Europe Protests PRISM And The AIPAC/Pro-PRISM People Are In Cahoots To Spy On Us

ACLU sues Obama administration over NSA surveillance:  The dam is breaking.  The secrets are now going to be turned to daylight if our court system still works.  And it barely limps along at this point.  The political system is totally dysfunctional and the media is complicit in all this by hiding lobbying corruption such as AIPAC and misleading the public when it comes to vital matters like our many manic wars and the terror that springs from that not to mention the utterly useless and incredibly violent War on Drugs.


Of course, the machine designed to keep tabs on everyone on earth are continuing in the name of protecting us from ‘terror’ even though it does virtually nothing of the sort:  NSA Programs Likely To Continue Despite Revelations


The Obama administration also now must deal with the political and diplomatic fallout of the disclosures. Privacy laws across much of Western Europe are stricter than they are in the United States.


“It would be unacceptable and would need swift action from the EU if indeed the U.S. National Security Agency were processing European data without permission,” said Guy Verhofstadt, a Belgian member of the European parliament and a leader in the Alde group of liberal parties.


Additionally, German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters Monday that Chancellor Angela Merkel would question President Barack Obama about the NSA program when he’s in Berlin on June 18…


Right off the bat, the politicians and corporations spying on us told us, they only spy on ‘foreigners’ which set Europe off in a rage because it meant PRISM was spying on them!  So, Obama faces grilling from European leaders over spying programs… as Germans and Italians say PRISM would be illegal in EU countries.  Little of this news is leaking into Fortress America.  It is as if Europe doesn’t exist.


Not only corporations lied about knowing stuff about spying, the head of the NSA, Clapper Is Under Fire For Suggesting ‘No Knowledge’ Of Feds Massive Phone, Email Collecting.  They all play stupid.  While preening themselves as super-smart know-it-alls.  The Bushes and their gang did the same thing, as did Reagan.  When questioned about illicit or illegal spy operations or schemes such as persuading the Iranians to hold the US hostages until after the election, Reagan forgot everything.  This ‘I am super dumb’ rope-a-dope game is immensely annoying.


If they are all that stupid, why are they in positions of responsibility?  


Then there are all the ‘liberals’ (sic) who turn into Nazis when it comes to things Israel wants so we can be at war with all Muslims:  Al Franken Defends National Security Agency Over Spying Allegations (VIDEO)


“I can assure you that this isn’t about spying on the American people,” said Franken, who is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I have a high level of confidence that this is used … to protect us, and I know that it has been successful in preventing terrorism.”


Stupid fake liberal Al admits we are spying on our allies overseas!  HAHAHA.  And I see no protection from this spying. We are still assailed by endless waves of terrorists who have various reasons for attacking us or very little sane reasons but the main thing is, they can easily arm themselves and create mass murder with little effort and our government won’t stop them.


Al Fanken is a classic fake patriot.  He is very loyal to the country that owns Congress lock, stock and barrel:  AIPAC Lobbying Efforts Since 2008 Exceed 10 Year Period Mar 19, 2013 – Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), and Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) among others, were seen going into the AIPAC Conference by Politic365….Al Franken gets over $100,000 from AIPAC.  Mark Udall got $160,000 from AIPAC and came out against spying on everyone so we should wait to see if he gets anything in the future for breaking ranks.  Rand Paul even got some money from the lobbyists but it was the least, only $5,500.


The Congressman who got the least money from AIPAC is a liberal.  

Mark Pocan has least AiPAC bribes of all
  He is, so far, a real liberal and a real American.  Al Franken won’t say to us, ‘I love Israel more than the US.’  But he legislates as if this were his mandate.  As do many in Congress.  The list below is the biggest recipients of this loot.


Charleston Voice: Is Your Congressman a Paid Foreign Policy Lobbyist for Israel?

Top Senate Recipients Funded
Joseph Lieberman $1,226,956
John McCain $750,368
Benjamin Cardin $487,572
Mitch McConnell $415,710
Richard Durbin $376,387
Carl Levin $366,378
Arlen Specter $338,080
Debbie Ann Stabenow $329,053
Bill Nelson $324,691
Jon Kyl $312,358
Mary Landrieu $291,609
Frank Lautenberg $260,333
Robert Menéndez $219,135
Daniel Inouye $197,750
Harry Reid $179,640
Sheldon Whitehouse $170,421
Ron Wyden $163,771
Maria Cantwell $162,598
Mark Udall $161,173
Christopher Dodd $158,132
Barbara Mikulski $152,050
Kent Conrad $150,410
Susan Collins $139,518
Mark Pryor $138,250
Jeff Merkley $136,130

