NSA Spy Story Still Very Disconnected As Political Parties And Corporations Pretend They Are Not Co-conspirators Within Bilderberg Meetings

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Dear readers, for many years I have been talking online about the Security State and its true history and nature.  I grew up watching the machinery of this proto-soviet State being built because my father is one of the builders of this machine.  I exposed CIA/FBI spying on students in the sixties.  Our security state now reaches everyone everywhere all the time as I feared it would.  Below is an article I wrote way back in 2005 predicting PRISM:

From my 2005 story:  Culture of Life Breaking News: Judge Posner Wants America To Become a Soviet-style State


Richard Posner, a judge, tells Washington Post readers, he wants a 1984-style Big Brother spy program so “terrorists” can be found easily. This is very scary coming from a judge.

From the Washington Post:

Richard Posner , a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, was online Wednesday, Dec. 21, at 2 p.m. ET to discuss his op-ed, ‘Our Domestic Intelligence Crisis’ , ( Post, Dec. 21, 2005 ), and his contention that U.S. domestic intelligence operations are not a threat to civil liberties, but rather are filling in dangerous gaps in the country’s defense against terrorism.


Our borders are completely porous and he evidently thinks the way to make us safe is to have Soviet-style spying on citizens. Of course, the Soviets also wanted impermeable borders which is why Churchill called Soviet controlled states, “The Iron Curtain”.


(One of the people participating in the question and answer session) : More importantly, your discussion of the computer vs. human inspection of data is disingenuous. The criterion by which the computers sift the data is determined by humans, and we do not have distinct statutes for automated wholesale invasions of privacy as opposed to human, retail invasions of privacy, to my knowledge.


Next, you make the claim that “the only valid ground for forbidding human inspection of such data is fear that they might be used to … intimidate the administration’s political enemies.” The constitution does not, I believe, address the motives associated with “unreasonable search and seizure”. It simply prohibits them, so your argument has no bearing.


I could go on, but I will leave it there, and assume that you will let us know more if you feel that it will be necessary to find out if some us “innocent, unwitting” people have “valuable counterterrorist information”.


Richard Posner: I did not offer a legal opinion. My concern was with issues of policy. Are you worried about having a conversation of yours (say this conversation) recorded in a government database?Suppose that unbeknownst to you your neighbor is a terrorist, and you happen to mention his name in the conversation. A government computer picks up the name and learning from your conversation where he lives, arrests him.


This sort of bland talk about spying on absolutely everyone just in case someone might inadvertently spill information useful for a government which is seeking someone, this is OK?What the????



This judge should be impeached for even breaching this point of view in public! He obviously has absolutely no idea what is in our Constitution, what our revolution against England was all about, he is a danger to our democracy and Republic…Just like much of the Supreme Court and Congress which is why we are rapidly morphing into a clone of the former Soviet Union complete with the “going bankrupt fighting Muslim fundies” subheading.


So, this insane judge thinks computers should monitor any and ALL conversations so it can ferret out information its masters might want for one reason or another? What? Why not put monitors in every home’s rooms and track everyone every day. This way, no pedophiles, no druggies, no wife abuse, no tax cheating, no crimes at all. The perfect, safe society. 

So this machinery was assembled and pushed forwards under the Bush regime and then finalized under the Obama regime.  And the owners of the internet system now have to pretend they are not the AUTHORS of all this but rather victims of our government which is all a big, fat lie.


And the Bilderberg meeting where the corporate heads running the Internet all conspired to spy on us for the Real Rulers (Wall Street and the banksters).   Here is another article from the freer British press which isn’t 100% controlled by AIPAC and the Bilderberg gang:  Bilderberg Group? No conspiracy, just the most influential group in the world – Telegraph


It was June 2011. Demonstrations were sweeping through the stricken eurozone, China and North Africa. And in tranquil St Moritz, high in the Swiss alps, half a dozen of the most powerful men in the West had taken a break from a weekend of intensive and strictly confidential debate to walk in the woods, when their paths crossed with the protesters who had come from around the world to keep an eye on them.
The gathering was entirely innocent, the walking party would insist. But what were they doing there?
No such encounters will take place in Watford this week, as the Bilderberg, the annual conference for 140 of the world’s most powerful, meet for four days at The Grove, a £300-a-night golf hotel close to the M25. The entire hotel has been booked out, and a high fence erected around the exclusion zone. Armed checkpoints have been set up on local roads, and locals must show their passports to enter their own driveways. The Home Office may foot the bill. A US news site dedicated to uncovering conspiracies had booked a room for last week but were told by phone not to turn up….But while they rankle at the conspiracy theorists, former leaders of the Bilderberg confences says they were the most important events they ever went to, and the freedom of speaking away from the ears of Whitehall officials meant the discussions that took place decisively shaped modern Europe.


Yeah, a mere debate society created the EU.  And runs our security programs, aka, spies on everyone.  Yup.  Totally disconnected!  HAHAHA.


