘buy’ politicians?

  15. emsnews

    The Japanese invite politicians to give fake speeches and then pay them several million bucks!

    As for Verizon: that was the TIP OF THE ICEBERG. ALL the internet giants are spying on us. Secretly. And now, caught, are pretending they didn’t know or didn’t do this which is all…lies and more lies.

    In my case, I assume I am being spied upon. Hell’s bells, back in the 1960’s, my phone was tapped. And under Reagan, tapped again!

    But all of this is fucking ILLEGAL.

  16. Just Ice

    Yes, the LEGAL FISA tip of the iceberg hides a much vaster iceberg of completely ILLEGAL surveillance. e.g. vast, continuous data and voice recordings share(able) between cooperating intelligence agencies, in, say, the U.S.and the U.K., against each other’s territories.

    But, the ILLEGAL stuff can’t be used in court by the feds (because it’s illegal), and the spooks are muzzled with their own secrecy.

    On the other hand, the LEGAL FISA stuff is more dangerous to them because it can be used in court.

    This “scandal” not a shock; it’s contrived, disingenuous, and incomplete.

    It’s nothing unless a move to create a maelstrom to put the administration in irons, or at worst repeal key components of FISA law so the billionaires can go on bribing and the spooks can go on impotently listening, without any way to produce admissible evidence.

    Surveillance in general is a big reason why the super-rich like to keep cell phone towers out of their exclusive getaways.

  17. emsnews

    Thus the need for drone assassinations. No courts, no trials…GITMO! See?

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    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing
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