Top House Recipients Funded
Mark Kirk $458,979
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen $141,507
Howard Berman $122,600
Eric Cantor $119,350
Ted Deutch $104,031
Steny Hoyer $100,050
Shelley Berkley $98,501
Gary Peters $94,522
Ron Klein $88,550
Nancy Pelosi $83,400
Steve Israel $77,000
Nita Lowey $68,600
Paul Hodes $65,950
Ike Skelton $64,049
Kendrick Meek $57,601
Deborah Halvorson $56,622
Gabrielle Giffords $56,000
Eliot Engel $54,600
Brad Sherman $53,500
Janice Schakowsky $53,195
Roy Blunt $47,550
Dan Burton $47,350
Alcee Hastings $46,150
Mary Jo Kilroy $46,135
Bill Foster $45,550
Debbie Wasserman Schultz $45,060
Robert Andrews $43,825
Patrick Murphy $41,000
Gary Ackerman $39,950
Brad Ellsworth $38,850
Silvestre Reyes $38,750
Lincoln Diaz-Balart $35,775
Steven LaTourette $35,325
Allyson Schwartz $33,625
Jerry Moran $33,300
Melissa Bean $33,150
Mike Pence $31,700


Now, belatedly, trying desperately to regain the faith and love of the online community that is the most angry about this stupid spying on us, Google asks Justice Department for permission to publish Fisa requests so they can show they are being forced to do this.  But Clapper, Obama, Al Franken, and the entire GOP/DNC leadership don’t want us to know about these requests. 


The excuse that the ‘terrorists’ now know about the spy efforts is silly.  They use mainly primitive communication methods and avoid things controlled by our government or corporations or Israel and Israel controls a lot of electronic communication systems.  No, this spying is on us all and is done to control us lest we try to take back Congress from the military-industrial complex lobbies and treasonous organizations like AIPAC.  The warmongering comes from these entities and the entities working as subcontractors for NSA are all warmongering operations owned by desperado organizations like the odious Carlyle Group, so beloved of the Bush and Cheney clans.

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33 responses to “Europe Protests PRISM And The AIPAC/Pro-PRISM People Are In Cahoots To Spy On Us

  1. dave

    Burn baby burn.

  2. Jim R

    All these surveillance projects have _highlighted_ the _fact_ that the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and all the other TLAs are at the very least blitheringly incompetent (if not complicit) and need their budgets zeroed out as part of the sequester.

    They’ve been going after the “right wing” organizations like the TEA Party, and utterly failed to stop the Boston Marathon bombing. They are just spending trillions of dollars for nothing.

  3. melponeme_k

    The amount of people on new sites vilifying Snowden is awful. They can’t hear the Nazi platitudes falling out of their mouths. Even the ones who call themselves liberals.

    Off Topic but related to how people don’t see or ignore reality.

    The amount of people blaming the child for being attacked by this dog is sickening.

  4. lucky13

    Mel, Huff Post is ‘post child’. Pro pets and for those who must raise a child, it is chic to adopt an ‘African pet’. Chelsea is adopting hers!
    In the case of the pitbull killing a ‘5 year old stranger’, most ‘bad’ and lethal dog attacks are from Pits and PitX. That one was a Pit x Bullmastiff.
    Bullmastiffs are also dangerous. And I assume the child had not been introduced properly to the dog. the childs cry set dog off. In another case an infants cry caused a Rott to grab the infant from someones arms and kill the baby. The rott had no experience around crying babies.

  5. lucky13

    ‘The amount of people blaming the child for being attacked by this dog is sickening.’
    I did read many of the posts. HuffPost is sickening.

  6. Just Ice

    Of all the NSA programs, the one to be “outed” by “elite” owned media happened to be the statutory program that could actually generate legally admissible evidence against those same “elites.”

    Wait a minute. . .

  7. Just Ice

    On the other hand, if we don’t legislate some privacy back into our society, all the privately owned companies like Schmidt’s Google will eventually make the NSA’s collection and analysis look second rate. Does anyone trust those private companies any more than the NSA?

  8. El Kabong

    Hit job planned on Glenn Greenwald by the NYT


    ELAINE: Thanks for the link! So, Kaufman is probing Sullivan for dirt on Greenwald! I expect some nasty sex stuff to appear just like with so many other people especially if the NSA and FBI feeds the NYT reporter all sorts of goodies….which is the entire point about collecting secret information on everyone all the time.