Ms. Rubin, a rank right wing Zionist who is married to a Bilderberger, is rushing to the defense of her spy operations:  Unwarranted hysteria over Verizon data collection was published before the explosive Guardian article and so she amended it to praise spying on all Americans all the time…to stop ‘terrorists’.  Most comments at her article are attacking her for this but note how her editorial doesn’t mention her boss being at the Bilderberg meeting nor Mossad’s involvement in all this.

dark side of the moon PRISM spying

You Tube is part of the Bildergerg gang and here is the appropriate picture for PRISM’s spying.  Double prisms: the internet is copied this way, literally.  Now for Google News.  Here are some screen shots today.  Note how Google News, run by a Bilderberg gangster pretending to be a hippie who loves freedom and is on ‘our’ side, puts a stupid non-story at the top!

Google screws up PRISM spy story

The other two Google pages do have the story but look at it!  Greenwald is listed there (never me, of course) which is a nice thing but really, none of the articles mention the Bilderberg/Google conspiracy which is the true story.  Note also that the head of the NSA, our neo-Nazi operation to control our thinking about our Muslim wars, claims the story isn’t totally correct.


Well, DUH.  Give us all the secrets, buddy!  Tell AIPAC to go to hell, tell Netanyahu to stop spying on us too.  And clean up DC.  Arrest all these traitors who are spying on us so they can run endless wars!

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22 responses to “NSA Spy Story Still Very Disconnected As Political Parties And Corporations Pretend They Are Not Co-conspirators Within Bilderberg Meetings

  1. melponeme_k

    What a disgrace…all of it.

    I bet you are on their shortlist. Along with everyone who comments here.

    *waves to spy rejects*

    ELAINE: True story: the first time I was tapped was when only 17 years old when I came back from Europe as a leading SDS organizer. Our family home was tapped way back during the McCarthy era. I grew up being spied on and in turn, I spied on the CIA and the other organizations and they know this very well.

  2. Christian W

    *Eat my shorts, numbnuts*

  3. JT

    OrgName: State of Utah
    OrgID: SUG-1-Z
    Address: 1 State Office Building
    Address: 6th Floor
    City: Salt Lake City
    StateProv: UT
    PostalCode: 84114
    Country: US

    I was attacked years ago from there after visiting Elaine’s site.
    Nowdays they don’t need anything anymore.
    All texts, email, picture and videos they can get them from internet services.


    Jolla just made a big deal to China;

  4. JT

    @christian w

    NSA on ihan toivottoman tyhmä laitos.
    NSA är helt skit.

    Now they will have to translate that.


    ELAINE: Either you are saying, ‘Eat shit’ or ‘This is a Monty Python skit.’

  5. Christian W

    Yeah they can enjoy that too 🙂

  6. Christian W


  7. lucky13

    Elaine, spend a few minutes here:

    Zuckerberg is a ‘leftist’ [? oligarch] who has ‘hate speech’ rules at his site.


    ELAINE: Yes he censors as does place like blogspot which I left when they repeatedly censored me there.

  8. JT

    @christian w

    NSA sind die största pendehos i hela world.

    I wonder if google translate can handle it if you write all languages combined?

  9. Joseppi

    Let’s see if I got this straight – Obama is meeting with Xi Jinping who he will accuse of stealing information on the Internet, all the while Obama has been stealing information from the American people who elected him.
    Feigned shock of surprise and indignation by the media will soon give way to apathy and resignation that security is more important than the freedoms promised in the Constitution.

    Speaking of Monty Python…..Bilderberg protest: ‘we’ve come to fight evil’


  10. emsnews

    HAHAHA, Ja wärhlich genug.

  11. Just Ice

    In the sense that corporations are mandated to support it, FISA data collection is cheaper, more convenient and perhaps more comprehensive in certain areas than older collection methods, such as “allied” intelligence agencies turning a blind eye to tapping each other’s National telecommunications and then swapping intel.

    FISA has another benefit in that it also produced non-illegal, potentially admissible evidence.

    Presumably a decent amount of the content (of phone calls, etc.) is still recorded (and swapped) using older methods.

    None of these methods are exclusive or new. News calling this a “scandal” is a bit contrived.

  12. Just Ice

    The only reason it’s accurate to say “nobody is listening to your telephone calls” is because there are so many darn people and you’re just one of them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t recorded somewhere, illegally.

  13. emsnews

    They listen when they WANT to listen. I have been tapped several times in the past. They don’t sit there all the time, only when they think they will get something hot.

  14. Just Ice

    They can also go back and listen to what has been said.

  15. Jim R

    Igpay Atinlay ootay onfusecay eirthay omputercay.

  16. Just Ice

    NSA has all the porn ever made.

  17. jT

    @jim R

    Pig latin 😀
    I had never heard of that before.

  18. jT

    Uckfay hetay sanay ndaay bamaoay hetay akefay.

  19. emsnews

    HAHAHA. We all have to talk in code!

  20. ” I exposed CIA/FBI spying on students in the sixties.”

    Which is why I’m somewhat surprised at the “I’M SHOCKED!!” tone your articles have taken. You, of all people, should know better.

  21. emsnews

    I am not shocked. Neither are the Chinese. We are actually laughing at this.

    The shock is those who believed the liars who run the spy machine in the US. And this gives me great satisfaction to be shown to be correct.

  22. Very informative post. The pictures are fine. The comments are also great. Thank you for good writing.

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