  9. emsnews

    The elites control access to information. But this can collapse suddenly as we saw in Iran when the students, enraged when the Shah was brought to NYC, raided our embassy and got ahold of all the information showing how the CIA runs our embassies and uses these as a base for overthrowing governments like we saw in Libya recently.

  10. larry, dfh

    Much more likely, the FBI didn’t investigate the Boston pressure cooker bombers because they CHOSE to be interested in OccupyBoston. They CHOSE to to ignore the information provided them by the Russians, they weren’t distracted by any Boston TeaParty types.
    The AIPAC donation list is interesting as to who didn’t get much: Keith Ellison: Jerrold Nadler, Yeshiva graduate whose district includes Crown Heights; Chris van Hollen, who is very influential in all the Neo-Liberal policies; John Conyers; Barbara Lee; and Hank Johnson, who AIPAC originally ‘created’ to successfully challenge Cyntial McKinney.

  11. Rubiconski

    Sad to see such an intelligent blog joining in the war on pit bulls. Nobody wants to see a child harmed ever. As with all breeds there are going to be bad dogs and bad owners. But 99% of Pit Bulls are not “bad” dogs. Its a very loving intelligent breed. Judging all by the actions of a few seems beneath you. We are fighting a hard and heartbreaking battle to keep our beloved family members. Not all Pit Bulls are terrorists.

  12. lucky13

    Yes, the ‘owners’ of killer pits have the ‘excuse’ ‘It was so sweet and loving,until it killed someone’…Pits/Rotts are ‘sweet until the triggerswitch shows them to also be ‘charging like rhinos’.
    Pitt DNA, sweet with killer hidden.

  13. lucky13

    It is in the DNA. Thats why Pits are what they are, and toy dogs what they are.
    Dangerous Dogs – Pit bulls, Rottweilers and Fighting Breeds …‎
    Learn about the most dangerous breeds of dogs, which are comprised of pit bull terriers, the fighting breed derivatives and ancestors of pit bull terriers, …
    ‎Pit Bull FAQ – ‎Pit Bull Myths – ‎Dog Attack Videos – ‎Pit Bull Owners
    The Seattle Times: Living: Pit bulls: Most dangerous of dogs or least …‎
    Not far from her house, she saw two of her neighbor’s pit bulls running loose. Before she could do anything the dogs rushed her, attacking her small terrier.
    Dangerous Dogs, Ranked By Breed: Pit Bulls, Chows Chows Lead ……/dangerous-dogs-ranked-by-breed-pit-bulls-ch…‎
    Nov 1, 2010 – German shepherds, pit bulls, and Rottweilers often get a bad rap. But are these dogs the most dangerous breeds, or are they merely penalized …

    The deadliest dogs
    Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, has conducted an unusually detailed study of dog bites from 1982 to the present. (Clifton, Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to November 13, 2006; click here to read it.) The Clifton study show the number of serious canine-inflicted injuries by breed. The author’s observations about the breeds and generally how to deal with the dangerous dog problem are enlightening.

    According to the Clifton study, pit bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and their mixes are responsible for 74% of attacks that were included in the study, 68% of the attacks upon children, 82% of the attacks upon adults, 65% of the deaths, and 68% of the maimings. In more than two-thirds of the cases included in the study, the life-threatening or fatal attack was apparently the first known dangerous behavior by the animal in question. Clifton states:

    If almost any other dog has a bad moment, someone may get bitten, but will not be maimed for life or killed, and the actuarial risk is accordingly reasonable. If a pit bull terrier or a Rottweiler has a bad moment, often someone is maimed or killed–and that has now created off-the-chart actuarial risk, for which the dogs as well as their victims are paying the price.

    Clifton’s opinions are as interesting as his statistics. For example, he says, “Pit bulls and Rottweilers are accordingly dogs who not only must be handled with special precautions, but also must be regulated with special requirements appropriate to the risk they may pose to the public and other animals, if they are to be kept at all.”

  14. emsnews

    I once had a chow guard dog. Had to put him down due to him being unreasonable, using the good old gun.

    I once had an English Mastiff. She was a gentle giant and good with children. We had to put her down one sad day due to cancer ravaging her spine.

    Pit bull dogs are bred to attack bulls. I used to have a huge ox team and the previous farmer used pit bulls to herd them. They hated dogs and it took a while to convince them that Cleo wouldn’t harm them.

    Pit bulls are totally unafraid of huge cows with huge horns! And are extremely dangerous for people in general, no pit bull fears a human except if you have a gun in your hand.

  15. Just Ice

    True, but I see the problem with Pit Bulls has as much to do with the type of owners who choose them as it does with their breed. If those same types of owners chose, say, border collies, as their preferred cool, macho, attack/guard dogs, then my guess is we’d see more fatal border collie attacks. . .

    If I remember right, decades ago, dobermans and german shepherds were all the rage among those types of owners. And, in those days, people showed that dobermans and german shepherds were the most vicious breeds, just like they say about pitt bulls and rottweilers today.

  16. emsnews

    Except Pit Bulls never leg go when they bite unlike the other breeds. The only way to stop them is to shoot them dead when they bite.

  17. lucky13

    Yes Elaine, you know a great deal about Pits. The term [it is incorrect but
    colorful] is ‘locking jaw’. And for centuries the poor creatures have been abused as fighters in pits, by gamblers. When the USSR collapsed it became very popular there, gambling on dog fights. And most of the Pits and rotts are sweet, its the others that give them a bad name.

  18. lucky13

    One more story. Recently a woman in California was jogging and was attacked by a ‘pack of pits’. She died. A LEO was called and saw the dogs. He shot at one but missed and the dog ran off.

  19. lucky13

    if that isnt sick!

  20. “The secrets are now going to be turned to daylight if our court system still works.”

    Nuh-uh. National security exemption. The ACLU will have to go pound sand.

  21. JT

    It’s not the breed it’s the owner.

  22. emsnews

    It is the breed. When a toy poodle bites, you get nipped. When a ‘friendly, loving’ pitt bull suddenly bites, it does NOT let go until the victim is dead.

  23. tfoth

    Irresponsible dog owners are the reason I can’t go for a bike ride without a pistol.

  24. emsnews

    Heh, use a cattle prod! Works like magic. I found using a horse whip on dogs attacking Sparky, my horse, worked too.

  25. JT


    Yeah, pitbulls might be the only exception.
    That is a dangerous breed.
    Or at least pitbulls should be banned in ordinary homes, they propably need real professionals to handle them.

    But there are Karelian Bear Dogs, Rottweilers, Cairn Terriers, Finnish Spitzs and Bishon Frises and a couple of horses in my extended family and no problems ever with any breed. They run along with the kids.
    Sometimes there are problems between the dogs but never towards people.

    Not all people should keep animals.
    Any animals.

    And I think all kids should be around dogs, cats and horses at least a little bit when they’re young.
    That how they learn to deal with animals naturally.
    And don’t need guns on bikerides when they’re older.

  26. emsnews

    This kill rate of the dogs you list above is 90% lower than pit bulls. And I have owned these sort of dogs. Finnish Spitzs are wonderful dogs when hand raised properly.

  27. JT

    Alternatives for taking a pistol for a bike ride.

  28. tfoth

    Uh, exactly how is learning to deal with animals “naturally” supposed to protect me if I am attacked by dangerous dogs while riding my bicycle???? And I have been chased by vicious dogs that made it clear in no uncertain terms they weren’t interested in negotiating.

    And I was around those animals when I was young.

    At least Elaine’s suggestion makes a semblance of logical sense, although I am not sure where I would keep the cattle prod while riding if I got one.

    If people let their dangerous dogs run loose, they take their chances. End of story.

  29. tfoth

    In fact, when I was 5 years old a family on our block had 2 large dogs that looked identical. One was vicious, one was nice. Normally, the vicious one was kept penned up and the nice one ran in the neighborhood. One day, seeing the dog in the alley behind where I lived, I approached to play with the dog as I had many times before. But guess what? That’s right! The vicious one had escaped. And it chased me and bit me on the butt.

    I would go so far as to suggest that one who has no actual experience with being chased and/or attacked by a vicious dog may in fact not have the slightest idea what he or she is talking about on this topic notwithstanding any ability to “deal with animals naturally” he or she might purport to possess.

  30. JT


    Maybe it’s different over there.
    We don’t have stray dogs at all for example and the least amount of rescue dogs by comparison to just about any country in the world.

    People are different I guess and attitudes towards animals.

  31. JT


    Maybe it’s different over there.
    Here we take cars of our animals.
    There are no stray dogs for example.

  32. Just Ice

    “Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.”

  33. tfoth

    Yep. I live in the U.S. That’s the “New World”. When J.S. Bach was entertaining Frederick the “Great” (because the more people one kills the “greater” one is) this place was almost all wilderness. A short few centuries later it is still a very violent, uncivilized place. And some of these uncivilized people have no consideration to keep their dangerous dogs confined at all times. And some of these people live on my street.

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